Telkom SA SOCno service received when trying to cancel product

J Dec 21, 2016

31/10/16 I emailed a cancellation form to Telkom. 19/11/16 I followed up online & was told Telkom has 21 business days to contact me. 1/12/16 I again went online requesting feedback. Assistant asked that I email her directly & she will assist. 4/12/16 Went to Telkom store; assistant couldn't help but logged enquiry on the case requesting Telkom to contact me. 20/12/16 I emailed Maxine (previous Telkom contact). She assisted me within 2 hours. I waited 55 business days for feedback from Telkom. When speaking with Maxine, she said my debit order will be deducted end of Dec & I have to pay the cancellation fee. Unacceptable! I refuse to pay the D/O end of Dec and if it is taken, I want a refund! If Telkom contacted me within 29 days they would've concluded the case within time & the D/O for Dec wouldn't have been submitted. It is not my fault that my product wasn't cancelled in time.

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