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Poor network coverage

Tataindiocm is giving the worst service in my area at Garia, Kolkata-47.I am having very poooor network coverage in my home, at Garia, Kolkata though it is only 5 minutes walk from the main road still the signal strength is really very bad.Sometime i even have 0 signal .I had mailed at the customer care regarding it also have talked to the nodal officer Mr.Santosh Singh and they sent me a sms that my problem has been solved and i should check my handset at any authorized service center, but i am getting this problem in my two other handsets and many people from our locality are facing same problem.Still they are doing nothing...and it is really against their advertisement that no hello hello..can any one help me regarding it??
Souradeep Chakrabarti

The boss who teaches how to loot

I am looking for a best possible way to express the unbelievable services I received from the Tata Indicom...

Wrong billing practices

I got this broadband connection (Infinity 128 plan) on 28-May-2008. I received a Welcome Call from your Hyderabad Call Center the next day. The person told me that I can upgrade to Infinty 384kbps for just Rs.1000/ per month. I confirmed this twice with him. He told me that from June onwards the 128kbps plan is stopping and the 384kbps plan is reducing to 1000 Rs. per month and advised me to change the plan from the website My Tarrif section.

So I did change the plan. I checked that section again today, it still shows 384kbps as 1400 per month. Please help me in how to go about lodging a complaint against this, FIR -or- Consumer Court -or- complaint to TRAI. What is the way out. Plzzz Help guys. After endless calls and email chains with customer care, I have been told today that I have to pay 1400 only as the plan charges change got effect from 6th june. Why did the person who gave me welcome call misinformed me. After telling the customer care person I wouldn't pay 1400 for this month, he told me that it is not possible. These guys have taken 4 month advance and cut the money from that.

Wrong billing practices. They call it postpaid connection and charge for the next month in advance in this month's bill. Is there any way to complain to TRAI about this wrong practice.

Out of my 4 months advance rental of Rs.3150, Rs1710 got charged after just 4days of activation for the month of May.
Now the balance is only 1410 after 4days.

  • Ha
    harry Jun 07, 2008

    Please let me know how to go about it.

    1) FIR
    2) Consumer Court
    3) TRAI Complaint


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Handset and the service centre

I took the handset after i lost one of your handsets of (Huwaie). The service provider in the city told there...

Payment denial and harrassment by tata tele services

I, Aseem Ahuja, am using a CDMA Mobile Phone [protected] for last 4-5 years which was purchased in my wife's name.

I would like to present before you the highhandedness of Tata Tele Services in regards to misappropriating subscriber's payments and then subjecting subscriber to harrassments to extent that the outgoing as well as incoming services being barred.

Tata Tele Services have engaged one M/s India Collection & Bureau Pvt. Ltd., B-1/637, Second Floor, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 58. to collect payments from subscribers. The Telecallers from such companies start calling you for making payments before the bill could reach you. On 20th February one such Telecaller called up and asked if she could sent the collector to collect the payment. Though the due date was 24th of February, we asked her to send someone immediately. We issued a cheque Number 722034, drawn on SBI, Shanker Road Branch of Rs 1098.00 towards outstanding of Number [protected] for which the collector issued her a reciept number 882820. The cheque got cleared on 23rd of February. To my utter disbelief the outgoing services of number [protected] were barred on 28th February 2008 without any rhyme or reason and without any intimation to me which resulted in great humiliation, harassment and frustration.

On persistent request from my side, to the customer care, by giving the details of the payment, the services of the mobile number [protected] were reinstalled on 3/4 March-2008 but again on 5.3.2008 the Tata Tele Services disconnected my number without any prior intimation.

I kept on calling and requesting the customer care to restore my outgoing but in vain. It was a shocking revelation that on 19th of March 2008 the Tata Tele Services distrupted my incomming facility too. Because I am into profession of rendering services, I was left with no choice but to kneel in front of dadagiri of Tata Tele Services by shelling out another 1100.00 (Rs One Thousand one hundred only) in cash on 19th March 2008. The amount was paid through recipt no 790790.

