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messed up order

In the Drive Thru, I ordered 2 chalupas with no sour cream and no tomatos. She repeated the order back and of course when I got home there were tomatos and sour cream. At $2.50 a Chalupa, this is an expensive mistake. It doesn't help calling because they either don't speak English, or they just tell you to bring the order back in with the receipt, well my receipt didn't say no sour cream, no tomatos - and I'm not going to drive back and let the rest of the food get cold in the meantime. This is so irritating!! If they hired people that can speak and understand ENGLISH, it would eliminate these careless mistakes. Everytime my kids ask for Taco Bell, I talk them into Del Taco instead just because Taco Bell can never get the order right. It's kinda hard to open up every food item to make sure it's correct while still in the drive thru!

out of what you want and most time no tea

The food problems are escallating in poor performance salads with little on them tacos with little or nothing on them tequitos with hot suce on them when in the past they have been good, staff not upfront and customers building up and staff looking like what and not waiting on the customer, condiments and napkins totally empty, drink station in disaray and not stocked, tea is out quite alot this is the only thing I can drink, the condition of lobby is poor lighting cieling tiles look bad and employees are eating at tables and leaving personal items on them. This is not a way to run this establishment. this is the way to run off business.

  • Please do not take this out with the employees cause it is not there fault ... Its the over heads fault...When I worked there we had tight shifts 3 -4 ppl and when u live in a tourist town thats nothing...we had certian times to be off the clock or we had to work for free cause god forbid upper management not get there bonuses...We have to go back what the management would say ...the sweet tea would sit there from open to close cause of food waste...The one I worked at our GM refused to help and complaints were made and nothing happened...As for dinning room when you are having a 700.00 hours and no help and management yelling at us its not our fault... Our thing was we had to get you out of there in a short time.. In drive thru we had 60 seconds or we could get a call and get fierd..up front well we had a time like 2 minutes to accomany your needs or once more we were getting yelled at.

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  • Si
    SiffersEdge Jul 16, 2009

    ah well if it isnt jason's mom, trolling in his place. she is one madd mom. beware of this supertroll. she might just annoy you enough to give her a big kiss and hug.

    other then that she is very sexy.

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  • john7777 Jul 29, 2009

    SiffersEdge you are one sad piece of ###.

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towing rip-off

This is a new one. My struggling college student son parked in the Taco Bell parking lot to eat lunch and...

rude manager

I stopped to eat at your Monticello Taco bell, the store was a mess, the food was cold, and your manager was rude! I was so upset after paying for food that I couldn't eat! I stopped at this resturant many times last spring on my way home from my cabin, and always enjoyed my visit, but I have to say the last 4 times that I have stopped in the last 2 months, it's been a bad exsperience. So on Sunday May 3rd I stopped at 1:30 pm and just couldn't believe how bad the store was. And the manager working wasn't doing her job at all. Funny thing is, each time I stopped it's been the same manager working. I could hear her talking to the employees about how she has to get let some people go! and then watched her go outside to smoke, I couldn't believe my eyes. The stores a mess, the food is cold and your employees are busy! But she had time to smoke. I wasn't going to complain but then thought if I don't say something things wont change. so I called the store later that night and talked to a male employee, and asked him who there managers were that were working that day, He said my General manager was the only one there that day, I asked for her name, and he hesitated to tell me and asked if he could leave her a message. I said no I just want her name, he gave it to me. But didn't sound like he really wanted to. Her name is Dustine, and This is the same girl that has been there the other 3 times I visited. I know now not to eat there if I see her in the future. I really enjoy getting my taco's after a long weekend at the cabin, but now will have to go else where to get them.
Alicia Georges

fully loaded taco salad

it is nothing they make mit out to be it is no more than a taco salad with beans and rice if you are lucky enough to any beans and rice with it hardly any meet it was all lettuce not like the comercial were the guy had to search for the lettuce we had to search everthing but

  • Ri
    rick Hasten Apr 20, 2009

    on the commercial the guy cant find the lettuce, he should of had one of ours, it was all lettuce, I found two small pieices of chicken on mine and one smaller on my wifes, and the beans and rice would have fit in a table spoon.I called taco Bell up and complained and they said bring them back and they would make us new ones, which we did and too are amazement we got four small pieces of chicken and two table spoons of beans and rice and very little lettuce making a very small salad even smaller, it looks nothing like the picture, not even close.we will never eat at Riverbank Taco HELL again.I work all over northern cal and its always good at other locations.Riverbank is the worst.several times we said we would not go back, but now we have gave them the last chance.we will never go back !

