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peeling of the fake leather on the couch I purchased from the roomstore

37714 The couch I purchased from the Roomstore in 2014 has started peeling on the fake leather. This is the poorest quality furniture I have ever purchased. I like make purchases with...

Sectional sofa warranty plan

I purchased a sectional sofa on 2/19/11 and I also purchased the Platinum warranty plan for $150. It was to have the sofa cleaned anytime within 5 years. If I did not use the cleaning service after 5 years, I was told I would get my money back. I have called the 1-800 number to no avail and finally started my research on how to retrieve my money that is due back to me. You assistance is greatly appreciated!!

Tracy Eames
339 Seaview Rd
Wilmington, NC 28409

Sectional sofa warranty plan
Sectional sofa warranty plan
Sectional sofa warranty plan
Sectional sofa warranty plan

  • Updated by eames339 · Feb 20, 2017

    I purchased the Platinum cleaning plan when I purchased my sectional on 2/19/11. I did not use the plan and was told that after 5 years I would get my $150 back. Please help!

Roomstore — Furniture

I purchased my leather plush reclining couches about 5 years ago. Since I had them I have been having issues. The couches are nice if you never use the recliner. One you use it...

Roomstore — Furniture and customer service/delivery

1.0 star rating 11/4/2015 I'd give a negative star if I could. We have spent a LOT of money at the store. Bought many items. Had to return all but one over and over until...

Roomstore Liars, defraud, wicked, greedy, and no respect for there customers

My family and I went to the roomstore to buy furniture for our new home. we spend over 8 thousand dollars and two months later after delivery we noticed that the leather they said was real was not because the color had changed on the chair and the couch and loveseat were also changing colors I wiped the material with just a damp white cloth with plain water the spot became made it worst. I called to let them know what was going on with the furniture and they were so disrespectful. I explained to the lady that I did not want my money back but to exchange the furniture for something different. The lady said the furniture could be fixed without a problem.

They sent over a repairman with a piece of leather to replace the back of the chair. I knew it could not be replaced the piece that the repairmen brought over was also damaged. He took pictures of the damaged furniture and said someone will contact you within two weeks. They never called so I called again to check on the status. The a lady answered I explained to her that the piece was damaged and what do we do next. She explained that I could have the furniture replaced but it would take a month because the furniture was being shipped from Germany. she gave me a date when the furniture will be here we waited patiently.

When the date arrived we called the store to see if the furniture had arrived they said that there was a problem with the shipment, the furniture did not make it. The lady said for us to come back to the store and pick out something else, we did and they lady said you all should just wait on the shipment furniture because what we picked out would just be the same time to be delivered again, we kindly said ok.

The furniture never came so again We went back into the store, The lady that sold us the furniture said the furniture should be here by June 30th 2012 to call for a delivery date because they wanted to get the old furniture. When we called for a delivery date they gave us the run around again saying the only way we don’t have to pay for delivery is that we wait on the furniture that is being delivered to from another place because new furniture would cost us more. We did not hear from them we went back into the store, they lied and said the furniture would be here in two or three days.

The next few times, we talked with the Roomstore representative on the phone they explained that they were changing companies and that they would take care of us. The last time we talked with them they said if we wanted furniture or our money back we needed to file a claim against the company. They knew all of this in December that they were fileing for bankruptcy but never said anything to us the whole time we were talking in the months since January up until now.

Defective Furntiture

We bought a leather couch set in Oct 2011. Few months later the chaise reclined back and then we could not get it back up. A repair guy came and said the spring to the lever came out and fixed it. He told us that if this happens again that we can ask for a new chaise (the same thing our sales person, Jack at the Paradise Valley location said). It broke yet again. Some technician came and said they have to order a piston. Today another technician came and said there is nothing wrong with the piston and it is another part that they have to order. We asked for a new chaise the second time it broke and management said that they need to evaluate the situation, etc...not what we were told by the salesman or the first service technician. We wasted $4, 000 on this couch and it is defective and The Roomstore does not stand by what they told us. We will never get furniture from them again.

  • Tj
    tjobe Jun 22, 2012

    My name is Terri Jobe and I am the Director of Customer Loyalty for RoomStores in VA, NC, SC and MD. Although we are not affiliated with these stores, I do have contact information for their corporate office. If you would email me at [email protected], I will be happy to forward it to you.

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Roomstore — wiil not honor warrenty

We bought a sofa and recliner brand new off the showroom floor in November 2011. The sofa has recliners on both ends. After a short period of time we noticed the cushions on one...

Roomstore — Lies about date furniture will be in stock

I had the same issue with the Roomstore location at the Columbia, MD store I recommend you get a refund like I did if you have not received your furniture yet. Below I detail my...

Roomstore Furniture — Problem with Delivery

I ordered a bedroom set at the end of July and was told that they would deliver my bedroom set in a week and here it is September and it still has not been delivered yet...