The outgoing and incoming facilities were immediately restored and I was relieved by having got my services restored. I contacted customer care, tried explaining that please rectify my account so that I do not face the problem again, despite asurances I was subjected to a rude shock on 28th of March that My outgoing services were again barred.

I decided to approach customer redressal cell to get justice. While I was in process of finalising a good lawyer and preparing a case, my incomming services have again been barred on 17th April 2008.

It is crystal clear from the above mentioned facts that there is a complete negligence, deficiency in service and dereliction of duties on part of the Tata Tele Services, who have disconnected my mobile services despite receiving the bill amount and knowing fully that the payment was duly encashed as the same was intimated by me.

Aseem Ahuja

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Dear sir,
I want to complaint against tata income postpaid mobile company. Actually i was doing job in chandigarh and i took two postpaid connection on the name of my relative naresh kumar who is the residency of chandigarh. Last year i gave resign from job and came back to my city karnal. I gave written application to disconnect my both tata indicom postpaid connections. I deposite my unbilled amount as per company rulls in tvh, near adjecant maruti showroom, sec 8 c, chandigarh. But they didnot disconnect my no. Yet i did not use that nos. After giving application and paid unbilles. Till now and they regularly sending me monthly rent of connections. They send me legal notice gave me a ph no of a senior to talk with him. I called him and he told me that he gave me waver and i need not to pay any amount. But after that they continuely sending me monthly rent and missbehave with my relative who are leave in chandigarh.
You can chack my account and my record of bill payment, i regularly paid all the bill when i was using that nos.
Now my complaint is that please disconnect my nos. And refund my security of both nos and refund me my amount which i diposite for unbilled amount.
U can check my last complaints, request to disconnecions of nos. I am giving you the detail of my nos.
Mobile no. [protected], [protected], on the name of naresh kumar, sec 7 b, chandigarh.
- vikas kumar

  • Vi
    vikas kumar Apr 18, 2008

    dear sir,
    i want to complaint against tata income postpaid mobile company. actually i was doing job in chandigarh and i took two postpaid connection on the name of my relative naresh kumar who is the residency of chandigarh. last year i gave resign from job and came back to my city karnal. i gave written application to disconnect my both tata indicom postpaid connections. i deposite my unbilled amount as per company rulls in tvh, near adjecant maruti showroom, sec 8 c, chandigarh. but they didnot disconnect my no. yet i did not use that nos. after giving application and paid unbilles. till now and they regularly sending me monthly rent of connections. they send me legal notice gave me a ph no of a senior to talk with him. i called him and he told me that he gave me waver and i need not to pay any amount. but after that they continuely sending me monthly rent and missbehave with my relative who are leave in chandigarh.
    you can chack my account and my record of bill payment, i regularly paid all the bill when i was using that nos.
    now my complaint is that please disconnect my nos. and refund my security of both nos and refund me my amount which i diposite for unbilled amount.
    u can check my last complaints, request to disconnecions of nos. i am giving you the detail of my nos.
    mobile no. 9216166539, 9216366593, on the name of naresh kumar, sec 7 b, chandigarh.
    -vikas kumar

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  • Ak
    AKSHAY. HOSABETTU Sep 05, 2008

    i would like to disconnect the internet service for the no: 9223918912

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  • Su
    sudeep jain Sep 27, 2008

    we i am also facing same problem

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  • Sw
    SwapanDeep Sep 07, 2009

    i would like to disconnect my numbers 9212120435, 36, 37

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Deviously deceitful and uncaring organization

The day I arrived from the US with my laptop, I booked 2 walky talky phones from Kurla west as it was buy one get one free offer. I also purchase an Internet USB. None of these were delivered until after a month. Their so called Engineer they sent to set up the internet was nothing but a quack. After every complaint they sent the same person. Internet was pathetic and did not could not even log in. Upon request for disconnection, they did admit that conectivity in Kurla is bad. Why wasn't this relayed at the time of booking the equipment. The bills on the walky talky was exhorbitant. I had one phone disconnected in November 2007 and the following month called them to disconnect the other phone. No one showed up for months but was told we had a bill of Rs.12 outstanding. They were notified to show up, pick the phone and collect the money. April 2008, a notice from a lawyer was sent by Tataindicom. I wrote them a stinker to which they collected the phone and the money but had no decency to write and apologise or thank for the payment. The organization is crap and so are their incompetent staff who can barely speak any English. The organization should shut themselves down due to SHAME for not knowing how to treat customers.

