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bad customer service and dirty rooms

The stay at this hotel was a nightmare. The customer svc is terrible. Here's why:

Food on the floor next to the beds.

Food in the beds under the sheets.

Wake up call at 6AM that was not asked for.

The bathroom door swung both ways and would not close. You could see in bathroom.

The a/c only worked on high. The buttons were broken off.

The card key had to keep being recharged. Made multiple trips to the front desk.

After all of this, I was informed I would be given 50% off of next stay if I would return. I was informed the info will be put in the computer under my name. I decided to do so but when I did come back the next month the mgr stated since he did not offer that to me, he is not going to give it to me. I will never go back.

  • B4
    B48 Aug 27, 2011

    We stayed at the Grand PrarieTexas Super 8. The 1st room- door wouldn't shut, frig rattles, water running in the bathtub. 2nd room after complaining-a/c banged all night even after I put all our luggage on it, door had a gap of app. 2 inches had to stuff towels under it, killed spiders in tub, swimming pool by us, called at 11:20 to ask them to close it so we could sleep due to all the drunks in the pool yelling. Have taken their survey a couple of times and no answer. This hotel is a joke stay away!!

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  • An
    angryguest12 Jun 15, 2012

    I have been staying at the motel 8 in Suffolk, VA for almost 2 months. The rooms are nasty, I can count on 1 hand how many times our room has been cleaned...We have told them many times we want our room cleaned everyday, to no avail...I have even called customer service and they always promise to take care of it, again, to no avail...We would gladly change motels, but my husbands company won't allow it because they are cheap...I say to cheap to hire housekeeper's...they have 1 housekeeper for about 60 rooms, that is just crazy, no wonder the rooms are dirty!!! the floor we are on has a construction crew on it, they party every night, we have complained about that and nothing ever happens...In the year and a half that i have been traveling with my husband, this is by far the worst place we have ever stayed!!!

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  • Ch
    Christina Harmon Mar 08, 2014

    I stayed at the super 8 in lewisburg West Virginia and we checked in early friendly staff but we were so tired all we wanted to do is rest when we got up and took a bath we realized that there was partials on our tub and wall and also around the toilet lid the microwave was dirty the general manager said that she inspected it before we arrived needless to say she may need glasses then customer care said I would be contacted in 5 days of course no call for 90.00 dollars a night they could do better I stayed in ### holes better than that the particles on tub and toilet was puke nasty

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  • Va
    Vacationerstatus Jul 08, 2015

    Stay away from this place my family and I booked two rooms and when we walked in roaches everywhere the service was horrible the mattresses was dirty and no one cleaned up the place the blankets was nasty I want a refund

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  • Pa
    pamby Jun 30, 2016

    Rooms were unclean, roaches crawling in the bathroom ceiling light, trash on the stairs, musty smell in one of our rooms. No locking outer hall doors! Laundry outside?! The 'activity' there was very suspicious. Quite sure there is prostitution happening on the 2nd floor! Different men in and out of rooms, smoke smell in non smoking rooms, people loitering in parking lot. We left before 1 hour, Person in charge said " I will give you a refund if you promise to not complain anymore." ???!

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stole my money

We made a reservation on 4/26/2010 for a stay on 5/29/2010 and due to illness had to cancel the planned trip. On 5/26/2010, we called to cancel (3 days before the stay) and were told "you will not get back ANY of your $67.58 already charged to the credit card". We admit that we did not read all the fine print (never thought we would have to just to make a reservation which we have done many times in many years on the planet). Please folks, READ ALL THE FINE PRINT WHEN DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!
a $67.58 LESSON!!


On Friday May 7th at 5pm I call the Super 8 Wilmington location. Micheal answers the phone, and I tell him I...

bad service

My fiance' and I were travelling from New Orleans, Louisiana to Massachusetts to visit her family for the holidays. We planned this trip for months. We went on in order to book the room, we received confirmation and our credit card was pre-charged for the stay.

We set out driving on Saturday morning and arrived at the motel at about 11:00pm. We had stayed at this particular Super 8 in the past, enjoyed the accomodations and had no problems. Unfortunately, this particular weekend a large Nor'Easter hit the East Coast. The Snow--Rain line was probably 50 miles south of Salem Virginia, and 12 inches or so had dropped in Virginia earlier in the day.

We arrived at the Super 8, after driving 13 hours or so and they had no vacancy. My fiance went in and was told that we had called them earlier in the day and cancelled our reservation. We, in fact, did not, and he asked if we were Colleen and James---and we were not. But unfortunately, he sold our room to someone else, and because of the weather, there weren't any available rooms. He was very sorry for the inconvenience. When asked how we would go about getting our money back which we had already paid for the room, we were told that he had no idea.

