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Complaints & Reviews

Do Not Buy

On Feb.25, 2011 I went to the bronx, NY branch of Harlem Furniture, had been there before to pick out 2 pieces. When I returned none of the salespersons I had seen prior was not there but, I still wanted the furniture. There was 2 sales persons and a manager. I explained what pieces I was looking for but it didn't ring any bells for him. the manager proceeded to throw a book at me and tell me to look for it. I walked out. On 2/26/11 I went to the other location on 125th st in NY, NY. I spoke with Ismel and purchased a sectional. as of 2/5/11 no sectional and no one answers my phone calls, its 8:30pm.

Insurance is BULLS**T

We have purchased many things from Harlem Furniture and we thought that the company was great. They replaced everything that was defective at delivery and we were very pleased until a year ago when we wanted to file an insurance claim and we were ignored for over a year, with them saying even though we were contacted that they never recieved any claims. When indeed they did. And a month ago when they did and we got the store associate to set up an appointment for us as they were not returning our calls, they came three weeks later. Not only did the person that came did not care about our carpet he also did not say anything just took a couple pictures and left. We then contacted the company as they did not contact us only to be told that wear and tear is not covered because this is something that we inflected. When indeed it is covered under the warranty and that is the only reason we got it. We have a leather set for three years and we did not buy it to look at it we bought it to use it, and because we used it like normal people do there are starting to be tears in it. Is that my fault or are they just cheap? Not only that we bought glass protection to make sure that if anything happens they will replace it and guess what they won't because they don't know how it happened, hello it was defected not my fault. I am just so sick of this company and am sure I will be taking this matter to court just need to get all my things together and report them to the better business bureau, and that should not happen to anyone.

  • Eb
    e_borzecki Feb 05, 2011

    I must say that the complaintsboard is very unfair when it comes to postings. Not only was this posting not posted on their site as it was posted on pissedconsumers they also did not post the whole posting with the comments. Pissedconsumers does not allowed postings to be erased, and this posting was posted by me. And I want everyone know that the problem was not only on the companies side but mine as well and that was resolved and explained to me by the company. Here is the comments that were made after the posting on pissed consumers and after being contacted by the representative from Harlem Furniture (The room place).

    1. Written by Jasmine, on 26-01-2011 17:59

    Dear Ms. Borzecki,

    It was my pleasure to speak with you and have the opportunity to review the facts in this matter along with the warranty coverage. Please know that we value our Customers very much and most importantly are committed to serving our Customers well. Thank you for being our loyal Customer!

    Jasmine Sakic

    VP of Customer Loyalty

    2. Written by eborzecki, on 26-01-2011 11:09

    Thank you to Harlem Customer Service for getting back to me and clearing up this issue.I am glad that this was explained to me and therefore I can see where it has gone bad on our part as well. Nice to see that some people actually care.

    Shame on you complaintsboard.com for using information from other sites with my name on it, and for not posting everything if you decided to post anything.

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I bought a LEATHER SOFA AND LOVE SEAT AND OTHER FURNITURE AND 5 YEAR WARRANTY I PAID $7, 000.00. from the room place AND in AUGUST of 2007. The material OF LEATHER begun to tear form just using it AND THE RECL LOVESEAT FRAME BROKE FROM NORMAL USE. I called the costumer service number and Harlem furniture sent someone out to look at it. he said, "well I can't fix that." ONE week later they finally called back and said that they would nether replace or FIX IT AND IT IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE WARRANTY. THE LEATHER ON THE SOFA BY THE ARM REST WAS RIPED FROM SETING ON IT AND THE SAME WAS ON THE LOVE SEATE. WHEN I LOOKED AT THE WARRANTY ALL THAT WAS COVERD, BUT THEY SAID IT WAS NOT. DALE KELTON CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER SAID THE FIVE YEAR WARRANTY IS NOT GOOD FOR THIS CLAIM AND SAID TO ME DO WHAT EVER AND THAT IS THE END OF IT. I am still working on THE CASE TO TAKE TO COURT, AND I WILL PLACE A CLAIM WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IN EFFORT TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER. IT IS A SHAME THAT THIS BIG COMPANY IS GETTING AWAY WITH THIS BAD BUSINESS PRACTIC.I have never been treated as poorly as I have with this company. My advice is simple, don't ever buy Harlem furniture's crap. WHERE IS THE LAW?

