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Elite Mobile South Africa complaints 41

Elite Mobile South Africa - contract upgrade

Elite mobile contacted me under the banner of Vodacom
Claiming to give me more value in my contract for less money.

Original contract: R599
They promised: R450
Reality: R779

Elite Mobile / vodacom agent GOVE001

I had to go to vodacom and reverse the contract.
After sales agent from vodacom told me that they have a lot of complaints from elite mobile.

I'm hoping to secure the audio recordings of transaction for court case.

Who can help?

Elite Mobile South Africa - Debit order not agreed

Hello, my name is Maesela Semakaleng and am hereby laying a complaint about my debit order which is being deducted twice in a month which is R199. 00 twice and this has been going on about three months, I contacted your office on [protected] on 09 September 2021 to inquire about it and they said I will receive feedback within seven working days, even now am still waiting. My email is [protected]@gmail.com.
I will be very grateful if you can assist me.
Thank you.
Maesela RS

Desired outcome: [email protected]

Elite Mobile South Africa - Unauthorized Billing

Unauthorized charges
Elite mobile is billing for additional services I did not authorise!

Attention: K Pillay


I have been asked to write directly to you - please will instruct your billing department to stop both debit orders coming off my account, immediately! ‘for your reference'

1. Techzone EM [protected] - R 175.00

2. Pro Bundlectc 1928 8757 3 - R180.00

Secondly, please will you provide me with voice recording and or signed documents where I agreed to all these additional services beyond the upgrades.

Thirdly, please send me copies of any notifications sent to me informing me that additional monies will be taken from my account based on the original amounts quoted at the time of agreeing or signing the upgrade.

Finally, please will you send me proof that you have complied with POPPY legislation and that my personal information that Elite mobile or and of there agents may use this information in some way.

Failing to acknowledgement of this email in writing, in 72 hours, and providing me with the requested information will leave me no option but to escalate this to the Financial Services Commission,
Vodacom Legal and the Consumer Council.


Douglas Spinas

Elite Mobile South Africa - Insurance that I did not consent to and the cell phone I never receive.

Unauthorized charges
Elite mobile is billing for the cell phone I didn't not receive and for the mag zone I don't know. I ask them to stop billing in march, but they are still continuing. Ref numbers are elite mobile vn616113187-1210820 and mag zone vn61613187-4210820.
I no longer want any service from the company.
M. C janku

Desired outcome: Stop billing

Elite Mobile South Africa - Need help with a fake cellphone contract which i don't have but paying for it

I was called by one of your agent offering me a cellphone contract everything was fine on their side they never mention that they are waiting for my application to be approved .I was asked to approve a debit order which i did because i was under the impression that i'm waiting for my cellphone three days later i received a message telling me that my application was unsuccessful . What surprises me is that when i check the credit report i did not see a inquiry made by Elite Mobile . Every month they are taking my money and its difficult to reverse it because of debit approval which was done. I'm thinking of involving Vodacom because when i called Elite Mobile i can reach them the phone will ring and options will be given to chose from what you need, then the voice message informing you that you will be assisted when the next agent is available .This will go on untill the machine drops you off . I tried this for days till i give up . My credit score has dropped by 33 points because I'm forced to do reversal . Its a painful to see money going out monthly R159.00 and R59.00 and Another R59.00 with the same reference but it will reflect something else like Rescue .

Desired outcome: I must be compensated for this trouble

Good afternoon every month there is this contract going off my bank I dont have the phone or data I try to stop it but the next month it still go off .

Elite Mobile South Africa - Cellphone contract

I got a call from elite mobile about a cellphone contract which I opted for. After few days after awaiting my package U received an email informing me that my contract was not successful.

Come month end an amount of R80.00 followed by R159.00 was debited on my account. I called them and they told me that my money will be disputed into my account and the turnaround time being 7-14 working days. As I'm writing to you now 14 working days has passed and I'm still waiting.

I called them again and they told me that they are still busy with the investigations. I'm so hopeless and just want to advise people that elite mobile is just a scam.

