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I went in with my husband on a date. The waitress had apparently known my husband from high school and was more then thrilled to see him. She went on for a good ten minutes with him before asking "What can I get you to drink? We have such and such on special, I really like this drink with rum, it's called ... I bet you'd like it." She then turns to me and says "and did you want something?" blowing this off she continues to offer my husband this and that while continuing to blow me off. After we got our meals she really blew my mind by sitting next to my husband while we were having our meals. She continued to talk to him as if I wasn't there. He finally said "My wife and I have been married for a little over a year now and like to go out to eat for alone time." She still didn't get the hint. I ended up complaining on her. The manager more or less blew it off. I left in total shock of this woman... Now when we go I request a male server. At least the food is good!


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      Sep 26, 2012

    That must be one heckova hunk you married. Dont be so darn selfish.

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