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At about 7:20 p.M. On wednesday I noticed a missed call on my cell phone of a number I did not recognize so I called it back. As soon as it was answered, by the manager at taco bell, she began to scream and yell at me including cussing about how I had been prank calling them for the last 15 or 20 minutes. I thought possibly I pocket dialed them by accident so I checked my outgoing calls on my phone and there was not a single one to taco bell so I called back and let her know this she continued to scream yell and cuss at me and threaten me with the police. I explained that i'm 38 years old that I quit doing prank calls about 25 years ago and that I had checked my phone and there were no outgoing calls to taco bell. She insisted she had it on caller id I explained that her caller id must either be wrong or she remembered the number wrong. She went right back to cussing and yelling. I consider this harassment, absolute harassment. I go by taco bell all the time, I don't give you my business for one of your managers of all people to behave like a middle school student. Once again I can absolutely prove by pulling up my consumer cellular phone records that I never called taco bell and if I do not receive an apology at the very least from the same vulgar woman who I had the displeasure of talking to and also receive that apology very soon I will be looking much further into this and I am someone with the time and the money to make sure something happens that will be more than a bit of an inconvenience for taco bell. My name is brian bennallack, I am a 38 year old college graduate. I do not make prank phone calls and if I did do you really think I would be taking all this time to complain about getting "caught?" like I said for the next couple of weeks I have plenty of time on my hands and I will use every minute of it to make the lives of people at taco bell corporate hell or at the very least very very uncomfortable. I expect that apology and I expect it soon also I expect some type of monetary apology in the form of free food. I think this is more than fair considering that I was just enjoying my day and then out of nowhere i'm listening to a taco bell manager of all people scream yell and cuss at me while threatening to have me arrested. I am pissed and I want this rectified. Once again brian lance bennallack, [protected]. I expect a phone call by this time tomorrow. It was the taco bell on geer road in turlock. I understand that whoever is reading this that it is not their fault however unfortunately since when I tried to call and talk some sense into the manager all I got was cussed at this is my only option. Please respond soon


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