Letta Kgwadi

I Have the same problem, i was called on April for a contract cellphone which was too good to be true . Three days later they send an sms telling me that my application was unsuccessful . While on the application they are in a hurry to let you approve a debit order . Now that i do'nt have a deal with them they are debiting every month this is the the third month . I called until i give up because the phone rings and gives you the option to chose, after that where you are waiting for the next available agent it plays music and tells you the message over and over till it drops you . If you can check the credit report the is no inquiry from Elite Mobile . They are debiting R159.00 And R59.00 again R59.00 .So it does not help nobody cares but this is definitely a scam .

Elite Mobile South Africa - You call center agents

They are rude and disrespectful towards they calls they dnt give u a message nor details regarding the call if u are taking a message for ur better half, they laugh at it n then rudely just end the call in one's ear!!! That is pathetic sales or service...
This is not the first time your guys have been doing this and it's about time u should send them for training on how to deal with customers!!! Disgusted!!! Even so with regards to the new act... Just a drop in the ear. No respect

Desired outcome: Don't call back we do not want your service with such rude agents

Elite Mobile South Africa - Voucher that i have never received as promised

On december 2020 i received a phone call from elite mobile stated that they're alling on behalf of vodacom and they offering me a cellphone device plus 30gig of data and also a shopping voucher of 2000. I accepted the offer and received the device but never received a voucher .when i phone asking about the voucher i was told to wait for 2 debit to go through. I waited in march i phone vodacom again and they gave me the number to call and said it for elite mobile but when i call that number it was now working i call several times every month and the kept on promising that i will receive my vouche i 7 working days up untill today i never received it .vodacom and elite mobile are working hand in hand to rob us

Elite Mobile South Africa - I am complaining about the service of Elute Moble South-Africa

They phone us for a contract and then when we receive the phone it was not what they said. I phoned them back to cancelled and they said they will do it but when I want to go and cancelled my other contracts I found out that Elite Mobile never cancelled my contract and they also never pick up the parcel. Why must I pay for something I don't use if they cancelled it. Account number [protected] and Order number [protected]

Can you please get someone to phone me because 24hours has come and gone and no one phone me yet.



Desired outcome: They must cancelled order number 1-3496131093066-1

Elite Mobile South Africa - No service at all

I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH THE SERVICE IM GETTING!!! I have upgraded my contract through telysales last month - making it clear I don't what the package changed just want a new handset. But to my...

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Elite Mobile South Africa - R3000.00 voucher promised with upgrade

good day

in January 2021 i upgraded one of my Vodacom lines with 5 Gig data and was promised a R3000.00 Pick n pay / Woolworths voucher as well.

i was initially told that the voucher will be issued a few days after the upgrade takes place.
once this never happened, i contacted Elite Mobile again and was told i must wait for 2 month's debit orders to go off, which i then did.

i phoned Elite on 6 April and was told that the "list" will be sent through to vodacom on thursday 8 April. the voucher did not come through.
i have numerous times since then and have been told that the matter has been escalated to Vodacom.

i have been depending on this voucher as promised via the discussion with myself and the consultant. in fact i was phoned twice at the time by elite mobile and 2 different consultants promised me the same thing.
Elite needs to listen to their recordings of our phone calls and they will hear what was promised to me.

i await my voucher, plus an extra R1000.00 voucher for the unacceptable delay.

my email address is [protected]@rocketmail.com
id appreciate for this matter to be resolved by Elite Mobile this week.

Desired outcome: payment of voucher

Elite Mobile South Africa - Fraudulent debit deduction

My name is donovan dolph. Cell cumber [protected]
I was contacted by elite mobile in december 2020 with a laptop deal, which I agreed to. The understanding being that deduction will be made on a pro rata basis as soon as the delivery of the product was reigistered. To my surprize an amount of r159 and r59 was deducted in december even though no product was delivered. January and february the same amounts was deducted and no product has been received. I have called them - phone continuously got dropped. No response after complaining on their website. They contacted me for another deal and I declined and asked them to stop these deductions. According to them that is not how they conduct business but the reviews on hellopeter shows differently.