Roomstore Warranty ServiceTerrible service

ROOMSTORE WARRANTY IS TERRIBLE. Customer service is worse. My advice: DO NOT PURCHASE fabric protection plan or any other warranty other than what comes with your roomstore furniture. We bought a sleeper sofa in 2007. The first time we tried to use our warranty 5 year protection plan for a stain on the sofa this week (1/17/2011), we are told that they will not send out a roomstore technician to even come look at the stain to see if it is something that they can remove.

In the roomstore warranty book, it says to call within 48 hours, but you call and leave a message with a random front desk person. Then you’re told that the claim will go to warranty and they have 72 hours to return your call. Finally they return your call just to tell you that because you don’t know the exact day or time of the spill or exactly what the spill is, they are denying the claim…even after we told them that we don’t care if it comes out – just please send someone to at least take a look. When we asked the purpose of the warranty, we are told to go read the roomstore warranty book in full detail in a patronizing voice.

So last advice: if you do stupidly buy the roomstore warranty – make sure you make up a time/date and chemical makeup of whatever the spill or stain is prior to making your claim. Even then, it’s sure to be denied by some other minor detail you overlooked in the manual.

RoomStore Furtniture — Wrong Quotes--three times

I recently went in to purchase a full living room set (06/01/2011) and was given a quote from the financial manager saying that my monthly payments were going to be $226.00 and...

Defective furniture

Bought a living room set in Jan. paid over $3, 000.00 for the set. after delivery and set up the back of the recliner and one section of the sofa will not stay attached (it is a leather set) and one of the release buttons to allow sofa to recline does not work.

It took two weeks before a service man came out to look at it. at first he was going to just half *** fix the problem, but I would not let him so then I was told that they would have to order the parts to fix from the factory and should hear something in a few weeks.

2 months before I finally got someone to contact me. Since then I have made several calls to customer service and have been told that they are waiting for the part. I called the store where I purchased the set and was told that they could not do anything about it now that customer service was involved.

I am sick and tired of waiting and want my living room set replaced. we have already paid over 4 payments.

  • Tj
    tjobe Apr 28, 2011

    My name is Terri Jobe and I am the Director of Customer Loyalty for RoomStores in NC, SC, VA, TX, MD and DC. Please contact me at [email protected] and I can assist you.

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Beware purchasing a mattress at this Roomstore! They claim that you have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund. They require that you use one their mattress cover...

Roomstore — Failure to comply with delivery

I puchased a sofa and chair set, we decided to pick up the furniture ourselves and did so when they arrived at the store. The person that loaded my furniture was not cautious when...

Arizona the RoomStore/Sofa and loveseatBad Customer Service

I purchased a love seat and sofa last year.

In a little over a month of purchase both the sofa and the love-seat started sagging in middle.

I called the customer satisfaction department at the RoomStore to ask them about their warranty repair. The woman I spoke with said this happens occasionally but that it is quite rare for it to happen to two pieces. She proceeded to say they will call to arrange an appointment for an inspector to come out and take a look and get measurements.

They did call within the week to schedule the inspection and within less than a month the inspector came in to check the pieces. He said that this definitely needs to be fixed and proceeded to take his measurements and pictures.

A couple of weeks later the RoomStore called and setup a time for a service technician to come out and repair the sofa and love seat. The service technician was quick to start working, and without even paying attention he opened up the bottom of the sofa from the wrong end and had to put it back together before opening the right side. When he took the bottom off it was immediately clear that the core foam was sagging and defective.

I asked if the core foam should be replaced, but he did not agree proceeded to attempt to fix it by putting a thin piece of foam to even out the sag, while giving me an explanation about "simple physics" as if I was an idiot. He did this on both pieces. While the love seat seemed to be fixed, the sofa still had issues. He only reinforced the middle cushion, which now was extra firm, but the two remaining sides still leaned in towards the middle.

I called again, and explained the current situation and told them they need to resolve the issue with the sofa. They agreed and said they would send the service technician back out to make the necessary repairs and that no inspection would be required. The appointment was made right away for the next upcoming week.

He showed up late for the appointment, and proceeded to say he had to take measurements and photos to get approved before he could do the work and without explaining anything more he left.

A week went by without us hearing a word from the RoomStore, so my husband called to find out. They proceeded to tell him that the inspector's report came back that the sofa was fine and the repairs are fine. He proceeded to tell them that they need to send someone else out to inspect it then, because there is clearly a defect. They immediately agreed to send out an inspector from their company instead of the normal contractors they use, which was scheduled for a few days later.

Two RoomStore inspectors came in and before even getting near the sofa confirmed that it indeed look like it was repaired poorly. They did their full inspection and report and confirmed that the core foam needs replacing and that they will submit their report to get it done.
A couple of days later (10/14/2010), the RoomStore called to confirm what the inspectors said and that they have put in the order for a new core foam for the sofa.