Customer care sucks...

Very bad customer support, No solution, No money refund, Mental harassment

It is really sad to say but unfortunately I am a customer of TataIndiCom Broad-band (Prepaid Connection). I am using TATAINDICOM Broad Bank Pre-Paid connection since last more than one year. For some reasons, I had to relocate my apartment . I requested for Shift of location on website and got the Lead No 1532464 is feasible. It is showing Shift of Location charges of Rs. 500. I was surprised to know the charges. Just to shift the location where there is a feasibility, you are asking Rs. 500 from the customer...really surprising. Anyways, I thought of moving with those charges and asked customer care to proceed. I got another call from one of your executive (i think cabling department) saying that you will have to pay Rs. 600 more for cabling too since it is under ICC network. I was shocked. Rs.1100, just for moving from one place to another with-in Wanowari. What the hell you guys are talking about? I was completely numbed. I asked that guy but he told that these are the charges, contact to customer care for more information.

I called up customer care on the same day and she asurred me that only Rs.500 is to be paid, there is no other charges. I asked her to confirm but she was sure about that. I asked her how much time will it take to complete this process, she told me that you will be receiving a form which I never received till now. I called customer care asking about the status but no one was aware about it. One of your executives asked me to visit TATA INDICOM office at Kalayni Nagar, Pune. I decided to visit the office to close this. I visited TATAINDICOM office and talked to Mr. Vaibhav (020-[protected]) and he told me that you will have to pay Rs. 500 (VSNL charges) + Rs. 800 (ICC cabling charges) = Rs. 1300 (relocation charges). Another shock...charges are increasing each & every day. Rs.1300 more to utilize my Rs. 1373.78 balance amount. Is it the way, TATA INDICOM treats existing customers? Anyways, there is no limit of harrasment at TATA INDICOM. It is still continuing. I asked Vaibhav to TERMINATE my connection and return my balance amount because this is not at all practical to pay Rs. 1300 just for relocation. He told me that he has processed my request and request # is 5413280 and told me that money will be transferred with-in 45 days. Another shock...45 days to get my money back. Is it at all justified? What if customer wouldn't pay any of your bill, wouldn't you charge interest on that? Will you gusy pay me interest on this amount?? Anyways, I didn't argue on that and agreed. Vaibhav assured me that I shall get a call from one of TATAINDICOM executive on next day. I thought that it should be resolved now.

Even though, I didn't receive any call. I called one of your executives again and asked her to confirm the status of my request# 5413280. Now another story, she told me that you wouldn't get your money back because this is PRE-PAID connection. Another shock...she gave me another request# 5423492. I asked her to forward my call to your senior manager, but she told me that lines are busy and any senior manager will get back to me on this. Can anybody tell me what the heck should I do to get rid of this? Is it justify to pay Rs.1300 to use my own money.

I would like to know:
- Is it the way to treat a customer? I have been your customer for more than one year. I am also a Professional and I never treat a customer like this. I can't say a customer that this is not my department, contact to customer care & so and so. We are working as a Team in a company and we should take care of customer's request. We should resolve the problem rather than saying talk to this and that. Atleast communicate internally and let customer know the resolution.
- Being such a reputed company of INDIA, are you guys working in such unprofessional manner?? I am shocked.
- I just received another call from Vaibhav few minutes back and he is saying that he never told me that I will get my balance money back. Should I visit your officers and do recording to make sure our conversations? He told me to contact to nodal office. He didn't give me any solution. Everyone in TATAINCOM organization is throwing the ball to someone else court.
- Why this is not mentioned on website that I have to pay Rs. 1100 or Rs. 1300 etc?? Website is still reflecting Rs. 500.
- Can there be any single point of contact to resolve my problem?

