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Elite Mobile South Africa Complaints & Reviews

Elite Mobile South Africa / cancellation of cell phone package

Sep 12, 2017

I agreed to a package that Elite mobile was offering for R39.00 they give you R49.00 airtime. All went well untill I wanted to do a sim swop. Then Vodacom told me that Elite mobile "owns" my number and I need their permission to do a sim swop. I have been trying to cancel this contract...

Elite Mobile / unauthorized debits against my bank account mobile order [protected]

May 16, 2017

Last year October 2016 I was contacted by a consultant from Elite Mobil who offered me a Smart Tablet. I initially said no, but she continued phoning, selling me the benefits etc. so I agreed to have a look at it. I received it and returned before the 7 day period was up. The tablet wa...

Elite Mobile / Selling products over the phone without giving all of the truth

Dec 07, 2016

COMPLAINT NUMBER 1: In March of this year a sales consultant from EM phoned to give me a FREE wifi mobile Vodafone. [protected]) What he/she failed to tell me is that it involved a monthly subscription for a period of 2 years as it was a "new" contract. I have telephoned EM on several occasion...

Elite Mobile / Upgrade costs and outstanding tablet

Dec 01, 2016

A MONTH ago I changed my 3 contracts on my name. Two, the cell phones, I have changed to 'call minutes' only (because I am not interested in new phones) and my data line I have updated to the 2Gb option with a new tablet. Till date I am still waiting for my tablet (they promised I will...

Elite Mobile / Line withdrawn

Nov 21, 2014

I lost my job sometime in April 2014, and had to close my bank account which Elite Mobile was debiting the monthly charges.I did call Elite mobile customer servicessince April 2014 to early November, giving them my sister's banking details, and each time they would tell me that they...

Elite Mobile Airtime Contract / Erroneous deactivation of BIS

May 26, 2014

I have an airtime contract with Elite Mobile. I was unable to make payment on 25 March '14, however made an arrangement to effect double payment on 25 April '14. The double payment was deducted via debit order by Elite Mobile on 25 April '14, however my BIS was de-activated...

Elite Mobile / wrongful contract


I have a complaint against Elite Mobile. They called me and gave me wrong information on discounted airtime. Nobody in the converstaion spoke about any contract and my prepaid number being converted to contract which eventually was doen by Elite Mobile. I called them to cancel the whole...

Elite Mobile / Slow service and incorrect billing


In March I upgraded my vodacom package via Elite Mobile. I only received my phone a month later after lots of querries and inconsistant answers from them. After a long story, they told me I need to pay the upgrade fee before the phone can be released. I did that, faxed them proof of...

Elite Mobile / Debiting my account twice every month


I was phoned by a consultant in your call centre telling me that the call was recorded and that i was one of a selected few that qualified for a specific laptop deal. I was indeed very happy to hear that and accepted the offer. The lady explained all the terms and conditions and also...

Elite Mobile / Still waiting for order number confirmation


I was called at 13:42 yesterday by Elite Mobile - Prinola regarding a contract with Elite Mobile after spending 20 minutes on the phone giving her all my details I was told that I would be receiving a sms and an email to confirm the order number. Well more than 12 hours later I am still...

Elite Mobile / Fraudulent deductions from bank account


1. Noticed Debit Order on my Bank Account not connected to me. 2. Contacted Standard Bank they gave me the necessary details (Elim - Elite Mobile). 3. Contacted Elite Mobile, they agreed that they were in the wrong, ask me to foward Bank Statements showing (fraudulent) Debit Orders. 4. Forwarded a...

Elite Mobile / Wrong amount on debit order


This is now the 3rd attemp, and if i dont get this resolved by tommorow i will take legal action! I'm uterly disgusted in your service! You put the wrong amount trough on my account at thje beginning of the month which resulted in bank charges of R230 and again now you put trough the...

Elite Mobile / false advertising


I received a call regarding a new contract from elitemobile: It was a s follows: Newline deal Hewlett packard 620 on top up my meg 300 • hewlett packard 620 + huawei k3565 usb modem on top up my meg 300 @ r459 pm x 24 months subscription • laptop insurance cybersured (r95.5) -...

Elite Mobile / Elite Mobile bugging my kids on there cellphones to sell them Vodacom Cellphone contracts


I'm really getting tired of Elite Mobile bugging my kids on there cellphones to sell them Vodacom Cellphone contracts. I already have 6 MTN contracts I'm paying for, so why on this earth would I like to downgrade to Vodacom ? About every 3rd day I explain to them that these...

Elite Mobile / Harassment by telemarketers


Every day, I am called by different telecommunications companies' telemarketers, who want to sell things to me. I don't want people calling me. It is a waste of my time and an invasion of my privacy - I did not give anyone permission to call me about special offers and deals! Today it...

Elite Mobile / I don't see why I should continue to pay for something that I don't use


A few years ago I agreed to get an infinity card which is supposed to accumulate credits etc and was told that I would only pay an annual fee for this. I have not used this card for about 2 years so have decided that the payment of the annual fee is a complete waste of my money. I...

Elite Mobile / Stay far away from Elite Mobile


On the 10 September 2009, I noticed that I was being billed R249 for my Vodacom 3G card instead of the R199 that I was promised! I phoned the call centre and was told to phone Vodacom, I did this but Vodacom said that it was an Elite Mobile issue! On the 11 September 2009, Jasmine confirmed to...

Elite Mobile / Your company is a disgrace and your staff are rude


I receive several calls a week from your company offering me a cellphone. If I try and interrupt the actor who reads the script, I am told but you haven't heard my great deal yet. I have more than enough cellphones, laptops, 3G contracts etc and don't need another one. I will...

Elite Mobile / They never stop calling me


I have been harassed by elite mobile's call centre for months now. I get three calls a day and every time i tell them i DO NOT WANT A CONTRACT THROUGH THEM and they must please take my number off their call centre list. An the next day... I get three calls from a private number which...

Elite Mobile / Dishonest information given


I recently had dealings with Elite Mobile. Once I had agreed to renew my vodacom contract through them I was offered R1800-00 worth of music vouchers with so-music and told that I would have to pay a delivery fee of R39-00. Once I had received my new phoned and sent all the neccessary...