T-Mobilet-mobile lies and cannot be trusted!


I am deeply disappointed in T-Mobile’s Customer Service. I have called several times to find that my account was not properly noted. I discovered this when I called to speak with one of your account representatives about my daughters cell phone. I am going to forward you a letter we have sent to Fox 4 problem solvers (a local news station) and also to our attorney for counsel. Before you read the letter I need you to understand that I was a Loyal customer for many years. Your customer service department needs serious improvement. Proper documentation is crucial not to mention the common courtesy and respect. In short my daughter purchased a Sidekick 3 from you used it for a week and called to see how to send it back so that she could get the MDA instead. The address we mailed the phone back to and that she confirmed with your customer service representative turns out to be invalid and now you are expecting us to pay for the phone. I am deeply distraught over this whole situation. To think that a huge company like yours doesn’t offer the least amount of flexibility when it comes to customer service is an outrage! We are talking about $300.00 here; that’s chump change to you but 2-weeks salary for my 19-year old daughter. I’m asking you to please review the notes that still exist for cell number xx and xx At one point in time I was PROMISED that once I receive my statement showing the charges for this Sidekick3 that I could call in and receive a credit on my bill. When I received my bill I called in as I was instructed so that my bill would be credited only to find out that you’ve reneged on your word. What kind of customer service is that I ask you? How can you tell me one thing and do another?

In addition I would like to also file a formal complaint against Matt. Matt was the supervisor that was extremely rude and unprofessional to me when I called in on 09-25-2006. Matt did not handle this situation very well. I was calm cool and collected when I called until Matt began to continually talked over me, rarely letting me speak without his interruptions. This constant interruption got to me to the point of overwhelming frustration which caused me to yell just so he would stop talking and let me speak. I had to say Matt, can I speak. He said yes, I asked can I speak a full sentence without you interruption me. He finally said yes. To which I asked the question, Matt will you look into my notes and find the part where it shows that I called in and a SUPERVISOR PROMISED to credit my account. He said no, he also said that he would not read the notes to me and he would not credit my account. I asked Matt to note my account that I am officially closing my account. As of 10-20-2006 I no longer choose T-Mobile as my carrier for reasons of Poor, Poor Customer Service. I have spent at least 4 hours of my valuable time and effort in trying to get this issue resolved. I do not appreciate being called a liar or a theft. We mailed the phone back to you with the label that was provided; we called and received verification for said address.

At this point in time I have not paid the charges for the Sidekick 3; I will be waiting for your response.
This is the entire story:

My name is Crystal; I am a 19 year old resident of Independence. I am out of ideas for recovery of my money from T-Mobile, and am praying you can help. I have been a T-mobile customer for over 9 years, continually upgrading to keep the latest technology. At the end of May I bought a $400 MDA and a $119 Bluetooth earpiece, which I found to be the ideal equipment for me. This summer while I was in St. Louis, Missouri for my State Boards in Cosmetology, my phone was stolen on July 5th. At the scene of the theft, I saw four police cars, but the officers said I had to call the theft in or they could not help me recover my loss or even apprehend the thief. I called in the report to the police station, and was told to go to a certain gas station and wait for the officers, which a friend and I did. After waiting over an hour, I called again and explained that there were several police cars passing by, but none of them stopped to take my report. I told them I was really tired and asked if a policeman could come to the hotel lobby to take the report. They said this was not possible, and since I was exhausted, I returned to the hotel to sleep. The following morning, I had to return early to Independence, and the St. Louis police refused to allow me to file the report over the telephone. My parents said they believe I did everything properly and none of us can understand the reasoning of the police department. As a student, my part time job barely covers my expenses, so it was important to me to get justice, since the telephone is obviously not recoverable.
Back here in Independence, I went to the T-Mobile store and explained everything, asking what they could do. I learned then that I did not have insurance to cover the telephone like I had had on a previous telephone, a fact of which I was unaware. I told them I wished to terminate my plan immediately, so in order to keep my business, they offered me a good discount on a different telephone which I was unsure I would find adequate, but agreed to try. It was not what I needed so I decided to return it. However, when I looked in the box for the return label, the only one there was for recycling. I called the store to verify the address, read the address slowly to the representative, and was assured the address was the correct one for returns as well as for recycling. I then explained I wanted to order a different telephone in its place. The representative told me to get a tracking number when I returned the equipment, for follow up, if necessary. I did exactly what I was told to do, on July 13th, but when I called to order a replacement telephone on the 14th, and again a few days later, the representative said the telephone had not seen returned, at least to the correct place, and they would not credit me for the price toward a new one.

I was desperate by then, and turned to my mother for assistance. They told her to wait for a bill, and then to call them back, but when she did, they reneged on their word, saying there was no notation in their records that we had been offered this option. My mother and I have considered legal action, but we fear we would have to spend more money on a lawyer than we could hope to recover.

The tracking number they gave me when I returned the telephone to them is XX Further calls to T-Mobile have also produced no results. I had the package insured before I sent it to them, and the Post Office today (September 19th) told me that the package did indeed arrive, but that it arrived at the address on the label. The Post Office can locate it, but for some reason, T-Mobile says it cannot communicate with their own recycle center. I find this frustrating and confusing.

In the past, I know you have helped numerous others who have been unfairly treated, and I am hopeful you can offer more ideas to help me get this resolved. I realize that I am only 19 and am vulnerable to all sorts of dangers and scams, but I am honestly trying to learn from each experience, and become a responsible adult citizen, but being taken advantage of in two successive situations really hurts. If you cannot help, please, at the very least, make my experiences public to alert others not to rely on T-Mobile (and perhaps other companies) to honor their word as well as their failure to document customer service calls. I have learned from this that it is better to record telephone calls or at the very least, have another person on the line to confirm and document calls for customer service. Also, if you have any advice to offer as to how a teenager should have dealt with the St. Louis police situation, I would be grateful to hear it in case I encounter some similar situation in the future.
Thank you for whatever you can do.

Thanks very much for your support,
Susan Hake


  • Valerie Dec 05, 2006

    While home for Thanksgiving, our son bought a phone from T-mobile. The salesperson said the phone would work in Korea. That statement was a lie from the lips of a salesperson in order to sell a phone. A simple "no" would have have saved some of his hard earned money and would have left him feeling better about his own countrymen. I (his father) intend to go on my own personal campaign against T-mobile. Korea, like Japan, has phone systems far superior to our own technology. Our cellphones won't work on their towers, theirs will work on our towers. I did not know that and neither do most Americans. T-mobile salespeople either do not know either or they don,t care. They just close the deal. Now we have to pay a cancellation fee for a phone that is useless. I say T-mobile is a sham operation getting away with misrepresenting their service. The salesperson should have told us that they did not have service in that part of the world. We would have thanked them and been on our way. They made the sale, ripped us off, and now want to charge us for their lie. Only in America! My sons T-mobile number is 904-662-3986. Don't try to call him. He is in an area where the American tin-cans and string won't work. His phone was purchased in Orange Park Florida, on Fleming Island at a T-mobile outlet store. There is only one, you can't miss it. I and my employees may be in the parking lot striking their business.

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  • Valerie Dec 11, 2006

    I got a t mobile bill that read -$84.00. I was afraid they made a mistake, and rather than have to pay double the next month, I called customer service and asked if this was correct.

    He assured me it was a credit for a purchase that I had made and perhaps I forgotten, and no, I would not be billed twice and not to worry. I thought this was a blessing being so close to Christmas and bought better presents for everybody. The next month I got a bill that was double. I called just to confirm that it was not true. It was true. They said they had made a mistake and there was never any credit. Since it was their mistake and they knew it I thought they would give me a break because what kind of way it that to run a business and treat your customers that have paid on time for four years now? I hate to tell them that they should eat it but isn't that the right thing to do?

