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Tricked int a 3 year contract for security

I called to sign up for internet after having been on the phone all day and having issues all day with telus I still decided to sign up for internet and mobile. The lady on the phone told me because I am getting intenert I get a smart plug and 2 security items like a camera or doorbell/ I told her we didnt need them as we already had a ring security door bell. She told us "it comes with it so you may aswell pick 2"
So we did while telling her we didnt know what to pick or what a smart plug was. She also signed us up for pik tv and told us to pick channels. We said we didnt watch tv so had no idea for channels "she said she"would pick 5 and we could change them monthly" once we knew what we wanted.

We had issues the first day singing up
We had issues throught the first month, trying to call for billing and to cancel multiple times.
Each time they talked us into staying and never told us we were on a 3 year contract for security alone!

I tried explaining that we had only said yes on the phone to an internet phone and had no idea we were signing up for 3 years for security! But no one listens.

I dont use the items they just sit here.
I was knew they were signing me up for multpple contracts and for 3 years!

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