Harsh Birla

  • Ar
    Arun Malik Nov 18, 2008

    i am very diagree with tata indicom very chepest company for keeps very low mentality customer care execute.i have never seen that kind of bakvas company.

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Fraud by tata indicom

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to register complaint against Tata Indicom Mobile Company; it has been done fraud with me. I received a call from a girl, she was calling from Tata Indicom and offering me a plan for new Tata Indicom Connection, According to her plan I booked two new connections. These two plans were as follows:-

1. Monthly rent 224/-

i. Local Tata to Tata Unlimited free (mobile and landline).
ii. STD 1/- per minute on all phones.
iii. Local 50/- Paise per minute on all phones (landline and Mobile).
iv. 750 Minute Outgoing Free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50/- will charge).
v. 750 Minute Incoming free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50/- will charge).

2. 2 years rent 900/- and no monthly rent

i. Local Tata to Tata Unlimited free (mobile and landline).
ii. STD 1/- per minute on all phones.
iii. Local 50/- Paise per minute on Mobile and Rs. 1/- on landline.
iv. 750 Minute Outgoing Free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50/- will charge).
v. 750 Minute Incoming free per month in roaming (after 750 minute 50/- will charge).

I accepted both offer after many times discussion on above mention plan, one Executive named Pawan Kumar came on 27/10/07 to my home and gave me two Connection Pack with Sr. No. [protected] & [protected]. & a receipt of Rs.1400/- . My allotted number were [protected], [protected]. I gave him to my documents (ID Proof, Residence proof) and I gave Rs.1400/- (500/- cash+900/- by cheque) for both connection. A Verification call came to me 2 or 3 times, Finally they ask me another Residence proof, I mailed to him scan residence proof. But till one week my Sims were not activated. I called many times to Pawan but he had no any answer. He gave me some numbers but all were making excuse. Finally I got a number of Mr. Pradeep (a Tata Indicom Excutive) in Activation Department. He told me that both plan are right and will activate soon. On 6-11-07 my sim were activated but both were different plan & different Numbers from allotted to me. Activated Number were [protected] & [protected], Both were Business Silver Plan:-according to it 224/- monthly rent, Local (50/- Paise on Mobile and Rs. 1/- on landline), STD Rs. 2.65/-, in roaming (Rs. 1.75/- incoming and Rs. 2.40/- outgoing). So these were totally different plan from allotted to me.
I called to Tata indicom Costomer Care, Excutive told me that there is no any plan as offered to me. I was surprised, I told to executive for deactivation my nos. After one months I received a Bill of Amount Rs. 130/- I was totally surprised.
I call Pradeep many times but he was not picking phone. Finally I came to know that I caughted by a fraud. Till date, neither I received any amount and nor my no. activated. I have all documents received from Tata Indicom.

I am giving Some no. who called me during this process.

1. [protected]- who offer me plan

2. [protected], [protected], 83, 84, 85 – Mr. Nikhil /Mr. Sunny Kr./Mr. Prabhas, they called me many times regarding these connections.

3. [protected] – Mr. Pawan Kr. (who gave me two sim connection pack and I gave me Rs.1400/-)

4. [protected] & [protected] Pradeep from Tata

5. 011-[protected]- verification call came.

6. 011-[protected] – verification call came.

  • Sy
    syed May 11, 2009

    sir my tata indicom broadband connections is not workng from the day i have installed...and i wuld like to uninstall the connection nd go for diffrent one...i am not geting a proper service and i thnk its waste that i paid a lot of amount to u...if u really want 2 send the person to repair, u can call on this number...9945792937

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Refund of security deposit rs.500/ against no- [protected]

Dear Sir,
I was having a Tata indicom walky connection for which I have deposited Rs.500 as security deposit which was supposed to refunded after the deactivation of connection.

