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About a month, an incident started when an employee that was transferred from another store to the jefferson street, falls church, va - #7 store, in which I have been a regular customer since the store opened, have sometimes problems with getting my order done right but what escalated into writing this letter was rudeness and unprofessional towards me from this employee as they was asking me to pay for an extra shot in my drink.

Paying for the extra shot was not a problem at all but the loudness, shooting out to me and demanding for me to pay for an extra shot was definitely the problem so I refused to pay for the extra shot due to their rudeness. Then I went on to questioned them, who are you talking to as they continued being rude and then taking it up to another notch being loud and rude like they were the boss or owned the store. This employee was so rude that if it was another customer, younger than i, would have slapped them silly, like someone their age as I know that I am about three times their age, own enough to be their mother.

Again, they were so loud that the entire store look at this employee while they continue going on shooting at me making remarks like "who do you think you are”, “do you think that you are someone special”, “do you think you get special treatment around here”, “you need to pay for the extra shot because you get treated just like everyone else and you don’t get treated no different”. I never heard of any other customer get spoken to in that manner – never. So I refused to pay for it due to how I was spoken to and treated as the night manager went on continue making my drink and apologized for that employee’s behavior. The employees looked on as if they were embarrassed of what this employee just said and I just don’t understand how someone like this can continue working in a popular place like starbucks or work anywhere else with the attitude – no people skills.

So the next day I told the manager and they stated that they would take care of it by talking to them about it. After that incident, now the employee would see me coming into the store and they would run into the back of store to avoid waiting on me as this have been going since.

But what took this to another level was when I went into the store today, january 16th, took it to the next level as I will be looking into to this further, this employee is able to continue working there, but today, the same employee, still working there, stood there with another employee debating which one was going to wait on me. First they went to the bar, then back to the cash register and just had me waiting for unusual period of time on which one was going to wait on me as they did not want to. The only reason they did was the store manger was there and the manager told them to ring me up.

Then the manager was unprofessional to me today as I believe it due to this employee being difficult in this situation as we are talking, this rudely employee got into our conversation and became unprofessional again but I understand the manager situation in being unprofessional but not this employee in question. But I have had enough, because this has been going on for over a month now and they are allowed to continue working there, talking rudely and unprofessional to customer, a long time customer on top of that. I have seen employees come and go in this store. Good and bad ones.

Everyone one knows me by first name, I make their day by coming by every single day and they make my day as well by visiting this store but I will not take no one talking rudely or unprofessional to and that goes for the manager of the store as well. I have spent thousands of dollars in that store since it opened and its’ not acceptable to talk to me any way you please as I will be looking into this further because some people there do not have any people skills not experience to work in a popular store like this and I am so upset that someone working in a popular place like this can continue working there as their attitudes has not change. I have submitted many surveys and compliments toward this store, the manager in how well they run the store, some of the employees that are joyful to see and talk to every single day as I do not mind paying my money and then this – no way am I going to let this continue. If nothing is done about this employee, I will be looking into to this further and this is not a threat just letting you know what I am going to do as I wondering why they was transferred from another store in the first place – for the same reason?


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    cfox4ever Oct 20, 2009

    they always have a chain around the tables and chairs so no one can sit outside

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  • Fa
    faint Jan 30, 2010

    "I make their day by coming by every single day"

    My, you do think you're a special little snowflake, don't you?

    If they treat you so poorly, just find another store and "make everybody's day" there. Cripes, Starbucks are on every corner as it is; I'm sure you won't have any problem finding another.

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  • Cr
    Cranbliss Apr 11, 2010

    Because it's cold outside??

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  • Pe
    pevatsb Aug 14, 2010

    starbucks is a sleazy company who encourages their employees to be rude to people. A barista in newpaltz newyork refused to serve me I asked why and she responded that y"ou are a crazy man". This employee has had several complaints escalated to regional management and still they do nothing. If everyone has a bathroom accident in starbucks stores that will sens a message to starbucks that calling customers crazy iss un acceptable. Just [censor] on the toilet seat accidentally of course or if you accidentally piss all over the floor, that will send the message.

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  • Pe
    pevatsb Aug 14, 2010

    starbucks gets its rock off when baristas are rude and call customers crazy. Justice is when you accidentally [censor] on the toilet seat or floor or accidentall piss all over the floor.

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  • La
    laurenzm20 Jan 11, 2011

    Dude I feel your pain!!! I admit... I have lots of friends that work at Starbucks; who are super nice and friendly, but besides those few, I've come to find that several of their employees are all douche bags and subtly rude. And its not the common "Fast Food" rude either; such as rolling the eyes, or forgetting the napkins on purpose. No... no... But as if they have created an entirely new breed of poor customer service altogether! Just because they work at "STARBUCKS" and put on a green apron everyday they misconstrue the title of "coffee maker" and somehow turn it into "artisan"; making them feel like they have "class", (even though we all know they make minimum wage just like everybody else!). But somehow... in some way... this newfound alter ego causes them to feel the need to all treat their customers like small aging animals at a petting zoo... like they're better than us and as if were all dumber than the the girls in scary movies who go looking for the killers. This brings me back to term douche bag. So Take that up the a** h*** Star f***s up all the time.