Refuse to give a full refund

I purchased an expensive sewing machine from harlem avenue sewing center, chicago il - the machine did not perform as promised and kept jamming when i used it. when i returned the sewing machine, the manager told me he was going to charge a restocking fee, even though i had been told there was no fee for returns within 30 days. he claimed it was printed on the receipt - it was not. he was very unpleasant to deal with and chose not to listen to me. i have lodged a complaint with the better business bureau in chicago and will go out my way to make their life difficult for the way i was treated.

substandard furnitures with no warranty

we bought multiple sets of furnitures couple of years ago for family, living room, bedroom set, dining table with china cabinet totalling 11, 782 and paid close to 1500 for additional warranty to cover any stain or wood damage and now we are seeing the true colors and quality of the furniture and also the store.

when we called in to file a claim, we found out the 3rd party company which got the payment for the warranty conveniently closed the business and harlem do not stand by the product as they are not responsible for the warranty even though they convinced the customer into buying additional warranty "full replacement gurantee" thats what they sold me on.

on further digging and talking to my friend in the area who also bought furnitures from Harlem I came to know, they are also in the same boat, and the insurance company closed the business because of Harlem's substandard furniture quality and they could not cope up with the amount of complaints and support.

I want Harlem to return my un used portion of the extra warranty, as no one is going to support for the life of the product anymore, who has my money???

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Fake sofas

Continuing with my story i forgot to add they assured us that these sofas were real leather well my parent-in-laws also bought they're sofas at Harlem furniture and they have like 4-5 years with them and they are in perfect condition and ours are really crappy. The texture is so diffrent from theirs our are vinyl i guess they are easily ripped and are lopsided from the arm rest its really noticeable well since our warranty expired too bad for us huh? now we are stuck with some faked sofas. i am outraged that we so much money on our first sofas and we got punked.

  • Al
    ALBERT SANTIAGO Mar 15, 2010

    I purchased sofa set on March 21, 2009 at The RoomPlace located on 8027 S Cicero. I am very unsatisfied with this purchase and the costumer service I have been receiving. I had problems as soon as they were brought into my home. They were torn in the seams and later replaced with new ones. As well as the first set these also had defects, also torn in the same area and were replaced with the set I currently have. This is the third set I have had delivered to my home and I'm still not satisfied. The seats slide forward revealing the material inside which in not leather! I do not want these sofas and want my money returned. RomePlace does not want to respond the my complains, so I am getting
    legal advise, since the value of the sofa is over $2, 000. The warranty states if the sofa has a manufactory defect will repair or replace the mercandise.

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Sold us fake leather sofas

Me and my husband bought our bed set, kitchen table, leather sofas at Harlem furniture thinking it would be a...

Poor management

I would advise anyone reading this NEVER to shop Harlem Furniture The Room Place in Orland Park, IL. I was recently there one evening, just wanting to casually browse the store as I had several pieces of furniture I was interested in purchasing. I didn't get one foot in the store when a middle eastern man was standing there waiting for me to walk in the door and then approached me and asked if he could assist me. I politely declined and said "thanks but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for but if I have any questions, I will find you". I proceeded to slowly look through the store, checking prices, etc. All the while I can hear footsteps directly behind me, I mean DIRECTLY behind me. I chose to ignore it at first but it then began to really bother me. Finally, I turned to him and said "please tell me you are not going to be following me the entire time I'm in the store" to which he rudely, and very mean-ly replied "WE ARE REQUIRED BY MANAGMENT TO FOLLOW EVERYONE WHO COMES IN THE STORE! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN YOU NEED TO SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS, GO TALK TO THE STORE MANAGER!!!" As you can imagine, I am stunned/angry/confused at this point so I take off trying to find the store manager. Up walks this older, more calmer middle eastern man who told me the same thing - yet as I looked to my right and to my left, there were 2 couples just wandering off in the store UNATTENDED to look at furniture at their leisure. I have never, ever been treated this way at any store and wanted everyone out there to know about the horrible "management" practices at Harlem Furniture - The Room Place - Orland Park, IL. I only hope that by copy of this complaint as well as me telling all my friends and family about this that the "management" of Harlem Furnitire - The Room Place - Orland Park, IL will then learn their lesson about how to properly treat customers/people in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

Lies about refund

Harlem Furniture are thieves! I have been waiting for my refund for over 6 weeks. The ### that works the counter at the Elston Store inputted my wrong address and I never got the check. Then I call the account Manager Dan and he has been lying to me ever since. It is NOT a lot of money, but now it is the principal behind this. I wrote down everything when we talked and now he is lying saying he never said these things. They are ridiculous and I will NEVER shop there again. I am telling all my friends and co-workers to go to Value City or to Ashley. They at least are honest!