Three months later we are still waiting for the part to arrive. I called 4-5 times to check on the status and keep getting the same response that they will call when we get the piece.

Roomstore/SealyCustomer Service

We bought a mattress from the Roomstore back in July 2008, with the mattress came a 3yr warrenty from the roomstore! For the first year and half, the mattress was fine! Then very quickly we started noticing the mattress started caving in, The center of the mattress is the worst. We called the roomstore about the problem, first they couldn't find that we purschased a mattress from them, second they came out in october and was told by the service tech that the small stain on mattress they would void out any claim, the small stain was a water spot! We cleaned mattress and called for another appointment again! Third time out the tech said mattress is really really bad, one of the worst that he has seen. But he said it's going to be hard to prove that there is a problem because it must have 1.5 inch difference in center and that this mattress has a memory foam topper for 3inchs on top! I told him to do the best he can and write his report. Customer Service Dept called me a few days later! Blanca there told me that it's not covered. I asked what she meant, she said it's a comfort issue and there is nothing she can do about it. I then asked to speak with the Manger and she told me she was the manger there. I called back and found out that she wasn't the manger there that her boss is Elizbeth, I left a message with Elizbeth because she was gone to lunch. Elizbeth did call me back a few hrs later, I explain the whole thing to her, she said that Sealy doesn't replace the mattress unless it's has a 1.5 difference, I also said that you can feel the springs and it's really in bad shape, She also said it's a comfort issue. I said isn't that why I called was the bed is uncomfortable to sleep in, she said there is nothing She can do about the comfort issue. I asked to speak with her boss She then finally gave me to Tim Walters (he in charge of Customer Serive) I explained everything to Tim and he told me that there is nothing he can do. I asked him what I am suppose to do, he said sleep on it for 6 more months and then call back maybe in will show 1and half inch difference, I explained that this is the mattress that has a meamory foam topper. He said there is nothing he could do. I asked him again that we try to resolve this issue because I don't wish to take this to small claims court. He said go ahead and the Judge will be on there side because the law stats here in Arizona that it must have 1and half inch difference in it and he would win the case and that this isn't the first time he would go to court!
Warning don't buy Sealy Mattress Canyon Breeze addition from RoomStore because they don't warrenty it!

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    captkea Jan 07, 2011

    This is a comment board for complaints not a selling website!

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Roomstore — Repair Warranty Problems after purchase

42354 Reclining sofa and couch were purchased in September 2010. The fully paid for furniture was delivered October 1, 2010. I called for repair of a seam on the underside of the...

Roomstore - Woodbridge, VA — Broken Furniture

Here is the email I just sent to Customer Service director. I'll post later what happens. To whom it may concern, I stumbled across your email address as I was combing the...

Roomstore FurnitureWarranty scam

On April 29, 2010 I went into The Room Store located at 3539 W. Northern Ave, in Phoenix, AZ. I was approached by sales associate Michelle, I told her that I was just looking around, I was interested in a living room suite. She showed me around and I found a set that I was kind of interested in. I told her that I wanted to go home and talk to my husband. She told me that in order to get the sales price I had to leave a deposit. I again explained to her that I was just looking, she assured me that I was under no obligation to purchase, that the deposit would just hold the set at the sale price. I put 10% down. She then told me that I would want the warranty on the furniture. She told me that it was only $59.00 and that it covered everything, pet soil, kid soil, blood, kool aid…. She told me that it didn’t matter what stain if any was put on the furniture that it was covered. I gave her my debt card for the 10% down and told her that if she didn’t hear back from me that my husband said no, and that I wasn’t interested in the furniture, and I wanted the 10% put back on my card.

The next day, I received a phone call from the room store telling me that my furniture was ready to be picked up. I was confused because I never called back, my husband had said no we were not going to get the furniture. I went to the store, to see what was going on, I was told to go to the back for the guys to load my furniture. I asked to talk to a manager, and was told again that my furniture was in the back.

I drove around to the back, the guys loaded the furniture told me to sign a receipt, gave me two bottles of cleaner told me to use it on any stain that might get on the furniture, and went back inside.

I drove home angrier than ***, not only had I NOT called Michelle back, my debt card had been charged without my permission, I now had furniture that I didn’t want. I took it home and left it wrapped in the plastic for over two weeks. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the furniture, I had an unauthorized charge on my card, Michelle had went ahead with the sale without my permission. My husband was pissed because the furniture had been purchased when we had both agreed that we were not going to purchase it at this time.

