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My daughter and I have visitors Steak ‘n Shake ( zanesville Ohio) twice in the past 10 days. Both times we were not served. The first time was around midnight after we had just got done working all day painting her house. We sat in line for about 15-20 minutes, there was 3 cars in front of us. Finally we were the second car from the speaker and we sat and sat. Finally a lady came out of the restaurant and her exact words were "we are closing because we have ran out of everything!" HOW? HOW CAN YOU RUN OUT IF EVERYTHING!?!??
So we went to Wendy's drive through.
The second time we went, around 11:30 pm, same scenario, just got done from working all day. we got right up to the speaker, no waiting, only to find a sign that says " drive through closed!"
We certainly wasn't going to go in because we were grungy. So we went to Burger King drive through. We drive almost 25 minutes to get to Steak ‘n Shake and it is a real disappointment when we can't eat after a day of working. There are not many places open after midnight except Taco Bell and Burger King, which we had to drive 15 more minutes to get to.
This has happened to me a couple times when I was working at my job. I would get off at around 11:30 and stop at steak and shake and the drive through was closed due to a couple reason, one reason I remember was that they were cleaning the grills.
So needless to say, we have been disappointed several times. My daughter say she will never go to Steak ‘n Shake again. Me, I will probably try once more, after all you do have the best burgers ever.
Thank you.


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    9wood Aug 14, 2018

    seems not worth the trip there if all you get is waiting for them to say there closed

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