Taco Cabanacustomer service and food

L Aug 04, 2018

On Saturday night, 08/04/2018, 7:44:33 PM, I went to Taco Cabana Store #20335, 6552 Lake Worth Blvd. Lake Worth, Texas [protected], Reg. 4 - Drive Thru Order #212073 with Employee #160719, Juanita at the drive thru window.

On this night, I went thru and ordered a Large Chicken Fajita Quesadilla with a Chicken Fajita Cabana bowl. Upon arriving to the drive thru window, the lady opened the window, took the debit card which I had extended out to her without acknowledging me or even saying a word to me at all. Came back to the window, opened it and handed me my card and receipt, again nothing was said from her. She then shut the window, came back a few minutes later with our food and again said nothing at all. I looked at her and said, "Thank you, ", she said NOTHING!

On the way home I thought about this and called the store and spoke with the manager. I asked if the lady at the drive thru window had a hearing or speech problem and he answered, No. I told him of my complaint about her NOT speaking and how rude I thought it was and how often I come their for my grandchild, and all her could say was, "She's had a bad day."

Then come home to fine our large quesadilla broke all up in a small quesadilla box. Again, we called and the same manager said, "Yeah, we are out of large boxes." Really?

This is terrible customer service!!!

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