Three weeks had passed, I decided to get rid of my old furniture, and put the new furniture in my formal living room. A couple of days later I received a phone call from The Room Store, I was asked if I had picked up the furniture, I told them that I had, I was then informed that I had not paid for the furniture, I explained to the representative that I was under the impression that Michelle had ran my card without my permission and that I had been called to pick up the furniture. I was told that I needed to pay for the furniture or that criminal charges were going to be filed against me. I was furious. I told her I would drive the 60 miles back to the store to see what was going on. She told me to hang on that she had to talk to the store manager. She came back and said that it was okay with him if I came into the store instead of giving her my card over the phone. How dare they? I had done nothing wrong and now they were accusing me of stealing?????

On the drive to the store, the more I thought about the entire situation the angrier I got. I went into the store just to look, gave them my debt card number for a deposit only, was called to pick up furniture that I didn’t want, then I was called and accused of stealing from the store. When I got to the store I demanded to talk to a manager. I told him what had taken place, he could not of cared less. I told him that I wanted to be reimbursed for gas for the drive to repay for the furniture. He only gave me $50.00 off of my purchase. I decided then that I would never shop at the room store again.

This furniture is sitting in my formal living room, it is not used, due to the furniture being off white, It will be used for entertaining only. Last week my female dog went in heat, she got into my living room, and jumped on the sofa’s getting blood on them, I immediately used the cleaning solution given to me on the stain, the blood came right out, but the area was now bleached from the chemical.

On Tuesday November 23rd, I called the room store and talked to Rose, in the warranty department, I told her what had happened. She wanted to know exactly where the stains were, how big they were, and on what cushions. I told her, I also told her over and over that I had used the cleaning solution given to me by the Room Store, and that the area was bleached whiter than the other areas. She told me that someone would call me within 24 hours.

Today is November 29, 2010, I finally received a call from the Room Store, Elizabeth had called and left a message on my phone, I called her back and left a message for her to return my call. She called back, and informed me that after reviewing my file my claim had been denied, I was stunned. She told me that my sofa’s only needed a cleaning. Really????? She can make that decision without seeing my furniture? She told me that the stains were not covered under the warranty. I told her that I wanted to talk to her manager, she transferred me to Cynthia’s voice mail. I left a message for her to call me back. Seven hours later, I received a voice mail on my phone, Cynthia had left a message that after reviewing my claim it had been denied. Again, my claim was being denied without explanation. I called back, again Elizabeth answered the phone. She was rude and hateful, she informed me that she had transferred my call to her supervisor this morning. I told her that I was calling her supervisor back, I asked why my claim had been denied, I told her again that the solution bleached my furniture, she called me a liar, she told me that she had my claim in front of her and it didn’t state anywhere about the cleaner bleaching my furniture. I told her to talk to Rose, better yet listen to the recorded call, she will hear for herself that I mentioned it to Rose over and over that I used the cleaning solution to clean the stain. Maria started yelling at me that I never mentioned anything about the solution this morning, that everything that I told her this morning was what was on the report. I tried to explain to her that I had no idea what Rose had put on the report because I hadn’t seen the report. I do have witness’s that know for a fact that I mentioned over and over to Rose that the cleaning solution had bleached my furniture. Maria hung up on me. I called back and a man answered the phone, I told him that I wanted to talk to Cynthia, he transferred me to her voice mail. I left a message that there had to be a communication problem, I wasn’t understanding how my claim could be denied and to please call me back asap. I left this message at 4:30pm.

I am furious at how I have been treated. How can anyone make a decision on warranty issue without sending someone out to look at the furniture in person, or sending someone out to take pictures? I looked up the room store online, its amazing the consumer complaints that are listed. Apparently I am not the only customer who has been scammed, or taken on this same issue. I am not willing to take not covered as an answer. I purchased a warranty for this furniture, the chemical that I was given by the room store bleached my couches. I want someone to come out to my house and look at the bleached areas, and I want the couches to be covered by the warranty that I unwillingly purchased when the furniture was charged to my account without my permission. I expect to hear back from the Room Store Corporate office regarding this matter. I have every right to have this furniture covered by the warranty.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 14, 2010

    The 10% deposit to hold a sale price is true at most stores. Anyways, I don't understand how you didn't know how much you were charged for. You should have seen how much they charged you for when you signed the slip for your transaction, or when you checked your bank account, or when you received your receipt. How could you not tell the difference between 10% and the full amount? And why did you take the furniture when you didn't even want it? Why didn't you ask for a refund and refuse the furniture?

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience there.