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  • Lu
    Lumpy Dec 18, 2006

    My cell phone was not working correctly and I needed a replacement. Because the phone was broken, I did not want to sign a new contract, just replace the phone. I explained this in detail to the sales person. I spent a lot of time with the rep at the T-Mobile store reviewing the prices and available rebates of the different phones. I chose a phone with a great rebate--$50 instant and $50 mail-in. When I went to pay, the rep then said that no rebates applied at all to my purchase! The phone cost $100.00 more than I was led to believe! I feel I was duped. I am angry and I want the rebate I was originally promised.

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  • Valerie Dec 20, 2006

    In August 2006, my basic TMobile cell phone plan was "upgraded" to the FAMILY PLAN. It was at this time that the billing problems began. An upgrade to TMobile's FAMILY PLAN created 2 separate TMobile accounts for us, along with being charged twice for two separate accounts, and the initial set-up/initiation fees. We did not, in fact, get charged for the FAMILY PLAN, but for two separate accounts.

    We have experienced nothing but billing problems and harassment with our TMobile account since August 2006. Hours of telephone calls to TMobile have given us little more than even more problems, yet TMobile continues to call us, harassing us, for bills unpaid, even though we are not in a "past due" position.

    Fast forward to now, December 2006....

    Although our FAMILY PLAN account is paid up-to-date (through January 2007), we received a "Suspension of Service" yesterday, December 18, 2006. We were not surprised based on the past history that we've experienced with TMobile. The suspension notice was dated Dec. 12 and it was mailed out on December 14. Today, December 19, our cell phone had been disconnected prior to 6am. Amazing.

    I have already spoken with TMobile today regarding this latest problem. I have given notice that we are cancelling our TMobile service. They do not have the authorization to reactivate our account. I spoke with Tameka and Tonya of "Customer Care". Tonya even admitted that our account was fraught with many problems -- more than she'd ever encountered in one account. Or so she said. She also told me that we would not be charged a termination fee.

    Enter Rod, in Billing Dept. Rod told me that we would be charged a $200 early cancellation fee. Who terminated who???

    We have not only not received the service promised, but we have been the victims of bad business: we have been double billed and harassed by TMobile. Do they honestly believe that we will be held hostage for a $200 early cancellation fee?

    Our credit history is in perfect shape. Should TMobile believe they are going to collect a cancellation fee or threaten us further, they are due for a long ride through the judicial system.

    Today, I will contact my State's Attorney General with full factual disclosure of our problems with TMobile. As well, the BBB will be notified. And any website which provides a platform for consumer advocacy will also receive our complaint.

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  • Valerie Dec 27, 2006

    My service was put on hold due to late payment. I called and paid the total of $60 for late payments, and service was put back on. I rarely used my phone so they canceled the service. I called and agreed to the cancellation and paid the $60 that I owed, and I was told that was all that was needed and that my contract was terminated and that there were no more fees owed. THEY WERE THE ONES WHO CANCELED THE SERVICE, NOT ME. Then I get a call from a collection agency that I owed over $200 to T-mobile for an early contract termination fee. I called tmobile customer service and they couldn't help me, they couldn't pull the account information. Now I can get any credit cards because Tmobile wants to milk an extra $200 from me for a fee that they promised I would not incur. Now they can't help me because its in collections. How can a multi billion dollar company not help me after they made the mistake?

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  • Valerie Jan 12, 2007

    I signed up with T-Mobile 3 months ago and not only did they not add all the feature I asked for they lied to me about other features. My first bill was $545. I called to find out why and was told that mobile to mobile was not added and that was the reason for the overage. After explaining that should have been on there in the first place to about 5 different reps and managers with no help I finally told them to add it to my plan and paid the $545. Next month I get a bill for $375. I call again to ask why and mobile to mobile has still not been added and now they inform me that I am also going over because of text messages. I was told when I signed up that when I get my work emails they look like text messages and asked if they count toward my 400 text message plan and I got a no that is what your blackberry plan takes care of. Well I had like 1400 text messages so thats a good $140. I increased my plan from 1500 minutes to 2500 minutes, added mobile to mobile AGAIN, and upgraded my text messages. I just got my bill today and its $330. Not only was mobile to mobile STILL not added but they failed to upgrade my text message also. I couldn't get anyone on the phone to help me so I was forced to cancel my service and they want me to pay a $200 early termination fee. I was will Cingualr for 8 years and Nextel for 2 and never had any problems like this. $1257 in 3 months...that is robbery.

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  • Valerie Feb 07, 2007

    I was coaxed into changing part of my plan to a "new and better" plan. After 6 weeks of round and round NOW I found out that not only was I lied to T-Mobile doesn't want to work it out or even talk about it with me.

    The deal is I was told to change my sons plan to a kids plan. That it had 5 faves and text messaging. Of course, I said sure. The representative said that she would go ahead and send me a my faves compatible phone for free because I was due for an upgrade. NOW, I find out not only is the plan unavailable with my faves but also does not include the other 2 main services I was looking for, mobile to mobile minutes and nights. Imagine my surprise when the representative hung up on me for questioning what they were going to do to make this right. All I was asking for was the name of his supervisor in order to better resolve the issue. A fast I'm sorry you are out of the scope of the original problem and whammo dial tone! I have logged a complaint with the corporate office but expect little to no response. If I figure out a way out of my contract I will take my 3 lines and my 5 years of loyal service and find coverage elsewhere. This is just the half!

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    I have been doing business with t-mobile for 4 years never once have gone over minutes. I had two phones and two plans. We are disputing all the charges.

    The one with more over the limit phone calls was actually not working. So we had to order another phone. Once again i will tell you that i have never gone over in minutes with this company in 4 years. Now all of a sudden my phone and my boyfriends phone are over the minute usage. And he couldn't even use his phone for quite sometime. My boyfriend contacted them several times with no response from them. When he finally got a hold of them, and they said well you used it you owe it. So tell me when a phone isn't being used for 2weeks straight due to not working how does a person go over in minutes. Multiple phone calls to places we don't call, multiple 10 minute phone calls information. Who calls information and takes ten minutes to receive information. Obscenely late phone calls to and from phones we have a baby so that is unrealistic. And also another customer of theres that we talk to his and our phone calls don't match up. Sounds to me t-mobile is trying to run a scam and were not falling for it. We have contacted better business bureau, fcc, and our state attorney general. We will continue file complaints until this situation is resolved.

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  • Valerie Feb 13, 2007

    T-mobile has great advertisement and a friendly (not necessarily competent) customer service - but that's it.

    The coverage in the Southeast of the US is poor (which is in contradiction to the maps they show in their sales points).

    They are also unable to deal with international customers who own unlocked cell phones: T-mobile handed me out an inappropriate SIM-card.

    It didn't support my cell phone reliably. So they blamed my cell phone and charged me 200 USD cancellation fee. I am still fighting to get it back...

    The Cingular representative gave me an appropriate SIM-card. My cell phone has worked reliably with them.

    To all foreigners: Mobile communication in the US costs a fortune, but is much worse than in Europe or even China, India or the Islamic Republic in Pakistan. Welcome to the US!

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  • Valerie Feb 16, 2007

    Letter to Attorney General:

    As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

    I have been a good customer of T-Mobile since 2004.

    I've paid my bills on time. My wife's and my phone bill typically ranged around $185/month. Starting around 11/2006 we started getting phone bills around $400 +/-. Our most recent phone bill was nearly $300, so my wife called in to discuss the bill. While she was trying to find out why the bill was so high, she was told that her new bill was almost $1400!!! When she asked to repeat the amount, the agent started laughing.

    Later that evening, I called to ask what we could do to rectify the situation. I suggested we upgrade to a new plan retroactive to the beginning of our new bill. The agent I spoke with, named 'Mike J' (he wouldn't give me his last name) refused because 'the billing cycle had already ended.' We hadn't even received this $1400 bill yet! But, supposedly there was nothing he could do.

