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I live around corner from Sunnyvale CA target store I was just there yesterday went to customer service with a pair of pajamas two piece set and a pair of sweat pants both were gifts and I was given a photo copy of the roriginal eceipt I go to to do what I considered to be a simple with receipt tags and hangars and photocopy of the receipt since the giver used they're credit card she had given me a photo copy obviously she kept original receipt for her own reference the stuff was wrong size and colors and almost didn't get to do exchange the guy at counter gave me a hard time because receipt. A photo copy so he called the manager who said I guess one time over phone but then manager ends coming to customer service to actually again look at receipt himself and again say well do it this once time but not after this I was at a other target day before by where I was doing other errands your store at Westgate mall in San Jose CA and customer service was tending to a. African American lady and her three children in front of me she was swapping out one thing for another separate non receipt and receipt returns and no questions asked I think this would be considered reverse discrimination why does the return policy only apply to certain ethnic groups or people as individuals I'm seriously thinking about making a complaint. To bbb and consumer affairs and attorney general as well as Ada Americans disabilities act for a complaint I am perm disabled had to stand in line while they at first tell me no and night before no because I also got a altec Lansing speaker I had only wanted to exchange not even return even swap and I go to electronics theres only one employee helping a Indian man the man says he's going to think about what to purchase as a gift for someone so the guy eventually goes to assist me because the speakers are in locked cabinet and then same Indian man decides he's just going to get one of things he had been shown and the guy looks at me and says I need to help this guy so I'll be with you when I'm done well I should there in pain heater always up high in the store and I'm sweating profusely waiting and waiting so eventually go press red button on one of phones in store which gets another guy to help me I tell him what I'm doing and show him the one that was a gift and that I already went to customer service so the first guy leaves helping Indian man to make sure the guy helping me now carried the other speaker to customer service and tells him what I had already told him customer service said and to walk me over to customer service first off I didn't steal the speaker you couldn't they are in a locked cabinet and I don't do that anyway and I walked in with mine and went straight to customer service and even asked should I leave with customer service he tells me no just take with me to electronics. And the only reason. I got to even exchange was only option I was given due to your ridiculous policy now of non receipt returns to a maximum dollar amount people lose receipts you know not everyone especially disabled unless wealthy use credit cards etc mostly debit card or cash and I get told I can't do any returns no receipt for a whole year well I hadn't done any since last year when people bought me new move in household items and some I liked others I swapped for other items and I thought the policy meant next calendar year but I'm told you don't know when that date is and has to be year exactly no matter what month but has to be a year and when someone purchases a gift for you item goes on sale they don't have receipt and you tell me it's on sale so 20.00 knocked off the original purchase that's not fair to person who purchased gift or to person receiving gift only you make out on that deal I get all prescriptions on your store and my mother constantly shops at Antioch store she lives in Brentwood but she is considering canceling her card with you and discontinuing shopping at your stores until you stop docking the innocent giving sale prices on expensive gifts and telling yes and no according to ethnicity this is not right and I will go to media I'm sick of this and you don't accommodate disabled no separate registers or lines to wait in I won't be treated any different because I am white just like others won't because they're black Asian Indian etc


  • Wine Is Good Mar 25, 2017

    Bla bla bla. Stop taking things back without a receipt. Most stores only let you do three a year. You have exceeded that.

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