I am sure that due to the demand for motel rooms, he was happy to charge a customer standing in fromt of him the full rate for a room and cancel our 1/2 price, Priceline reservation.

So after getting told that they had no beds and couldn't honor our reservation, despite us prepaying---we set off to find another hotel room. But of course their wasn't a motel room to be had in all of Salem, VA. We opted to continue on with our drive up the highway. The road was plowed and passable so we continued on our journey. We didn't get more than 10 or 20 miles up the Interstate (I-81) when got stuck in a traffic jam due to a an 18 wheeler (we assume) having an accident and blocking off both lanes of traffic.

We had to sleep in our car on the Interstate for nine hours until the road reopened. Because the manager at Super 8 in Salem Virginia was greedy and wanted to make as much money as possible off of their available motel rooms, despite us having pre-paid for our room weeks in advance. This particular Super 8 is shady as ***, avoid them at all costs.

  • Oh
    Oh no they didn't!! Jan 01, 2010

    OMG, I live in Salem, and work at the Days Inn on the opposite side of town of where this Super 8 is. You are right, GREEDY!! They probably thought you wouldn't make it because of the storm, and because you prepaid (No cancellation, No refunds!) they totally took advantage of the situation and probably charged the guest that got your room, almost double what priceline was going to pay! I work for the likes of these people and there is no winning (short of reporting this to your credit card company!)

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over charging

We had reserved a room/pool party on: December fifth 2009 for our daughters 18th birthday party. They had...

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worthless owner

My boyfriend was traveling down to Tallahassee from New York and asked me to look for a hotel that allows pets. This selection is very meager in town and didn't provide very many reputable hotels or motels
. We settled on Super 8 because I had stayed at that particular place before when it was under ownership of La Quinta and was actually great.

The HORRIBLE experience began when my boyfriend's flight got delayed a whole day so when I arrived at Super 8 I was denied access to a "suite" that had been paid for because I wasn't my boyfriend. I asked the desk clerk (who hardly spoke English) if he could call James and get permission to let me in. He said no. He then told me I was attempting to commit fraud. He finally regressed when I asked him to switch it to my credit card. Smuggly, he charged me for the room at the originally quoted price of $275 for 4 days plus the $25 pet fee for a kitten.

From here I will list the worthlessness of the property and management as it is EXTENSIVE.

-Microwave FILTHY and didn't even turn on, roach dead next to it

-Downstairs lights one of 5 worked.

-Downstairs toilet didn't completely flush

-NASTY condition, dingy carpet, dank moldy smell, crappy AC

-Food stuck on the comforter of downstairs bed

-White stains on chairs

-Black stains on sofa

-Nasty balcony, had never been swept, covered in mildew with dirty, broken furnature

-out of 8 pillows in the room two WEREN'T covered in dark brown stains

-got locked out 5 times, once 3 times in one night because card slot didnt work


-didn't speak English and were VERY rude

-didn't clean ANYTHING

-stripped the sheets and threw them over the railing into an outside huge, stagnant puddle

-threw said sheets into the bin of fresh sheets and threw the filthy vacuum on top of it.


-manager avoided us every single time we visited or contacted the front desk

-was very elusive and instructed his employees to not reveal the times he would be in

-told me he thought I was trying to get a hotel for free because of the complaints

-offered me a free night some other time.

-denied every problem I had with the room and denied housekeeping was bad because it was his family.

I refused another night there. It was a nightmare. I was in tears the whole entire time and the staff was so remorseless.

Called customer service on them and the first two people were so nice and SO understanding and told me to call back the day after the case closed if he hadn't offered to make it right. Called them back and the last man that helped me didn't care at all and refunded us $48 for the $400 we paid.

It was also graduation weekend so we had no other place to go because by the time we stayed one night everything in town was booked or WAY too expensive. We left two days early because it was so bad.

So sad. NEVER give these people business.

  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Sep 03, 2009

    I am sorry. For your troubles I am authorizing a complimentary suite with your choice of a male or female model to perform in a threesome.

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  • Ho
    HotinVAUS Sep 05, 2009

    whoever is posting under customerservicedept, you are a jerk!

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  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Sep 08, 2009

    I am sorry for my last comment. For the vugarity, I am sending everyone a shipment of gold.

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  • Ho
    HotinVAUS Sep 09, 2009

    It probably did reek of curry, Nasty, greedy foreigners!!!