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  • Un
    Untrepid One Jun 19, 2019

    @laurenzm20 The starbucks I go to weeds out the rude staff then kills them discretely by tieing them to 4 cars pointed in different directions (what else right ?) and then letting the cars out of gear 😆. I like that store.
    I can't tell you what happens to a rude customers because then you would throw up.

    Oops wait .none of that is true .it's just my fantasy but the store I go to is the best.that is true .
    It's in the osborne village in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada .

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  • Co
    ConsumerEsque Mar 03, 2011

    I'm sorry to hear that. I actually work for Starbucks and a significant portion of our training is geared towards providing an excellent customer experience. We even have a little diagram that states "When working on completing a certain task and you see a customer enter your store, drop whatever you are doing and focus your attention on the customer."

    Now, admittedly, we do come across some rather indignant and complicated patrons, especially in the morning hours. We do not have to tolerate personal abuse and have methods of dealing with problematic customers. However, that does not seem to be what happened in your case. It's likely that the barista in question fabricated what really happened in an attempt to get the manager on his or her side. So, I would say you are doing the right thing by voicing your concerns.

    On the other hand though, I can't say that I would want to return if I were in your position. Depending on where you live, there's probably another store in close proximity. Suffice it to say, the poor treatment you've been receiving is completely unacceptable and that store really doesn't deserve your business. My advice to you is to continue voicing your grievance as necessary, but don't necessarily paint your ultimate objective as winning the right to return. I mean, for what? To continue receiving sub-par customer service and be passively resented by the staff? Take your business elsewhere. By doing that, you will send them a bolder message.

    @Laurenzm20: Starting wage for a barista is actually above the minimum and they also get bi-yearly raises as well. Not to over-glorify anything, but the job has attracts college/university students and even graduates for a reason. And not every barista is like the aforementioned. In fact, very few are. I know that I personally love most of my regulars and enjoy interacting with them on a daily basis.

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  • Sc
    screwfuks Apr 02, 2011

    One employee tried to make me sit at the table reserved for people with disabilities because I have a limp. I don't use a wheelchair and was perfectly able to sit at any of the unoccupied tables. Over and despite my protests she went over to the people sitting at the table, pointed her finger at me so that they all stared and told them they had to move so I could have their table. I was embarrassed and started walking off when she yelled LOUDLY 'hey, I got you a table.'
    When I asked her why she did that despite my telling her I didn't want or need the table, she DENIED it. I had just witnessed the whole thing!! She kept denying it but finally admitted it. Then she said 'that's not why I went up to them" - as if somehow that made it ok. (Also, I was a long time regular in that store - I never asked for help, never sat at that table, never had a problem - I have NO idea what prompted her to "help" me).
    So I contacted the manager and didn't get much response. Then I tried to contact the DM - not sure if my message got to her exactly but in a few days I got an email saying I should put it behind me because she was trying to be nice.
    No apology, not even lip service to understanding my view point. I know she thought she was being nice but when a customer says 'no, I really don't want that, ' the wish shouldn't be just totally and absolutely dissed. Are they going to let her start deciding what customers want to drink too??
    Also, it's not professional to point at a customer and make other customers look around. It's not professional to yell at customers. I really truly don't like attention called to me and I really just wanted to quietly sit down.
    I kept calling customer service and finally the DM did email and asked me to call - I've called and emailed her numerous times. No response.
    The people at the customer service # are super nice but people on the front lines don't seem to care. I feel like the employee just gives them a sob story and they think 'oh how sweet.' She lied to me when she knew I had just seen the original incident - no telling what she says to them.
    All I want is to know that Starfuks knows the way she treated me was rude and that they've explained it to her. Why is that such a big deal to them.?? I could have been over weeks ago. They're making me madder than I ever was at the original incident.
    Advice anyone?

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  • Unfortunately, you have to deal with these kind of people. I stopped going to Starbucks because they are over priced, but now I have another reason not to go there.

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  • Co
    CommonsenseIMHO1 Apr 02, 2011

    >"One employee tried to make me sit at the table reserved for people with disabilities because I have a limp"

    Just curious, how anyone make you do anything? Look, I understand why you're miffed. Although this is a very unusual situation, you need to take some responsibility as far as setting your boundaries. I can only speak for myself, I would have come unglued at the moment this occurred or was about to occur and shut it down. I can tell you right now, after the fact, the management will not be able to provide you with the satisfaction you're looking for. Frankly because they probably don't understand "what the big deal is"!

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  • Mo
    molliewollie Apr 02, 2011

    Their coffee tastes like crap too.

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  • Fo
    FordF150 May 11, 2011

    This has happened to me several times at this one location, the barista takes your order, make your drink and if you pay with cash either keep the change without offering it back to me so I may have the decision to leave a tip or not, sometimes as much as five dollars. to me this is a surcharge and not a tip.

