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Fax: [protected]
Attention: Robert Dotson, President and Chief Executive Officer

RE: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Account: Tsukada, Lourdes

Date: August 12th, 2008

Dear Mr. Dotson,

Mr. Dotson, I would like to express my frustration and now really unhappy experience with T-Mobile. Ali Young sent the UPS package, Wing phone, to my home address.

Today, UPS came to my home to deliver the package. Unfortunately, I was not home. An InfoNotice was placed on my home and the tag was indicated the package was to be signed in person for the delivery of the package. The tag indicated another delivery would be attempted on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I will not be home that day as I will be at various physical therapy sessions during the day and will be returning home later in the evening.

Upon contacting UPS to advise them of my absence again on Wednesday for their delivery, I asked if I could sign the InfoNotice and leave it for the UPS delivery person to authorize the package to be left on my steps, residential home.

UPS stated it was the sender, T-Mobile, who had explicitly requested the package had to be signed for and delivered in person. I asked if it could be delivered another day, the answer was no and the package, from that point on, had to be picked up in person at their UPS HQ office in Redmond (14.25 miles from Lynnwood (my home) – 26 or 30 minutes away if no traffic present). I have refused to do this and spend one more dime on “fixing of my problems” in a very disappointing delivery of service and time and money is to be put forth by me. Your office will be receiving the package back. As I have no other way of signing for it due to lack of “person to sign” at my residence and yes, my refusal to spend any additional monies on something which should not be accrued on my part….rather THIS should be an expense made in good faith y T-Mobile an part of a to be provided to a loyal customer.

Mr. Dotson, now I ask you: is my request of having the cell phone delivered to my residence, without having to spend time and gasoline, unreasonable? After having spent hours of poor customer service, poor knowledge at the LEVEL II, costly cell phones purchased to keep the functionality of communication flows, erasing of data from my phone, screwing up my personal time and all the appointments I had just arranged on my cell with my physical therapists, my having to reconstruct everything with the PT offices. This was additional hours spent and the most frustrating and worst experience I have undergone these last couple of days with T-Mobile.

I did leave a message with Ali Young’s voicemail which really, really expressed my dissatisfaction and disappointment with T-Mobile. I do not apologize this time for this last incident.
Prior to this arrangement, on August 5th, Ali Young during our conversation, I had also requested Ali to put all of the options she, was offering on behalf of T-Mobile, to be put in writing so I may know exactly and be able to “see” and utilize to confirm the compensation for these endless hours of nightmares in writing. She agreed over the telephone on August 5th and also agreed to send them to my email address. As of today, August 12th, no email has been sent. Perhaps the wrong email was utilized. I would like to confirm in writing my email address: [protected]@verizon.net.

Currently, I am using a “good as new” T-Mobile Dash a couple of weeks ago (which in the industry is commonly referred to as “refurbished”) which does not work and the Wing was to be a replacement. I still have in my possession a defective T-Mobile Dash: I am losing the promptness on the email delivery, calls, and appointments and contacts (previously entered and now erased). I have to still take out the SIM card or the battery 3 times a day because these messages are popping up:
1. SIM Card is missing or is not valid. You can still make emergency call if your service provider supports it
2. The remote party has ended this connection

Mind you the cable has been bought and replaced, the battery has been bought and replaced and the SIM card has been exchanged at the retail store and replaced with a new one.

I left a message with Ali Young’s voicemail which really, really expressed my dissatisfaction and disappointment with T-Mobile.

Mr. Dotson, I am beginning to feel the manners in which your clients are treated by T-Mobile are not as important to you as I had once thought. Especially with loyal customers whom have used your company since 2002.

I am bringing this to your attention because this has been the last straw which has finally "broken the camel’s back" and the perception is: this is exactly what you wanted. Well this has been achieved.

Should this not have been your intent, please have Ali Young contact me and also confirm in writing via email (i.e. [protected]@verizon.net) so she is making clear what the company is offering and the conditions of the package being sent so arrangements may be made.

I would appreciate your cooperation in resolving this manner and indicating a follow through on the service and commitment T-Mobile advertises on TV and in their ads for their customers.

