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up & up wipes

I'm a little discouraged with the wipes I was given as a gift, knowing that these are one of two brands my child can use without breaking out in a horrible rash within a few days of use. I opened one pack of wipes, and they were completely dried out. I went ahead, gave it the benefit of the doubt, knowing that sometimes things happen. Tossed the first pack away, but the second pack of wipes was the same way. As I moved along to check the others, only half the wipes were moist or nearly dried out. Not sure if I just got a faulty box or something happened during production of this product. But, I'd hate to have to go out and find another company that works for my son, as this is by far the best product for him to use.
I am hoping you can help resolve this problem for me, as these are one of my favorite brand of wipes to use.
Thank you for your time.

facial tissue

I've been using Up&Up brand tissues as a substitute for Kleenex for years now. I found, when I first began using Up&Up tissues, that the quality and quantity offered was comparable if not better than Kleenex brand. But things have changed. Up&Up has diminished its quality, for sure. Each tissue yields a cottony powder that collects outside of the box, each time a tissue is pulled, leaving a little pile of debris outside of the box... very messy! And to make matters worse, Up& UP has changed their box design (cheap looking), as well as decreased the amount. Each box used to contain 160 quantity and now they've reduced to 144 quantity. That significant reduction does not create enough value to remain loyal to Up&Up. I may be returning to Kleenex brand if this does not change. Please consider my complaint.

employee health

I was hired a few months ago, and have never worked in Retail before. When in the interview, target said that they would work with any medical appointments (I was in the military and discharged due to medical). Fast forward to a few weeks after I started and I needed to go to the ER. I called into work to let them know I can't come in.
I go back my next workday and learn that:
1. Because I was in my 90, I could be fired for going to the HOSPITAL because I have no sick hours
2. I could be fired for letting them know less than two hours before I worked.
- I was working mids that day and tried to call them 6 times, right after openeing, before they answered.

It's ridiculous for a company to think that accidents and things don't happen in 3 months. We don't get paid NEARLY enough to deal with the [censored] that we deal with.

target customer services phone services

Last week I had phoned target customer service in regards to a bill. The person I spoke to was not very pleasant I did not seem to comprehend me. I was making my payments in person after 6 PM. When I saw my statement, I noticed I am being charged a late fee. Target has a statement saying that no late fees will be added if paid in person. Apparently, that's not happening. And the company is having the audacity to charge me a late fee when my payments were made in person. Because the person was very nasty and wouldn't listen to reason I told them to cancel my card out. I also told him that I was going to make sure and I tell other people that Target is a hypocrite. Because target will not do what they say they would do. That makes them a hypocrite which doesn't make them look good to the public.

  • SubSquirrel Aug 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Target probably has another company handle payment processing. Call again and ask for the supervisor.

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archer farms dairy free strawberry ice cream

I bought 2 of the Target Brands Archer Farms Non Dairy Strawberry & Fudge frozen dessert..Nowhere on the front of the container says that the Fudge is Salted. Its very salty, maybe I feel that it is too much, cause I don't eat salt it makes me sick.
I think you say salted on the front of the carton, so those of us that can't have salt won't buy it...I didn't look at the back of the carton for the ingredients.
Thank You

archer farms dairy free strawberry ice cream

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job application

I'm a retired teacher/coach from El Paso, Texas. I made an application at Target during the month of May...

contact lenses and framed glasses

To whom it may concerned, I went to target in January 2019 as soon as I got my insurance at worked to go...

up & up shave gel

I purchased two double packs of your shave gel that says it's compared to Edge shave gel. The gel will not...


I called Target to have them remove some interest charges so I could pay the card balance in full. I am requesting this so that I can pay other credit card debts in order to eliminate debt. I need to minimize my bills coming in due to a cancer diagnosis my wife just received. She is unable to work currently and we would default in payment if we do not pay out the outstanding balance. If Target could eliminate some of the interest charges, we could then pay in full and use the money to pay off a couple of other cards for the same purposes. Instead Target has chosen to take the high road and tell me I should pay my bills and I could get late charges if I do not. Wow-- where is the humanity-- corporate greed -- so sad :( -- no words!!! just a pit in my stomach, we have shopped and our account is in good standing-- what kind of world are we living in. I am so disappointed, we can document the illness if they needed, but instead I received a letter to pay my bills. Again my account is currently up to date and they could just remove some interest charges, but no!!!

  • Updated by 4321aud · Jul 16, 2019

    SubSquirrel you are an as_ . This is not a sob story-- I feel bad for you and Target--

  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I’m sorry about your wife. But you signed a contract to pay interest if your balance wasn’t paid in full. Years ago I had a balance and called about paying it in full and would they remove the interest charges. They did that and I paid it off. I didn’t give a sob story and was polite and friendly.

