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I had upgraded my cell contract with telkom on the 26 March 2019, the salesperson didn't inform us of the full subscription fee that we need to pay for 5 days of R700, and now my bill was double, I called telkom customer service, I have the manager n the customer service names but was helpful. Telkom needs to hire more competent staff or train them, insist for my conversation with then to be heard as to how they treat clients . I'm very disappointed with telkom, n wish my contract be cancelled . Chantal reddy [protected]

May 01, 2019
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      May 05, 2019

    I am so disappointed at the level of service I have received from Telkom regarding my cellphone contract and at this point, I am beyond upset. I visit the store and change my bank details atleast 3 or 4 days before it would be scheduled to go off my account because I've closed the account they would debit from. I was told that someone from billing would call me and nothing. I did not think anything of it as I've changed my details in time so I should not worry. On the day my account should be debited, nothing goes off and I'm back at the store two days after to enquire why my account was not debited because I had a feeling that they debited the account that I told them I had closed and I do not want to be debited twice the following month. I was once again told that someone from billing would call me and yet again, nothing. Now today I receive my bill and I have been debited twice for the following month and not only that, I've been charged for the rejected debit they took from the account I told them was closed atleast days before I was scheduled to be billed. Now I am livid because these people did exactly what I was avoiding and on top of that, they are billing me for their own incompetence. I would have paid at the shop on the day I told them my account details have changed, had they asked. Oh did I mention I called their helpline and I was told they offline so they can't help. When I asked when they would be running again, I was told they can't say. And to think I left my previous network for this...

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