    I asked when the billing cycle had ended and it was less than a week ago. So, I asked if I had called a week ago, would they have been able to make the update? Yes, the agent said. I asked for some common sense and reasonability and the agent said I should have used common sense and called a week ago and made the change then. He was impressively unhelpful and patronizing. I canceled my account then and there.

    I really don't think it's principled to pay this bill, but I know that if I don't, it will affect my credit and I'll end up paying thousands more in increased interest rates in the future. I get the feeling T-Mobile knows this, too and couldn't care less.

    As a resolution, I would like the following:

    I would like to find a reasonable solution. I would accept upgrading my wife's and my accounts to their 'nationwide unlimited minutes' plan retroactive to this $1400 bill we haven't even received yet.

    Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

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  • Sc
    Scott Lawler Mar 26, 2007

    Any Advice?


    I had been with T-Mobile for 5 years on a family plan. In November of 2006 my son moved away so I wanted to eliminate his phone on my plan because he was moving to another state and wanted his own. I called T-Mobile and told them that I wanted to change my family plan by reducing the # number of phones. They told me where to go and what to submit. Three months later I decided I wanted to go with Cingular because of all the drop calls I was getting with T-mobile, then they came back and said you can't quite you signed up for a new 1yr plan in November. I called and wrote to them on several different occasions telling them I had no idea that this is what they did and felt that the deceived me. They now are charging me over $700 to get out of the contract. I think that they should be exposed for the fraudulent company they are, scamming people to sign up for programs they never even asked for. Is there anyone out there who can help the little guys like me?

    Damage Resulting

    The damage this has caused is that they keep sending me these threaten letters and leaving phone message at my home saying things like you haven't paid your bill and we are sending you to collections. I can not believe the harassment a big company can do to just about anyone they want. Does anyone know who I can turn to?

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  • An
    Angela Kay Marts May 06, 2007


    I signed up with T-Mobile in June of 2006 and got the smart-access family plan. I got rather low end phones, the samsung t319, the reception was often bad and dropped calls often and many dead zones! Even with this I didn't complain much, as I originally got the phones to stay in contact with my teen daughter. I signed a 2 yr contract just like most people do, but had no idea what I would be facing 10 months later! In April of 2007 I went to use my cell phone and noticed it had this yellow/orange leaf looking object on the outer lcd screen. I immediately called T-Mobile, a rep tried to help me clear the screen to no avail. She had me check the battery for the red dot, it was not red. So, she said your phone is still under the one year warranty, so we will send you a replacement phone and you send the defective on back to us. I thought ok that was easy. A few days later I received my new (probably re-furbished) phone and returned the defective one. Now I was told to keep the battery and the sim card from my original and insert them in the new one, I did so and it worked fine. About 1 1/2 weeks later I went to use my cell to hear a message saying my phone had been suspended for going over my spending limit and was prompted to a rep, who then told me I had a $100 charge placed on my service as it was determined by their team that I had caused damage to my phone!! First of all I did not damage that phone, but more important I was never warned about this charge or given then chance to dispute it, it was simply placed on my account and my phone was suddenly suspended. I was angry and outraged. I was told by the rep I could pay this charge right then and have my phone turned back on. I said forget it I am disputing this charge. Then they got rude, and so did the supervisors. Basically calling me stupid and I would be paying this charge or my phone would be shut off. I talked to several different reps and supervisors who basically read me a script and told me tough you owe the money and you cannot do a thing about it. Well, I said yes I can. I said and you can cancel my account for not warning me of this charge in the first place and just suspending my service. That is just plain bad customer service! I filed a claim with the BBB and that got me the $100 credited back to my account for their bad customer service and lies about me breaking my phone, but they still want me to pay $200 per phone for early termination. Oh and get this one email I received from a rep actually said " These devices are electronic and with the small size it does not take much to damage them" Charleen S. Rep. #7265682

    Customer Care Specialist
    T-Mobile USA

    They also called my $100 credit a "courtesy credit", meaning they were not admitting they were wrong, the just didn't like being called on the carpet and reported to the BBB.

    The people (reps,supervisors) are horrible and do not care about the customer, only the money!! I also understand the BBB is back logged with complaints on T-Mobile and finding it hard to keep up with them all. What a surprise!

    I am still in dispute over the $400 they want to steal from me for canceling my account for poor customer service and the horrific way they treated me!

    I have also filed a complaint with the FCC and am writing a letter to Robert Dotson the CEO of T-Mobile. His phone and address is as follows: 1-800-318-9270
    12920 SE 38th Street
    Bellevue, WA 98006-1350

    I have also filed a complaint with my State Attorney General. I suggest if you are having trouble with T-Mobile you take these same steps to get your problems with this TERRIBLE company solved.

    Oh go with Cingular they are great!!! They also try really hard not to screw over their customers!

    Good luck to all of you!

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  • Ti
    Tim Oliver May 08, 2007

    I recently switched to tmobile. They sent my initial bill to the wrong address. By the time it was forwarded to me, I had two days to the due date. Of course my payment was late. I just got my second bill and I see that they charged me $60 in "service restore" fees. I didn't even realize it, but evidently they suspended the service for the few hours or days the payment was late. They can call it whatever they want, but it amounts to a late fee, and to me it's an outrageous example of usury. Basically, it's a 100% per day late fee. And, of course, they've got me stuck in a contract so that I can't just switch away from them. T-mobile is a bunch of con artists and crooks.

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  • Ny
    Ny Johnson Sep 14, 2007

    I have been a t-mobile customer for several years and have had difficulty with phones and customer service regarding replacements and such each time. On several occasions my phones have broken and I've had to pay for the shipping for their phone to be replaced. This is something that I do not understand being responsible for, since the breakage was not due to me, but a defted that they were well aware of. They have the most minutes for the least price, so I have had no choice but to stay with them. But now, I am contemplating breaking my contract.

    I was under the impression that my minutes after 9pm were free, which is what they advertise. I had a call start at 8:48pm (12 minutes before free time starts). They billed me for the entire call $92.00! Then told me that this was their policy and that if I had read the contract, which they know most people do not, I would know their policy. That their computer is designed to charge for the entire call even if your minutes are free after 9pm. I was so upset and I told them so. I was basically told that it was my problem. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who repeated the company line and told me that if I really wanted to know their policy it is always available for customers if they want to read it. He also explained that their computer is designed not to roll into free minutes at 9pm unless you end your call. He reported that many customers make this same mistake, understandably, but that this is not their problem. They were very condescending and rude. I informed the supervisor that this appeared to be a form of fraud and theft. That for them to design their system this way, they should advertise that fact as much as they do their "free nights and weekends". He offered to take $30 off the bill, but only after stating that this was a "gift" but that they felt no responsibility for not being clearer about this information.

    To me this is a ridiculous money making scheme that they must get complaints on all of the time. They have rationalized and justified this dishonest and underhanded policy by stating that it's in the contract. I retorted by pointing out that their contract is 20pages long and in 4pt print. If they were really trying to be honest, they would put them in 12pt standard print and have you read them at home. But instead, they give it to you in the store, where you have to read it and sign it in front of the clerk. I am very upset and am not seriously considering breaking my contract just to get away from their company. This is BAD business and for them to justify it shows how dishonest and underhanded they really are.

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  • Ro
    Roosevelt W Oct 06, 2007

    T-Mobile has a Great Customer Service Department, as well as a Great Company. I have been with T-Mobile since the beginning, even When they Were VoiceStream. Whenever there was an issue concerning my statement, they were able to answer and correct minor issues due to a mistake on my behalf. Perhaps you and your daughter did not completely understand what was being offered to at the time of Purchase. We all are not perfect.

    Roosevelt W.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Norris Oct 17, 2007

    I am writing to complain about your customer service dept as well as the dept that does your top ups over the phone and with a credit card.