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  • At
    AtreiyuSwift Apr 21, 2009

    Yes. put more meat in your taco. Just what America needs, more obesity.

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  • La
    Lastrom Apr 21, 2009

    I have an idea for you, sir. If you show me a single food article that resembles the picture very well, and makes you happy to purchase it from said resemblance, I'll suck your ###.

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  • Ro
    Robert Evans Jun 09, 2009

    That was another Taco Salad, the huge one with everything on it. It was a special event. This new salad is awful.

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false advertisement

We saw the new fully loaded taco salad commercial on TV and it basically advertised that there is practically...

slip and fall

my son slipped and fell at the taco bell resturant on 12 mile rd just west of dequindre another costomer...

day-old taco salad

Taco bell
Reynolds rd
Bryant, arkansas

I went through the drive-thru at this location and ordered a taco salad. They often times have a taco salad on display underneath a bell jar in the dinning area. This sits there all day! Well, the night I went through the drive-thru... I got the day-old taco salad. When I got home, no less than three minutes later, I opened the taco salad…. The sour cream was glazed over and hard, the “meat” and beans were stone cold. The lettuce was very, very dry. I am 100% positive that they gave me a day-old taco salad. I've also been over-charged at this location several times. Watch your # when you do business with this location.

  • Te
    Terri Holloway Apr 01, 2009

    I also have recieved very bad food and service from this taco bell. Just recently went after a long break from them because of the quality of food and was just as every bit disappointed as the last time. Ordered Mexican Pizza with nothing on the top of it, it has all slid off and apparantly had been that way for some time, since it was hard and cold. Also, uneatable.

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horrible service and drive thru

Our Taco Bell in Brewton has got to be the worst one ever. I've lived in large cities and there service and cleaness was great but not here. This town is small and you think they would care about how they treat everyone. They are rude. Its not nice to go and pay money for food and they act as if you are bothering them. Hello, I'm paying your paycheck be polite.
Also, they never have food. I can count 4 incidents where they had either ran out of tomatoes or meat. Today I went back hoping they were better, but nope the drive thru was broke so you had to go in. The menu board in the drive thru has wrong prices. Seriously, they need new management or something.

  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Mar 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you but that saying "I am paying your paychecks" If you have so many bad experiences don't go back, especially since it is dirty.

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bad food and customer sevice

I Daniel Blanks ordered food from taco bell.
1grande chicken quesedilla (burned black)
1mexican pizza (did not get it)
1hard shell taco (very good)
2 mexi melts (cheese was not melted)
When i called the manager Mark Young .He said to bring the food and the reciept . I told him that i had fed the quesedilla to my dog. He said thats okay just bring him the reciept and he'll solve my problem. When i returned back to the store He says do you have your reciept I handed i to him. He had one of his employees make the food.When his employee found out he had to do some work over again, he says he man next time dont feed the food to your dog or throw it away! I said yes sir i got it . After that I stood waiting I heard him says " I dont see his dog payin a federal income tax'' So i left the store very mad with no food and without my refund It was rude and disrespectful for him to say that to control myself from hurting him I left the store

charge for water

I went to this Taco Bell/KFC on 2/20 and ordered 2 tacos + a water. They charged me a $1.50 for a water! The...

rude employee

I was customer # 394 at Taco Bell in Missouri City, Texas. I went through drivetru and it was a hispanic girl with a cap on, heavy build told me the pepperoni pizza would take 7 minutes and pullup. I waited in front for about 25 minutes, no one ever came to deliver but they had charged my credit card, well the rest of food I had was now cold. When I saw no one was coming to bring it, I drive back through drive thru and now this smart --- avoids dealing with me ( the hispanic girl or light skinned whatever and walks and laughs and tells little black girl to help me. She then asks about my pizza and they still don't have it ready. Finally the little black girl apologizes, it wasn't her fault that she was working with this stupid uncaring person. I did call back and complain to Edward manger, how far it goes it don't know. There are lots of people who would love to do her job and do it well > I guess if I was mexican I would have gotten better service from her. Diana Ina

  • Ha
    HannahMontana Feb 15, 2009

    Somehow this sounds more like a racial complaint then anything else. I am finding it extremely hard to take this seriously, I suggest changing your wording next time.

