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It has been five months

We use Telkom services to Skype and such overseas for business and were promised that we will receive a wireless alternative because of the copper theft in the area. We were told we will receive our router within 7-21 working days.

We waited the whole 21 days and no confirmation or anything of the sort. We have been phoning in over and over for the past five months and we still haven't heard a thing at all. There is no department which can manage to atleast tell me if there is going to be an alternative coming my way.

The one department that works very efficiently I must say are the accounts department which notify us that our account is due on such a date every month, although we receive no service we pay every month on time in good faith and still nothing at all.

I feel very much cheated if not robbed of the service which we have been paying for which is an amount of R1400.00 monthly.

Please I need to know what we can do because we can't keep conducting our business in such a way as we are losing a lot of clients.

Reference no: 26CNK050519

Telkom SA SOC


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      Nov 10, 2019

    See below my communication with Telkom too date . This has bee through email and you call useless call centre.

    I placed an order for a Telkom LTE router through 10213 on the 08 October 2019 and too date I have not received it. I have made several calls to the useless call centre and requested to speak to the supervisor or managers and on all 3 days no managers or supervisors were available, apparently in meetings for the whole day. I was told to provide my details and a manager will call me back. Too date no call has been received. On the all the times I called I was given different versions of why I had not received the order. Absolutely pathetic service and complaint resolution. Its shocking that there are never any managers or supervisors available. No wonder the service delivery is so poor

    Good day Teniel

    Thank you for response although it does not address any of the poor customer service complaints I have raised.

    Kindly note that we have been unable to track this parcel on the Courier IT website too date. Have you provided us with the correct tracking nbr. Secondly since the last order was returned because of the incompetence of Telkom, and further because of the incompetence of Telkoms sales division I have been without WIFI for over two weeks, because your sales division had an incorrect address on your system as your billing department and sales department information does not match. Furthermore, my address details and delivery details were confirmed with the sales person when the order was made so I do not know why the parcel was returned.

    Secondly, I did not receive any sms or mail from either Telkom or Courier it to arrange or confirm delivery or time of delivery which is the normal process used when anything is couriered. I would like your inefficient department to explain this me? Too date not one manager has called me back after calling your call centre several times and speaking to Micayla, Nxumalo, Malusi, alwaba, Zibisiso, Nomzifo, Mandisa, Sechoba, Nkhululeko and Ayanda and requesting to speak to your managers who are never available. They must either not work or be the busiest managers in the world.

    Clearly customer service is not a priority at Telkom at all.

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