Steers Fast Food.lies and bad services

E Jul 11, 2019

I would to report staff at Steers François Road in Glenwood Durban, the time was 19:10pm when my nephew called them to place an order, she gave them the Address and the lady who who answered the phone pretended as if she doesn't know the address even her system can't pick it up so she told my nephew that she will ask the delivery driver about the address and eventuallyshe just dropped the phone and when my nephew tried to call back she noticed that her number was blocked and I had to take the other phone and called them back I did the same process to place the order and the lady said the delivery will be on the way shortly, we waited for an hour and when I called back I found out that even my own number has been blocked. Then I had to take a 3rd phone and called them and they picked up by
A lady who's name was Samkelisiwe and asked where can I expect my delivery and why are they blocking our phones and I was then told that it was late they don't do deliveries at afternoon so I argued with them that they promised that the delivery was on thr way and now they telling me that they don't do deliveries in the afternoons so I asked them why are they making a fool of me and they made me wait for an hour for nothing.

This is totally unacceptable and Steers can not be having such a bad services and behavior I request for a justice over this as they made a fool of us and blocked our phones just because they werelazy to do their jobs there are a lot of peopleour there who would appreciate to do the job than Steers keeping they lazy dishonest staff!!!

I have all the recordsof the call on my phone.

I will wait for the responseon this matter as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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