I requested to deactivate the connection on 20/12/06 and submitted handset (phone) at the dealer (Vashinavi Telecom, Bulandsaher, UP, India) which promised me to refund the security deposit within one month time.

almost 1.5 years have passed and I am still waiting for the refund of the security deposit to the company.

Please look into it and do the needful

Manoj Yadav

id proof problem

I have forgotten to give the contact no. of shop where i have purcahse my TATA Indicom no.

Shop contact no.



  • Tu
    tulasi jayaprakash Oct 08, 2008

    Since the last 1 month the tat mobile is being disconnected. In this connection I had been to the gallery and me the executive and he informed that there is no problem and the line has been reactivated.But again after 15 days the line is again disconnected. I went for the verification. But their response was that the same will get activated soon. If the same is attitude is there I would like to discontinue of the tata. Kindly rectify the problem at the earliest.

    my number 9220983048

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  • Pr
    pradeep Oct 25, 2008

    i want to id proofs from 9291340748

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Scam billing!

I got a Tata Indicom Walky postpaid connection 2 months ago. It worked well for the 1st month. Suddenly last month, i started facing the problem of calls dropping. I raised the complaint to the customer care. At that time, my unbiLled amount was about 200 Rs. Next day it became Rs. 2000 and very next day it became Rs. 3500. I wasn't making any calls through my telephone for these 2-3 days. Surely there was some cloning problem. They barred my outgoing calls saying that I have crossed the credit limit. Inspite of several complaints raised, the company was adamant that I had to pay the amount. Otherwise they wont start the outgoing call service. After 7 days, they disconnected my line. Now after the bill is generated, it could be clearly seen that it is definitely some bill cloning problem. On approaching the Tata Indicom office, they accepted their fault now and assured us that the new bill will be sent within 1 week and the phone service will be resumed.

[Resolved] My connection no ready

Dear Sir, This is with reference to your email dated 27/1/2008 regarding your TATA Indicom number. As per...


I registered for a 1 hour wifi access from the Hyderabad airport wifi hotspot. After the account information and credit card details are entered and upon submiting, the page errored out. Could not access the service. When i checked the credit card statement after a week, i found that the service provider has charged me twice, when infact the registration did not go through in the first place. Is this internet fraud??

  • Vi
    vijaynaidu Feb 04, 2009

    above mentioned time airport was not startd i think this is not true.vijay naidu

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Poor quality - very slow speed

I am using Tata Indicom's Broadband Internet Connection. It is giving very poor quality. My Plan is "Business 700 with 512 kbps Speed". But I am not getting 512 kbps speed. I am only getting as under:

109.30, 108, 98.30, 95.20 kbps only

When contacted, they say that their compression ratio for this plan is 1:4. But if it is so, then also I should get atleast 128 kbps speed, but I am not getting that speed also. Everytime, when I make a complaint - I do not get any clarifications from them. Very bad experience I am facing. They are charging me very high, but not giving quality of services.

Pramod S. Podhar

100% call drop (20 seconds to 2 minutes max) rate for months

Kind attn: suroor hussain,

Attached is a copy of my email to various tata indicom departments.

When we opted for tata indicom as soon as it was launched in 2004 as our service providers, we were doing what is our first choice (Or at that time use to be our first choice) by default. If tata's are provideing a product or services, than its tata's for us.

Consequently i switched from hutch to tata as my mobile phone service provider, landline to tata walky, my camp phones to tata walky, my car is tata indica, my cable service provider is tata etc.

We had a very tough time with extremely third grade services in 2004 and 2005 which smoothen till what i am sure is overselling your limited bandwidth to all and sundry resulting in extremely poor network coverage. For instance, i have made calls from 14000 feet in sikkim or the phone use to work at kolad, my campsite (Now it does not) and yes, even mumbai. Now when i get 5 bars on vodaphone, airtel, bpl and trump; all my calls in ghatkopar west and throughout mumbai has 100% drop rate.