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  • Co
    cohena2 Nov 03, 2011

    I had the same issue with the Roomstore location at the Columbia, MD store. Below I detail my horrible ordeaI I had with that Roomstore location. will say my first purchase of an entertainment center purchased from the Roomstore last year was delivered on time, without an problems and works great. But I purchased a recliner from the Roomstore in Columbia, MD on 9/17/11 because of my previous positive experience with the roomstore. I bought this to replace my broken recliner. I was told by the sales lady named Susan Quinn (who was very nice and pleasant) that the recliner was on back order with the manufacturer but they would have one in stock and delivered to me by the end of September. Wrong! I called customer service at the beginning of October only to be told the item was not yet in stock but it would be in stock and delivered to me by Mid October. Wrong again! I called their customer service late last week only to now be told they will not have that recliner in stock till early to mid November at the earliest and that is not even a guarantee, .
    I called the delivery department on Wednesday 10/19 and was told my my furniture would not be in stock till mid to late November now. Thursday 10/20 I called the delivery department again and was told they don't have access to tell me when an item will be in stock and I had to go to the store I bought it from to find out that information. I was told by the second phone rep on Thursday that the first phone shouldn't have given me a November delivery date because they have no access to such information. I went to the Columbia store on 10/20 and the salesman looked up my order and told me they have 10 of those chairs on order and I am #4 on the waiting list and they will have it in stock by late October at the latest. I was also told by the store salesman he had no idea where the phone rep got a delivery date of mid to late November. I told the salesman if my item is not in stock by late October as promised they will be seeing me again and I will not be so nice this time.
    I called the delivery department on 10/31 and after being transferred to several different people I was eventually transferred to the Columbia store where I bought my recliner. I was told I needed to speak to my sales person Susan Quinn who they couldn't locate at the moment. I chose to visit the store later that evening instead. Susan who as usual was very friendly pulled my order up in the system and tells me it was due to arrive in late October and since today is the last day of October she couldn't estimate when my recliner would be in but she hoped it would be soon. Meanwhile I sit at home on a recliner that is broken and is killing my back. Thats why I bought a new recliner in the first place. Susan tells me I am #3 on the waiting list out of a group of 13 people waiting. I see 3 customers waiting ahead of me for the same recliner in the same color. The supposed #1 customer has been waiting since August 1st for their recliner. Who makes a customer wait 3 months for furniture? That is not customer service. But heres where it gets interesting. I see a customer has been waiting since March 2011 for the same recliner and Susan tells me that customer has not finished paying for their furniture yet and thats why they've been waiting since March and haven't received it yet. I am told by Susan the customer waiting since March is last on the waiting list till they pay off the recliner. I also am told 13 people have order the same recliner in the same color as me but they only have 10 on order. Who sells more recliners than what they have on order? Especially if a customer has been waiting 3 months to receive theirs. I left the store tonight thinking I would wait another week or two to see if the recliner comes in. But after sitting in my broken recliner and feeling nothing but back pain I can no longer wait.
    I emailed the customer loyalty department last night. This evening around 5:30 I received a call from Margo who said she was the store manager of the store in Columbia, MD. She said she had received an email from me explaining how upset I am about my order. I explain to her how upset I am about my ordeal. I then ask if I can have my recliner in a different color because my sales woman Susan Quinn told me the color I wanted was the only color that was out of stock. Margo the supposed store manager tells me she can't switch me to another color because the Roomstore is out of stock on all furniture made by Franklin and has been for many months. I'm then told the mfgr which is Franklin keeps pushing back the date on when they will ship the Roomstore the items. She says they have no furniture made by Franklin instock. She then offers me the floor model at a discounted price of $50 off. For all my trouble and hassle all I am offered is $50 off. Really? I want to order a NEW chair NOT a USED floor model. Who goes to a store looking to purchase a floor model? Also why not tell me up front they're out of stock on all furniture made by Franklin? Further proof that the Roomstore is only out to make a sale and doesn't care about their customers.
    I went to the Roomstore on RT. 40 in Catonsville, MD on 11/1 to see what they would say about the my recliner. I was told the recliner would not be in stock till late December or early January at the very earliest. I went back to the Columbia, MD store and Margo processed my refund on 11/1 after I decliner floor model or another recliner. Hopefully refund comes soon. DO NOT SHOP AT THE ROOMSTORE BECAUSE THEY LIE ABOUT WHEN ITEMS WILL BE IN STOCK TO GET A SALE!! They just lost a customer which I'm sure they don't care about.

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Roomstore FurniturePoor quality

Room Store continued to charge an insurance fee on my account even thogh I had canceled the policy. They acknowledged my cancellation but claimed I did not cancel it with the "Insurance Department." The "Insurance Department has a different phone number so when you are speaking to "customer service", you are not speaking to anyone with authority to cancel any time of insurance. If you want to cancel any type of fee please be sure to get a confirmation number or they will claim that it never got canceled. Their argument is always based on you did not speak to the right department. I was able to get half the charges removed but it took three hours of talking and pleading. ps The furniture is very poor quality.

The Roomstore CouchI hate The Roomstore!

I purchased a 5 year warranty for a couch I purchased at the Roomstore. I called to file a claim for a stain on my couch. I did not know what the stain was and they denied my claim because I did not know where it came from. There is nothing in the warranty paperwork that says the claim has to be known.