    On Wednesday 10th Oct 07 I received a text from you to inform me that I had topped up my phone by £20 00 in April 07 (six months ago) and your company had not taken it iff my credit card so they were so doing on the 11th Oct 07 not given me any time at all to stop it if I felt I should. I rang your 150 no on my mobile phone consequently getting charged 25 pence for speaking to an operator which took me 15 minutes to get through to a real person who was no help at all her name was VCickie all she kept saying was you have aright to take money up to 6 months after the event which I strongly disagree with.

    I usually only top up £10 00 at a time so I had no proof that I had topped up £20 00 I am very annoyed about this and I am strongly thinking about changing net works. It was your staff incompetence not my fault at all.

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  • Al
    alan brookes Oct 22, 2007

    When are the t mobile customers on Orkney going to get there network back. It has been un-available now for three weeks if I did not have a home phone it would have cost me quite a lot of work. So I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

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  • Al
    alan brookes Oct 23, 2007

    Do you as a company have any consideration for your customers complaints. The t mobile network on Orkney has now been down now for three weeks. And nothing has been done to rectify this problem. There is a lot off tmobile customers on the island who will no doubt be thinking of changing networks due to this problem. I will be one of them. I would like a reply from you as soon as the problem has been fixed you have my e mail address!

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  • Je
    Jen Davenport Oct 24, 2007

    I am still speechless over an outrageous exchange I had with customer care. I have been an excellent customer of T-Mobile's for four years. This August my husband and I moved out of the T-Mobile service area, and so on August 15th I called to cancel my service. I was extremely clear on that point: I am moving out of the service area so please CANCEL MY SERVICE. I faxed them all the appropriate documents showing the address change, turned off my phones, and started anew with Verizon that day. Imagine my shock when I received a $277 bill last week for the months of September and October! I was naive enough to think that if I just called them, they would acknowledge their mistake and release the charge. Wrong! I spent over an hour on the phone getting transferred over and over, and finally, here is what I was told: because I had ported out one telephone number to Verizon (my husband's), but not mine - I chose to let the number die and get a new one from Verizon - then the charge was still valid because I had not called back to cancel my number! I was flabbergasted. I attempted to explain repeatedly that I called and canceled the service on August 15th and the rep never told me once that I had to call back once more to specifically cancel my number; had she done so, I would have done it in a heartbeat. Of course they refused to acknowledge that they made any sort of mistake. I asked repeatedly to be transferred to a supervisor, or anyone who could release the charge, and was only given a fax number. I fail to understand how I terminated my contract and cancelled all service on August 15th, yet somehow have to pay for two months of service I did not use. Words cannot express how wronged I feel by this. It is their word against mine now and they are totally unwilling to admit their mistake.

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  • Lo
    lorick conley Dec 08, 2007

    I purchase a prepaid sidekick slide from t mobile on 12/5/2007 i paid 380.61, his incomed 100.00 for a activation kit. I returned the phone on 12/7/2007 and was informed i would not get the 100.00 back for the activation kit because i activated the phone. When i informed them i did not activate the phone, the salespersons activated the phone and he did not tell me i could not get 100.00 activation kit fee back. Both the employee and managers response were we can't give you the money back, and i was told to call customer service, i phone customer service and after staying on the phone over 1 hour i was informed i should have read page 24 from a book that comes with the phone, i informed customer service by the time you read page 24 you would have already purchased the phone and activated it. I was then informed before you activate a phone you should read the booklet, once again i told them i did not activate the phone the salesman activated the phone, and he did not ask me or tell me anything he just activated the phone... at this point the person hung up. I phoned again later that day and received the same response i have talked to supervisor and i still received the same response, this is rip off, and i will contact better business bureau, research other avenues to file a complaint... i normally use prepaid phones from t mobile because i don't care for the cost of plans they offer, but i decided to open a plan for myself the sidekick slide was for my daughter, but after this problem i canceled the plan, when asked for a confirmation number showing i canceled the plan customer service told me they do not have confirmation number and i should received something in the mail, i don't trust them, i have 30 days to cancel the plan without paying penalties they may try later to say i never canceled. After this problem with the return of my 100.00 i will never use a plan i will also stick to prepaid, they don't care about consumers, you would rather not return my money and lose more...

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  • Ri
    richard edwards Jan 02, 2008

    I bought a prepaid phone from T-Mobile online because their website promises that you can use it in Europe. Since I'll be traveling in March, I added $100 to my account to cover likely calling costs.

    When I tried to activate T-Mobile's "WorldClass" service yesterday, I was informed that the account must be active for 90 days first. Nowhere on the T-Mobile prepaid web page do they tell you this. All attempts to get their customer service reps to unlock the phone for use in Europe failed, and they flatly refused to refund either the cost of the phone or the $100.

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  • El
    ELJ Jan 10, 2008

    January 10, 2008

    Attention: Robert Dotson, CEO, T-Mobile
    Consumer Complaint Division
    12920 SE 38th Street
    Bellevue, WA 98006

    Dear Mr. Dotson:

    Re: Account number:

    I currently own an 8700g blackberry phone. Last month, December 24th, I spoke with Customer Service to swamp my phone due to the problems that was occurring in my coverage area (No coverage off and on). I was able to swap the phone for another 8700g blackberry but the customer service representative forgot to add the protection insurance plan to my phone, which I clearly stated I wanted and needed. Today, I paid my T-Mobile bill and noticed there wasn’t an adjustment to my bill for an added on service (See attached). I was instructed by the clerk to call customer service to find out why the insurance wasn’t added.

    Mr. Dotson, I experienced the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service since I’ve had a cell phone period. After speaking with one of the customer service representatives, who was very rude, she placed me with her Supervisor who was worst than she was. The Supervisor I spoke with, Justin, employee ID code: 3828410, was horrible, rude and obnoxious.

    To resolve this situation, I would either like for the protection insurance added to my account, or I would like for both mine and my wife’s account to be discharged without penalty. I truly believe that T-Mobile has a good product but not to the point which my dignity is humiliated.


    Eric L. Johnson

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  • To
    Tom Beagan Jan 14, 2008

    Nokia 5300. Bought Aug 2007. Dec 2007 - screen has somehow broken from within. There are no visible cracks in the glass, however there is a sort of dark electronic EKG-like smearing against a white background, that is unchanged in shape and size. The display has the look of modern art. No icons or photos are visible which makes the whole thing pretty useless. Phone was in pocket; good one minute and not so fine the next. Of course, the phone has never been abused either.

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  • Gi
    Gin Wallis Apr 14, 2008

    I have T-mobie for 6 years, I paid them around $140 a month. When the phone was lost I called and cancelled and two weeks later I found out someone had used it and ran it up to $1300.00. I called them and they said I didn't cancel it, however, there is a phone call documented on that day, they said I was calling in regards to my other phone (yeah right). I have called 4 times and talked to 4 different supervisors, the first I hung up on when he would not let me speak, the second never returned my call, the third said there was nothing she could do and the fourth was rude. This is my word against theirs and this is not right. They should not be able to get away with this. Their supervisors are very unprofessional and (I think) very young and inexperienced. I CAN TELL YOU WHAT I LEARNED with this experience. A lawyer told me to transfer my number to another company, refuse to pay the bill and write the 3 creditors with an explanation. I do not have that kind of money for a bill and refuse to pay it when I know I called and cancelled it. I agree with the others, being a valued customer for years does not seem to matter with this company and they are large enough to resolve these problems. ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE - tape your phone calls with these companies yourself! If you have proof they cannot dispute it or at least you have something to argue with. If I had taped my conversation that day I would not be in this mess. I don't think any company has the right to say "It is my word against yours"... and you have no proof so you have to pay. They give you their name in the beginning of the conversation and will give an ID number if asked, but later on when you advise them of the ID number they can conveniently disregard that in different ways, do not trust them. This company is a huge disappointment to me and it is a shame they cannot be stopped. By reading all of these messages I see they are not loyal to their long time customers.

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  • Du
    dumb people Apr 21, 2008

    T-Mobile is the best wireless company in the United States and I wanted to let all of you know that.