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  • Ca
    carolina paris Feb 15, 2009

    its not racial its just not politicly correct. however to get back to the original complaint, i don't think her lack of respect or costomer service had anything to do with your race it probably had more to do with the fact that she makes $6.15 an hour without benifits and just doesn't care. Most are just kids with a lack of respect or appreciation for their jobs.

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  • Ju
    juicevalencia Aug 18, 2010

    Since when do they serve peperoni pizza at Taco Bell.

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  • gesserfan Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i love how you identified all employees by their race...

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glass in my food

I bit, choked on, and swallowed a piece of glass that was served to me in my soft taco! I have three witnesses, and your staff acted as if they didn't give a damn that I was cut and bleeding in your restaurant. I am currently seeking legal advice so that I can sue you for what your worth. They didn't have to be so rude and inconsiderate. Tha store was number 023768. Mobile, AL. I hope you care at least a fraction of a bit more than your employees. Sincerely, Aaron Richman

  • Ra
    randy Mar 28, 2009

    You need the glass and a witness or two otherwise your SOL. TB spends lots to fight the issues with the quality of their food. You only have 2 years to file a claim.

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food posining

New Years Eve me and my five year old son went to Taco Bell to eat. We both ordered our usual burritos and drinks. The next morning we both woke up vomiting and having horrible diarrhea. My son was scared and me being six months pregnant got sent to the ER and had IV fluids put in and both my son and I were both diagnosed with food posining. Be careful when you eat at Taco Bell this experience was horrible and is very serious! I did call into the Environmental hotlie and filed a report with them.

  • Je
    jessica_hall87 Feb 21, 2010

    lady it takes 2 days before you get food poisoning, must be your cooking, not TB!

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  • Mb
    mbcamp Dec 10, 2010

    it can generally take 1-6 hours for the food poisoning symptoms to become obvious.

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  • gesserfan Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wtf are you doing eating toca bell while being pregnant!

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bad food service, ripped off

I drove through Taco Bell this afternoon with an order for various taco items. We were ordering 8 different items. I paid for 8 and received a receipt for 8 but there were only 6 items in the bag. Because all of the wrappers and contents look the same, it is virtually impossible to check which is a gordita, taco, burrito, etc. while in the drive through. When I tapped on the drive through window, I told the worker that I had not received two items. He just stared at me then finally reached out for my bag and receipt. He disappeared into the store and was gone for a long time, finally returning with the bag again. He told me that my two gorditas were not in the bag, making it sound like my fault. I said that his happens more than 50% of the time at this Taco Bell and very very often at nearly all Taco Bells. I suggested that if they did a count of the items, at least they would have the right number. He didn't respond but sneered at me and said "have a nice day". When we got to our destination and looked at the food, we discovered, that the gorditas still weren't in the bag, instead they had given us plain tacos instead, a much cheapter item. Moreover, one of the other items was wrong as well. This happens far too often.

  • He
    Heather Apr 15, 2009

    I find this always happens to me, no matter which fast food dive I stop at. I just chalk it up to the fast food industry having low standards of intelligence in their employees (worded strange, you catch my drift though). Hence the reason I stopped going to Mickey D's, Taco Bell, Burger King etc, as well as refuse to work at any of those places, I never want to be associated with idiots that 1) can't count or 2) don't know their own menu. 'Nuff said =]

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  • Je
    Jeff Diehl Apr 15, 2009

    Dear Heather,

    How can they count the correct number of items when they can't speak English? The answer is, Do Not patronize anyplace that does not hire Americans. Problem Solved. Jeff Diehl