Terrible company

I paid for a three piece leather sectional with power love seat recliner and a sofa sleeper the last week in April. After I paid they told me the sofa sleeper was unavailable until the middle of June. I asked for my money back. Because I didn't have my paperwork with me at the time I cancelled, the cashier said the money would be refunded to my card in 2 days.

The next day, the original sales rep. told me that the furniture would be delivered before that date. Because of that, I allowed them to go ahead and deliver the love seat and wedge for the sectional. I called a week before the delivery date for the sofa and an acting manager named Aaron said the sofa was still not in and he didn't know when it would come. He said come in and pick something else.

My sectional was bought at a sale price. They had no more leather sectionals with a sofa bed and power recliner. Only a non power recliner with a sofa bed was available. I didn't want that. I picked out a leather sectional that had power recliner but no sofa bed. I was willing to sacrifice the sofa bed so that I could get the power recliner. I paid for both, but these people didn't have what I paid for in stock.

The problem is that since I paid a sale price for my sectional, Aaron wanted me to pay $300 for the replacement. I argued that I wasn't getting what I paid for anyway. Why should I come out of my pocket for something I really don't want in the first place. I paid for a different sofa sleeper with power reclining love seat. I would only be getting the power loveseat with the new set. I had waited almost a month for my sleeper and they had no idea when it would come in. They won't give me a refund. The corporate office didn't help at all. I'm making a complaint with the BBB and whoever else.

None of this mess is my fault. This company is not accepting responsibility for it own failure. No matter what he claims, Aaron could rectify this situation immediately. But he won't because he doesn't give a damn. Please, don't shop at these furniture stores. It's the worst customer service in the world.

Inferior Furniture

I too have been a victim of The Room Place - STAY AWAY!!! I spent over $5, 000 on new furniture including a complete living room and dining room set. I have had nothing but trouble since day 1! I should have had a clue when the delivery people took out the dining table and a corner was crushed. I have had to have their technician out twice to repair bubbling in my table. I called Customer Service to complain but was basically told "not our problem".

  • Ve
    VeryPissed Jun 04, 2009

    HARLEM FURNITURE is a REAL disappointment. We bought a new bed set and totally retarted looking when it came to the house. Bed frame is all messed up. Technician cames many times - like 6 times - to change the bed frame and still messed up. According to the Customer Service that "that's how its suppose to be made"...when you see the model in the store, it totally doesnt look anything like that! And by the way, the Customer Service is really bad! We have been going back and forth with Harlem Customer Service for almost a year now...and still having problem with the bed set. Now, the drawers are getting stuck! They won't even open. A technician comes again to take a look...and supposedly ordered new drawers. And of course, this whole order crap took like 3 months to come! Then they came and parts are missing! Seriously! this is a real joke! STAY AWAY FROM HARLEM FURNITURE!

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Subpar quality

In 2008, we bought a dining room (4 chair) set and a living room set. The first problem occurred after two weeks. The dining chairs began to come loose, and become shaky. They seemed dangerous to sit on. We called Harlem's repair guy, and he came over but forgot his tools and his camera. A week later he came back with a camera to "document" the problems. After he did that, two weeks later they sent over some people to fix the chairs. They were the worst made, Chinese factory chairs I've ever seen. Chairs I've put together from Walmart myself have been better quality. Later in the year, the chairs became loose yet again, as did the living room table, which would have completely fallen apart if I hadn't tightened the screws myself. As for our couches, the cushions always pop out, and it is a constant battle to keep them in. I know Harlem wants to turn a profit, but why do they order such cheap, low quality furniture? When I pay over $2000 for NEW furniture, I have high expectations, and the Harlem furniture didn't meet my expectations in any way.


I recently paid off a very large order at Harlem furniture. I later come to find out that my furniture had already been given to another customer. "First come, first serve" is what they say. When I was frustrated by this, they offered me $50 off a display table. I was insulted. They then offered $100 off a display table. Not Good Enough!! Then, I spoke with another guy at the store and he stated that my tables would be in soon, then he called back and said: sorry, they will take 4-6 weeks." Not Good Enough!! I spoke with the store manager and he stated that all he could give me was $100 dollars off. Not Good Enough!! I am now going to cancel my order and take my $3400.00 elsewhere. Harlem Furniture Stinks!!!

