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Lies, lies and lies

They are scammers, I recently we t thru the m they say its an upgrade on your existing account and your a loyal customer that is why they offer the deals
First of all they sed they are sending me a samsung galaxy a21s 64gig internal storage, when I got it it was a 32gig internal storage, they say it is an upgrade meantime it is a completely new contract, when you try to get hold of them they cannot take your call, you must email them I now have to go thru the painful exercise in canceling the phone contract pay vodacom a monthly and hope they refund me another story all together. So if they say the company name elite mobile, note that you are going to be lied to and scammed

cancellation of cell phone package

I agreed to a package that Elite mobile was offering for R39.00 they give you R49.00 airtime. All went well untill I wanted to do a sim swop. Then Vodacom told me that Elite mobile "owns" my number and I need their permission to do a sim swop. I have been trying to cancel this contract with Elite mobile now for 3 months. Everytime they just say it's been cancelled and I have to wait 21 working days then I can do a sim swop. But every end of the month comes and they deduct the R39.00 and still no cancellation.
They are very unethical and I don't recommend this service to anybody!

unauthorized debits against my bank account mobile order [protected]

Last year October 2016 I was contacted by a consultant from Elite Mobil who offered me a Smart Tablet. I...

Johannesburg Mobile & Cell Phones

Selling products over the phone without giving all of the truth

COMPLAINT NUMBER 1: In March of this year a sales consultant from EM phoned to give me a FREE wifi mobile Vodafone. [protected]) What he/she failed to tell me is that it involved a monthly subscription for a period of 2 years as it was a "new" contract. I have telephoned EM on several occasions... either no one answers or i was cut off. I have become very frustrated. So eventually i phoned Vodacom Aftersales and spoke to a very helpful consultant "Kogiso"... on the 9, 14 and 24 November. He told me the Vodafone would be fetched. It has not been fetched and i am still being billed for this amount. Please rectify this and re-imburse me with the funds deducted from my account.
COMPLAINT NUMBER 2: I also spoke to Kogiso regarding this complaint on the same days mentioned above. He was most helpful and promised to solve my problems, which i was lead to believe he had.
I have been paying for my son Luke Hall's cell phone ([protected]) contract for many years. I have been longing for his contract to come to an end and to be able to switch the phone to "pay as you go". ... and was eagerly awaiting the date that i could cancel his contract. In June of this year he left to obtain employment in the Middle East. He has a company phone and does not need to use the phone he had here. However Elite Mobile phoned me and again told me that i could pay much less on this phone than i had been paying... this was while i was waiting for his contract to reach its fruition date. I agreed (who wouldn't?) What they failed to tell me was that this involved a new two year contract on this phone. Again i was "conned". I see that my account is still being debited with this amount. At present i am paying Vodacom over R700 for all the above plus my own contract which is worth about R200.
Please rectify and re-imburse the amount that has been deducted from my account every month.
Bronwyn le Roux [protected]

Upgrade costs and outstanding tablet

A MONTH ago I changed my 3 contracts on my name. Two, the cell phones, I have changed to 'call minutes' only...

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Line withdrawn

I lost my job sometime in April 2014, and had to close my bank account which Elite Mobile was debiting the...

Erroneous deactivation of BIS

I have an airtime contract with Elite Mobile. I was unable to make payment on 25 March '14, however made an arrangement to effect double payment on 25 April '14. The double payment was deducted via debit order by Elite Mobile on 25 April '14, however my BIS was de-activated (erroneously) and has since not been activated, despite emails, numerous calls and proof of payment being submitted (which was not required as the debit order wad deducted by Elite Mobile). As from 23 May '14 I am no longer even able to make calls or send sms's. I have incurred additional expenses as I was forced to use sms as means of communication. This defying the purpose of having a Blackberry with BBM, whatsapp and Email facilities. At this stage I have reached a point where I no longer wish to continue with this contract. I paid for a service that I did not have for more than a month now. I have already affected a further debit order payment on 25 May '14 and yet my BIS is still inactive. I want the contract cancelled, my BIS reinstated and the debit order cancelled. This is prudent as I do not intend to make any further payments to a company that merely does not have any regard for their clients. I was driving during the evening, with children in the car, when I discovered on 23 April '14 that I am unable to make calls or send sms's. This on top of not having access to BBM, whatsapp and email for a month. From inception I have had nothing but hassles, but did not raise a complaint as I understand that human error/ system failures can occur. The first debit order was successfully debited, but my BIS not activated. I had to make calls and wait an entire week for activation. My debit order is paid monthly and every month I am left with a deactivated BIS for a day or 2. I have not been difficult or raised complaints to date, however I will not longer tolerate such poor customer service. Elite Mobile seem not to realize that they are at fault (erroneous de-activation of my BIS) and do not seem to care that I am a customer of theirs.

