Subwayonline application support

A Aug 06, 2018

Subway has [censored]S working in their online support area. I spoke with a supervisor for online application. Paypal was offering $5.00 Off if I ordered thru your application and paid with Paypal. I downloaded your application on August 1st(last day of offer for Paypal). I tried to order veggie delight foot long sandwich. After trying 10 times, it kept on timing out. I even changed the payment method and it still kept timing out. I called today(August 6t) and spoke to a support person and she told me that I should uninstall and reinstall the application as they were running into prooblems with the payments. She wanted me to look to Paypal for the $5.00 and I disagreed with her and wanted to speak with a supervisor and he had the same stance. I told them Paypal would have gladly given me $5.00 off of the price if Subways application would have worked correctly. I even had a Subway employee at the South Windsor, ct 06074 store try to help me and we kept on running into problems. I then ordered thru going the conventional way and pay with my credit card going thru the line. My contention is that I should get $5.00 from Subway as it was their application that did NOT work. My order was made again at subway in South Windsor, CT 06074. I am amazed at the Subway application supervisor who was NOT willing to give me the $5.00 Dollars. My email is "[protected]" for the application. That supervisor should be FIRED for his lack of helping a customer who is in the right. Thanks

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