I called weeks later in order to file stains on my couch from a party we had on the weekend and they denied my claim again due to "build up". They told me that I can dispute the claim by sending an email. I sent an email and no response.

I called again and they told me to send a picture of the stains on the couch, so they can verify that it's not a build up. I sent a picture and the claim still got denied.

I've talked to 3 representatives and they were rude and very hesitant to help. Representative, Blanca, said that the claims all have to be researched since they can be fraud "just like all other insurance companies." I said that insurance companies come out to look at the damages before they can say that it's fraud which the Roomstore did not do.

I asked for a refund for the warranty and they said they could not refund it. I am highly disappointed, and their rudeness is enough to give you a headache for an entire day. I am a very unhappy customer, and I have been telling people not to go to the Roomstore to buy anything whatsoever.

Run around

I spent a ton of money at the roomstore in Newport News, va.The chest of drawers has missing finish, dents and horrible craftsmanship.I have called and called and continue to get the run around.The best part is the truck driver ran over my mail box and apparently this complaint has to go to a different's beyond pathetic the way this has been handled.I'm not sure if buying furniture anywhere else is the answer but the roomstore is the last place anyone should spend money in.I certainly hope they don't treat everyone else like this

Roomstore roomstore

I purchased a headboard for my 7-year-old daughter n June 2010. As I disassembled the pieces, I realized that a leg to the headboard was missing. I immediately contact customer service who mentioned that it would be shipped and ready in a month which would have been July. Patiently, I waited but after a month and no contact from the company, I contacted them again. This time the customer service reps insisted on calling me back as they attempted to contact the vendor for the piece. After three reps not returning my call, I called back to speak to a member of management. The woman also suggested that she would give me a call back as she attempted to contact the vender. I relayed to her my reluctance due to the history of their reps to not return phone calls. She insisted that she would return my call by the close of the business day. Unsurprisingly, she did not return my call as I called her numerous times after this day to inquire about the status of the needed piece. After the third day, I finally spoke with her and she stated that the furniture would not be available until September 2010. Of course, frustrated, I asked her about any compensation, return fees, or even getting the missing piece from the showroom floor being that my daughter needed the component for her bed. The manager was aggressive in tone and rude as she blatantly said "there is nothing I can do, you will just have to wait." My question to her was, "did I wait to give you my money for the furniture?". She kept repeating the same thing and then making up different reasons on why I couldn't get my money back. The service was terrible and the claim that prices are cut and not corners are beyond false and in fact this claim should be illegal.

Roomstore Furniture — Worst Service and Delivery Problems

I had ordered full bedroom and living room set furniture from Rockville, MD Roomstore furniture on May 12, 2010. I was told 90% of the furniture is in stock for next week'...

Roomstore — Delivery Fee

How insane! I recently purchased a living room set from The Roomstore, had it delivered, it didn't fit through my front door so I was forced to refuse the set. They asked if...

Damaged furniture and carpet!

We had ordered a living room furniture set (sofa, love seat, chair and a half, and ottoman) from the Roomstore located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Our sales person, Pamela, STRUGGLED TO CALCULATE OUR TOTAL. My husband came up with the correct amount using his cell phone and then had to walk her through the addition and discount.

On the day of the delivery one of the two men tracked WET MUD across the family room of our 1 MONTH old house.

Once they placed the furniture and took off the protective covering we noticed that EVERY single piece of furniture had MULTIPLE stains.

We called the number given on our receipt for any delivery problems and told them about the carpet. They told us to get an estimate for cleaning and let them know the price. We quickly got an estimate and called back. The carpet was cleaned six days ago but we have not been able to reach the representative at the claims department, Rachel, to get a status on reimbursement.

The delivery guys suggested we have a technician come out to clean the furniture pieces instead of sending everything back. One of them also called customer service himself and we spoke to the representative on his cell phone. The representative also suggested having the technician come out instead of sending so many pieces back and waiting for new ones to be delivered.

The delivery guys also informed us that even if we sent back the furniture we would NOT receive new furniture instead we would GET THE SAME OLD FURNITURE CLEANED.

Since we were so frustrated because of the mud stains on the carpet we had the delivery men leave the stained furniture excluding the ottoman which had so many stains we didn't think it was worth cleaning.

Our appointment with the technician was scheduled for Saturday morning. We had spoke to the techinican earlier any explained we had a very important meeting in the morning as well. He reassured us that he would be done cleaning all the pieces well before the time.

The technician came TWO HOURS LATE, of course he did not call to tell us he would be late. Even after the cleaning the pieces still do not look new, so we decided to return the whole set.

After TWO DAYS of arguing with multiple sales representative and customer service representatives and their supervisors (Melissa and a rude woman named Wendy) we finally got them to agree to take back the furniture. Of course we still do not have a date for when they will come pick up the furniture.