Lourdes Tsukada
CC: Cole Brodman (Chief Technology and Innovation Officer); Brian Kirkpatrick(Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer); Dave Miller (Senior Vice President and General Counsel); Susan Nokes (Chief Customer and Operations Officer); Neville Ray (Senior Vice President, Engineering Operations); Manuel Sousa (Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer); Rob Strickland (Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer)


  • Al
    Allen Justice Feb 13, 2020
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    Verified customer

    Frustrated Allen K Justice:

    Let me say, my experience was not optimal. Saturday was my birthday and my wife for months has been talking about new phones. We went to T Mobile to switch carriers and upgrade our phones. I told my wife of meeting a young lady who was working at the Harden Street Columbia SC store and wanted to go there to look her up and check T Mobile out. Our experience was excellent and received great service and decided to switch. We updated out phones, ordered them, and bought some accessories. We were told the phones would be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday. All was well. Then the problems began. Received email that order was shipped. Tried to check it but was unable to get to the link in the email to track. Tuesday one phone delivered. Didn't know if one was not delivered and the other stolen so I called Customer service. 800 number first kicked my off the two times I called. The CSR named "Hannah" who seemed from an overseas call center said she would investigate and call me back either in 30 minutes to an hour. NO CALL. I tried the 800 number again and was kicked out of the system with a busy signal given after I made my selection. I called the store I dealt with and one of the associates I had met tried to help but gave me the option to be transferred to their CARE group. I told her that would be fine. The CSR this time tried to help but kept giving me bad information. First that the phone were processed on different dates, then she found something and saw where they were processed at the same time but one was still not shipped. I asked for information and she said it should ship either later that day or the next. I should get the phone by Saturday the 15th at the latest. I asked about the tracking of the status email and she said I needed to register with "My TMobile". Then she said that the phone didn't ship due to their promotion of buy one get one and the second was the promotion phone. I waited the rest of the day and until noon the next day to see if I would get another email stating that the phone had shipped. Nothing. I packed up my stuff and headed for the store. Then things really went wrong. The store associates were again great, but the CARE folks were not. I was then told that the phone was backordered, and they could not tell me when it would be sent. I told the store associates that I wanted to cut my losses. I would just cancel my order, and would just take my refunds. I was told that I couldn't do anything until the other phone was received. Meanwhile, I'm out $300, waiting on a phone that cant be told when I'll get it, paying both my old carrier charges, and TMobile service. I want to say, the store associates have been great but the CSR's even when asked for their names were non responsive to the customer. I was offered $20 of credit for all my trouble. I asked for a District or Regional Manager to call me. I looked up the corporate number 1-425-xxx-400x to call and no answer for 3 minutes I was on the phone. I wanted to voice my frustration to someone who would be able to help customers like me affect some change. I hope that this post will prompt some sort of contact with a concerned executive that honestly believes in there moto of Caring about customers.
    Thanks for letting me rant!!!

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  • Ba
    Barry Pereau Sep 23, 2013
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    Verified customer

    My name is Barry Pereau. I was an 8 plus year customer. I moved to another part of my state where T-Mobile says they have good signals but do not. I could not use my phone in my own home. We had to purchase with ATT & T and I asked for a an my money back on early termination. Someone in Customer Care denied the request though I had asked for a representative to check our lack of phone service. They only wanted the $503.00 early termination fee. Numerous calls went to people who are not allowed to make decisions about money. I filed a complaint with the California Utilities Commission and finally received a response from the President's Office of T-Mobile. They would reimburse my money. I received less than half in a credit debit card. Various folks have outright lied to me since about receiving the rest of the money they have promised.

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  • Ti
    TIRED OF TMOBILE May 03, 2011

    My name is Angel Weekley, and I have to say, after having been a TMobile customer for over three years, their customer service is awful. I don't understand how they are able to claim Top Rated Customer Service, when I can NEVER get any REAL assistance. I contacted TMobile this morning because my services had been interrupted. I am a Flex-pay customer, and thought there was a way that I could purchase minutes for my phone so I called to inquire about how to do it. The customer service rep that I spoke with, JOANNA, informed me that if I paid $100 of a $163 bill that she could restore my services and give me an extension of up to 7 days to pay the balance. Mind you, today is Tuesday and I had already informed the woman that I wasnt going to be able to pay the bill until Friday. (Apparently that's why she offered me the extension). After taking my payment information and processing my payment, she then told me that she was unable to do the extension and could not restore my services? WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS? IF I ALREADY COULD NOT AFFORD TO PAY THE BILL, WHY WOULD SHE BASICALLY "CON" ME OUT OF THE $100? HAD I KNOWN THAT SHE WASNT GOING TO GIVE ME THE EXTENSION I WOULD HAVE JUST TAKEN $30 OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT AND ADDED "MINUTES" TO MY PHONE SO THAT I COULD RECEIVE CALLS FROM THE EMPLOYERS WHO I HAVE BEEN INTERVIEWING WITH FOR THE PAST WEEK!!! Need-less-to-say, they could not cancel the payment, NOR restore my services. SO NOT ONLY AM I OUT THE MONEY TO EVEN PURCHASE MINUTES, BUT I STILL AM UNABLE TO RECEIVE CALLS!!! I SWEAR ON MY LIFE, AS SOON AS MY CONTRACT IS UP I AM "DONE" WITH TMOBILE!!! AND I WILL BE REPORTING THEM TO THE BBB!!!

