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Target Brands Customer Service

584 Reviews

Target Brands, Inc.

PO Box 9350
United States - 55440-9350

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 591 3869(Online Experience)
48 57
+1 800 440 0680(Store Experience)
25 67
+1 800 888 9333(Gift Registry & Target Lists)
3 5
+1 877 798 2743(Pharmacy & Clinic)
4 5
+1 800 544 2943(Target Gift Cards)
1 10
+1 800 544 3875(Target Gift Card Business Orders)
0 3
+1 800 424 6888(Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard - within USA)
1 10
+1 612 815 9922(Target Mastercard - Outside the USA)
0 2
+1 888 729 7331(Target Debit Card)
0 4
+1 800 440 0680(Guest Relations)
25 67
+1 800 424 6888(Redcard Guest Services)
1 10

Target Brands Complaints & Reviews

Target Brands / staff

OnezaneyRN on May 17, 2018

Went to Target today and walked out with 1 less bag. So I drove back and walked into the store and there was an employee, ' I said may I ask a quick question, I left a bag. She looked at me and said' I'm not on the clock. ' I said seriously. She repeated herself and turned around in walked...

Target / poor customer service

AJLeona86 on May 14, 2018

Yesterday which was mother's day I stopped at this Batavia Target on my way to Rochester. My purpose for going in the store was to return an nyx eyeliner the item was $7 and it was still in the box and I had my receipt. When the girl waited on me to return it she had a little...

Target Brands / parking and messy store

Allison runns on May 12, 2018

I used to love Target. Now when I come to shop I have to circle the parking lot several times to find a parking spot. 8 shipt spots are reserved taking up valuable prime parking. As a customer that likes to shop in person this is infuriating. Not once has a spot reserved for shipt been...

Target Brands / barbie dream house

chankers on Mar 28, 2018

On November 26, 2017 I purchased a Barbie Dream House from and paid $176.54 for the item. The product came in a brown box, jammed into the box were loose pieces and without the additional items advertised on Target. I called Target and complained about the item and was treated...

Target Brands / not having the right signage then not honoring how things are marked.

Erica Brenon-Vachon on Mar 25, 2018

I went shopping at target yesterday. I was waiting in line behind a couple buying easter candy. ( I had same candy in my cart) it was signed candy 2for $6. It was a whole aisle of candy and sign all up and down the aisle. When got to register the couple nicely said I thought those were 2...

Target / employees in the electronics section; tablet

TimVelasquez on Mar 4, 2018

What happened was this. I have been wanting to get my daughter a tablet from the target store in porterville ca. I had purchased both my sons one each and felt it was time to buy one for my daughter. Now when I anitioaly went there last week target was sold out so I spoke to an employee in... / order not received

Slbrass on Feb 20, 2018

I placed an order on on Feb 10, 2018. 2 of the items have never shipped. First I was given a delay notice via email and I decided that I was okay with the items arriving between. Feb 16-18 which is what the notice said. Today is Feb 20 and the items have never arrived. I called...

Target Brands / register at checkout

Jeff Baker on Feb 19, 2018

My husband went into a Target store on Olentangy River Road, Cols, Ohio to use our gift cards and was checking out at the self serve register. His vision is not good and ask the associate at Target to help him read the cards and the associate was nasty and told him he was busy but was just...

Target Red Card / credit card

Buzz49090 on Feb 18, 2018

I lost my job and was behind on making payments. This is the only credit card company that has taken me to small claims court and garnished my check. I have since found a job and have been trying to dig my way out of the nightmare I was in but when Buckels and Buckels / Target takes 1/3 of...

Target Brands / up & up lubricating + rewetting eye drops

wildcreektrail on Feb 12, 2018

While the price point is excellent (the ingredients are so basic that what the brand names charge is truly ridiculous), the plastic bottle is so stiff that it's extremely difficult to squeeze. It's so stiff when holding upside down between two fingers while holding the eye open with the...

Target / food on shelves

Expired Shelves on Jan 29, 2018

I have been shopping at the Dublin store and the San Ramon Target for 20 years. Within the last two years I have consistently purchased food off of the shelves that has already been expired. The last year I have been checking the expiration dates on the items, and about one third of the...

Target Brands / employment

Anonymous Panda on Jan 23, 2018

Target does not care about their employees. The Team Leads, Senior Team Leads and Executive Team Leads all gang up on the team members. At store # 2221, which is a Super Target, on Prominent Point in Colorado Springs, CO. The supervisors and upper management treat us employees worse than...

Target Brands / motorized carts

Cindy Dassinger on Jan 21, 2018

I have called in about this and have a Case number. No one has followed up. Case #28298225 (Colorado stores) I have also posted this on twitter and received immediate response from Target but nothing has been changed. Whoever ordered their new driving motorized carts OBVIOUSLY does not have...

Target Brands / a employee

Love21 on Jan 21, 2018

I came in your store to do some shopping and it was a employee name Haliman Clark work at the store in Phoenix, az on 16st and camelback she was real rude when i asked her for help then she got a attitude with me and i wasn't please by her customer service and this not the first time i...

Target Brands / up & up illuminating daily moisturizer with sunscreen

Itzel Mendez on Jan 15, 2018

I love Target and I usually love the up & up products but this facial moisturizer was very disappointing. My skin is far from sensitive but this moisturizer managed to make my face red, patchy, and dry. It was just plain miserable. Unfortunately I didn't save the receipt because I've never...

Target / tasteless t-shirt in girls' clothing department

Marthar on Jan 9, 2018

A sleeveless T-shirt, with the wording "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me" was in the girls' department at a Target store in Austin, TX. It is totally inappropriate and I want your assurance that these suggestive shirts will be removed from all Target stores. Please tell me...

Target Brands / gift card

Naomi88 on Jan 4, 2018

My gift card waa redeemed by some one else in another city .target if your gift cards are being scammed hacked in to or whatever then u need to step up and help those of Us that are victimized it's not fair that u make it hard to get the help we need when your system clearly has a big flaw...

Target Brands / dressing room attendant/protection specialist

Susangood on Dec 29, 2017

Hi, I am a frequent shopper of Target and have been for many years. I was in Target yesterday at the El Dorado Hills, CA location which is where I currently live. I was with my daughter who was visiting and we went in the store looking for some jeans for her. We were rather rushed because she...

Target Customer Service / lakuisha from customer service

Ana L on Dec 27, 2017

Called today to the 800-591-3869 Needed a return label because an item send to me was defected .. went to store and they couldn't exchanged because they didn't have the item in the store and I wanted to exchange because when I bought the item I have used a %20 coupon. She suggested to call...

Target Brands / bad customer service

AntDial on Dec 22, 2017

On Thursday, Dec 21st around 450pm at the Lancaster, Ca location I slipped and fell on some liquid in near the cereal aisle and twisted my right knee. Another 2 customers saw me fall and helped me up. I then limped to the milk and then a Target employee came up to me and said he heard I...