  • Valerie Jun 30, 2008

    I bought $6000 worth of furniture in the beginning of April. I asked Harlem furniture if it was okay for the order to be picked up by me in the middle of June since my house was under construction. They said would be no problem and to just give them a call week before. Since end of May Harlem call me every week asking if I am ready for pick up. Finally I told them I will pick it up on June 28. They said that's great and that my order is all ready. Day after wards they called me and said that one chair was back ordered, I said okay that's not a problem. I showed up in their Distribution Centre on Saturday and found out that half of my stuff is on back order. I found out that they do first come first serve deal which means that if someone else ordered same furniture as you and they show up earlier even when your pickup was schedule earlier they will get your stuff no matter if there isn't anymore furniture pieces for your order. That's only part of story. I took whatever they had home and I started to unpack it. I will say 85% of my furniture has some kind of damage: Dings, scratches, chunks of wood missing. Actually I even didn't pick up one of the sofas because one of their warehouse guys was dragging it with one of the legs touching cement and he ripped big chunk of wood from it right in front of me. Security guard then asked me why am I not taking it I could just use touch up marker. I think this store is a joke. I will wait till Monday what their costumer service will say. I want full exchange and they should deliver my new pieces and take their junk. If they tell me I have to bring it back myself I will bring it but then I want my money back and I am going to different store.

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Harlem sold my couch from under me, after taking my money.

Went to Harlem on 3/31/08 to purchase a couch and chair and after debating between a few I opted for a nice black leather set.

However, the pushy sales woman (Selina) was like a shadow the entire time even saying "give me your cell number and maybe we can go for coffee", to which I replied, "Sorry Im here to buy a couch not find a date".

I paid $154 down payment/deposit with the balance going to the Harlem Charge Card with 12 mths interest free. I stated that I would be expecting the delivery at the end of May 08 and would contact them at that time.

At that point I left the store with a HUGE headache from dealing with the above person for now close to 2 hours.

May 30th comes around and having paid a further $200 into the card balance, I call to arrange delivery.

Only to be told, "Sorry we dont have any theyre all sold out, theres none in any of the stores inventory/floor displays and we show NO future dates that it may be restocked", "That we can try to special order it but it could take 4-6 weeks with no guarantee", "but we do have the chair for you".

The only thing suggested was to cancel the order or to pick something else available from the store.

Well considering I had got rid of my old couch so I could make room, paint, new carpet etc I didnt have too many options but to try and pick something else.

So last Friday, the 30th May, I took time out of my busy schedule to return to the Harlem store and was also told by the manager that I should have been called to let me know that the items Id ordered was running low in inventory.

Which of course no one did!

I found 1 couch that was just 'ok' and another more modern piece but they didnt have part of the couch available.

In the meantime that same annoying sales woman followed me around like a shadow, irking every last nerve in my being.

I did find one that was a little more money but I would take it, IF they reduced the price to what I had already paid and for my inconvenience. So I waited patiently for the manager to consider my offer.

The sales woman, Selina, sits herself across from me and says, "Well, I dont know why you dont like that one!" (pointing to the other modern couch), her arrogant snippy tone sent my blood boiling.

I told her as politely as possible to, "Just shut up!!!" and that "You have already sold me a couch that I cant get now because you didnt call me to let me know the situation and that I didnt need any more of her help". Im not normally that rude but she just hit a last nerve with this snide comment.

Well the manager did return only to tell me that he was not even willing to negotiate on the higher priced couch.

At that point after wasting yet another 2 hours at the store I CANCELLED the order.

Now keep in mind they already have a total of $354.

As of today June 3rd they refunded me the $154 but it could take up to another week before I even see the $200.

In the meantime I had to go to another furniture store and purchase a new couch and chair, financing the WHOLE amount as I now had no money to put down because they did not automatically refund what was paid and only got 6 mths interest free, forcing me to pay even more each month.

Harlem CS people offered me $50 coupon towards a future purchase yet truly didnt give a dang to actually keep me as a customer.

Ive been in the retail trade for 15+ yrs and had it been me I would have bent over backwards to satisfy and keep my customer.

How can you sell something that a customer has already ordered/ has a contract for and already paid money on???

Isnt that illegal?

If your quick enough to take peoples money you should have the courtesy to refund it in no more than 3 business days.

Currently I am still in the process of awaiting my refund of $200 and have been told not to expect it for 7 - 10 days. I am also in the process of complaining to the Customer Relations Dept regarding my overall experience.