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  • Pa
    pablo Apr 27, 2008

    Blaming the victim by calling them "ignorant" tells a lot about the service. Just remember that customers are the ones who use the service and we know if a service is good or bad. We pay for the service and I can't see how we could be "ignorant" in this regard. T Mobile is full of incompetence.

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  • Ro
    Rob Aug 03, 2008

    I'm confused, at first i see the problem is a phone that was sent back and a new one purchased but the old phone went to the wrong address, then I see something about a 19 year old girl who was a customer for 9 years (which is impossible, I'm sure she meant her mother was a customer for 9 years) having her phone stolen and not having insurance to cover the cost.

    If the former be the correct complaint then shame on t-mobile for providing the wrong address and not compensating for that fact.

    If the later be the case, then shame on the mother of the 19 year old girl, who failed to make sure her 400 dollar phone was properly protected, then teaching her the example of blaming T-mobile for her own mistake.

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  • Valerie Aug 04, 2008

    T-Mobile denies credit to avoid giving free phone offered with 2yr contract.

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  • Te
    teresa nielsen Aug 09, 2008

    I have used T mobile since 2001. The only reason I stay with them is because I am a single mom with bad credit due to my former husbands "self employment" and T mobile was the only carrier that would give me service...I have had outrageoue service...and unbelievable charges over the years for things I was never told about.
    I must have phone service in order to earn a living and stay in contact with my son while I work.
    I feel blackmailed by this huge company...it is my dream to save enough money someday to PAY their 200 contract termination fees and END my service with them.

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  • Valerie Aug 31, 2008

    Bill for July - $466. I pretty much thought "Buh?" Checking the usage, I find nearly half a month of June is included. Calling T-Mobile I discover that when their satellites malfunction calls are routed through another carrier, those minutes (498 in my case, more than 50 of which still within my allotted June usage) being plopped onto the next month's bill. I was under my minutes in June, but they applied ALL of those minutes as overage for July. I called them. After I threatened ending my contract early they agreed to take out those that would have been free in June. The rest are still being applied. Look...those minutes weren't viewable under usage for June. Had I known I was that far over, I wouldn't have made that many calls? T-Mobile should eat those minutes, or at the LEAST give me time to pay them off SEPARATELY from July's bill. Grrr.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Proctor Sep 03, 2008

    Dear The Executive Review Team:

    I know this is a very long e-mail but I promise, if nothing else, you will find much humor in it even if you ignore me (one of your loyal customers). So please, I ask you, read it in it's entirety. Seriously, some parts are laugh out loud funny! I promise!

    For the past several weeks, I have had many time consuming interactions with your customer service people, tech people, some management, and 2 of your store clerks. Let us go through the list of players in this Greek Tragedy first, if you will be so kind as to indulge me:

    In time-line order:

    ~Tech guy - very very nice.

    ~Sales person at Bayshore Mall - horrible and condescending.

    ~Assistant manager Justin at Southridge Mall - horrible and condescending.

    ~Craig T. (ID - 111800778) one of the best customer service people I've ever had.

    ~un-named rep - just plain stupid - "added" the e-mail feature

    ~Kim - (ID - 119805601) very very nice..tried to help...got me to tech support.

    ~Zana - Tier 2 tech (ID - 891221543) Super nice and went through every fix she could think of to no avail. Got me to

    ~Ella - New to management - tried a few more fixes. Very nice but could not get me what I wanted. Sent me to Jamen - other manager on "the floor" - not so nice nor very helpful. Got me to

    ~Shantelle - (ID - 12431049) Mean, nasty, rude, combative...shall I go on?? It was late so I gave up for the night. She did however give me the names of Deonna Kaso and Gene G (apparently upper management and a director) but was told that they do not speak to customers. They have better things to do than to speak with you.

    ~Jim - bless his sweet soul. he did his best and tried to help. He even called me back the next day like he said he would do to his own detrement (I know this to be true because I work in a call center). He tried to transfer me but got me disconnected instead.

    ~Jill - supervisor of site 114 - tried her best to help me but her managers just kept throwing her to the wolves (that would be me). She did not call me back so I called and got:

    ~Linda - horrible woman. Combative and refused to listen to a word I said. She hung up on me at one point. I called back and while I was waiting for another supervisor (at least 10 minutes) she thought better of the situation and called me back. She got me to

    ~Jason - (ID -343906) - rude, condescending and just plain old didn't listen to a word I said.

    These are the players and below is my version of what happened.

    SIDEBAR: at each level, I was told that there were no managers on site, that there was no one else to talk to, that said managers didn't have phones, and that the corporate offices didn't have phones. That even if I did get through, no one was going to listen to me. Actually, I take this back. I was able to easily get through to management when I wanted to compliment a rep.

    Tech guy who tried some fixes to the problem I was having not receiving phone calls. I would end up getting messages hours later. Some very important. Frustrating but not anger worthy. He was very nice and tried to help me. We both agreed to give it through the weekend and if it was still happening, I should call him back on another phone the following Monday and we would work on it again. Everything seemed to be fine for a week or so.

    The rest of the story, as they say, is below. Play by play in my blog. Forgive some of the language as I was very angry and it is, well, my blog. Please read this in its entirety if not to help me, then to amuse yourselves. I am a writer and a pretty good one at that so at the very least, it will be funny.

    Jul. 30th, 2008 | 04:49 pm
    mood: discontent
    AAAHHH...T-Mobile...you almost blew it today!

    While I may be prone to exaggeration, today, dealing with the ### ponies at 2 different t-mobile stores, I am 100% not exaggerating when I tell you this story.

    It was the best of times, it was the worst...wait...that line has already been used. Let me start again. The Bayshore Town Center and Southridge T-Mobile reps are total douche bags!!

    I was at Bayshore picking up something and I thought to myself..."self? My phone isn't working quite right...I will stop into the store and see what can be done about this." I walk into the store and ask what kind of upgrade I could get for little to no money. The "customer service" dude, without paying any attention to what I am asking starts taking my phone apart. By the time I am done saying..."Hello, I was wondering what could be d..." he holds the phone up to my face and says..."see this red dot?? This red dot means you got water in the phone. There is nothing we can do." In response to this perceived attack on my ability to take care of a phone I ask him..."wouldn't I have noticed this?" He tells me that it doesn't take much and that the warranty is null and void blah blah blah...but that I have been a customer long enough to get a "partial discount" if I want to purchase another phone but otherwise...there is nothing they could do. I asked how much this partial discount would be to which he responded with..."uhhh...I don't know...like...between $20 and $80." I calmly (I promise) said, as I was walking out the door that it was a shame that brand new customers seem to get treated better than the established ones. He informed me that I got the same treatment when I was new. I honestly don't think he knew how ridiculous that sounded so I just left without saying anything.

    As I was walking back to my car I tried dialing 611 (T-Mobile customer service) and found that my phone was dead! It wouldn't turn on!! I tried everything to no avail. I went back in the store and kindly said..."can you fix this?" He took the battery out, brushed it off, put it back in and turned the phone on. He again, holds the phone up to my face and says..."it works fine mame...like I said...water gets in there and blah blah blah." I tell him that the "water" wasn't a problem until he took the phone apart. I said thank you and left the store. I got to my car (mind you...it is 100 gazillion degrees and I am parked clear across the lot) and again tried to dial 611. My phone was now showing serious signs of schizophrenia because it was flashing numbers and all kinds of other stuff and it wouldn't stop! I drove around to the front of the store and parked illegally. I stormed into the store and said..."Is this a joke??" He said..."no mame, its not a joke. I don't know what to tell you...the water blah blah blah!!! I started arguing with him when he stopped me and said..."uh...mame...you're getting a ticket!" Sure enough...I turn around and a cop is behind my car (in an SUV no less) writing a ticket! I said a couple of expletives and ran outside. The officer kindly asked if I was having car trouble. I told him that no in fact I wasn't having car trouble but that I was having T-Mobile customer service trouble!! He chuckled and waived me off. It was a total sitcom moment. Have you ever had one of these moments? If you were watching it on TV it would be fricking hilarious but it wasn't on TV...it was happening to me. Alright...now that some time has passed, I can see the humor. Doesn't mean I am not still angry.