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  • Gl
    Gloria J. Anderson Mar 13, 2011

    Dear Mr. Humm,

    My name is Gloria Anderson i have been a coustomor with T-Mobile for over 8yrs an i can say that your coustomor service team is awful an they need to go to get some better training. For the last three weeks i have really been going through alot with T-Mobile, i have went from a missing payment to my balance being 185.00 to now my bill is almost 1000 i know that t-mobile would not allow my bill to be 2000 balance. I have been put through so much because of the mistake that have been made i was told that my payment was lost an that it was never receive then i was told that it was received and that my balance was 185 dollars now i have a balance of almost 1000 i need help. I was told several time that i would be called back an never was a customer service rep told me that they have to tell you that an not call back i found that to be pretty rude. I am trying avoid taking legal matters so can someone please help me. I value t-mobile i would hope that you vale me. Please feel free to contact me you have the numbers.

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  • Ke
    Keith Estes Feb 17, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yesterday I wanted to get my t-mobile service activated so I called their 800.number and the gentelman stated that they would call me back and ativate the service. Well by the nightcame i got worried and called them and they couldn, t find the payment that i had made. well long story short it got tured on and by today the service got turned off. Now I really got Mad and called them and ask for the Manager and got put on hold and left on hold. customer sucks!! if you are considering t-mobil for service Please dont do it .

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  • Ly
    lynn Feb 10, 2011

    Whats the point of complaining when we get no response...I too am a un satisfied customer wwith tmobile

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  • Pr
    prepy love Oct 08, 2010

    I had and Issue with my cell phone bill just recently in Aug2010, And when I got my bill my bill for the 1st time in 7yrs was over 6oo.oo I almost had a heart Attack . Hell its a bad time now to get a bill this high... I ask what caused they told me I went over my minutes.. I have 1800 mins. and 4 lines.. I never went over my minutes in 7yrs but 1time and that was only due to a change in plans and minutes. and it was for about 46mins.. But never thousands like this time.. They tell me it was due to a change when I went in to pay my prior bill, a rep ask me if I would like to receive a saving on my bill monthly ?, Of course I said how .. ? she said by where I work or my spouse or different business we may be with .. so I told her the info she found the discount due to my son going to college . I than to make a long story short.. Get overage on my bill because this caused my due date to change and my billing cycle to change.. and I was never told it would change, I never got a letter or information from the Representative who gave me the credit... I was SO SO UPSET. I called everyone I could reach at the PRESIDENT OFFICE.. left several messages about this legal process.. and I got a call back in about 4 days.. and It took me time to try to get back to them because her schedule and my schedule didn't mess... so she called again and I was able to speak and explain to her my concerns and what happen .. I can't believe it but they took off all of the overage ... I was very impressed .. but knew me working for a Bank a major bank and working in customer service .. She knew I was suppose to get something in writing about this change and I never did.. So I was right in getting these charges off . I will stay with T-mobile .. as long as they keep giving the best service going forward and doing the right thing when they are not so perfect.. and they see they do make mistakes also.. I hope they now make changes to not depend on their associates to tell consumers important information and its not done.. which can cause them to loose a major customer.

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  • Tv
    tvbabb Sep 17, 2010

    I agree, I am currently on hold with customer service, I have been on the phone for the last 39 minutes. I have had Tmobile service since August 2009 and almost every month there seems to be an issues with my bill. And I mean random things like them waiving a fee becuase of their initial error and then turing my phone off a week later because the fee was not paid. Right now, they took $312 out of account becuase it shows I cancelled a phone line. The phone is still in service-how could that be. I thought about writing the president of the company, but after viewing these posts about the executive team not being much help, why bother. The best way to hurt a company is not to endorse it, as soon as my contract is up. I am over to SPRINT!!!

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  • Ke
    Keithndc Aug 18, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    T-MOBILE customer service has gotten to be ridiculous. They are unprofessional, rude and negative.
    It is clear that all the great ratings that they used to have have gone out the window. They are lost when it comes to common sense on how to talk to a client. I have been a customer for more than 5 years and it is amazing that they tell you one thing and turn around and do something else. In addition, when you attempt to get a problem escalated up the chain to a Customer Service Manager, they won't get someone on the phone but rather suggest that someone might call you back in 72 hours. Any one that can't responsibly call a customer of 5 years back in less than 72 hours should look for another job.
    I will surely port my numbers soon from T-Mobile and move on to Verizon.