However if I do not get satisfaction from the complaint from the CR I WILL be taking this matter to their corporate personnel.

Harlem furniture junk

I purchased a living room set from Harlem furniture in Aurora, Il and I have had problems with it ever since. The love seat cushions began to sink in 2 months. I had to fight with them for over six months before it was replaced. Now I have the replacement and the leather is peeling off the back of the unit. They now tell me this is home damage and not a defect and they will not fix it. This was my first and absolutely my last purchase from Harlem Furniture and I would not suggest anyone buy their poorly made products.

  • Ka
    kara kinsella Sep 24, 2008

    just wondered what suite of furniture you bought. I got a del mar, sectional, and am so angry, have it since july and it is...YES a piece of junk, to say it nicely.

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Harlem won't fix my bed, they broke!

I bought a nice expensive bed from Harlem about $4800. dollars in dec. 2005 had it delivered to my home in shorewood Ill, and the delivery guys came and delivered it. I moved in Jan. 2008 and while I am getting ready to moved packing up my things I go to take my bed down with my 2 brothers we noticed that we could not get the canopy part off the top of the bed because the Harlem delivery crew put up the top corner wrong they broke the top corner piece and did not tell me, so they decided to make some new holes for the top pillar damaged it and so call put the bed together right. We noticed it was wrong when we could not get top part off the pillar. We finally got it off and found out it was broken they put it up wrong maid new holes for it. I called Harlem where I bought it and told them what happened and they said they will email customer care and someone will get back to me, never herd from them. I moved 1 day later and went into the store and talk to the manger (Majed Abu Ajameyeh) and showed him the top corner part of the canopy I had brought that piece with me to show him and you can simply see that they put there on holes in it and turn it upside down. The manger (Majed Abu Ajameyeh) said he will send a email to customer care. I waited 2 weeks no phone call, call again talk to same person the manger said he does not know why they have not contacted me yet sent another email, waited again 3 weeks no phone now it's the end of April. Now granite my $5000. dollar bed is on the mattresses on the floor because my canopy can not go back on top and the top corner piece can not go back on top because it's broke from Jan. 20 -- still on the floor $5000. I went back in now this time talk with the store manger(Nick Morgan) he sent and email right while I was there, a few days latter I get a phone from CC and said there is nothing they can do for me because I did not purchase an a extended warranty and the one year warranty is expired. I told her it does not have anything to do with an extended warranty I did not brake nothing your workers broke my bed day one, and did not tell me so I would not have known until I turned the bed down to move it, that is the only way you would've know if the bed was broken so can the bed be fixed she said there is nothing to be done on her end so I ask can I speak to her boss and she said she will tell her boss to call me so far never received a phone and it has been two weeks now the middle of may and my $5000. bed is still on the floor Harlem could just fix the piece and been done I have spent all together about $12000. with Harlem F. and this is the kind of thanks I get. Mr. Walker Roselle IL

POOR quality/deceptive practices

If you want disposable furniture, shop at Harlem Furniture. I've spent close to $5000 on a bedroom set...

Attempt to circumvent warranty!

My wife and I purchased a high sitting dining room table and 8 chairs last fall when they had a sale for 600.00, which seemed like a good deal for what appeared to be good quality furniture. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that the leaf of the table had a long crack from the start of the wood almost to the middle of the piece - further investigation showed that it had warped to an almost U when looking from ground angle.

Technician came out was great - very responsive and took pics and guaranteed it was a manufacturer's defect. Said Harlem would call in two days for replacement schedule. Oh Harlem called alright but replacement wasn't on their minds.

The distribution center out of Illinois called me and informed me that they no longer carried that particular set and that they could offer me a $ 30.00 "allowance" to keep the table. Taken aback, I asked her to repeat what she said - she said it again. I then asked her if I was hearing correctly; instead of replacing the damaged furniture that I still had UNDER WARRANTY, they wanted to give me 30.00 in store credit to keep their damaged furniture? Nevertheless, I declined their "gracious" offer and said that I then wanted store credit for the table and chairs. I was then told that since the table was the only damaged part, they would only give me 15% of the value of the table - seeing that this was a high sitting table, I explained to her that unless all was replaced, it was useless to only replace the table since it was purchased as a set and she said she would see what she could do. I didn't wait around to see what she could do, I was pissed at this point.