We are now being charged a 10% restocking fee for getting damaged furniture and for having our carpets ruined.

DO NOT ORDER FROM ROOMSTORE! Poor quality, incompetent employees, and we believe they resend damaged furniture to other customers.

Warranty/Master Seal

I purchased a sofa, love seat and ottoman with the protection plan and "master seal". The salesman John Wier said everything was covered and NO Hassle. To put this in a nutshell...


I have been purchasing all my furnitute from the RoomStore for the past five years bedroom, living, and dining. Everything has been pretty good up until the latest purchase of...

Roomstore Broken Bed

We bought a bed in Nov 08 (15 months) with storage drawers on each side.
This month the slats broke which in turn made the drawers get off line.
I went into the Roomstore to inquire about the bed and found out the bed was discontinued in Jun 09. I was given the customer service number, call them and was told a manager would call me back on 2/23. No called so I called on 2/24 and left another message for a manager. Melissa did call me back and told me there was nothing they could do because it was pass the 12 month warranty. She told me to go to Home Depot or Loews and purchase some some wood to fix it. Wow! I paid $750 for broken cheap wood. Amazing - their slogan is customer loyalty! Go figure...NO more Roomstore for me or anyone I talk to!

Furniture Breaks...

Spent $2400.00 on a sectional sofa and in the 15 months we've had it we've had to call them out 3 times and was about to call out a 4th time. The toggles that you pull to recline the ends of the 2 sofas we bought keep snapping off. It's such a design flaw that the repair tech ordered "EXTRA" parts because he said they are having to repair these often. Now I have a $2400.00 sectional and extra parts. How many times is too many? Each toggle (there are 4) has broken off at least once. If this was a car I'd sue for my money back under the lemon law but now I'm stuck with cruddy furniture that keeps breaking or I can go "re-select" and get stuck with more cruddy furniture from them when the right thing to do would be to get my money refunded (since it's a design flaw) and take my business elsewhere. DO NOT spend your hard earned dollars at The Roomstore!

  • We
    Wendy and Roy Aug 19, 2013

    I agree I bought a sectional that cost $3700.00 and after only 2 months, 2 of the pieces are falling apart. They sent out a tec Aug 1st. he said they would have to order parts. Aug 5th I got a call from customer service rep call telling us it would take 6 to 8 week for the parts to come from China. On Aug 15 I receive a call from the Corp office to let me know the part are going to arrive in a month. They agreed to let me go pick something else out. Only because I let them know I had started a dispute with GE Capital. On Aug 16, We went to the store and could not find anything we like and ask if I pick something for less and get a refund and was told "No" only store credit. We told the store manager we would have to think about what we wanted to do. Today Aug 19 received a call from Corp and said they are bringing out 2 new pieces, because I could make my mind up. The lady that call today was so rude and I let her know they will not rush me into another purchase and I'm not going to replace this with 2 new piece when it didn't last 2 month. Reward of the Roomstore most of the furniture comes from China this is what the sales man told us after the fact.

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Roomstore — Billing

Their billing is screwed up!! I went to the Austin North location and bought my furniture. I put down $1000. I got the bill and it said that I still owed the total amount. I had...

Roomstore/TRS Financing — Scam

Complaint against the Roomstore and TRS Financing which is inside The Roomstore in Glendale, AZ. I have gone around and around with the RS and TRS because of overcharging me for...

The Roomstore/TRS — RIP OFF

I went to Roomstore to buy a sofa and was directed to there special financing because of credit issues. I was to purchase the sofa 90 days same as cash but it was written up as I...

Roomstore Crooks

I bought furniture from The RoomStore. It was damaged when it was delivered. Two months later, they still have our money and the furniture.


Have you seen their disclaimer “The warranty is void if they consider that damage was caused by abuse, negligence, or accident etc.?” In this case the damage was caused by abuse, negligence or accident by The Room Store before it was delivered. They fraudulently use they their warranty.

They don’t care!!!

We have tried calling them and they don’t return our calls. Just like everyone else. Now we don’t want to talk to them.

I’m a patient person. I will contact our credit card company. I also think there are more significant issues after reading this list, fraud comes to mind so I will contact The Office of the Attorney General. And then we will see what happens…

And, I happen to have great media contacts nationally which may be more of a problem for them. A few articles and then maybe take out a full page ad beside theirs indicating that they are not reputable.

They hire incompetent customer service reps and they lie. This company is worse than used car dealers. My lawyer is as sharp as a tack. I have more confidence in him to obtain a resolution than I do talking with any of the incompetent employees at The RoomStore.

I’m sure they do get complaints, but to generalize and infer that those of us that have legitimate complaints are liars, and they pocket millions for not following through is a disgrace. The warranty that they use generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for The RoomStore annually and is not worth the paper it is written on.