    Keith n Washington DC

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  • Cu
    CustomerServiceNeedsABoost Aug 18, 2010

    Scenario: One month my mother had agreed to pay my cell phone bill as a gift. The next month, T-Mobile removed my bill from her credit card. I called to try to rectify the sitaution, stating that I was to pay the bill and not her. The rep advised me that an auto-pay had been elected from my online account, but she did note that my mom had called the payment in and that my online account had not been accessed on the day that the auto-payment service was requested. Rep agrees to refund amount to my mother and allow me to make my payment.
    Every week for more than a month I dealt with Call Center supervisors because the refund to my mom's card had been denied. Finally I requested to speak to the call center director. During our conversation he questioned why I would elect an auto-payment if it was not the preferred method. I explained to him that he was already clearly aware that I had not logged into my account that day, and that I was at work all afternoon and had no computer access. Ultimately he tells me that he will not do anything to assist me.
    I question this supervisor and say (paraphrased) "so to verify, you're telling me that you are going to do nothing to assist me". The senior call center manager responds to me "I will not continue this conversation if you're going to put words in my mouth" (paraphrased) and terminated the call.
    I immediately emialed the Office of the President and Executive Consumer Relations to explain my awful experience with Call Center 123 (as they identified themselves) and explained the circumstances surrounding the situation. In less than 24 hours I recieved a call from their team telling me that a refund had been issued as all information supported my claim. The money was back on my mom's card the next day.
    I'm not certain if T-Mobile reads these forums, or any others, but they really should consider level of service when are taking bids for outsourced call center customer services. This front-line customer service type can make or break your business, and it's looking like it's breaking T-Mobile.

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  • Sc
    scott 3917 Jul 17, 2009

    Hello I'm very very mad with tmobile they have took 433 dollars from my account an will not replace my money an took out over 26 dollars from my flex acount for games they say I download but guess what I have a google g1 an games are free an you must use ccard to buy anything in the app market hello.well i paid this month bill an I do not have a phone from them I have a phone from walmart I bought for 30 dollars an I use my simcard.please help me get all my money back an to get my behold that's all I want an for tmobile to stop stealing from my acount please want my 433 dollars back for the phone the maid me pay for an then gave me back the 433. An 26 dollars from my flex acount an my new behold they owe me with my 4gb card I paid for please help me I'm month to month plus my simcard of prepay. Sidekick plan for 1 dollar a day plan that I want back with 33 dollars on it it stealing stealing stealing tmobile how can you get away with it an not go to jail just give me back all my things an its over an I'm going to the best att they don't steal like tmobile please some help me get back my things thank you

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  • An
    Angry "David" Jan 29, 2009

    T Mobile Customer service sucks. I was told that the Mobile Wing would work well as a modem phone. Ended up being a piece of crap and after 3 replacements they sent, it still does not work. And the best part is they are charging me for ALL 3 phones because of the so called "Remorse window" which they do not tell you up front. Despite my many years loyalty to the Comapny even outside of their 2-year contract, their callous and incompetent Customer care reps have me seeing red. I may leave the Company if I do not get the President's attention to their deplorable services. It used to be a good Company at one time and I hope they still end up doing the right thing. In the meantime, I'm so mad I want to set my bloodhound attorneys on them to pay big for the harrasement I continue to suffer from their ineptness. Any suggestion on making a federal complaint that has "teeth" would be welcome. It is time this big Goliath company started paying attention to the little "Davids"
    An angry David.

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  • Al
    Alec Jan 29, 2009

    Complaints to the office of the President are a waste of time. I dealt with someone named Renetta Clay who is an Executive Customer Relations Specialist within the Office of the President. From my contact with her, she has no more abiliity than anyone in customer service and can only regurgitate the T-Mobile policy, even if it is not contained in the terms and conditions you receive when you start with T-Mobile.

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  • Kf
    kfrid87 Oct 16, 2008

    Hi my name is Kseniya Frid and I have been with Tmobile for almost 2 in half years. I had purchased the tmobile wing and I was not told about the 14 day remorse period when I could return my phone and not be charged for it. I found out about the 14 day remorse period about 1 month later which i consider this misrepresentation of the company agent. In this case the company is responsible for the agents actions. I called tmobiles customer service and spoke with many people even supervisors. They could not do anything for besides send me a replacement phone. I recieved in about 3 days and after having it for 3 days it stopped fuctioning right. So I called tmobile again and they again could not do anything for me. I still had to pay for the phone which was like $350. I do not feel that it was fair that I got charged for a phone that does not work and the first one that did not work either. I was wondering if I could be reimbursed for the phone.
    Thank you for helping me.
    I really appreciate your time and consideration.
    Kseniya Frid

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