Steersbad service


We buy a lot of take away at our local Steers. A few weeks ago we ordered food for delivery. When the delivery person left we noticed that the one order was wrong, we phoned the shop and they just said "Sorry"
Yesterday, 24 October, we bought food in the shop. When I got home the order did not look right. I went to look at my slip. The lady ringed up extra that I did not asked for. I did not want chips with our burgers, but I paid for regular chips with all the burgers, and there was one packet of chips sort in the package!! I did not phone again, because I did not want to hear "sorry" again. I will most certainly not support that shop again. Not only do we get mixed up orders, or not all I paid for, but the kitchen staff is sometimes very inappropriate. The one lady working with food was constantly coughing.

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