Would you be frustrated when you receive a call on your direct landline which all your customers have and it drops in from 20 seconds to if you are lucky maybe 2 minutes! But drop it will. So you receive a call and than have to call back the client from mtnl landline, say sorry my tata line does not work and go. This mr. Hussain has been happening since past 6 months but become highly efficient and guaranteed from about january this year. And you have the temerity to send me a bill when i have actually incurred losses in making 100s of call from mtnl when all my incoming (For which i dont have to pay) dropped.

Your extremely poorly trained team of technical support supported by a pack of liars response was to repeatedly change my phone (Thrice) but the problem has worsened. Now the so called new battery in the phone also does not work (While my earlier one did).

Effectively i had 1 problem before and now i have 2! And you have the courage to call this customer service! And send bills for not only deficient services but loss making services for a client! That has been with you since past 5 years with a great arpu?!

I would want to know from you or the ceo, not only how do you propose to correct your incredibly poor services but why did this happen at all?

I need not remind you that you are not a monopoly in telecom services and i am spoilt for choice. Even autocratic mtnl has become customer friendly while tata indicom seems to be doing only lip services.

I need not remind you that a bad service on your part will very very adversely effect my (And lot of people that know) selection for all tata products and services.

I need not remind you the damage that word of mouth supported by a superbly maintained and recorded blog service that records my experience with you can cause tata indicom.

Warm regards,

Ravi goel

Non-refund of security deposit!

My mother-in-law was expired on 07/12/2007. She lived alone, so there is no need of phone after her death. My wife surrendered the tata indicom walky on 10/12/2007 at Tata Teleservices Ltd Showroom, Royapettah, Chennai. Whereas her account no. was [protected] and the telephone no. was 044-[protected]. Now two months has passed away, they have not yet taken back the telephone instrument and also not refund the security deposit of Rs. 1000/-to me. Myself & my wife directly gone to Tata Indicom Office two times & gave complaint. They told us to clear the last month outstanding. So we paid the amount. But still date they have not taken any action in this matter.

Tata is a big cheater & their service is very very poor!

  • Ra
    raghav sharma Oct 05, 2008

    I surrendered my tata walky landline 5 months back and the instrument was taken back by tata tele services ltd. at 2-A Old Ishwar nagar, main mathura road new delhi on 24/7/08. My account no. was 200980644 and ph no. 01165491410. I have cleared all my bills and all the legal formalities. Since then nearly 3months have passed and I have not got my security deposit of Rs 1000. I have registered my complaint many times but till now no action has been taken.

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Slow speed

I'm quite disappointed with the real speed of this usb, your company promised a very high speed internet access but i'm finding it useless.

  • Vi
    vinit choudhari Jan 05, 2008

    I live in panvel ,Now I use plug to surf but my surf & download speed is very slow ie. 1kb to 3kb. pls solve the problem earlier upto 1/2/2008.

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  • Te
    tejas bharatbhai vaishnav Jan 08, 2008

    i want to close my plug to surf account. The two main resons are,
    1. i live in chikhli(di-navsari) ,Gujarat. I got so slow speed
    2. i got 4105 bill so my service is stoped after this i have paid
    my bill & tell agent to stop my account . but they havent stop my
    account yet. & i got december months bill also . which i haven,t use.

    so please close my account

    my account is : 208377188

    my no is :9227732539

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  • Wi
    Wilson Rao Jan 09, 2008

    My Plug to surf usb only worked for the 1st one week and then it is not functioning tells remote computer not responding after showing Authenticated .The tata indicom people don't know where to repair that.they just wasting my time by sending to one repair center to another.

    Please solve my problem ,andtell me how can connect to internet.

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  • Na
    narrita Mar 07, 2008

    same problem as others.
    1. speed is very slow
    2. my plug in is physically damaged. so where can i get it repaired?



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  • De
    deepak May 31, 2008

    i bought tata's surf n plug two months back. i have no problem with speed but the main problem which i am facing is that pictures and graphics get blurred and put lots of strain to eyes. firstly i thought there must be prob with my hp laptop but i was wrong coz when i went to show hp serving center they just told me that you are not the first customer who has this problem . he connected my laptop via broadband and to my surprise everything was so crystal clear. so please let us know how 2 rectify this problem?