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  • He
    Heather Apr 15, 2009

    I agree, however it is damn near impossible these days to go anywhere that doesn't have all natural-born American employees. I've been lucky, I live in Maine where literally 96% of the population is American-born whites, and still, every establishment manages to screw something up EVERY time. Yes, I have considered just eating in at home...every night...for the rest of my life. But where's the fun and convenience in that. I suppose when you pull up to that little window and buy the cheap items offered, all you should expect is cheap quality...and service haha! Whether you say "five" "cinco" "cinq" or "fünf, " if you're ordering and paying for 5 items, you should expect to receive 5 items. No brains needed for that logic.

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rude employees

Ordered dinner for my daughter and I and when we got home, our dessert was missing. We called the store and they said that we could come pick up the missing food and for our inconvience we could have a cinnamon twist or something. My daughter went to pick up the food, she was told that we could have the food we were missing but nothing more. I feel like I was lied to and had to go and use my gas to drive across town, to pick up the food that they forgot, then to be told that we couldnt have anything for our efforts, just angered me. I'm tired of having to waste my time and money for someone elses mistakes. I understand it was a mistake, but tell me I can have something and then change you mind. I'm through with Taco Bell

  • Sh
    Shelby Apr 05, 2009

    you're ###ing ridiculous. ### you and your god damn free ###. It happens mistakes happen, you didn't need free food for your inconvienence, ###.

    The world isn't your ###ing playground and you're ignorant to think that taco bell employees care what you think.

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  • Ma
    marie69 Aug 16, 2009

    In response to Shelby, where do you work now? I would love to come to the lobby or drive-thru. If someone is paying you to do a job no matter how much or how little you are being paid, you do the job. You do not have to fall all over yourself being overly gracious to everyone, just be "normal". People coming to Taco Bell are paying the price on the menu to purchase an item and if you think it is too small a price then talk to the people at corporate about raising the those prices. Of course they probably don't have a very high opinion of you based on your attitude.

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  • Sh
    shelby mccormick Aug 16, 2009

    People do not understand how stressful it is working with fast food. I always work hard, but that isn't enough. I don't get thank yous when i go the extra mile, and I always get [censor]ed at.

    If you come into the drive through and you are polite and don't cut me off as I'm asking "Hi, how are you today" and we mess something up on your order and you politely tell me that I messed it up, I will be more than happy to give you what I forgot but ### no if you scream in my face and call me a ###ing idiot that doesn't know how to do a minimum wage job.

    I've been threatened when I worked at taco bell before, because of a mishearing an item or because the customer just made up something like "I want a beef burrito." Do you know how many burritos at taco bell have beef on them? Not one is called a "beef burrito" thats for damn sure. I've been sexually harassed by drunks that would come through at night, and I've been called words that I didn't even know the meaning of until that point.

    I do not get paid enought to put up with that ###,

    Oh and people that don't know how to put their trays away and leave their garbage on the table. Do I get tips for cleaning that up? Hell no. It's not my job. Given that I get paid more wage that a waitress, but still so many people lack common sensibility now days.

    What is comes down to is people are ingrateful and very very impolite.

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  • Cf
    Cfmlmw Sep 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • gesserfan Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WAAAAH! i couldnt get something for free and had to drive!!!

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  • Ro
    Rot12 May 24, 2016

    There is drug dealing going on between employees and smoking marijuana on the property and with the general manager and head corporate worker his name is Arthur. Nothing is being done, employees go to work high, and drunk and it seems to people nothing is being investigated or done for it. Arthur also does drugs, ### needs to be done or I will be getting health department involved. This restaurant needs to be shut down.

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slippery floor

I was a patron inside this restaurant along with my husband and son. I placed my order, then realized as I was walking to my seat that the floor was extremely slippery and greasy. I politely mentioned this to the cashier, saying that I wouldn't want to see someone fall and get hurt. She said to me, "that's why we have the wet floor sign out." and turned away. I felt this was very rude, and nothing was done about the floor. Being in customer service myself, this was not the solution I was looking for. She was very non-commital and dismissed me like a child. I will not be back.

