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+1 800 888 9333(Gift Registry & Target Lists) 1 0
+1 877 798 2743(Pharmacy & Clinic) 2 2
+1 800 544 2943(Target Gift Cards) 0 0
+1 800 544 3875(Target Gift Card Business Orders) 0 0
+1 800 424 6888(Target Credit Card & Target Mastercard - within USA) 0 0
+1 612 815 9922(Target Mastercard - Outside the USA) 0 0
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+1 800 440 0680(Guest Relations) 6 6
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Target Brands Complaints & Reviews

Target / Absolutely terrible and dishonest company

CoriiAmie009 on Feb 13, 2017
I have a bad experience with Target and I would not recommend this company! I bought 3 items from them and received only two and when I contacted customer service they tried to assure me there were all three items in the package. I told them I wasn't blind and that I saw only two item and...

Target Brands / Response from employee

CW9 on Feb 5, 2017
At 4:08 p.m. today, I went into Target in Poplin Place on 74 in Monroe, N.C. to pay my bill. A cart had hit someone' s car. I told the young lady in customer service. She said immediately that it was not the store's responsibility. I said I agree but there are carts all over the...

Target.com / Extra long lines

Smarie22 on Feb 3, 2017
It has become a reoccurring theme that every time I visit the local Target near my job in Martinsburg, WV I am found waiting 20-25 minutes in line. I understand that some patience is required in life and especially when interacting in public, but I truly feel that Target should at least...

Target / Customer service

Gggoode on Feb 1, 2017
Just visited the Target in Wilmington NC for the 1st time in a while. Purchased 3 items which 1 was beer. The cashier ask for my date of birth and entered it into the computer. What an insult to me and most folks that are 'obviously' over the drinking age. And to enter it into a...

Target.com / Apollo the super pup and his racer vehicle

Tammy Joseph on Jan 31, 2017
hello, I am very upset bc I went to 3 diffrent targets and called about 10 all over NV. online it is advertised that Apollo and his car can only be purchased in store and there is no other option to buy this set. It is also advertised that it's a target exclusive item. Apollo and his racer...

Target.com / Unruly teenagers @ the collections oxnard target

B3Lov3d on Jan 28, 2017
Hi! This is not the norm for me but I am spent! Weekends are a horrible at Target flooded with unsupervised teenagers running amuck. Yesterday, I witnessed two teenagers tossing the ball back and forth down the isle giggling as if it were a playground. I saw this from the adjacent Isle, the...

Target / Service

Qauttum Brown on Jan 25, 2017
I purchased a few items from Target in Pinole CA 12/17/16 with CASH, I found that they charged me twice for one item. I called and spoke with a rude "manager" she told me to come in with my receipt and they'll fix it either two ways but it WILL BE FIXED. I did just that and was told they...

Target.com / Up and up 50ct breastmilk bags

Chyanne Blumenshine on Jan 24, 2017
I purchased bags from the Monticello Target a few weeks ago and as I'm thawing out my breastmilk, on a few occasions I noticed a leak. Yesterday I had over 3 oz steadily leak out of the bag which was in a bowl. I will attach a picture and do have a video of it leaking out into the bowl...

Target / Huggies little snugglers

Sally farrand on Jan 18, 2017
Good morning!! I recently purchased a case/large box of the huggies snugglers. I had never used huggies on my 3 month old daughter. The diaper are very soft and true to size. Adter about an hour of her wearing it she became extremely fussy. I did the normal checks on her and opened her...

Target / My order got cancelled

Diane S on Jan 16, 2017
Purchased an item from Target and was supposed to get my order within two weeks. On the estimated delivery date Target support contacted me and said that they need more time to deliver to my location. I was very disappointed to hear that but decided to give them a chance. About one week...

Target.com / Worst customer service bar none "forest hills by"

Eff this on Jan 15, 2017
On 1/11/17 I placed an online order for three items small dish rack, drying mat and black & Decker toaster oven on Friday 1/13/17 I went into the Forest Hills store to pick up my item dish rack small problem the dish rack I'm being sold is missing the utensil holder I complained...

Target.com / Service

janetde on Jan 14, 2017
On 1/2/17 I placed an order. Delivery date was expected between 1/6-1/11. I checked the Fedex tracking- it indicated the package had been delivered to the Harmar Target on 1/9. I waited to receive a Target email indicating order was ready for pick-up. Never received one. Got another email...

Target.com / Return/exchange policy/customer service

Cynthia Washington on Jan 5, 2017
I purchased this air mattress on line. although I am have no problems with the mattress or the quality, I was VERY unhappy with the service I received when I went to RETURN the merchandise. I had my pre-printed return receipt. I went into the store. the clerk and (I believe the on duty...

Target Charleston, Wv / Limit set on checks

mila james on Dec 31, 2016
I spent four hours shopping at Target, for a wedding in my home. After clerk rung everything up, I wrote my check for a little over $700.00. Target refused the check because it was "too" much. Spoke with the Target service, & told me I couldn't write a check because Target has a limit. Who...

Target.com / As seen on tv christmas lights

cane99 on Dec 31, 2016
Target offered free delivery plus two $5.00 gift cards. My credit card was later charged $10.00 due to "GIFT PROCESSESING FEES"!!! Really, are you kidding me? What was the point of the free gift? Why wasn't that explained during on-line ordering? I have never been a fan of Target & now I...

Target.com / I'm complain about the 15$ beauty box I have pics too

Heather Ann Brown on Dec 30, 2016
i ordered a 15 $ beauty box i got it and there were samples you would get in magazine and 1 tiny tooth paiste sample and nail polish and chap stick i was shocked because i get the beauty box for 7 $$ and i get items i thought it was like a joke or something free then i saw my order ha...

Target.com / Very unprofessional security team and management

Bethilda1 on Dec 29, 2016
I want to register a very big complaint against the American Fork, Utah Target store. I was doing some shopping on December 13 and my purse was stolen out of the front of the cart (a fairly deep space that wouldn't allow it to accidentally fall out of the cart) where it was sitting. Thi...

Target.com / Customer service/ discrimination

Evadino on Dec 27, 2016
I want someone to call me so I can explain and elaborate on what happen . On how they made me look like a thief and embarrassed me in front of customers . They disrespected me and discriminated against me . And I will be cancelling my target card and I will no longer be shopping there and...

Target / Tobi kids train bed - red

Jennifer975 on Dec 27, 2016
I ordered the Tobi Kids Train Bed - Red from Target on December 4th, 2016. This was to be a Christmas surprised for my child. Apparently my package got lost as it hadn't been delivered by 12/16 which it said it would be and the delivery system couldn't find my tracking number anymore. I...

Target.com / Team member

Jerry Graham on Dec 26, 2016
I work at the target in greensboro, nc, store 1078 and team member (Gstl) destiny made a racial remark to another team member who is african american and it offended me. This incident happened around the beginning of december. I would like her to be removed from this target because not...

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