wrongful contract

I have a complaint against Elite Mobile. They called me and gave me wrong information on discounted airtime. Nobody in the converstaion spoke about any contract and my prepaid number being converted to contract which eventually was doen by Elite Mobile. I called them to cancel the whole thing and now they are sending messages that I may loose my number. Who can charge this people for unfair business practise? They are ripping unsuspecting people in South Africa. When you call their centre there is no way they listen to your views, they are always in the right.

I need them to get off my back, how do I do this? Help. Lucas

Slow service and incorrect billing

In March I upgraded my vodacom package via Elite Mobile. I only received my phone a month later after lots of querries and inconsistant answers from them. After a long story, they told me I need to pay the upgrade fee before the phone can be released. I did that, faxed them proof of payment which they confirmed. The phone was released. Now 2 months later, they deducted the upgrade fee again from my account! (After ensuring me in March that it will not happen). I now get replies from them that the matter will be solved in 24 hours (I send the query on the 7th, it is now the 11th), but no luck, I can only see the same bad service thing repeating. They got all the details to fix this, even the correct and incorrect deductions from my bank statement. I will not reccomend anybody to use this service provider for upgrading with vodacom.

Debiting my account twice every month

I was phoned by a consultant in your call centre telling me that the call was recorded and that i was one of a selected few that qualified for a specific laptop deal. I was indeed very happy to hear that and accepted the offer. The lady explained all the terms and conditions and also stated that there is an e-mail account which i can activate with them. I informed her that i DON'T WANT the e-mail account as i do have my own e-mail. I was then put through to a gentleman whom confirmed all this information with me and i was satisfied as i gave the same info to 2 different people and was happy that all was going to be in order. My laptop was delivered speadily and i was very happy.

When my account was debited i checked and saw that i was debited for the ELIM EMAIL ACCOUNT which i specifically informed both these people i didn't want.

What was worse is that you are debiting my account twice every single month. I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND I WANT YOU TO STOP TAKING MY MONEY FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR!!!

Still waiting for order number confirmation

I was called at 13:42 yesterday by Elite Mobile - Prinola regarding a contract with Elite Mobile after spending 20 minutes on the phone giving her all my details I was told that I would be receiving a sms and an email to confirm the order number. Well more than 12 hours later I am still waiting for the SO CALLED sms and email. When I called [protected] nobody could help me and I was told I need to wait for the order number. So I have no feedback regarding it the order has been approved or declined nobody seems to know AND this is the second time this company has called me. Most places would at least let you know either via telephone or sms what the status is even if it has been declined.

Fraudulent deductions from bank account

1. Noticed Debit Order on my Bank Account not connected to me.
2. Contacted Standard Bank they gave me the necessary details (Elim - Elite Mobile).
3. Contacted Elite Mobile, they agreed that they were in the wrong, ask me to foward Bank Statements showing (fraudulent) Debit Orders.
4. Forwarded a 180 day Statement showing the Debit Orders going OFF MY ACCOUNT since August 2009.
5. The ongoing phone calls (and faxes) from me since 26th February 2010 to verify everything they finally agreed to have the refunded monies amounting to R1410 back in my Bank Account by close of business on the 12th March 2010.- THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED.

Wrong amount on debit order

This is now the 3rd attemp, and if i dont get this resolved by tommorow i will take legal action! I'm uterly disgusted in your service! You put the wrong amount trough on my account at thje beginning of the month which resulted in bank charges of R230 and again now you put trough the wrong amount twice!! I mean seriously!!! Someone from higher management need to contact me by tommorow or i will go to the papers end will procede with legal action!! How the hell can you people take money that was not agreed to in the contract!!!

false advertising

I received a call regarding a new contract from elitemobile:
It was a s follows:
Newline deal
Hewlett packard 620 on top up my meg 300
• hewlett packard 620 + huawei k3565 usb modem on top up my meg 300 @ r459 pm x 24 months subscription
• laptop insurance cybersured (r95.5) - first month free thereafter normal rate applies

The item I received had none of the features as advertised and told to me by the consultant.
I called them once I received it and advised I want what was advertised with the features as advised to me by the consultant and the advert.