    Reductions can be made but it depends on how you ask for it.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your opinion of me that’s based on one post won’t cause trauma in my life.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hm, his rude post disappeared. I didn’t think I’d said anything wrong or rude and was polite. I think they wanted sympathy instead of comments. Oh well,

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redcard log in

I cannot log in to my redcard account online anymore. It shouldn't be this difficult to log in to my account. I literally cant figure out how to do it. My wife has stopped using the online services because it is ridiculous. I have researched how and tried many many times and cannot figure it out. It really pisses me off that it is this difficult!!!

revlon color silk 04

On 6/13/19 I made a purchased at Target on Katella av in Cypress CA
I purchased two Revlon Color Silk 04. On 6/13/19 I applied color silk 04 to my hair within 2 to 3 minutes my hair turned a real dark color, my natural color is blonde, the last couple years it stated turning a sandy blonde. I have never ever had dark hair nor would I ever die it a dark color. On 6/14/19 I applied the 2nd box hoping it would lighten my hair back at least lighten it back a little but in stead it to within 2 to 3 minutes my hair turned even darker, and I started to panic and freak out, then today on the 15th I bleached it in hopes it would lighten it back to normal but it did nothing I am now to embarrassed to leave my house. The way I see it you guys as well as Revlon/Color Silk are liable and responsible. I have my receipt as well as the boxes.

revlon color silk 04
revlon color silk 04

  • Updated by gloria janoe · Jun 16, 2019

    My hair natural hair color is blonde, for the last couple years it has turned to a sandy blonde, any ways I have purchased Revlon Color Silk 04 numerous times in the past few years and never had a problem until 06/13/19 I purchased two boxes that same night I applied one box to my hair and within 2 to 3 minutes my hair turned a real dark color. I freaked out ! I have never ever had dark hair, nor would I ever want dark hair especially this dark color, then last night I applied the 2nd box hoping it would lighten my hair back a little but it did not within 3 to 3 minutes my hair darkened even more, then today the 15th I applied some bleach hoping it would lighten my hair back but it did nothing, and I have not wanted to go out of the house cause I am so embarrassed of the color my hair is, and the way I see it you guys as well as Target are liable and responsible. I have my receipt as well as the boxes

  • SubSquirrel Jun 16, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You put Target Brands at the top as if the Target brand product is a problem. You bought Revlon brand hair color and have an issue with it. Do you see the issue???

    You blame Target twice for a Revlon product that they sell but don’t box. Do you expect Target to open each box and test the color?

    Next time that you “die” your hair I’d suggest a professional salon. By dyeing it again you damaged the shaft. Then you home bleached it which further damages the shaft.

    You dye hair, use hair dye, have your hair dyed and read during the dyeing. You don’t kill hair or “die” it as you stated.

    To fix your mistakes, I’d visit a professional salon and have your hair treated. If you’d simply shampooed out the semi-permanent color by washing it fifteen or twenty times over a weekend, the color would have mostly faded. By bleaching it, you’ve cemented the color to your hair.

    Amateurs should NOT color or dye their hair. Professionals can fix errors quickly without damaging the core. Amateurs burn their scalps and skin and then try to fix the disaster and do more damage.

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 16, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Duplicate post. Your finger post didn’t garner attention so you posted again and got comments. You then complained about the comments.

    “d the way I see it you guys as well as Target are liable and responsible”. Target merely sold a sealed product. You bought the wrong color or Revlon made an error. Target did nothing wrong but allow a customer like yourself in to the store.

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your employees and the policy to close the fitting rooms two hours before the store

have been shopping at your store for years, I even have a red card but was blown away tonight and I will now never be shopping at your store again.
My daughter needed a new swim suit so of course I thought target. We had a busy day but I checked and saw that you stayed open until 11:00!! Yes we could rush over as soon as I got off work. We got there by 9:30, it took her 10 minutes to pick some only to find out that the dressing room closed at 9:00, TWO HOURS before the store. I was pretty upset because how do you buy a swim suit with out trying it on?? Then the young lady working the fitting room had the Nerve to tell me "I should have come earlier if we wanted to try anything on!!" Like she knows anything about my life or my schedule. If a store is open to buy clothes you should be able to try them on. I feel this policy of closing the dressing two hours before the store is completely insane. I understand the need to clean it before closing but two hours??? Not only is the policy awful the employees are rude! Being told "I could have come earlier" and also that "well I'm not staying until midnight to clean the dressing room just so you can try on clothes" the young manager at the time Katie was at least respectful but the girl working the fitting room will be the reason my family never shops there again. I wish I would have gotten her name. Come on Target, it your store is open it needs to function

up and up ovulation tests 10pk

Hello, I am upset with the Up and Up brand and the ovulation digital test kits I bought there. I rarely complain about anything or let it go if something doesn't work. They come with a 10 pack of test strips. So far out of the 4 that I have used, 3 have shown error messages. Meaning they have to be thrown out. This is horrible considering I am trying to get pregnant and have to go buy new tests now of a different brand. I am using them correctly, as I did get that one correct test response. The others just must be bad. These are not cheap tests and after I had a problem, I noticed alot of people have the same issue with this brand on reviews. I am a red card holder, and spend tons of money at target. I would like a full refund for this product. I have attached one of the many error messages which indicates there's a problem with the test stick itself and not user error.
Kimberly Dean

up and up ovulation tests 10pk
up and up ovulation tests 10pk
up and up ovulation tests 10pk

xbox 1

It amazing to me that your staff would lie to the Better Business Bureau. My Wife has been shopping with your company for over 30 years. She can't believe that your company would stoop this low. Originally, my son went to the St. John, In. store.
He was told by the Manager that he would exchange the Electronic. They opened the box in front of another employee. Now they are saying that they never opened the box rather my son did, and that the Manager never said that she was going to exchange the item. Is this how you train your employees?

