The Brickextended warranty

S Aug 16, 2018

Hi, our family purchased multiply items from BRICK back in January, 2012( washer; dryer; fridge; stove range); The sales person at that time: Mr RAJI G AARUSHI suggested to obtain extended warranty for all items and said that if we have no claim after 5 yrs we will be getting our money we spend on insurance for total over $500
I called today to Brick Customer Service and guess what I was told????...I do not qualify as I should claimed within 90 days after 5 years ...This is a rip off !!! and a scam by your company as your sales rep NEVER disclosed that information to me!!! ...I find your sale reps been train only to push sales in the store but MISSING basic customer service standards and legal aspect of NOT disclosing full information to customers!!!
I'm expecting clarification on this issue within 10 business days ; Otherwise with contact my Solicitor or go to media for further action if required
Please note, I have all original documents and able to submit when require
Thank you,
your truly, Svetlana N; Toronto; Ont

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