Takealot.comtakealot still refusing to refund me for my decoder


I need serious help, a complaints board or something...I cannot deal with these people anymore.

I bought a R599 DSTV decoder with free installation from

I struggled getting the decoder installed due to the fact that this decoder does not come with an installation voucher. I called Takealot to ask for assistance regarding the installation and their employee who had promised to call me did not call me back. I even called Multichoice, and all the installers were of no help. Nobody wanted to touch that decoder...there was no voucher.

Seeing that I was stuck with a product that was not working for me, and no one could assist, I decided to return the item to The options that you are given that you select as reason for your return are not clear, so I selected the option that says unwanted item. Takealot has declined my return because they say,  Multichoice have requested that takealot should not facilitate on their returns any longer, customers need to contact Multichoice regarding any difficulties concerning their decoders. But where did I buy the decoder? and who has my money? They want to return the decoder to me which I do not need anymore because I have bougt a decoder from Game which was installed the following day. I dont think they understand that I am not returning the item because they failed to assist as the person whom I purchased the product from. They are saying i failed to log the return within 7 days of purchasing it. I did not see 7 days on their policy, I saw 30 days on an unwanted Item. What happened to a customer first? I am saying they should refund me because, I tried to get the item installed on my side, I have paid them and have even seeked help from them as well. I have played my part. What does Takealot want?


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    NoUseForAname Apr 24, 2017

    I have a similar complaint.
    I bought a Dell laptop that was defective. After sending it back to TakeAlot they informed me I need to sort the problem out with the manufacturer (Dell).
    My position is that I purchased the item from TakeAlot and thus want TakeAlot to refund me for the product.

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    Annoyedfrom Hluhluwe Aug 01, 2017

    @NoUseForAname I have the same complaint against Takealot with a Dell monitor which exploded in my face. They requested return then returned it back to Me, saying take the matter up with Dell, Dell cannot track their own product code saying take it up with Takealot . I have asked Takealot to refund Me according to their 21 days T&C, s, but I am getting nowhere.Where do I go from here ?

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