Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesremoval of salt and vinegar fries

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So today I went to your establishment in Tampa, Fl to get some of the delicious salt and vinegar fries. Upon ordering the man in the speaker box informs me they are no longer available. After a brief breakdown and prayer to the lord to contain my rage, I agreed to accept the cardboard flavorless fries that y'all serve, I had to order extra ketchup in order to not taste like I just chewed the corner of a box. Here's the thing Steak n'shake I was sober and this news devastated me to my core but I kept it together, now let's replay this scenario but insert the drunk version of me who's favorite food after a night out is your salt and vinegar fries, I probably would have went to jail, just complete mayham would have been had, tears would have been cried and god only knows what else. So this is my plea to you to please add these bad boys back to the menu, I'm a nice person and really don't deserve this. I even texted my friends to let them know, they feel completely attacked as well. No one really likes your plain fries, they're boring, we need more flavor and not to play god and remove them from the menu all Willy nilly like, these are people's lives and you can't do these kinds of things.


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    Onecornishloon Aug 02, 2018

    I too am mourning while searching for the reason why Steak and Shake would stop serving the only purpose I had for dining at their restaurant. Were those fries giving us cancer or what?

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  • Om
    Omeomya Aug 02, 2018

    Couldn't you just add salt and vinegar to the fries?

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