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United States - 55440-9350

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 591 3869(Online Experience) 42 36
+1 800 440 0680(Store Experience) 17 49
+1 800 888 9333(Gift Registry & Target Lists) 3 3
+1 877 798 2743(Pharmacy & Clinic) 4 3
+1 800 544 2943(Target Gift Cards) 1 7
+1 800 544 3875(Target Gift Card Business Orders) 0 1
+1 800 424 6888(Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard - within USA) 1 7
+1 612 815 9922(Target Mastercard - Outside the USA) 0 1
+1 888 729 7331(Target Debit Card) 0 3
+1 800 440 0680(Guest Relations) 17 49
+1 800 424 6888(Redcard Guest Services) 1 7

Target Brands Complaints & Reviews

Target Brands / Hostess

Kristen Davis on Oct 22, 2017
Today 10/21/17 I purchased a a box of Ho-Hos from a Target store in Sandy Springs Ga. As I bite into the Ho-Ho it was hard as a rock. Now I'm not exaggerating!!! So after I bit it I begin to smell something absolutely atrocious. It was the Ho-Ho!!! Immediately I look at the date on the box...

Target Brands / target store refused an exchanged for same item with my receipt

Clip22 on Oct 22, 2017
This is not Right how target store treated me, I need it to do an exchanged for my air mattress I bought because the air comes out I didn't find any cuts for the air to be coming out so I'm thinking its the pump not working so is a factory defects. I decided to go exchange it for the same...

Target Brands / Target.com ordering: Destroyed item and supposed Expedited Shipping

Sophia NC on Oct 20, 2017
I am currently unable to leave the house due to a medical condition and with my husband traveling for the week, he ordered some Enfagrow Formula that I needed for our two children. Target.com claimed it was in stock and would ship faster by one-day versus Amazon.com and time was of the...

Target Brands / A New Day line

Lou Golub on Oct 20, 2017
I am so mad that the brand's for women's clothing has changed. I am a plus size woman, and the new A New Day line runs very small. With Mossimo and the other target brands, I could easily find my sizes in shirts. And now I can't find anything. I used to love going to Target, but now I...

Target Brands / saucepan set

WalshyFA on Oct 16, 2017
I purchased a boxed set of saucepans and frypan at Target Morley which indicated on the box that they were suitable for all cooktops, including convection. The saucepans and frypan were purchased as a gift for a family member who has a convection cooktop but unfortunately they did not work...

Target Brands / the manager chandra reed and the way she interact with and/ or represent target

Samantha Jons on Oct 16, 2017
My name is Samantha Jones. I am an almost every other day customer. I went in about a month ago to purchase a TV. There weren't any left in a box (55' Westinghouse) so I asked a worker Steve is what he wrote on the paper about buying the display. He than went to talk. to a manager and came...

Target Brands / target brand diapers

MamaKarmz on Oct 12, 2017
I'm a single mother of 4 and 2 of my children are twin autistic 3 year old boys that are in diapers still . I have always used target brand diapers and never once had a issue with the brand. I even recommend others to use them because I think there the best. Unfortunately The last 2 boxe...

Target Brands / target gift card

Dane Saint John on Oct 9, 2017
Got caught up in a scam through Craigslist using eBay motors accepting Target gift cards. I should have thought it was odd, this was my first time using Craigslist. Tough lesson! Cards involved are : 041-216-085-677-303 access #94234418 $500.00 041-216-085-677-311 access #84889062...

Target / employee smoking in public entrance and disrespect to customer when asked about it

Sterling871 on Oct 6, 2017
I witnessed an employee step outside of this Target and light up a cigarette. I asked if he worked there, he said yes. I asked if they let him smoke right by the entrance, he looked me in the eyes took a drag and looked away. I asked again and he said yes, they let him smoke there. I later...

Target Stores / not helping of my package

dick gibson on Sep 27, 2017
my name is tony bobet. i resided at 1710 seward avenue, bronx, new york city, 10473, apartment#5-g. the stores name is target stores located at 700 extrior street, bronx, new york city, 10451. at shopping mall. i am filing an complaint i suppose to received my package on September 27...

Target Brands / target red card fraud that they won't remove

jgloe43 on Sep 27, 2017
Icannot access my account at all. Target told the complaint board they fixed my card but they didnt-they still have a huge sum of money due in fact they added different charges which made the card havea higher balane than it did when this fraudstartd back in April. I had the card paid off...

Target Red Card / target red credit card has tons of fraud and they will not help

jgloe43 on Sep 25, 2017
I cannot access my account at all. Target claims they fixed my card but they didnt-they still have a huge sum of money due, I had the card paid off. They keep removing charges and then add a ton back on. I have talked to so many "supervisors" that end up saying I have to talk to Julie-who...

Target Store / red card customer service/ general customer service

markiza on Sep 20, 2017
Target customer support is useless and worthless. No "press 0" or "please hold" to speak to a representative. On September 20th, 2017, I've attempted to contact Target customer service/ redcard customer service/ general customer service/ ANYBODY, to simply ask a few questions regarding the...

Target Brands / non-delivery

Mark Holland on Sep 19, 2017
I urgently needed an item from them, so I placed my order and chose a fast delivery on the next day. They called me and scheduled the delivery time. I took a day off. For nothing. Because nothing was delivered. They said it was delayed due to some circumstances and they will deliver in 2-3...

Target Brands / midway target optical on university ave.in saint paul, mn

Natalya Gail on Sep 18, 2017
At the end of July or beginning of August, I paid $25 to get a new pair of glasses because I had previously purchased the warranty plan when I got my glasses (which were over $400 with insurance coverage). Upon getting the glasses, there was a large wire hanging off of them. The staff...

Target Brands / philips bikini perfect shaver

Lisalyn on Sep 18, 2017
I was really disgusted on what I found inside the Philips bikini perfect advanced shaver I bought last saturday in Garden Grove Target last september 16, 2017 . I saw a lot of shaving cream inside the microshaver that I have never even used yet which only means that someone already used...

Target Brands / customer relations

Shaylen Doremus on Sep 16, 2017
I was checking out at the Target on 40th and Yankee Hill in Lincoln Nebraska, on Saturday, September 16th around 10:45 AM. I was buying fall decorations. The cashier who was checking myself and my husbands items commented on how cute they were, them began talking about how the stood wa...

Target Brands / customer treatment

Rory Schmidt on Sep 15, 2017
My friends and I went to target to shop for groceries as we are in college. I happened to have bad cramps in my left leg which lead to painful walking. I thought I would use the electric cart as it was very uncomfortable to walk. while I was shopping the elder women working confronted me...

Target Brands / falsely terminated

Sam Eisenach on Sep 14, 2017
I worked for Target store 2431. In The beginning of June I was fired for accidentally fixing a punch correction in may because I forgot to punch in since I was running late and hurried to get straight to work. I fixed that punch a week ago after that day and I didn't remember I was late...

Target Brands / target.com shipping

Tasia McMahan on Sep 13, 2017
I ordered a few new sets of dishes. I received three shipments of dishes I had to order "individually" since they are NOT sold as sets. (8: bowls, salad plates, dinner plates) my first shipment had multiple broken bowls. My third shipment EVERY plate was broken. This is unacceptable...

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