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dirty rooms/rude clerk

The first room had a bug in the bed when we checked the linen. We were moved. The second room we dropped our bags and left for food after our 14 hour drive. We then came back and after my wife showered found someone Else's hair on the sink. After noticing the hair we notified the clerk and her response was that "we should have went to another hotel". The only problem with that was we just drove 14 hours from Iowa with our two children that we didn't want to take back out because the area was unfamiliar and looked unsafe. We asked for the manager that morning and received no cooperation. We asked for the corporate number and when I calle dto make a complaint I was disconnected.

dirty rooms/rude clerk

Super 8
  • Ta
    Taylorh2 May 08, 2013

    "Jane you ignorant slut' (Thank you SNL) it's a Super 8 motel. What did you expect?

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  • Ur
    urlilangel Jun 03, 2016

    The house keepers are very rude. Had to beg to use their vacuum and then if I asked them to clean my room they never would. Front desk help on nights and weekends are good. During they day...front desk is so rude. Tried to move to handicap room bc my elderly mother is handicap. On oxygen..the lady told me she is saving that room for handicap. Told her my mom is handicap and she proceeded to say she can walk cant she.. my mother is 66yrs old..overweight diabetic on oxygen due to pulmanery hypertension and the woman asked why my mother needs handicap room. I imagine if my mother falls in the bathroom bc od denial of handicap room and she sues..I imagine it would matter then. I have never been treated so bad at a business like this.

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My wife and I stopped to stay at the super 8 motel in elk city, ok. We asked for a non-smoking room because I am a lung cancer survivor. We get into the room and the room smelled of smoke. The bathroom toilet handle was broke. The towel rod was broke off the wall. There was no ice bucket in the room. We went to pull the blankets back and they were nasty!!! We had only been in the room 10 minutes to discover all of this. We decided we were not staying. We went to the front desk and explained the problems. They said if we got all of our stuff out we would refund our money. So we got all of our stuff out and went back to the front desk for our refund. Then she said no, you are not getting a refund. She blamed us for the mess. We were only there 10 minutes and we were ready to go to bed after a long day of driving!!! After she repeated no refund I told her she hadn't heard the last of it and left. So now I am looking to complain with the super 8 customer service line and they put me on hold for over 30 minutes. I don't know what else to do. Help!

  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 04, 2009

    Welllllll, what caused them to say ok we will refund and then change their mind? Something made them change their mind.

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Don't think the bathroom had been cleaned after the previous guest. 1 towel, none of the little bottles of...

Pendleton Hotels

scam charges

I stayed at the motel at the 5-6 of September 2008, but they only charged my credit card at January 2009. The order was made at their website, and when I arrived they signed me on a registration form stating that the room rates are 59$ + taxes for the 5th of september, and 89$ + taxes for the 6th, with a total estimated amount of 170.24$.

When they finally charged my credit card (as stated above) the amount was 215.44$, and when I asked for clarifications they sent me the form I signed and a detailed "folio" where the room rate for the 6th of september was 129$ instead of 89$.

I should mention that when I left the motel and asked if I need to sign anything, they told me that every thing is according to what we agreed, and never mentioned that they decided to overcharge me for the second night.
Because of the fact that at the registration form the word "estimated" was mentioned, my credit card company doesn't agree to give me back the difference between the stated room rate and the final one.


I am now boycotting Super 8 and all of Wyndham hotels.

As I was creating a reservation I selected the government rate. I chose the only nonsmoking room on the list. This room was actually a prepaid nonrefundable room. What I don't understand is why this room was even on the list for selection. I didn't even realize my mistake until I went to change the credit card and add an additional night about 5 minutes later. I called the "customer care" line and was told they could not help me or change the reservation. I would think that today in these difficult economic times that someone in customer service would understand the ramifications of poor customer service. It was not as if I was completely canceling the reservation I only wanted to add another night. I asked to speak with a manager and was told that one would call me within 36 hours. That was a week ago.

I called again today to find out any more information, but was given the same line. I chose the room and it is nonrefundable. A manager is suppose to call me today. I will not hold my breath.

Has anyone ever heard of a hotel that will not allow you to change a reservation more than a month away?

  • Ch
    chodya Jul 08, 2009

    That is why online buying is the responsibility of the customer. You can not blame anyone but yourself. You probably got a good discount for booking non refundable. Then you play the dumb game oh I did not mean to do that. Smart up read what you are doing. You made the mistake stop blaming someone else.

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refused to cancel reservation

I contacted the motel to cancel the reservation on 12/21/2008. They charged my Credit Card in spite of me...

