Taco Bellhorrible customer service

K Nov 24, 2017

Taco Bell on Henderson in Porterville, CA. So I went and the guy that took my order was just completely unprofessional. He didn't get the first half of my order. I then had to tell him again. He then asked me if my order was correct and before I could answer, told me to pull up. I then get to the window and he only hands me half of my order, tells me a whole different price than what I was originally told, and I tell him this is only half of my order. And he then asked well what did you order. So I tell him, and he said he would give me a free 5$ box for the inconvenience. So he hands me my food after fixing the problem. And I never got the 5$ box. So I asked him to make sure if I heard him right. And he said no we deleted it, so no you don't get the 5$ box. I'm sorry, but you don't tell someone you are going to give them something for the inconvenience/problem, and say nevermind. In my personal opinion it was very rude and unprofessional. They did NOT handle the way they should have. All in all, horrible experience, and will never go back.

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