    I was hopping mad so I decided to go to the T-Mobile store at Southridge because they were so nice to me when I signed up. I was "greeted" by Justin, the assistant manager (I say "greeted" because he was less than thrilled to be "helping" me). I asked him my whole sitcom scenario question and he looked at me with a blank stare and said..."ah...no, I don't think I ever have." I'm not sure if he was just being a jerk or if he didn't get the question. Either way, I knew he wasn't going to be helpful (which is irritating because he totally helped Joelle - my best friend - a couple of weeks ago). As I started to explain how the phone wasn't working, I showed him how it couldn't dial by dialing 611...guess what?? It worked. Figures doesn't it. He took the phone from me and opened the back up and started in of this whole water damage crap again. I stayed calm and explained that this is not why I have come in to 2 separate stores. I came in to see what kind of deal I could get on an upgrade. He responded by saying, and I quote, "you've been to 2 different stores and you've talked to customer service. We are the same. We have all told you the same thing. You are eligible for a partial discount." I was so defeated at that point and the phone was "working" so I left and called 611.

    I was so upset when Craig T (ID number 111800778) answered but I explained to him that I would do my best not to yell at him or have a total crying melt down. He told me he appreciated any efforts I would make not to have these things happen. I found that to be amusing and saw a small ray of light on the horizon in that maybe I would finally get some help! I started by being really mean and asking why all phone sales people were the same? "They are the superior computer nerds of the phone industry and these two particular store clerks were total ### ponies!" Craig laughed and asked if he could add that word to his repertoire. I said absolutely! But only if he gave me credit (even though it was my friend Steph's word). I also told him that ### clown was just as good (thank you goes to the short lived TV show the Loop). He laughed and agreed that whenever he used these words, he would tell everyone that Jennifer Proctor used them first. I then started into my diatribe about the day I've just had. He stopped me shortly into the story to tell me that this is the best story he's ever heard as a customer service rep and that I was making his day even though I was angry. He told me he could picture my plight and that he felt like he was right there with me. He said that I was a really good story teller and that I should do something about that. He had me at "...best story he's ever heard."

    After my long and arduous story, he said that in fact, if we went the traditional route, the manufacture would charge me full price for the phone because of the "water damage." I started to say that I figured there was nothing he could do but he interrupted me and said that we would go another route. He told me that we were going to do an upgrade and that all I would need to pay is the $18 upgrade and renewal fee. He asked my requirements of what kind of phone I would want. I told him I picked the last phone because it was pink. He said that Motorola has a new phone and that he would be sending it to me for free.

    I can't believe how nice he was. I need to send him a proper thank you. So those at corporate, please do what you can to let Craig's manager know how great he was.

    Here is my second blog regarding T-Mobile Customer Service

    Aug. 13th, 2008 | 06:34 pm

    Corporate pig-dogery is back and better than ever!

    A couple of days after my new phone was ordered, I had a few more questions. Mainly I wanted to know if I could get e-mail service on this new phone. I was told that yes in fact I could and that it would cost $9.99 extra. I asked how it worked. She explained it to me and said that yes, in fact that I would like this feature. She (not sure who this was) took a very long time putting this feature together for me and said it would take 72 hours at most to take affect. I tried every day to set up my gmail on my phone to no avail and after the 72 hours I called and got Jim on the phone. Another one of the nicest reps I have ever worked with. After about an hour, he figured out that I was set up for "Blackberry e-mail service" and not just regular old e-mail service. He went back and forth between tech support and me because he could tell how upset I was and wanted to help me. He said the fix was made but it would take 24 hours to take affect. He told me he would call me between 3 and 3:30 pm the next day. Because I am also in the customer service game I asked him if he would get in trouble making an out going call instead of being ready in the queue to take incoming calls. He told me I didn't need to worry about that and that he would handle whatever consequences that would await him. He just wanted to make sure that I got what I needed. I told him I didn't want him to get into trouble but he insisted that he was going to call me back. He did. At 3 pm on the dot the next day:

    So...today I spent 2 hours and 49 minutes on the phone with T-mobile. At least this time it was Cindy's (my landlord) land line and not my cell (they charge you for the minutes you use calling them for help...ain't that the ###?). To make a long story even longer...Jim (the rep I spoke with the day before who tried to put a fix in called me back like he said he would...I know...shocking right? Anyway...he did all he could do so he said he would transfer me to "tech tier 3" and then proceeded to disconnect me. I called back and spoke with a lovely woman named Kim. She apologized up down left and right for the problem(s) I'd been having and proceeded to put me on hold to "check into a few things." I was literally on hold for 22 minutes. She came back on and transferred me to Zana who was also very pleasant and patient and kind with me. We went through a bunch of trouble shooting things to see if I could get my gmail e-mail on my phone to no avail. She got me to her supervisor Ella. She was also very nice and did some more trouble shooting with me but it didn't work. She then tried (I believe she was being sincere) to see if she could get me the phone and services I wanted at her management level.

    SIDEBAR: each time I got someone new, they had to put me on hold so they could "check into a few things." The average hold time when this happened was about 15 minutes.

    Anyway, I digress...she came back on and said that no in fact she could not do what I wanted her to do in getting me a Blackberry or better because the system would just "kick the request up to her manager." I told her that would be fine and that I will go as high as I need to go to get what I feel I deserve and that I would wait to do that. She put me on hold and got Jamen on the phone. He started by asking what it is that he could do for me. I asked him if that statement meant that I would have to start all over and he assured me that no...I would not (I do not understand why people say this sort of thing when they know perfectly well what the customer wants and that chances are they would go ballistic if they thought for 1 second that they would have to start over). He then very casually said that he was sorry I was having trouble accessing my e-mail on the phone and that he would see what kind of "deal" he could get me on a phone of my choice. I told him in a calm manner but in no uncertain terms that a "deal" would not be acceptable and that I would be getting a free blackberry with a month free service and all of the amenities. He told me in a huffy tone that he is as high up as I can go and that I would need to contact customer relations. I said "OK...then get me to a manager over there." He said that they didn't have phones and that I would need to complain either by e-mail or in written form. I started to cry and calmly told him that this was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard because THEY ARE A PHONE COMPANY WITH NO PHONES??????????? I told him that I knew how the customer service game worked and that he could bump me up and sure enough...eventually he got me to "Shantelle." I've always thought this was one of the stupidest names ever and the only people who should have this name are strippers and maybe prostitutes (not that I am comparing the two...clearly I have the utmost respect for strippers and if I had the bod...I would do it in a heart beat). Anyway...Shantelle asked the same thing...what is it that I can do for you mame? I again asked if I was supposed to start over. She said no and that she understood that I wanted an expensive phone for free all because I couldn't get e-mail access on my phone. I told her no, in fact, I have had several problems with cust serv reps, store clerks etc...and that the least they can do is get me a Blackberry for free. She and I went round and round with her being combative, rude and downright hostile. I asked her not to be this way because I had been nothing but patient and nice to everyone I have spoken to. She did not like this one little bit and also told me that she was it. The only higher up I had to talk to. She belittled my plight and said that it is not her fault that I choose not to accept the $50 off she is offering and that she wouldn't do anything more for me. I did not swear or raise my voice at all though. I told her that she was a despicable manager and that her employees must be totally pissed that she is making more money than them even though she is really bad at her job. She didn't like this and said that her answer wouldn't change no matter how long we talked. After continually asking who her manager was and after her continually refusing to give me this information she gave me the name of her manager and the director of the call center (I assume). These people are Deonna Kaso and Gene G (these are the people who have better things to do besides talk to lowly customers). This is funny because 20 minutes before this she claimed that she was it and that there was no one higher. She was it and that VP's et.el. don't have phones either and would never sink to speak to a client. Well they'd better because no one else can seem to make any decisions without manager approval. I asked her why a company would throw money away on management salaries if they have no more power than a rep. She did not have an answer to this either. She kept insinuating that I just didn't "like" the option put forth to me. I politely explained to her that in fact, I would have been fine if I hadn't had to go through all of this bull in the first place but every damned thing has been a fight in the last several weeks and that as a customer, I deserve better. There is so much more but I am exhausted.

