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TELUS Communications Customer Care Service

242 Reviews

TELUS Communications Company

PO Box 7575
British Columbia
Canada - V6B8N9

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 558 2273(Mobility)
35 33
+1 888 811 2323(Internet, TV & Home Phone)
15 24
TELUS Store / The Toronto Eaton Centre
UNIT H010, 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 205 9489

TELUS/Koodo Authorized Dealer
1000 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON
+1 416 406 0406

TELUS Store / Dufferin Mall
UNIT 0400, 900 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 533 6128

TELUS Store / Yonge & Eglinton
2300 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 481 3983

TELUS - MobileAXS Inc.
SUITE SW5, 130 King St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 815 8488

TELUS Store - Sherway Gardens (in-Line)
UNIT 1744, 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON
+1 416 626 8410

TELUS Store / 25 York Street
UNIT A7, 25 York St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 360 1432

TELUS - MobileAXS Inc.
SUITE 1801, 400 University Ave, Toronto, ON
+1 416 815 2240

TELUS Communications Complaints & Reviews

Telus Communications / telus mobility account

michelle o on Jul 28, 2018

I had a bill off $1000- I was dissconected than I paid in full a week later my bill was $500 I called there was no explanation than my bill went up t0 800 I paid what i could I called made payment arrangements 3 starting friday the 27th I recieved a text on july 18th sayingv my nbill wa...

Telus Communications / customer service

TELUSSUCKS2018 on Jun 19, 2018

I have been trying to give you my money for ONE HOUR. The credit card you have on file no longer works, no one sent me an email or mail saying the last payment was declined. I have a new credit card that I am trying to get you to put on file and I have been dealing with it online for 30...

Telus Communications / making fraud activity on my website

johnmiller159 on Jun 5, 2018

Telus Communications user is making fraud clicks on paid ads, kindly check and help for the same. please find below the detail for the same. ISP: Telus Communications Hostname: Last Time IP: Computer ID: 9195e41405ee1090933511db8848383f Connecting...

Telus Communications / cell phone

ROHIT KUMAR123 on May 14, 2018

I have been with Telus for 7 years. as a loyal customer and paid all the bills on time or before time and yetI called and received horrible customer service today regarding my phone situation. Got an iPhone 8 plus 5 months back and had a physical incident and was asking politely the telu...

Telus Communications / 7 month recurring issue

maureen coveny on May 5, 2018

In Nov 2017, I was billed for extra TV services never requested & was informed that I must have accidentally ordered the channels without realizing it. The one extra channel I had on my plan was cancelled the same day new charges were added. Tell me, Telus, how did that happen? Today marks the...

Telus Communications / internet service availability in edgewood bc

Angelbait1 on Apr 3, 2018

Our small community is being monopolized by The Edge Internet which had prohibited Telus from bringing high speed to our village. I understand they had a 5 year contract to keep Telus out and that they have reapplied for yet another 5 years. The past was not such a big deal as the speed...

Telus Communications / telus staff

ElenaS. on Feb 22, 2018

Yesterday, 21st Feb. 2018, I was at Guildford Mall, in Surrey B.C. It was around 3pm. A nice guy from Telus stopped me and asked if JI use Telus. I said YES, I use Telus as my phone operator but not for table and internet. He wanted to show me all the options at Telus and I was fine with...

Telus Communications / mobility service

Beth Pate on Jan 12, 2018

Well I have been on hold for 30 minutes after a call back wait of 2 hours...still waiting...they wont honor the deal they made me over the phone...tried going into a hour chairs to sit and wait in...terrible service...and I wanted to buy a new phone with a new...

Telus Communications / conduit repair for permanent line

Shoham on Jan 12, 2018

This is Shoham Poudyal from 218 Truant Crescent Red Deer. My account number is 601977856. It's been about 4 months that we are not connected with the permanent Telus line because permanent line has been broken when Neighbour hit the underground conduit wire when digging up for the fence...

Telus Communications / internet

Taneva Mariya on Jan 8, 2018

We live at LQRV in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. We had 4 arrangements with Telus to install Internet on our lot .There is Telus box already on the lot. They only must plug it in. Three times they call just before the appointment to cancel for 3 different reasons. Once they just did not...

Telus Communications / poor customer service

robpauze on Dec 29, 2017

I called Telus on Dec. 15th to make a payment arrangement on my balance. I was told I was not eligible for a payment arrangement. After several transfers and more holding, I finally decided to just cancel the service. Again, a few transfers and more holding and I finally got to speak with...

Telus Communications / I am complaining about your sales representative cheating

johnson_john11 on Dec 23, 2017

I was walking at Southgate Mall, Edmonton, Alberta. There was a sales promotion open booth, a female sales agent introduced herself as Kimberly providing me her phone number as 780 709 0279. I had a Shaw Home phone and Internet (150/15) connection and when she asked me how much I am...

Telus Communications / telephone service

Msbubbleskk on Dec 5, 2017

My internet has shut off randomly again The last time this happened you guys took 2 weeks to fix it. I had 3 people come here to try and fix it. I don't know why it took so long to get a key. I've called and now I've been waiting for a half hour just to talk to someone. This is utter crap...

Telus Communications / email account

Gigabyte Steve on Nov 27, 2017

My wife and I sold our business in 2013. At the time of the sale, the purchaser agreed to open a new email account for the business as the email we had used for years included private and personal information. As the transfer of business was being done I tried to access my email and wa...

Telus / home service tv phone and internet

Sneek on Nov 21, 2017

I spent approximately 1/2 hour with David with Telus at Seven Oaks Mall Abbotsford arranged time for service TV and Internet granted a free TV and got the pricing all looked like it was in place installation was all arranged. He told me to contact Telus so I would close out my Dad'...

Telus Communications / service.

Omarm on Nov 12, 2017

I tried getting telus internet. I had a appointment on oct 18, a technation came said i had a problem with my fiber cable they would have to get a thrid party invovled. So i said ok. On oct 31st i still havent heard from them so i decided to call for a follow up. When i called they said...

Telus Communications / mobility service migration to an employee corporate account (epp)

VRN on Nov 10, 2017

My husband and I have a consumer mobility account with Telus. Our 3 year contract ended Nov 9th. I recently learned as an AHS employee I can migrate our account to an AHS special offer for employees. The account is in his name and needed to be changed to my name. So in early October I started...

Telus Communications / fraud of money

Chetan Vij on Oct 27, 2017

Hello, I am international student, I Took Telus internet home service, While enrolling for service my plan included a 50 dollar gift card, which I never received in-spite of reminding them again and again they kept on saying its dispatched, I lost hope in getting the same after some time ...

Telus Communications / not advised of non refundable policy

Phil Burkey on Oct 20, 2017

October 20, 2017 @ 2pm at Eastgate Square, Hamilton, ON We were requesting a prepaid plan for my mother to use on an phone from a different carrier. Employee said we would need to pay for Sim card and he informed us that paying for a one year of prepaid plan was a better option, which we...

Telus Communications / staff member

LMS2064 on Oct 18, 2017

Today Wednesday October 18/17 - noticed an asian man enter the building using an access card, went passed my office and used the washroom, then back passed my office to the elevator to P1 for less than 2 minutes and up again the elevator to the lobby and left the building. I am guessing thi...