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I have been with State Farm Insurance for over 13 years and had little problems until I hit a small log on the road damaging the front end suspension and read bumper area of my 04 Dodge Caravan, with 52,000 miles. I contacted my agent and proceeded to a service first center wherein pictures were taken and a notation indicating to check front end knocking and noise. A week later I was advised that my vehicle was fixed and the noise under the front end were cause by some damaged Strut Links. The repair center representative called while I was on the way and informed me that the State Farm's adjuster would not cover the Strut Link repairs due to it being a normal ware and tear items. I advised him that my vehicle drove fine before this incident and now State Farm (SF) is using this normal wear and tear issues to avoid paying the claim. I was advised that since there was no visible damage underneath my front end that it would not be covered. I advised the repair center agent and SF agent that just because you cannot see damage, doesn’t mean there is none. I have to give the Repair Center Rep. (RCR) credit as he explained how SF always undercuts estimates and will use tactics like this to avoid for paying repairs. I paid my deductible and for the strut links. I then received my paperwork and began to drive my vehicle off and as I did I heard the same popping noise under my left driver’s side and returned to the repair center. The put my vehicle on the rack and I as well inspected underneath the front end, brakes, etc. for something loose. However, we were unable to find anything.

I advised the mechanic that I believed it was a strut and since SF had already used the wear and tear issue to deny my claim, I went and purchased the struts myself and brought my vehicle back to the Repair Center Monday morning. The struts were put on and after the test drive, vehicle fixed and working fine. I advised the RCR that it appeared to be fixed. I asked some questions about the repair order I received from the mechanic since I was required to pay $155.00 labor for these repairs up-font and already paid for the materials. I was advised the claim would be resubmitted and if there were a difference owed that the RCR would cut me a check. I had been in touch with my agent throughout this whole period and to reach out to him for assistance. However, Any time I discussed my dissatisfaction with SF and how they were not even attempting to address these issues it was giving me seconds thoughts about being a customer of SF. I made this clear to my agent, and claim center representatives (CCR) in Bloomington, IL. I spent over $440.00 dollars out of my own pocket to get my vehicle repaired to ensure it was in working order. At the time I could care less about SF and the issues of normal wear and tear. I advised my agent and claim rep. of my dissatisfaction and intention to pursue this issue matter in another venue. This was not a money issue for me but an issue of getting my vehicle fixed and receiving the respect and dignity I deserved from SF.

I took all my receipts in and turned the original over to my agents secretary and advised her of the aforementioned strut being fixed and I was not expecting SF to pay for the other strut, however I advised her that I was not going to replace one without the other. I received copies of the repair order (with parts and labor) alignment charge from a dealership service center I paid for.

I then contacted the CCR dept. and advised I would like to know within a week what course of action they were going to take. I called back in a week and was forwarded to a number and a person named Marion Ashner. I left a message for him and he called my back indicating that someone had definitely whited something out on the repair order and he was going to see if the fraud investigators were going to take the case over. I advised him that I got copies of all the paperwork and there is no whiteout on it and what are you talking about. I advised him that he needed to get a copy of the originals before he began inferring or suggesting that I am involved in some type of fraudulent activity. He indicated that he needed to gather all the facts. I informed him that I paid for these repairs out of my own pocket, because SF pulled its usual games of refusing to pay and I have a right for SF to look at this and determine whether they will pay for some of these repairs or not and if not I will pursue it in other venues. Mr. Asner indicated well we would look into this and see if the investigators want to get involved. I advised him that him and SF are going to be in a fight for your misdeeds, allegations, retaliation, and harassment. Just because I stood up to SF about the perception of how your company works and the perception you give to your customers Vs, the reality of coercion, deception, fraud etc.

This saga will continue and I will provide updates.

I am confident that this is not the first time SF has resulted to this tactic and treatment of customers. If anyone has a comment on the above narrative please reply.

PS. The total repair bill including bumper, bodywork, and front-end repair was under $1,200.00 minus a $100 dollar deductible and the $400 plus dollars I paid out of my pocket!