Desired outcome: complete refund of all deductions. And removal of my details from their data source.

Elite Mobile South Africa - Contract upgrades without my permission.

On the 29th of November a representative of vodacom phoned me(Jaco Lombard). I asked again and they insisted that they are vodacom and not Elite Mobile. The person then proposed to reduce the cost of 2 of my current contracts that were up for upgrading. I made it very clear that I do not want to upgrade the contracts because I would then not be able to do it when I actually need a new phone. The person insisted that there would be no contract and that they are just trying to help me save money. I then agreed. During the month of December when I checked my accounts online I however realized that they did sign me up for a 24 month contract on both account. I never agreed on that. I phoned vodacom who informed me that it was in actual fact Elite mobile and not vodacom that phoned me. I lodged a complaint with Vodacom with reference 2048396.
The phone numbers in question are: [protected] and [protected]

Desired outcome: Cancellation of the 2 x 24 Month contracts. They were month to month

Elite Mobile South Africa - After sales service

Upgrade package a mess not as agreed, for almost a week emails are not answered, Salome (consultant) confirmed on 1 Dec 2020 at 13:03 that she will call me still no reply.After sales is non existing. I reported at Vodacom to cancel services immediately due to pathetic unprofessional service fro Elite Mobile South Africa.
See above as well as ref # 2000149 dated 26 Nov 20 and ref #2003565 dated 30 Nov 20 as well as 1 Dec 20

Sales Consultant Shane not trained at all to serve customers, no product knowledge Supervisor not involved at all
They expected to disclose personal details, what about POPI act??
Wrong amount deducted from cheque account on 1 Dec 20, not agreed


Elite Mobile South Africa - Debit from my account for nothing that I don't have from elite mobile

I received a call on 29 sep from a lady called naidoo and she offered me a contract on a phone being persuasive not even giving a chance to check the phone first, so I agreed but within 2 days after checking the phone I called immediately to cancel but month end of sept beginning oct they debited r199 from my account I called them back and they gave me a story of a lie and told me it won't happen again but again month end on 30th nov they debited again r199 from my account... Elite mobile can you guys please bring back my money please this is fraud what you are doing because I don't have anything that belongs to you with me now.

Elite Mobile South Africa - Debit orders for no deal

I received a call regarding a data deal, went through all the details and it sounded so good that I decided to accept the offer. The gadget was to be delivered right on my doorstep... Days passed, so did weeks, months followed...

Know, I just noticed that my bank account has been debited almost 4 consecutive months. It's been three weeks now since I complaint to elite mobile to no success...
Seems like this company has no regard to customer service. This to me amounts to theft

Please assist me. Even the phone number on their website takes you nowhere

Mankurwane Jackson Matlou

Elite Mobile South Africa - Wrongly upgrades

In September a lady from Vodacom Elite mobile phone regarding 3 of my vodacom nrs are due for an upgrade. I told the lady that I want to cancelled 2 of the lines and gave her the nrs that I want to...

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Elite Mobile South Africa - Telemarketing / call centre

I was contacted by Elite Mobile 4 times in one week.
On Monday, call 1, I asked the agent to take me off their list.
Day 2, Tuesday - I asked the next agent to take me off their list
Day 3, Wednesday - I asked the same
Day 4, Thursday - this time I told the lady that I will lay a complaint as this goes against my rights
I did not sign up to receive these calls
They then harrass me for a further 3 days even though I asked not to be contacted.
Lets see if it happens today too

Elite Mobile South Africa - Add on services to a contract on debit order without approval. Cant get it cancelled

I got a data contract with a device from elite mobile. The agent then added a bunch of useless add on services without my consent, or even my knowledge, and effected a debit order on my bank account...

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Elite Mobile South Africa - False information on upgrades

Was contacted on 31 Aug 2020 by Elite Mobile agent, R Sura, she was very eager to inform me of this great deal with vodacom. NO phone upgrade with R230 airtime for just R229 and a R3500 gift voucher...

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