  • Pe
    pete Feb 13, 2009

    I agree 100%.I slipped and fell at 434 west shaw ave., clovis, ca.I have dr.bills and lost wages, They sent me $250, and said it was for customer courtesy, on the back of check it says settlement in full.I din't sign it.It's eat there, but don't slip and fall.
    Pete in Fresno

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  • Ch
    Chris Kalinowski Nov 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here in America,
    We are not SAFE!!!
    The inspection system stinks!!!
    The Department of Building & Safety and The Department of Health Service do not do their job correctly and constantly break the law!

    About 2, 000 000 people are injured and 20, 000 deaths occur each year!!!
    These are the results of the Building & Safety and Health Department work!!!

    I want this text to be true and sincere, a void of my private emotions. It is hard however to calm your self when we talk about human suffering, wounds, disability and often even death. My name is Chris Kalinowski, a Polish immigrant for 20 years now. Slowly I began to explore this new country and slowly it began to fascinate me more and more. I sacrificed my whole adult life to my family and work. About five years ago, in this country, I got to know new technology that helps securing slippery surfaces and it completely fascinated me. Helping people and thus helping support my own family. After a few months of work, I came to see my country in a different light. Never did I realize that this country could be so internally unregulated. No one seems to know anything, want to know anything or simply has no power to make a decision or be held responsible. All contact with people who should know better and react accordingly were different.
    My Anti Slip Protection business was created to help people. Unfortunately, not many Americans understand how big this problem really is. It is astounding how such an amazing country, known to all people of our world, can lack so much when it comes to safety of their own citizens. Once, I contacted the Building Safety Department and the Department of Health Services in a number of USA cities. When I asked the inspector about code resistance I was told to wait while he checked the information on the computer, then admitting that he does not know, he gave me a number of another inspector. When I called that inspector, he never returned my calls or responded to any messages I left. Another inspector, after reading my ad, contacted me in person. He was clearly interested in my business but told me that he was not in the position to make the decisions. Building Safety and Department of Health Services did not check slip resistance; they passed slippery floors as safe! The 2007 California Building Code is very specific as to which surfaces are required to be slip resistant. I only have one question; do the Building Safety and Health Departments really do their job? If so, then why do we still have accidents?

    I drive around my city looking for buildings with slippery surfaces every day. I found one and talked with the manager and explained the purpose of my business and the need for my anti-slip service. The manager’s response was “We just had the city inspection and everything is in order.” I checked the floors slip resistance and the floor was way below the required minimum of 0.6(SCOF). In another place, I met an inspector from Building and Safety Department on the job side and I asked him a question: “What will you do if you slip and fall in this building?” His answer was, “I will sue the company or whoever owns this building.” Building inspections do not include the testing of slippery surfaces and I feel it is a shamefully neglected category in our country. A lot of the building and business owners with dangerous floors hide themselves behind their accident insurance policies. Some use my service after the accidents happen. When I asked if they consider my services for their other buildings they answer that no one fell there yet and no one sued them there. I always leave restless from these kinds of places knowing that any child who doesn’t know any better, or a senior citizen, pregnant woman, mailman or even yourself. After visiting one of the local District Schools, where kids fall in the restrooms and locker rooms on the slippery floors, I was given the answer: “We do realize that our floors should be safe, especially in washrooms, but unfortunately we have no money for that.” Slippery floor treatment costs less than any slip/fall accident!
    There are some cases where building and business owners simply don’t know that they can do something about slippery surfaces and that’s when we see the yellow signs warning us about dangerous floors.
    If you are a business owner and pass the final inspection from Building and Safety or Health Department Services, and after that, if you have a problem with a slip and fall accident, the departments are fully responsible for the accident.
    Every now and then I also see the cases of fake accidents. There are cases of con artists that use the law to get money from our insurance policies. This country is a home to thousands of attorneys specializing in slip and fall accidents waiting for an accident to happen. The insurance companies pay for our accidents, but cannot return our health!
    It is also easy to prevent and eliminate regular and fake slip and fall accidents just by using Anti Slip Protection. Some of the money from my business I use for commercial but it is not nearly enough compared to what has to be done for the safety of our city and our entire country.
    It is encouraging, however, that some companies like YMCA, recognize this threat and use my service, for which I thank them. So I encourage everyone’s co-operation, especially anyone who wants to do everything in their power to make us feel safer in our great country, on our slippery floors.
    Chris Kalinowski Santa Monica, CA 310-428-2395

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  • To
    toomanyscams Oct 26, 2010

    Comment removed.

