Telkom SA SOCcontract dates changed on the telkom system

M Nov 19, 2017

The number in question is [protected]

The number is under Telkom business mobile 24 month contract which started on 07 December 2015.

Apparently according to the Telkom system, the contract is now ending in March 2018. This is making the 24 month contract to be a 27 month contract.

I have had numerous calls to the call center from September 2017 and they are unable to find a copy of the contract so that this can be verified.

Please help!!!

  • Updated by Manzini Media · Nov 19, 2017

    Telkom Mobile has been refusing to send me a copy of the mobile contract that I have with them.

    The contract is supposed to end on 07 December 2017 but now I am told that the contract is ending in March 2018. They are refusing to send me a copy of the contract.

    Been asking for help since September 2017.

    Please help

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