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  • Ke
    Kelly Jul 29, 2008

    Tata Indicom Plug 2 Headache (Not Surf)
    Tata Indicom Plug 2 Headache (Not Surf)
    Tata Indicom Plug 2 Headache (Not Surf)
    Tata Indicom Plug 2 Headache (Not Surf)
    Tata Indicom Plug 2 Headache (Not Surf)
    Tata Indicom Plug 2 Headache (Not Surf)

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  • Me
    Mercy Antony Sep 02, 2008


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  • Ch
    chintan rathod Sep 03, 2008

    i have purchase plug 2 surf last 2 month
    not a good result speed problem and download speed very low
    problem for surffing.
    plase slove this problem and sya good answaer.

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For ofenely disconnect

This is in reference with the tata indicom broadband internet connection. We have a bought a connection which no. [protected] from Shiva Communications, 7-b, MIE, Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar.
This connection is in the name of HOSPI-CARE SYSTEMS. This connection is not working properly from last one months.
Problem: This is very slow and ofenely disconnect while working. He get disconnect many times while working.

Please solve same problem.

Vijay Dandeva

Huge/excess billing

I am Sunit Kumar Sinha, working in M/s. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd., had taken one internet connection of TATA INDICOM from Ghaziabad on 20.09.2007. After taking the connection, the pen-drive provided for internet kept idle for 10 days due to insufficient programme in my PC. After installation of Window XP in my PC, there still remain the problem for connectivity. The net connection only possible in the early hours. As I am a service person, I can't surf on that time.

I lodged compliant to their office at Ghaziabad about the same. But they visited the site only after 10 days after having repeated reminders.

At the time of connection, the executive of TATA Indicom told me that on paying Rs.500/= I can surf the net unlimited and extra payment should be given only when I upload or download any thing from the net. During the whole month, I did not downloaded or uploaded anything from net.

Now, the company raised a Bill for Rs.2200/- and continuously threatening for the deposit of bill. I already approached the office and lodged a complaint through their GZB office. But till date nothing heared to my satisfaction. I will pay only Rs.500/- as the actual rent, as I used it merely 1 or 2 hours.

It is crestyl clear fault of thei executive or Billing Clerk or may be fault of their server showing such readings.

I request your goodself to take necessary action against the Company and give me justice in thie regard.

thanking you

Yours sincerely


  • Ra
    Ramesh Kmar Mar 11, 2008

    I too had the same problem, I have got excess bill. I have taken the usb modem connection just a month ago, annd due to slow speed I never used much. but to my surprise I got the bill too high than imaginable. I request to every one never ever buy Tata Indicom Usb Internet. you may go papuar!!!!!!!!

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  • Sr
    sravan Jul 08, 2008

    dont take tata internet connection, if u take u will get 10, 000rps bill for 15 days.its true.i experienced 500rps bill for 5 hours.

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  • Mo
    Mohan Oct 27, 2008

    I am from Nagpur I have taken the Tata Indicom USB Wireless Modem with 512 MB + 512 MB free for six month plan for Rs 425 + Taxes per month on 1 of Oct, 2008. Indicom generated bill within 15 Days and shown me usage of 1500 MB in other hand the log software showing usage of 524 MB for same billing period . It means its difference of 3 times!!

    I am IT professional I am sure that my usage was not that much. I used this internet connection only for checking email from home and some tech website browsing only.

    If you search on Google with keyword like ‘Tata Indicom excess billing’ there are hundreds of such complaints reported on multiple sites. I even noticed they are blocking such sites, if you are connected thru tataindicom at this point you can not access whichis having some similar post but you can still access it by using any proxy site. Its clear that they know the issue and doing it deliberately. It looks like the Head of Tata Indicom billing department and its other policy makers are out of their mind & think they can get away with this.

    I have some Tata Indicom shares (TTML ) I was thinking to Buy some shares but now I want to wash my handsfrom those. Such fraud company can not grow and will never become profitable.

    I am going to use this connection without paying any bill till they disconnect.

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