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not enough workers

I waited in line at taco bell for 30 minutes. I finaly was next in line, It took the car in front of me 20 minutes to even get them to take her order.. Everyone in line was either blowing their horns or leaving. I counted 15 cars that left. A worker finaly came outside and told the customers to quit honking their horns as she could'nt hear to take the outside orders. The reason the customers were honking their horns is because a lady had waited as long as everyone else and her order was wrong & did not want to wait in the drive thru again. She was knocking on the door & they wouldn't let her in they had just locked the door. If the worker hadn't come outside to scream at the customers the Lady wouldn't have been lt in. I know the worker was just mad at the horn honking because the lady in front of me yelled out of her window that no one had attemped to take her order. If the girl inside had enough time to come out and yell at customers, she had enough time to take an order or fill an order. I then left after being in line so long and also being appalled by her rudeness..Her response to all the customers was she was only one of two people working inside and the drive thru and could only do so much. I feel she was correct, and was told that this was a common practice at night. Taco bell should be held responible this is ridiculos. I guess they don't need the bussiness. I later went back to see if the line had shortened once the lobby closed. It had not. I arrived the 1st time @ 9:30 pm stayed till 10:05, Left and returned @10:30. The drive thru line was all the way around the building and into the street On both occassions. I went inside not knowing the lobby closed @ 10:00 PM. A customer let me in. They explained to me that the lobby was closed but they would still take my order. I was appaled at the way customers were talking to the workers as they pulled up at the drive thru. They were cussed at yelled at and called very ugly names. I now see both sides as a consumer and as the employee. This is ridiculos. Is taco bell making so much money that they don't need the bussiness because I know they lost a lot of sales today at least 30 drive offs, not including the people that couldn't pull up in the restaurant because traffic was backed up in the road. Is bringing in extra help during the holidays not cost effective for this resturant? I know they lost way more money than paying and extra employee or two. If this is common practice I will not ever return to this location or any other one. I think that upper management is to blame. No one should be treated this way after all it is "fast? food"

  • Ka
    Kaley Mar 05, 2009

    I'm really glad that you were able to also see this from the empoyees perspective also. I can't even imagine how frustrated you must have felt having to go through this, and as someone who worked in a fast food chain for many years, I know all to well what it is like to do those kind of shifts under staffed. I cannot even count how many times I would have loved to just walk out instead of dealing with an endless line of rude customers that I had to deal with because there was only myself and one other employee working. And I agree about your comment about the franchise needing to put more people on staff. I hope this restaurant corrects the problem. It's not fair to the paying customers who have to deal with this, and it is also not fair to the poor employees who have to bust their behind doing the job of 5 people because they are under staffed (and I can guarantee you that they are not getting paid well to do this either, on top of it all).

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    Shelby Apr 05, 2009

    dude ### you. Have you ever worked at a fast food place? It's ridiculous. Then fat ###s come in an order ###ing 3 grande meals, and the next person orders 3 number 6's and the nex person orders another grande meal, and then the next person orders 1 ###ing taco and expects it in 2 seconds. did it hurt you that bad to wait in line? and if it was such a problem why didn't you get your lazy ### home and eat a ###ing lean cuisine.

    And as for the pay, 7.40 dollars an hour in not enough to make me want to make your impatient ### happy.

    I'd be an ### to you too. Don't expect fast food places to cator to you every ###ing need when your stupid ### goes in there at the dinner/lunch rush.

    Dumb ###.

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rude and gross

On Friday December 19th at 11:00 a.m. My husband went through the drive through of th TacoBell at 2890 W.11th...


I would like to make a complaint against assistant manager david frey. he has called my daughter from the...

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