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On the night of 7/30/19. Myself and a coworker went on lunch break from the hospital to get food for ourselves and our coworkers. We arrived at 1040pm. Placed 5 small to go orders. The store was not very busy at all when we arrived. We waited 40 mins. We were missing food, drinks and milkshakes had melted by this time. All of the food was shoved in 1 bag and spilling everywhere. Also 4/5 people came in for to go orders after us and received theirs way before we did. The drive thru was also being tended To first for those orders in that time period.

The "manager" was so rude and not helpful at all to make it right. He actually said "what are they waiting on now?" Very annoyed. I was not leaving with out the things we PAID for and another bag for the mess they had made. We don't appreciate being treated this way and going over on our lunch break because they struggled making these to go orders as other staff was out in the lobby visiting with customers, mopping, etc. We were basically ignored.

We will not bring our business back to this store and they should be ashamed of how they treated paying customers who take care of the people in their community, possibly one of them one day. I am more than disgusted with it all and will make sure that everyone on social media and word of mouth will know about these issues as well.