Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesthe food!

R Aug 14, 2018

Stopped at Steak n Shake on Southport Rd. close to I65 exit. I've eaten at other Steak n Shakes almost my entire life, very good food. I stopped at that particular one as I was getting on the interstate.

With absolutely no regrets, I must say it was the worst food I have ever tried to eat. The frisco melt was burnt & the bread was so stale, you had to rip a bite off & fries went along with it...mushy & cold.
I can honestly say that was the worst sandwich (2 bites) I have ever had, hands down. Unfortunately I was already on the road by then.

Summing it up...real crummy food.
Thanks for your time,
Lois Schern

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