It was been almost 3 months and no return calls no assistance and no refund or cancellation of this contract from elite mobile and vodacom., just lies from the telesales consultants, lies from the consultants and no assistance the laptop is still in the box waiting for them to change it or cancel my contract. And I still sit with a monthly bill of r495 for false advertising???

Elite Mobile bugging my kids on there cellphones to sell them Vodacom Cellphone contracts

I'm really getting tired of Elite Mobile bugging my kids on there cellphones to sell them Vodacom Cellphone contracts. I already have 6 MTN contracts I'm paying for, so why on this earth would I like to downgrade to Vodacom ? About every 3rd day I explain to them that these numbers belong to my children and that they should stop bugging them, but they keep on calling back. If they don't understand Afrikaans or English what else do I need to do about this ???

Harassment by telemarketers

Every day, I am called by different telecommunications companies' telemarketers, who want to sell things to me. I don't want people calling me. It is a waste of my time and an invasion of my privacy - I did not give anyone permission to call me about special offers and deals!

Today it was Elite Mobile. Please stop calling me. Because of the way that you market your products, I will not buy anything from you, even if it is better and cheaper than the product I have at the moment.

If I think that I need a product that is better than the one I have at the moment, I will do my own market research at a time that suits me.

  • So
    sobakhethile Feb 26, 2014

    January this year this idain lady off elite mobile kept calling me pursureding me to take that airtym contract. I agreed than this I think on the 12 off feb my Bis shatterd down & they sent R49 airtime not activiting my Bis now my phone is dead can't BBM. Can't Facebook can't get important Emails I did not agree to this me.iv called them but they are jst making me a stupid I want them to put my no bck to prepaid Asap & I will pay that R49 airtime ..want to go bck to prepard now if I knew that this is how they treat they custumers wouldn't have a agreed. I hate it I'm very angry iv spent lot off airtym calling them but no they are not take me seriously

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I don't see why I should continue to pay for something that I don't use

A few years ago I agreed to get an infinity card which is supposed to accumulate credits etc and was told that I would only pay an annual fee for this. I have not used this card for about 2 years so have decided that the payment of the annual fee is a complete waste of my money. I don't see why I should continue to pay for something that I don't use. Please cancel my debit order immediately!!!

Stay far away from Elite Mobile

On the 10 September 2009, I noticed that I was being billed R249 for my Vodacom 3G card instead of the R199 that I was promised! I phoned the call centre and was told to phone Vodacom, I did this but Vodacom said that it was an Elite Mobile issue!

On the 11 September 2009, Jasmine confirmed to me that the special was going for R199 at the time that I took out the contract and that something was wrong - she said she would check and get back to me. The next day, she phoned to say that she was still checking and that she would get back to me!

On Friday, 25 September I phoned Jasmine again, she gave me a reference number EM813895, she said that according to her records, the query was escalated to management, but unfortunately the manager was not available at the time but promised to phone me back before close of business that day! I AM STILL WAITING!!!

I want my monthly charge to be reverted to R199 (as the sales guy said and what was charged before) and the money owed to me paid back immediately! I knew there was something fishy with this company when the sales guy couldn't explain why I would be debited twice in one month for the contract!

  • Be
    BEHERBERT Nov 24, 2010



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Your company is a disgrace and your staff are rude

I receive several calls a week from your company offering me a cellphone. If I try and interrupt the actor who reads the script, I am told but you haven't heard my great deal yet. I have more than enough cellphones, laptops, 3G contracts etc and don't need another one. I will also never purchase one from a company like yours that phones me constantly and is amounting to harrassment.

Today alone I received a call around 10am and a second one at 3:15. The lady who called at 3:15 told me to get lost and slammed the phone down on me. Unfortunately I didn't get her name otherwise I would have laid a charge against her at the SAPS.

Please remove my details from your database. I never wish to receive another promotional call from you again. This amounts to abuse, harrassment and invasion of privacy and I am just the person who will consult my attorneys next time and follow up on further action against your company. If you think I am bluffing just try me.

Your company is a disgrace and your staff are rude.

They never stop calling me

I have been harassed by elite mobile's call centre for months now. I get three calls a day and every time i tell them i DO NOT WANT A CONTRACT THROUGH THEM and they must please take my number off their call centre list. An the next day... I get three calls from a private number which I don't answer. If I was going to renew my cell phone contract this would be the last company I did it through as their call centre staff are rude, abrubt and don't listen.