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  • Ni
    nightclown May 27, 2011

    u just sound upset cause you weren't treated as nice as before. find another place then.

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  • Pa
    paigevictoria Jul 01, 2011

    I went into Starbucks and they were completly dead, I was standing at the counter for about 5 minutes without any customer service, and finally the woman came over to me and was completly rude. I asked for my Mocha Frappachino in size small and she gave me a rude look and asked why not the large? I was shocked, and just walked out.

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  • Su
    Susan Gene Imerone Jan 12, 2013

    I purchased a coffeemaker, Verismo 580 on 12/31/2012 for $150.00 and tried to return it on 1/3/2013 but the worker wasn't sure what to do with the transaction so she advised me she would contact the manager and get back to me. The purchase was taken from 3 different credit cards (in which 1 was on a Visa (debt) Gift Card and the other was on a Visa AT&T promotional debt card ) and the third one was on my personal Visa (debt) Chase Bank card. The manager called me on the 1/4/2013 and originally told me that she would only be able to give me store credit for the purchased price. I told her every time I had ever purchased any thing from Starbucks it had to be either cash or credit card and, why was it that she could only give me store credit? She said that making a purchase with my visa debt card is not considerated cash so; therefore, she would not give me cash back. I also asked her why she could not give me credit on my personal credit card or gift cards? Then she changed her story and told me she could give me credit only on my gift card and not on my personal Visa credit card. So, therefore, I asked her why she did not put the purchase amount on all three credit cards as it was originally purchased. She said as long as put the amount on one of the cards used was sufficient. But she still refused to put it on my personal Visa debt card as requested. Why??

    I also have purchase 8 café lattés and milk pods kits for the Veismo coffeemaker which I did not have a recite to go with the purchase so, therefore, she would not give me store credit. They were all in the original store condition as when I had purchased them from your company.

    When I left the store I realized that I had left my original recite behind and when I went back for it she told me that I didn’t need it. I continued to insist that I did need the recite, but she told me she needed it too. Anyways, finally she retrieves it out of the garbage and gives it back to me. Then she said to me, “Well, I am done and this is the end of all of this.”

    In all of the years I have dealt with Starbucks I have not ever had a person that was so rude and not willing to accommodating me what so ever. I have always found Starbuck employees to be friendly and willing to please.

    I told her that I would not ever return to Starbucks again and I have been one of her best customers there is. I have spent a lot of money at Starbucks, as I am there almost every day of the week and sometimes even on weekends. Her only response was, “Well, I guess that’s the way it goes!”

    “Well, Farwell Starbucks”
    Susan Imerone
    4065 43rd Street 401
    San Diego, Ca. 92105


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  • Su
    Susan Gene Imerone Jan 12, 2013

    I will not be returning back to Starbucks again, you can count on this!
    Susan Imerone

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  • Be
    begino Apr 11, 2013

    sorry, anyone going to starbucks is a douche bag.
    to hear a complaint about some employee being a stuck up pos from a stuck up pos customer is a joke!
    yes, all patrons of starbucks are exactly like this! what you see is really what you are getting.
    what a hoot!
    this complaint is not only too long but it's irrelevant.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 26, 2019

    @begino I know. 4.00 for a small cup of burnt coffee!!!

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  • Be
    beaurogard james Dec 08, 2015

    to single out one business is irrelevant. besides, most 'reception' is based on how the customer treats the staff.

    consider that.

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  • 19
    1994kaley Jun 29, 2016

    Enjoying my drink at the new Starbucks on Washington and Lomas in Albuquerque and two baristas are having a conversation behind the cash register about being a dike. As I think its unprofessional to use that term I ignore it, it then goes into a conversation about juggalos and anal smuggling and the F word is used about 3 times. They were never whispering, or even talking in a normal voice. She is clearly asking for people to hear her. Who the hell is Starbucks hiring?

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  • Mo
    monalisa Jul 20, 2016

    visited your store on Day st. Moreno Valley Ca. last night. I walked in at 8;50 pm and ordered a decaff. I was told by the girl, There was none as they do not brew it that late. I asked if they were closing and she said no. They were open until Midnight for the drive thru. She offered me a "decaff shot". She explained to me it is a shot of coffee added to hot water. I let her know, it didn't sound as good and I really just wanted a decaff. She told me they just do not brew it at that time of the evening. Really? And your open until midnight? It's not even 9pm???? Hummmm... I live in the mountains and go down the hill at least 4 times a week. I almost always swing by a Starbucks for my skinny vanilla latte. Never thought a decaff would be a problem. I wanted to tell her the establishment in which she is employed is a "coffee shop". Frankly, I was tired and just wanted something warm for my ride home. I went with the decaff "shot in hotwater" It was very disappointing. On that note I must say, I have never encountered an employee of Starbucks who was not always pleasant and friendly. It is always a pleasure to stop by and grab a coffee and a donut or a breakfast sandwich.

    Keep the decaff going. Even if it means waiting for a few minutes. I don't think most people would mind the wait.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 26, 2019

    @monalisa Decaf.

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