So my next call was to the corporate office where I was once again told that the only part that would be replaced would be the table and that it would only be a margin of the replacement value. I then told them the next call would be from my attorney and suddenly I was transferred to a manager. Amazingly enough, I was then given a 600.00 store credit to use to replace the table and chairs. Of course, there are no high sitting dining tables with 8 chairs for 600.00, so I have to come out of pocket 100.00 more for a table I don't like as much as the first one I bought.

To add insult to injury, I then had to endure a 10 minute lecture about the importance of scotchgarding all the chairs in the new set when I REPEATEDLY told the salesperson that I had the fabric conditioner from a previous person. I then told him that if he mentioned the word scotch gard again, I was going to request a different salesperson - scotchgarding by the way is 12.50 a chair for ANOTHER 100.00 - no thank you - we will use seat covers as we have with all dinette chairs.

Then the final straw for me was when another salesperson was brought over to try and change our minds - I explained to her the trouble that we have had with furniture purchased here in the past, specifically with the table that we were replacing and she then proceeded to tell me that she didn't understand why the technician authorized a replacement when it was clearly warping because of not being treated. Are you kidding me? So now, a salesperson without ever having examined our furniture and not knowing anything about the condition of it, basically accuses of us of mistreatment of our furniture, sight unseen? When I asked her how many years of experience she had as a furniture technician, she replied zero - I then replied that was the same amount of respect that I had for her opinion.

I have never been so insulted, disrespected or treated more poorly than I have by the employees, management and personnel of Harlem furniture. Harlem has a reputation for being cheap and selling less than high quality furniture and not backing it up - I can personally attest to this reputation now as it being well deserved.

I will never again make a purchase from Harlem furniture - they could be handing out free furniture at the door and I would decline. What's the point when if I accepted it, it would just break in 6 months and then I would be accused of mistreating it and trying to circumvent the warranty?

No class, no respect and no intelligence - they should put that in their fliers.

Lack of competence and service!

I am writing to express my complete annoyance and disbelief as to the lack of competence this business has provided me with! I purchased a living room set for 2K on Tuesday. I told them upon purchasing that I absolutely need the delivery to be on Saturday. To secure the deal, they assured me that would not be a problem! Turns out they are liars! The distribution center called me the next day and claimed there was no possible way they can deliver on Saturday. So they told me my delivery date would be Thursday between 8-12. I do not have family members near my apartment and my friends, like me, work Monday- Friday from 9-5 in the city. So my only option here was to take the morning off of work and wait for my delivery. I received 3 confirmations about my delivery date and time the night before!!!

It was approximately 10:30 on Thursday and still no furniture. I was told I would be the 3rd stop - so I was a bit concerned. I called the store - THERE WAS NO DELIVERY SCHEDULED FOR ME THAT DAY!!!


I spoke with a manager Dale, who told me 1st she would call the distribution manager and then call me right back - and 2nd that she would find a resolution for misunderstanding that day.

She never called me back... I continuously had to keep calling her to find the status... by 2:00 she was "STILL WORKING ON IT!" She never called to confirm the delivery would not arrive that day.

I missed an entire day of work for nothing!!! No managers were assisting or returning calls and when I called Joyce Solomon, an apparent customer service manager, at 4:00 p.m. that day - she apparently was at lunch!!!

I am so annoyed right now I cannot even put it into words!!!

Apparently now they are delivering on Saturday - I expect a major discount to be applied for all my inconvenience and for making me miss an entire day of work. I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this.

Kind Regards,
Anitra Lewis

Harlem Furniture
79th & Cicero
8027 South Cicero
Scottsdale Shopping Center

  • Li
    Lina Dec 01, 2007

    That store is horrible! They just want a sale. I purchased my family room set and it was defective from day one. I called and they would send a technician who would tell me what was wrong with the set and that Harlem would call me back. They never call me back. I called them back and every time, the answer was there was nothing with the furniture. Finally, I called again and some one came out a couple of weeks ago and again I called today and it is the same story, even though he claimed that the furniture was defective. I have a broken sleeper that does not open, a loveseat recliner hat does not completely close, and chair with an arm rest that unravels because it gets caught ever time the recliner is closed. The set is that microfiber and leather set. I was told it does not stain, but they lied about that too. It does stain and their representatives are extremely rude. I would rate Harlem Furniture as worst out there. By the way, I am still waiting for the supervisor to call me back. Anyone out there can help me?

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Damage done with no resolution

Harlem Furniture is a member of the Better Business Bureau. They claim to be a business in good standing...