    <<So...since I have been writing this...I received an e-mail answer from T-Mobile regarding my not being able to see phone numbers on my statements right away. The stock answer was that I am not able to look at numbers that are still unbilled. I HAVE A PRE-PAY ACCOUNT! Here is the e-mail I got and my response to it:>>

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile via e-mail. My name is
    Malcolm, and I see you contacted us regarding viewing your call detail
    online. I can appreciate the importance of having a clear record of your
    calls and I can definitely look into this for you. I am sorry that we
    were not able to respond to you sooner, and we are working diligently to
    answer all of our e-mails. Thank you for your understanding.

    Jennifer, as you are on a FlexPay account you are not able to view your
    unbilled call detail online, and I apologize for any disappointment this
    may cause. If the previous month is any indication your call details
    should be available online on the 14th. Thank you for your patience. I
    realize that you must be anxious to review your calls, and once your
    bill is viewable online you should be able to view the call detail by
    doing the following:

    1. Log into your My T-Mobile
    2. Click "Bill and usage" under "My Account"
    3. Select the desired mobile number to review in the dropdown menu
    4. Select the "Statements" tab
    5. Click the "Usage Details" tab
    6. Select the desired type of charges from the dropdown menu

    If you have any further questions or concerns Jennifer please feel free
    to reply to this e-mail or contact our Customer Care department at
    1-800-937-8997 or 611 (send) from your handset. Our Customer Care
    representatives are available from 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. PT for all
    your T-Mobile needs.

    Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with
    your questions today. It has been my pleasure providing you, a valued
    customer since October 2007, with T-Mobile's World Class Customer
    Service. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile, we value you as our


    Malcolm G Rep ID# 7284855
    Customer Care Specialist
    T-Mobile USA

    Reply Forward

    Jennifer Proctor to Customer
    show details 7:36 PM (5 minutes ago) Reply

    Dear Malcolm (If this is in fact your real name):

    Thank you for getting back to me. I understand that you and your co-workers must get a ton of e-mail questions and frankly, I wasn't expecting an answer ever so kudos to you.

    However, this answer does not sit right with me for numerous reasons. You say I can't look at "unbilled" calls made or received. On "Flexpay" accounts (which are anything BUT flexible) you PRE-PAY. The definition of PRE-PAY is to pay before your next service cycle so how on this Mother Nature's Green Earth can these calls be labelled as unbilled? While you are essentially a phone company, you are also in the business of technology and new technology at that. Are you seriously trying to tell me that a major company, such as T-Mobile, in the 21st century can't figure out how to list the phone numbers outgoing or incoming within 24 hours of my using said phone numbers???

    I have to tell you...I am unimpressed by your stock answer. I am also extremely dissatisfied for a great number of reasons. Not that any of this has to do with you directly but you are all I got right now. I have spent nearly 5 hours either on hold or speaking to a T-Mobile rep in the last 4 weeks. I am disgusted by the sales people in your stores and the service I have received in general. Not to mention the wasted hours of my day and my minutes trying to be heard. This answer is just another in a long line of disappointments. I used to rave about T-mobile usage, service and phone capabilities but not anymore. I have a blog and I am using it. I am seriously considering putting my Memoirs of an Angry T-Mobile Customer on U-Tube. I am fed up. Fed up with "Flexpay. Fed up with the service I am receiving. Fed up with having questions that just can't get answered in a reasonable amount of time. Fed up with any feature I want or need not working properly the first, second, third, fifth, tenth time I try to use it. I am sick to death of having to contact you but unfortunately, cell phone companies make sure they have you by the short hairs before they start treating you like crap. We are a captive audience for a minimum of 2 years. Let me repeat...we have to put up with the abuse that is "customer service" in the cell phone industry for 2 years until the contract ends.

    I could go on but what's the point. It hurts when my short hairs are constantly yanked on.

    Have a nice day.

    Jennifer Proctor
    Fed up with T-Mobile customer service

    E-mail response to my response:

    Dear Jennifer Proctor,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. My name is Charleen
    and I would like to apologize for the delay in answering your e-mail in
    a timely fashion. Thank you for your patience.

    I understand you want to be able to view your usage for your Flex Pay
    service. I am pleased to assist you Jennifer.

    I can appreciate that you would be concerned to view your usage Jennifer
    but with your plan type it is not currently possible. You can view the
    minutes used with #646# then send on your phone for your current billing
    cycle. I realize that you are frustrated but we do not have the option
    to view the ?unbilled? calls. They are pre paid calls as you stated but
    the system must still generate the usage after the cycle closes. I have
    noted your complaint and I hope that we will be able to offer this
    service in the future. We definitely appreciate your feedback about

    Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing me the opportunity to assist you
    today. If we can assist you with anything else please do not hesitate to
    respond to this e-mail. You can call Customer Care Toll Free #
    1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your handset 3 a.m. - 10 p.m. PST. Thank you
    for choosing T-Mobile and for being a valued customer since October 5,
    2007. Take care!


    Charleen S. Rep. #7284243
    Customer Care Specialist
    T-Mobile USA

    My response to Charleen's response to which I got, yup, you guessed it, no response:

    Dear Charleen Rep # 7284243
    Customer Care Specialist
    T-Mobile USA:

    Thank you for your response. Charleen, let me make myself perfectly clear. I am more than a little frustrated. I am more than a bit miffed. I am down right angry at the way I have been treated of late by your customer service reps and their managers so giving me their phone number does NOTHING for me. It only fuels the fire of anger. What does the "title" of Customer Care Specialist mean anyway?? Are you able to make some decisions on my behalf that the phone people couldn't????? I am sure I know the answer to that question. Apparently the only way to be heard is by writing a strongly worded e-mail to the "Executive Review Team" if they really exist at all. I was told by your management that the corporate offices don't have phones so an e-mail will have to do. How crazy is this??? A PHONE COMPANY THAT DOESN'T HAVE PHONES????????? I am so angry I can hardly see straight.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

    Jennifer Proctor

    Tags: memiores of an angry t-mobile customer

    More waiting. Always waiting on hold.

    Jill - supervisor of site 114 - tried her best to help me but her managers just kept throwing her to the wolves (that would be me). She said she'd call me back and she did within the hour. She then said that she did not have an answer so she would have to call me back in another hour. 2 hours later I called and got Linda - horrible woman. Combative and refused to listen to a word I said. She hung up on me at one point. I called back and while I was waiting for another supervisor (at least 10 minutes) she thought better of the situation and called me back. She said there was no one any higher than her and there was no way they could get a hold of corporate as they did not have phones. I asked her a hypothetical question. I asked if the building she was in started on fire, how would corporate find out about it if they didn't have phones. I mean, seriously?? If something bad happened at one of T-Mobiles sites, how would corporate know?

    SIDEBAR: These were merely questions, hypothetical, NOT threats of any kind.

    She could not answer this question and got me to

    Jason - (ID -343906) - rude, condescending and just plain old didn't listen to a word I said. I again ask you...do you have your employees lie or are they doing this of their own accord??

    The only things Jason kept repeating is that:

    "You are a valued customer and you qualify for a discount"

    "Corporate doesn't have phones and besides, they make policy and they wouldn't give in to you."

    "I will keep saying the same thing to you until you get it."

    Then the real story came out...

