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THE WEATHER CHANNEL is one of the main benefactors of and scam websites. Whomever owns these (2) 1 page websites (it is listed as International Media Licensing) is paying The Weather Channel tremendous amounts of money to advertise on the home page under the sponsored link heading.

The aforementioned web pages are the scams themselves and the issue is: why would THE WEATHER CHANNEL knowingly allow these ads on the home page? It looks like monetary gain is more important than operating an ethical website. What other areas of THE WEATHER CHANNEL and do we need to be aware of? Who else are they taking money from to dupe the public?

There is no return for International Media Licensing when doing a web search for a company with this name. Which of course means there is no way to contact anyone of either of the 1 page websites.

Other advertisers should be aware they are advertising alongside known scam pages. Please don't visit or use


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    audrie raap Jun 18, 2012

    I suggest you put Stephanie Abrams on your late nite weather broadcast. Her comment this morning about Adam Sandler and his look alike that was on the show, " I wouldn't mind them making me a sandwich" was lewd just as she is! And then shortly after she's on speaking to the "boys and girls" interested in the space program! You need to put some boundries on on this rude, out of control woman who thinks she is the "star" of the weather channel!

    Audrie Raap

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    Judy Wilkins Oct 14, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I live in Erie Pa. and I have switched from cable to Direct TV, what a difference in the formats of the weather. I wish I could have the cable weather format back. I hate the weather on the 8's on the dish, I go to work just to see it on cable. PLEASE do something with the format I hate the maps showing the various cities, there's no local radar to look at either. My husband is not happy with the dish format either, as he knows I want to also get cable now . With winter coming up I can't see me keeping the dish's weather format it STINKS.

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