  • Updated by Ted Gross · May 31, 2019

    My Wife and I both saw the box. It was completely sealed when he took it to the St. John store.
    St. John Target clerk said that she had to open the box. After the box was opened by the clerk
    in the presence of another clerk, the Manager said that she could not exchange it.

target pricing

I was looking at buying some specialty shampoo, and Target listed it at $19.99 on their website. I also looked on their website to see if my local Target had it in stock, and they did.

I went to the Target store by me and they had the price tag on it as $5.00 MORE!!!

I contacted Target customer service and they gave me some BS about prices being adjusted for my area, which makes NO SENSE!

If you are going to advertise and sell something for ONE price online, then it is supposed to be that same price at ANY Target store!

Target is now finding ways to screw people out of money in a corrupt, underhanded way! Are there NO HONEST businesses in this country anymore?! This is beyond outrageous!

I've also seen them do this to TV's they have. They will be one price online, and a completely different price in the stores!!!

It's just sickening.

target pricing

merchandise not received

I was just at target valencia and I used my mother's day $40.00 gift card plus a $5 target gift...


I've been working for target for 4 years now and the way the frozen/dairy department is setup is absurd...

target store

I went to Target with the receipt to return a watch, in an unopened box, purchased just the day before. The watch was $299.
The customer service rep treated me as if I was a thief?

She came up with all sort of excuses, but never actually wanted to refund to my credit card?

Here I was with a receipt and an unopened watch box with the watch!

She called security? To ask if the watch's accessories s/n should match the box lettering?

How would security know this? Who would know this, but the manufacturer?

I asked for a manager as this was going no where, for a long time. The manager showed up and said that the box had to be cut open to verify the contents. I thought well any idiot knows that - and it doesn't take an idiot to tell me that.

Needless to say, I will never shop at Target- ever again.
Hello, Amazon if you are reading this.

PS: I've spent, verifiably, over $4, 000 at target in the last year with only one other return ($49 childs gift.)


They claim an item is in stock, you waste time buying it, then they cancel it without you expecting it. You could have bought it elsewhere if their site was trystworthy about items being in stock or not. Then, a vague email without explaining saying 1 of your items couldn't be delivered, when the other 2 are add ons you didn't want anyway. Then, to get a reason why, like the payment, you have to call and get a rude custserve in manilla and they say" tough luck" in so many words when you say "your site show the item still in stock as of now, shouldn't you fix that" when they said it "wasn't in stock". They don't acknowledge what you say nor say it will be fixed, its tough luck, like I should just be grateful Target exists. I can live without Target, ( their prices aren't that much better, they dont have things others don't) they cannot live without customers. I expect when they screw up, for them to promise to fix it, a goodwill credit, something to show they are worth my time and respect customers. They interrupted to flatly deny anything was wrong on their part, reiterated it was the manufacturers fault when its the fault of Target and their website. I said you lost a customer. I know they don't care, and knowing that about a business is the end for me. I refuse to reward all these dumb, sloppy business practices and dont trust such businesses with my financial information. Remember the data breach?Sloppy, probably cost cutting, profit measures led up to this. Do not link important cards toTarget! Better yet, don't do business with them if possible and definitely don't reward them any time they do anything shady like cancel items they claimed were in stock, block your card with pending charges you dont know when or if they will be credited back.( I had terminate business with an online retailer notorious for cancelling and not returning credit for over 2 weeks and counting.)

"Target data breach victims will likely get anything, and even fewer will get the maximum $10, 000 they're eligible for as part of a $10 million settlement granted preliminary approval on Thursday.

The burden of proof of losses is on consumers, security experts say. Potentially more than 100 million customers were affected by the breach in November and December of 2013. Of those who take the time to file a claim, many will likely get only $50 to $100, says Brian Yarbrough, consumer research analyst with Edward Jones.

So Target may end up paying out only a small portion of the $10 million because that money pot is only available to "those consumers who can demonstrate loss.

ear cotton swabs

I purchased a 1000 pack of Up & Up ear cotton swabs from Target, split in 2 packs 500 and 500 and all of the cotton swabs are falling apart. It is frustrating and really scary having to feel that the cotton swab is going to get stuck in my ear. I always purchase the Up & Up brand cotton swabs, but if this isn't resolved this will be the last time I purchase them.