Taco Belldrive thru service

T Sep 13, 2018 Review updated:

My husband and I stopped for Taco Bell after work wth our child and had many issues with our visit. The drive thru person Monica was very rude. When we ordered at the screen - we had to repeat ourselves multiple times because she was having side conversations with the other employees. Once we pulled forwarded - a few items were missing from our order and receipt. we waited for the remaining food we thought we ordered, a gentleman opened the window and said"wad up ?" We explained ordered 12 cinn bites but only got and paid for 4 - but we said it was okay we would take the 4. The gentleman didn't respond and closed the window. As we waited again, Monica opened the window and said to us " can you pull forward or what?" We explained we were waiting on the quesadilla and she said "but did you order it "? We said yes, she replied " I asked you if everything on the screen was correct and you said yes " my husband went on to explain how he did order it regardless if it was on receipt or not. Monica repeated multiple times "is it on the receipt?" ", "is it on the receipt?", "is it on the receipt?" " -she would not let my husband get a word in. A few other employees stepped in and raised their voices towards us not even knowing the situation. My husband just got done working 12 hours and was extremely tired and hungry. My husband was very mad and told them he would be complaining as he started to raise his voice. As we drove off - a few employees ran out the store yelling at us. I worked as a general manager for many years and never have such experience with workers like the ones we dealt with today. We understand we may not have checked the screen for accuracy before pulling forward but we were rushed from the moment we arrived and once Monica was aware of the item missing - the problem could of simply been resolved with an attempt to correct the error by asking us if there was anything else they could help us with, instead of "wad up" and "can you pull up or what?" . On top of our experience- my chulapa she'll was half frozen and the cinnamon bites were cold. We will not be back to that Taco Bell.

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