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Hi I went to the super8 hotel in fernie b.c my home town I went in booked a room paid for it for the next night went in to get room and was told there's a 200 deposit after I paid for it wasn't told at first so fine I went out got my visa and went into pay deposit and was told to leave they are not serving me for I have to get out and that was the manager I think that was because my wife is philipino but I would like to thank them for ruining my home town visit for this was uncalled for I paid for the fucling room and no refund nothing just get out for no reason I was going to pay deposit. but i guess fernie has become a racist town rude disrespectful and scammers 132.25 lost gone thank you


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    Gerqw Jul 11, 2016

    Worst hotel in racist rude disrespectful

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  • westworld Jul 11, 2016

    Would love to hear the other side of the story on this... hotels are a constant influx of people of all different races and ethnic backgrounds. I can guarantee, you no one cared about your wife's nationality, anymore than they do about any one of the thousands of guests they have each year.

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  • Cu
    Customer. Service Jul 11, 2016

    You were asked to leave? I would also like to hear the other side of the story.

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