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TELUS Communications Customer Care Service

TELUS Communications Company

PO Box 7575
British Columbia
Canada - V6B8N9

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 558 2273(Mobility)
36 33
+1 888 811 2323(Internet, TV & Home Phone)
16 24
TELUS Store / The Toronto Eaton Centre
UNIT H010, 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 205 9489

TELUS/Koodo Authorized Dealer
1000 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON
+1 416 406 0406

TELUS Store / Dufferin Mall
UNIT 0400, 900 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 533 6128

TELUS Store / Yonge & Eglinton
2300 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 481 3983

TELUS - MobileAXS Inc.
SUITE SW5, 130 King St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 815 8488

TELUS Store - Sherway Gardens (in-Line)
UNIT 1744, 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON
+1 416 626 8410

TELUS Store / 25 York Street
UNIT A7, 25 York St, Toronto, ON
+1 416 360 1432

TELUS - MobileAXS Inc.
SUITE 1801, 400 University Ave, Toronto, ON
+1 416 815 2240

TELUS Communications Complaints & Reviews

Telus Communications / internet

Harpreet Ubhi on Dec 6, 2018

On 17th October 2018 Telus Internet was installed at my home in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. The technician Has to take care of cancellation of Shaw services. But he never took care and I still got a invoice from Shaw. Technician was so un professional even we called him few times he never...

Telus Communications / door to door sales claiming to be telus

Yvonne Hedley on Nov 23, 2018

Nov 22 at 7 pm, 2 young men came to my door in the dark wearing Telus white coats and holding a laptop, started to try to sell me Telus Mobility products, I asked for Telus ID they didn't have any, business card? nope, they showed me my name on the list on their laptop showing my name...

Telus Communications / internet

BarbE88 on Oct 30, 2018

30OCT2018 I have had an ongoing issue with my internet for almost 4 months now, telus keeps sending out technicians that can't resolve the issue, the last few techs have said a more specialized tech needs to come out, a "rushman", they have put their advisement in their notes and telu...

Telus Communications / billing errors and lack of support and resolve the issues

Sena Kalay on Oct 18, 2018

2018-10-18 I have received a mail statement from Telus for final notice to pay $14, 14 until 2018-10-13 otherwise Telus taking this matter to collection agency and bad affect my credit ratings for unpaid amount of $14.14 billing from Telus. The amount being claimed was a final billing...

Telus Communications / content club

Loretolady on Oct 16, 2018

Not sure how this happened I just checked my bank account and they charged me with $69.84 and another $19.87 called the number and they said they would refund my money in about 10 days but I need to know how they got my account info and how to contact them immediately so this does not...

Telus Communications / home service mistreatment

Mike Kharfan on Oct 4, 2018

I got a call three weeks ago from telus, about upgrading my internet to telus 75. We booked an appointment for Sunday the following week, between 1-3 pm, and we were no showed with no prior notice. Reluctantly, I called back to rebook another appointment on October 7th this coming sunday...

Telus Communications / telus

Iduna Parker on Sep 28, 2018

Have been trying to have a land line connected in my home. Spent 35 minutes on the phone, today, not my phone. After talking to 2 different employees, the 2nd one wanted a phone number where they could reach me. If I had a land line I could give her a number. I have no idea why it's so...

Telus Communications / final billing

strb on Sep 22, 2018

2016-02-24 I received an email from Metropolitan Credit Adjusters in regards to an unpaid billing from Telus. The amount being claimed was a final billing after having cancelled my service due to moving overseas. I had been receiving my monthly billing by email upon my choice. However...

Telus Communications / general

Benfryia on Sep 18, 2018

Telus is installing fibre optic in my community of Mahogany in Calgary AB. When they consulted me prior to starting any work they indicated they would need to go in between my house where a green electrical box already was. They indicated no other part of my recently landscaped front yard...

Telus Communications / mobility

Sspring70 on Sep 14, 2018

This evening at approximately 745 pm I called *611 to arrange a travel pkg for my husband's phone and to arrange to have another line put onto vacation disconnect. We have 6 line on this account and have been customers for over 15 years. Tonight I was appalled at the service I received. It...

Telus Communications / bills that were cleared up years ago and you are recharging 3 times

hgsh on Aug 22, 2018

MY name is Steven Stoesz and i am willing to get a lawyer and the BBB involved here there was an account 016918717 that was from 2014 my wife had 968.00 of that cleared in her bankruptcy and we also settled with CBV in Jan 2018 for this bill they said that was the only outstanding bill...

Telus Communications / telus mobility account

michelle o on Jul 28, 2018

I had a bill off $1000- I was dissconected than I paid in full a week later my bill was $500 I called there was no explanation than my bill went up t0 800 I paid what i could I called made payment arrangements 3 starting friday the 27th I recieved a text on july 18th sayingv my nbill wa...

Telus Communications / customer service

TELUSSUCKS2018 on Jun 19, 2018

I have been trying to give you my money for ONE HOUR. The credit card you have on file no longer works, no one sent me an email or mail saying the last payment was declined. I have a new credit card that I am trying to get you to put on file and I have been dealing with it online for 30...

Telus Communications / making fraud activity on my website

johnmiller159 on Jun 5, 2018

Telus Communications user is making fraud clicks on paid ads, kindly check and help for the same. please find below the detail for the same. ISP: Telus Communications Hostname: Last Time IP: Computer ID: 9195e41405ee1090933511db8848383f Connecting...

Telus Communications / cell phone

ROHIT KUMAR123 on May 14, 2018

I have been with Telus for 7 years. as a loyal customer and paid all the bills on time or before time and yetI called and received horrible customer service today regarding my phone situation. Got an iPhone 8 plus 5 months back and had a physical incident and was asking politely the telu...

Telus Communications / 7 month recurring issue

maureen coveny on May 5, 2018

In Nov 2017, I was billed for extra TV services never requested & was informed that I must have accidentally ordered the channels without realizing it. The one extra channel I had on my plan was cancelled the same day new charges were added. Tell me, Telus, how did that happen? Today marks the...

Telus Communications / internet service availability in edgewood bc

Angelbait1 on Apr 3, 2018

Our small community is being monopolized by The Edge Internet which had prohibited Telus from bringing high speed to our village. I understand they had a 5 year contract to keep Telus out and that they have reapplied for yet another 5 years. The past was not such a big deal as the speed...

Telus Communications / telus staff

ElenaS. on Feb 22, 2018

Yesterday, 21st Feb. 2018, I was at Guildford Mall, in Surrey B.C. It was around 3pm. A nice guy from Telus stopped me and asked if JI use Telus. I said YES, I use Telus as my phone operator but not for table and internet. He wanted to show me all the options at Telus and I was fine with...

Telus Communications / mobility service

Beth Pate on Jan 12, 2018

Well I have been on hold for 30 minutes after a call back wait of 2 hours...still waiting...they wont honor the deal they made me over the phone...tried going into a hour chairs to sit and wait in...terrible service...and I wanted to buy a new phone with a new...

Telus Communications / conduit repair for permanent line

Shoham on Jan 12, 2018

This is Shoham Poudyal from 218 Truant Crescent Red Deer. My account number is 601977856. It's been about 4 months that we are not connected with the permanent Telus line because permanent line has been broken when Neighbour hit the underground conduit wire when digging up for the fence...