Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesservice

L Aug 03, 2019

On July 19 my sister and I visited your store in Ashtabula, Ohio for lunch. The store was moderately busy with 3 wait staff on duty. We were seated right away and a waitress greeted us and took our orders. Our milkshakes were delivered promptly. However, then everything went downhill from there. We saw many tables seated and served after we had given our orders. There were tables that our waitress had after us that were served. We were very patient but after about 30 minutes my sister asked a waitress where our food was. She informed her that there was a ticket before us and we would be next. Keep in mind that tables seated before us were already served. During this time we also saw another table get up and leave because they did not get their food either. Finally we decided enough was enough, got up, paid for our milk shakes and left. It wasn't like we had done a special order or anything for it to be so long. She wanted a grilled cheese and I wanted a double steakburger. I love Steak n Shake and have never had an issue like this before but I will certainly not go back to this store. The one in Mentor, Ohio is usually my go to store. I am attaching the picture of the receipt of our check out time. We go to thus store at 230.


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