Taco Bellmy check being shortened in july

A Sep 08, 2018

On June 30, 2018, I put in a total of 87 hours which is overtime .. Its been 2 months since i haven't heard anything about why i was short 15 hours on my first check in July . I've also talked to the area coach of Taco Bell August 2, 2018 and was told that she was going to get back with me on the following Monday, I didn't get a reply back or anything and I've also emailed her on that following Monday, August 8, 2018 .. I've been waiting and waiting on some kind of information on why it happened .. I have all of the little slips on the hours i put in .. My email address is [protected] if you all need to get in touch with me, I'm just trying to see what is going on or maybe I am too late to file an complaint ..

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