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+1 800 591 3869(Online Experience) 37 17
+1 800 440 0680(Store Experience) 8 15
+1 800 888 9333(Gift Registry & Target Lists) 1 1
+1 877 798 2743(Pharmacy & Clinic) 2 3
+1 800 544 2943(Target Gift Cards) 1 2
+1 800 544 3875(Target Gift Card Business Orders) 0 1
+1 800 424 6888(Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard - within USA) 0 3
+1 612 815 9922(Target Mastercard - Outside the USA) 0 1
+1 888 729 7331(Target Debit Card) 0 1
+1 800 440 0680(Guest Relations) 8 15
+1 800 424 6888(Redcard Guest Services) 0 3

Target Brands Complaints & Reviews

Target Brands / customer service/mishandling of a situation

CustomerDisrespect on May 14, 2017
5/14/17 Target - Oak Creek, WI Time: Approximately between 2 & 2:30 Associate: Raj Manager: Did not get his name Lane #11 I had purchased 2 pairs of items which were $5 Gift Card Eligible each. After the associate scanned the first 2 items, he handed me Gift Card. I noticed it said "Happy...

Target Brands / St Paul Leather platform bed-white-eco dream

Suemcdoo on May 10, 2017
I bought this frame a year ago to be used in my guest bedroom. I am enclosing pictures of how the frame shattered along with the several of the slats after use. This bed has only been recently used by anyone other than my beagle and cat who like to lie in the sun in the mornings on the...

Target Brands / self checkout

Marely del on May 9, 2017
While I was at self check out today at target for some reason the supervising lady was physically two feet away from me until I finished my transaction, while I began to ring up my stuff she was pretty neutral towards me until I started talking to my toddler in Spanish as soon as she heard...

Target Brands / delivery method

Marie Dumornay on May 5, 2017
This is not to complain about product but to complaint regarding the company you chose to have a partnership with for delivering your packages. FedEx is very poor at delivering your larger products on time or at all. I have place multiple complaints to FedEx with no resolve. I have...

Target Brands / Store policies

Shawn Choat on May 4, 2017
Your store check policy is a joke today I visited your store and got ready to check out with a personal check ...no where does it say you will not take a check over 100.00 because I don't live close to a target and shop there with a check often enough! Well I can assure you I will NEVER...

Target Brands / cubs attire for women

Stephanie A. Miles on May 4, 2017
Today I went to the largest target in Chicago and was looking for a Cubs hat in the enormous Cubs attire section. There was a wide range of hats for men and ONE choice for women which was PINK. I'm sorry - I was looking to represent the Cubs in their color but as a woman I'm only presented...

Target / horrible customer service

maishahicks on May 3, 2017
I had the worst experiences of my life at your a local Target and I thought I should share with your corporate office what kind of image the people you are hiring have set for me and I'm sure others. I have always shopped at Walmart but on many occasion I have heard Target has better...

Target Brands / red cards

Kimmy Pie on May 2, 2017
Valued Customer Given new card(s); one never used (debit card) used erroneously due to chip cards being mailed (appearance exactly the same) Meant to use credit card (overpaid credit card to reconcile expenditure) Spoke to customer service when bill received and bank fees/charge...

Target Brands / broken table lamps delivery

smadar shainin on May 1, 2017
my shipment 3571325833 has arrived at 24/4/ 2017. the lamps are totaly unusable. all broken in a vandalist way, on purpos. i was looking forword for them to arrive. and I was so disappointed when I saw them. this are pictures of the lamps when I opened the package. i don't want this lamp...

Target / up & up

Mamalo on May 1, 2017
I have an up & up water pitcher which is a target brand but target no longer make replacement water filter for this pitcher. They do however make replacement filters for other brands. And their so called universal replacement doesn't fit their own brand. It's too small! Now i'm stuck with...

Target Brands / register service at newly opened store in sausalito

ML_willard on Apr 27, 2017
I went shopping today (Thursday 4/27) for the first time at the Sausalito store. I went through the self checkout scanning about 20 items until it gave me a notice that I can't go through self checkout with alcohol. Lenora came over and said that she needed to take me to a register and...

Target / LOD

Bob Cummings on Apr 25, 2017
I have one LOD I work with who is a douchebag. She has yelled at me in front of customers several times...she is caustic, abrasive and has an insulting tongue. I dont know what her problem is, maybe she is not getting laid enough, who knows. I'd love to tell her to go screw herself but I...

Target Brands / Huge difference in price online vs in store

SeeingRed1 on Apr 24, 2017
I am a long long long time Target customer. I sing your praises regularly. I always pick Target over Wal-Mart whenever possible, even paying a little more some times because I prefer your company. I have never once asked for a favor, not even price matching to give you my business. I am...

Target Brands / Target brand diapers

Target.com on Apr 21, 2017
It leaks each time! I purchased it target brand diapers size 3 104. 12 hour leak protection as it is labeled. It is not our first time I purchase this box many times I think this is a defective one. I would like my money back as it is money back guarantee. I played 19.99 for them. It start...

Target Brands / Target extended appliance and electronics department

lauflores on Apr 17, 2017
to whom it may concern, On 11/29/2014 I bought a 50 inch LED Samsung Television with the following serial number: Z5HU3CBFA10791E, and Model Number: UN50EH5000FXZA, i also purchased additional appliance insurance provided by Target for the amount of the cost of purchase of the product...

Target Brands / store exchange

seanbrennan on Apr 16, 2017
i wanted to exchange some things that my wife had perchesed, (i no longer have recipt) that is why i was only asking for store credit . the checker refused to do my exchange because my cdl would not scan . i asked him to just punch in the number and he refused saying its store policy to...

Target Brands / Receiver

Jakefb1993 on Apr 11, 2017
I am a vendor and I provide excellent service for Target on First Ave. in Evansville, IN... Day in and day out I execute my job exceeding my company's standards. Since Target has been added to my daily route I have been having major issues with the receiver in the back room. About 3-4...

Target / Staff at the store

John on Mar 29, 2017
I will never come back to Target store ever again! These people are terrible, their employees are rude! I am disabled and I move with the help of a wheelchair. I went to Target store and received the worst service. One of their employees said that I was causing discomfort to other customer...

Target Brands / Same day pick up

Lisa Steinbaum on Mar 26, 2017
Hey Target If I order an iPad and cover for same day pick up I expect your inventory to be live If you charge my card I expect that The product is in and reserved Both items on order If you come back hours later to say Unfortunately one of the items is not in I want the order...

Target / Customer service

Stop asking on Mar 25, 2017
Target cashiers have asked me if I was interested in their credit card every time I check out for as long as I can remember and I always let them know I'm not interested. On Wednesday, the cashier asked me not once or twice but three times if I wanted to apply for the credit card. How many...

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