The Brickwon't return mattress even within a week of purchase


Bought a matress on 14 oct 2013 with all the million reassurance and satisfaction, 180 days return promises etc. Matress is very hard and firm tried for one night and woke up with stiff and aching back, went back to Brick within the very first week and wanted to exchange the matress. Brick said that, we would have to pay the return shipping which is somewhere $60-70 and will pay shipping for the new matress also the one we will exchange. Frustrating part is that, we were told that, if we get a Brick credit card and purchase on it the shipping will be free on anything we buy so I ended up getting their master card the day I made my purchase the first time, but then they denied that it was only for one time, it doesn't say anywhere I fact looking at there flyer for this week, still same promise shows on the flyer 180 days money back, free shipping with their card etc but no where it says it's only one time...what. A way to trap consumers to sell their product and master card with false promises and fraudulent way!!! I am stuck with this hard matress and my money is wasted, I don't want to pay shipping twice as I was never told and why cannot they take the old matress back at the same time when they will deliver my replaced matress in one shipping charges. What happened to their promise of free delivery with their very own master card???? FRAUd!! BEWARE!!!brick is the biggest fraud !!

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