Thank you for your time.


  • Ra
    Ray Satterwhite Nov 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    To whom it may concern at State Farm Corporate
    The communications below are in a reverse time frame, meaning that the earliest is at the bottom of the page.
    I have been a State Farm customer for several years. I've always paid my premiums on time and I do not file frivilous claims. I recently had a claim to file on 21 foot travel trailer. I was told, without equivocation, that no claim would be processed on the trailer because that kind of damage wasn't covered. To the best of my knowledge no adjuster was ever dispateched to investigate the damage. I recently moved from Illinois to Arizona and had not changed agents. I understand that this geographical separation probably complicated matters, however, I thought the least my agent could do was have someone in Arizona take a look. When I told him that the gentleman at the RV place where I had taken the trailer needed to talk to him, he very flatly said that he didn't need to and had no intention of talking to anyone at the place.
    In anger I wrote the, shall we say, opening salvo. The tone and dialogue that the agent has had since then is nothing less than juvenile.
    However, I still stand by my original words. If I can do anything within the boundaries of the law to discredit this man, I will. He also has an assistant named Jerry something that is equally abravise.
    It was my intention to stay with State Farm even after moving to Arizona. I actually had queried this agent about coverage on a motorhome that I just purchased, as can be verified by the ensuing dialogue, and he said as long as I owned property in Illinois there was no need to change agents. At least I think that's what he said.
    I sold my travel trailer for salvage because without some coverage assistance it wasn't worth trying to repair and sell.
    The bottom line is this. I will tell anyone who will listen to avoid any and all State Farm products. Will my one voice make a dent in your bottom line. Probably not, but, it is my only recourse for what I think was very unjust and unprofessional treatment.
    Read the extended communications and judge for yourself.

    Ray Satterwhite
    what happens if you do not have it insured and something happens?

    From: Raymond Satterwhite [mailto:r.[protected]]
    Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 2:42 PM
    To: Todd Arseneau
    Subject: RE: Claims


    Ray Satterwhite

    --- On Fri, 11/21/08, Todd Arseneau <todd.arseneau.[protected]> wrote:

    From: Todd Arseneau <todd.arseneau.[protected]>
    Subject: RE: Claims
    To: r.[protected]
    Date: Friday, November 21, 2008, 2:41 PM

    are you sure??

    From: Raymond Satterwhite [mailto:r.[protected]]
    Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 2:40 PM
    To: Todd Arseneau
    Subject: RE: Claims

    Do not write the motor home.

    Ray Satterwhite

    --- On Wed, 11/19/08, Todd Arseneau <todd.arseneau.[protected]> wrote:

    From: Todd Arseneau <todd.arseneau.[protected]>
    Subject: RE: Claims
    To: r.[protected]
    Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 4:32 PM

    Are you saying that you do not want me to write the 1997 Motorhome?

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Internet Customer
    Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 12:09 AM
    To: Todd Arseneau
    Subject: Claims

    Message from Ray Satterwhite

    Email Address is : r.[protected]

    Postal Address: 3507 East Rosemonte Drive
    City: Phoenix
    State: Az
    Zip: 85050
    Phone: [protected]

    I'm a current State Farm policyholder, please contact me by phone.
    The best time to reach me is in the morning.
    Todd to say that I'm disappointed in your claim service on my trailer
    would be an understatement. As far as I know you didn't even have an
    adjuster examine the damage. However, that reaction is what I have come
    to expect from you and your kind and State Farm. It's all about
    collecting premiums and generating denials when it comes to claims.
    I have yet to decide which avenue I'm going to take next. I can tell you
    this, I will explore every legal avenue to discredit you as an insurance
    I wish you the worst of luck and hope that eventually what goes around
    does truly come around.

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  • Al
    Allan Rochard Nov 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    From: Allan
    Toronto Canada,

    Thanks for the heads up on your claim, I was looking to change Insurance Companies for a better rate.

    This has changed my mind.

    Thanks a lot, I will pass this on to my friends and family.

    Try going to the Directors of the Company at their Head Office.


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