    He continued to say that I was a valued customer but then pointed out that I'd "only spent $600 or so on T-Mobile service so far and that frankly didn't qualify for any special treatment." He was doing me a favor by offering a discount. He also informed me that I was 1 of millions of clients and that no matter what, I wasn't going to get anything. He told me that Blackberries are very expensive phones and that I have not given enough to deserve one. I asked him if he thought for 1 second that I believed you paid full price for these phones. He insisted that you do. I said that was bad business on your part and asked how T-Mobile made any money. He said on services provided! I told him this is what I have been saying from the beginning!! I will gladly pay for more services if you give me a phone they will work on!!

    I can't tell you anymore. I am exhausted. The people you have working for you need a little CCC (Customer Care) training. Yes...I am a customer service rep for a very large insurance company. We would never ever treat anyone the way I've been treated. If someone asks for a manager, a manager gets on the phone. If the call escalates, we keep going up the chain until the customer is satisfied (which we rarely need to do because my co-workers and I can make a lot of decisions on our own as long as it is best for the customer and company alike). We don't withhold names or make it difficult to talk to someone else. That practice is despicable. As a matter of fact, when I informed Jason of how our company works he sarcastically said "well, that's great for your customers then isn't it??"

    I realize this e-mail will probably fall on deaf ears but if it doesn't...all I want is fewer apologies, less interruption, service with a smile, service that works, honesty, and someone to compensate me for my time, trouble and aggravation. It's the least I deserve. I would have been extremely happy with e-mail service on the phone I have if it worked the first or even the second time I called to get it fixed but now I have spent too much time and have been through too much agrevation. If anyone at T-Mobile could guarantee me little old e-mail would work on the phone I have or another less expensive phone I would consider it but throughout all of these phone calls, no one could assure me of this. So now here is what I want:

    I want a blackberry (other companies are selling them for $99) expensive my you-know-what! or a wing or a sidekick with these amenities:

    I want it sent to me over night

    I want it in a pretty color

    I want 1 month free service - e-mail, full Internet, etc.

    After that month, I will gladly pay for the services I've asked for.

    I have loved and bragged about T-mobile since I started my service with you. Up until this point, your reps have been nothing but kind, patient and considerate. You felt like they really really wanted to help you. It turns to crap when "management" gets involved.

    I want to be contacted by one of you via e-mail or phone 414-469-2352. It's the least you can do for me.


    Jennifer Proctor (would-be loyal customer)

    PS...I have been trying to send this e-mail to you for over a week. Your "manager" Jason (ID 343906) gave me the e-mail address [email protected] I asked him specifically if there should be a dash between the t and the m. He said no. I called back today and got Mary on the phone. She verified that there was in fact a dash in the e-mail. I regret not getting her employee ID because she was so nice and helpful.

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  • Jo
    joseph Sep 04, 2008

    I am 100% agree with all the complaints listed on this website. I have been through a lot of rough experience with T-mobile customer service. I requested to have my daughter's phone access to text messaging blocked back in July 06, 2008. They did not block it. I was so supprised when see the billing for August. There was a total usage charges $211.65 for the text messaging charge. My daughter stopped using the text messaging since July 11, 2008. The charge is for the Instant messaging from July 28 to August 21. My daughter used the instant messaging assumed that the service is for free (same with my thinking) since we requested for the text message service to be blocked. She did not use the instant service very much but at someday the transaction continued in & out from 11:37 am to 7:03 p.m . Who would be on the phone for straight 8 hours. I was with her on that day & we went out for piano lessons & lunch & dinner. T- mobile could not explain about it & insist on unable to credit back the charge. I also found out that they are unable to block the instant message. If they can control the service then why they offer it...?????? I am very sick of T-mobile. Hoping the next 12 months will pass through fast so that I can get rid off the business relationship with T-mobile...!!!

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  • Cm
    CMA10 Sep 28, 2008

    I'm living a night mare. I had their service for four years. When I tried to update my phone, after HOURS on the phone they sent an empty box. After spending HOURS on the phone I canceled the service. They then sent another phone. After not being able to get through to anyone on the phone I dropped the whole package off at the T-Mobile Foothill Store in Lake Forest, CA.

    That was in July. In August they sent a 'final bill' that I owe $597!. I have spent HOURS and HOURS and HOURS trying to reverse it. Saying over and over "You're charging me for a service I never had for a phone I never used and your manager has had since July.” I was told, "You can make payments." For what?!!

    I'm trying to get back the three months of service fees I paid for a service and phone I never had!!

    Unbelievable!!! In my opinion they are crooks!

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  • Sa
    Sadie Oct 05, 2008


    I want to be contacted by one of you via e-mail or phone 414-469-2352. It's the least you can do for me.


    Jennifer Proctor (would-be loyal customer)

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  • Sa
    Sadie Oct 05, 2008

    Call Jennifer Proctor for a good time!


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  • Fd
    fda Oct 05, 2008

    for a good time call jennifer proctor at 414-469-2352.

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  • As
    ashley tosa Oct 06, 2008

    ### all of you t-mobile rocks!

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  • As
    ASHLEY Oct 28, 2008

    I have been a TMobile customer for quite some time now. I haven't had the time between work, the children & school to look into getting service else where but I decided to tkae the time to finally change services. First of all your customer represenatives are extremely rude! I recently paid Tmobile for my flex acct, in which I told the rep that this needs to go to my flex acct, they transferred me to three different depts before anyone was able to assist me. When I finally reached to the correct dept the rep assured me that this will go to my flex acct & all this will be taken care of. When I hung up with the rep my phone was working everything was fine. The next day I WAS UNABLE TO USE MY PHONE. I had to waiste another half hour to call the company back to resolve this where again the reps were extremely rude, they transferred me to different depts, I told one rep I did not wish to be transferred anymore because I was placed on hold for extremely long periods of time, she stated pkease hold & just placed me on hold like I never said anything to her. This is unexceptable & I will be discounting my services with this comp. I will never reccomand anyone for this service nor will I speak good about this company to anyone. My payment was not transferred to my flex account like it was suspose to be, and let me just state this complaint is not just a one time experience with tmoblie. I have had this type of service each & every time I've called. It's just really to much to write but believe me I will take this futher.

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  • Cr
    Crown Royal Oct 31, 2008

    No, bro you just have bad credit.

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  • Cy
    cynthia clarke Nov 05, 2008

    I ordered a phone through T-Moble via customer service. The rep told me I had to pick out the phone and the plan and give them my credit card information first before they could tell me if I was able to get service through them. So I asked about their canclation policy. The rep advised me that if I wanted to cancle they would only put a hold on my credit card and the money would be released in 3 days after I cancle before the 30 days was up. I asked the rep why I would need to give payment information I never had to do that with any company before I have had service with Sprint, AT&T, Verizon}. Well I gave it to him I was approved and he said I would receive the phone in 2 days. After I hung up I called my bank and checked my account and see they didn't put a hold they forced the charge and the full 209.00 was taken from my account. I called back T-Moble in 20 min. the rep cancled my shipment and said the money would be refunded in 3 days. Well the next day I received an email and the phone was shipped out the next day. I called T-Moble again and the next superviser I talked to advised me I would have to refuse the phone and my money would be credited 30 DAYS after the phone is back in the warehouse. I went off! I have never seen a company take 30 days after they receive a shipment back to refund your money. It has been 3 weeks still no credit. I called the BBB and they told me that T- Moble has a very bad rating and they had to make a seperate department just for T- Moble complaints they curently have over 2500 complaints and t- Moble does not work with the customer. I have told any and everybody I know. Come to find out this same thing happened with my Aunt and she had to call the CEo office and it took them over 60 days to refund her money. I am so mad I was tring to save money and ended up losing in return. PLease look at my story it will be yours even if you upgrade your phone and send it back they take over 60 days to refund your money. People close your account when your contract is done STOP USING T-MOBLE.

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