2 comments Ashburn Hotels

maint. not kept up & filthy

1. ) smoking/non smoking rms - smell like smoke. Air cleanner machine is not ran in rms. Daily. 2. ...

terrible service

My husband and I went to the super 8 motel in upland, ca and was greeted by the owner's at the front desk (Assuming husband and wife). They never said hello or welcome. We asked for a room, and was told there were no availability with a terrible tone. I was furious and asked what happen to customer service in america?? They spoke in broken english and was truly rude. The male owner said, "if you do not like what we are doing, get out and go somewhere else". I said, why are you so angry. He started yelling, get out. We needed a room for a few hours while we were getting some work done at our home. I am appalled that business owners are not held accountable for decent respect for all human beings. Please tell others to not stay at this hotel !! We cannot afford to allow businesses to profit and neglect giving respect to all.

  • Mo
    Moi Oct 14, 2008


    So sorry to hear about the experience, please tell submit your complaint through too, definitely will helps fellow traveller.

    Take care

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forced out

Upon arrival at the hotel, the desk clerk (I apologize but I did not get his name, he was the only one...

stolen property

I was with a friend of mine staying in room 317 on Friday night. When I left, I accidentally left my bad in...

they stole my camera!

Super 8 hotel
160 state rt 17
Mahwah, nj [protected]

My husband, my children and I stayed at the super 8 in mahwah, nj on 8/3/2007.

I forgot my digital camera in our room when I checked out. It was not an expensive camera, a kodiak easy share 270. I contacted the hotel not even 2 hours down the road. They said housekeeping had not turned anything in. I do not think I left me camera, I am positive I forgot it on the table. I left messages for the managers, and head of housekeeping, and no one ever called me back. Susan mann was the woman who cleaned my room that day, and I know she stole my camera. I would not say a thing about this if I thought for one moment I might be mistaken. I know I left it there. Getting no satisfaction from management!!!

Bonnie jones
Norfolk, va.

turned away

Super 8 motel at 201 hess dr monette, mo

I asked the rates and the lady said where are you from. I said i'm from wheaton missouri [which is a 20 minute drive away and is long distance] she said i'm sorry our policy won't let us rent to a local. [now i have had a hard day and i am tired] i said wheaton is not local besides i live in hartford iowa. She repeated her earlier statement. I said look here is my drivers license it is from iowa. I am down here working on some property that was damaged by water. Again she repeated her statement. I again said look i am not a local [she cut me off and said she didn't want a confrontation with me] i just shook my head and left.

I would like this person reprimanded and i would like some compensation for the embarrassment i received and for having to look for another place to rest. This happened 06/02/07

Please email me your reply.

  • Sc
    Scott Weber Feb 04, 2008

    " asked the rates and the lady said where are you from. I said i'm from wheaton missouri" first of all you say you're from wheaton, then you're from Iowa? I wouldn't rent you a room either, you lied about where you were from.

    Most hotels that have the "no local" policy is because they have problems with locals. 20 mins away is considered local. Locals will come to those ghetto places and deal drugs, whore around, and tear up the rooms. I worked at a Super 8 and 99% of all the locals had issues.

    The hotel I work at now does not accept cash at check in, which is really nice because the riff-raff does not come in.

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  • Ro
    Robert Boone Jun 10, 2008

    On June 8, 2008 we stayed in a Super 8 Motel. We checked in around 16:00 and was asigned room 115. The temp was in the 90's so we turned the A/C on to find out that it didn't work. We let it run for 4 hours then called the desk only for them to tell us that this is all the better they work. With my many medical problems I had to put ice in a wash cloth to try to keep cool. After another hour we were moved to another room which was a smoking room, (both of us do not smoke). We got a room which was reserved for smokers. Upon our move there were no towels or wash cloths in this room. We feel we were down graded in our reservations to this room which made our stay in the Super 8 Motel a very unpleasent stay. It seems as if the rooms at this motel should have been closed down to save Super 8 Motels losses. So now we await whatever your decision might be in our losses for staying in the Super 8 Motel in Beechwood, Ohio.

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  • Ti
    tina m adams Mar 31, 2009

    On march 21-22 we went to women state bowling i had made rev. on the 800 # and got and employdiscount called for my mom and daughter wwitch they both got employe rate too... Any way when we ck in our rate on our paper we for $38.88 plus tax.thne we got home 2 days later all our CCards were charged $ 71.00 and the manger of the hotel the one that checked us in.. Then ck us our too..Long story short don't stay at the Super 8 Motel in CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA SITE # 8488 they steal you blind right out of ur ck book with out knowing ur paying another rate..when get told one rate. and no refund either till this day..the manger name was Nina..i think.
    Thank You Tina Adams Keokuk.Iowa

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the man scares me!

I had made reservations online for June 28th, 2006.This was the first day of our vacation-we were on our way...

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