This business is preying on you in a bad economy. Some of us can still afford to buy but we don’t want junk and damaged goods for our hard earned dollars.

If you do buy or have bought and have a problem contact your Attorney General. (Google Attorney Generals Office and your state—there are consumer laws with regards to delivery of damaged furniture, credit issues, warranties and just because they say they say they will not refund your money does not mean they are telling the truth and does not mean that it is legal) If they do not follow the law they will be prosecuted and the companies will be fined. There is a recent case in Texas charging National Furniture Liquidators with deceptive trade practices. They will do the work for you and in this case, they are seeking $20, 000 (that will go to the State) for “EACH” violation and they are seeking refunds for all the victims. The Texas AG’s office encourages you to call if you have a complaint 800-252-8011or file a complaint at Also contact all of your State Senators and your United State Senators. The AG’s office and the Senator’s office will let you know specifically what the law is and how to lodge a complaint, Free. The AG will do it for you if the company violates laws and if they have a series of complaints, so send them your complaints. Then you can contact a lawyer if you want. This is the only way to deal with a company that repeatedly uses bad business practices. I’m sure it will be a long time before we see our money but The RoomStore will have a fight. I don’t have the energy to do it so I will put it in the hands of other’s that know how to deal with unscrupulous people with unscrupulous business practices. I actually might enjoy watching the time and money The RoomStore will have to waste, just as I wasted my money buying at The RoomStore and my time trying to resolve this.

  • La
    laisha Jan 19, 2011

    managers sells customers defected furniture they pocket cash never pay in cash

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  • La
    laisha Jan 19, 2011

    every piece i brought in rockville is damaged and i paid in cash and got a tip that the owner is taking money and using it to take females out

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Roomstore Horrible delivery service

I ordered a entertainment console and the bridge panel, a 2 piece set. It was delivered on 10/31/09. When the delivery guys dropped it off, it was missing the parts to connect the console and bridge together. This is annoying as we were excited for our new furniture. They called customer service to ship out the missing parts. On 11/04/09 the missing parts were delivered and I found out I did not receive ALL of the missing parts I needed. They setup a service guy to come out and put the piece of furniture together 11/11/09 and now I am waiting to hear if they can correctly figure out what missing pieces I do not have and get me those before the service guy comes.

I have never dealt with such horrible service. It is hard to believe RoomStore is a furniture company and this is what they have to offer. To really top things off, the console has a chip in the wood. My fiancee and I are very dissatisfied with RoomStore. I have bought furniture from Rooms To Go before and never had any problems like this. I now know I should always shop at Rooms To Go unless RoomStore can show me they know how to run a business.

Roomstore — Cancellation of order

My wife and I bought an end table and chair/ottoman. The items were delivered to the nearest store and we went to pick them up. Unfortunately the chair/ottoman would not fit in...

Taking so long to fix my furniture

We purchased the Cindy Crawford leather couch and sofa, we loved the look, and we have purchased from Roomstore several times in the past and have always been happy. Howevr, when...

Roomstore — False Advertisement

To Whom It May Concern: I purchased furniture on May 7th 2009 and was told by my sales person that the items would be put together and if the prices were discounted I would get...

No customer service

Where do I begin...We purchased a leather living room set in Nov 2007. Upon delivery, one of our end tables was damaged on top. We contacted the Roomstore and there was a lot of...

Roomstore Fraud and cheating

We purchased a wallsaver recliner Nov 17, 2007. It was placed on order and did not come in until Dec 2007. 9 months later then seat was falling apart. A technician was sent out and ordered a new seat which was installed in Oct 2008. 1 month later that seat started falling apart.

Technician came out again and determined that this was a manufacture defect. Unfortunately, this chair has been discontinued so they cannot replace it.

RoomStore refuses to give us a refund even though we were well within the 1 year warranty. They said we can choose another chair but we have not been able to find one that we like and we have only 30 days to make a choice.

We purchased the Fabric Protection and 5 year extended warranty which they will not include in the cost of the new chair (even if we could find one).

I would not recommend purchasing from RoomStore. Furniture is sub-par, poorly made and they do not stand behind their warranty.

Letters are going out to the BBB, Chamber of Commerce, and VP of Operations.

  • An
    Anthony T. Mar 05, 2009

    Dont understand how 9 months later is Nov 17 2007 to Dec 2007?? Am I missing something? Can you give more information as to what was the model and make or manufacturer of the seat? Sometmes it's a manufacturing problem not a retail problem. I would of taken it up with the manufacturer also if possible. Fabric protection is always worthless (read the fine print) If you cannot make up your mind for a replacemnt in 30 days then thats on you, it seems fair enough time to me. The BBB does little other than mediation but it's still a good idea if you feel unsatisfied with how this situation was handeled.

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