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I made arrangements to have the Stanley Steemer from Allentown, PA clean the tile and grout in two bathrooms along with the carpeting in a bedroom, living room and dining room. The workers arrived on schedule. The grouting was cleaned first, and the main areas turned out fine. However, the equipment used is too large to fit between the toilet and walls. So these areas were not touch, with no attempt to use smaller equipment or do it by hand. On the carpeting, the "filtration" shadowing at the baseboard on several walls was not being addressed. When I asked the worker, Roy, if he could work on those areas, I was told that the equipment does get close to the wall. I looked at those areas, tile and carpeting and asked them to come back to clean them. After all, their TV commercials talk about how they get the stains out. The local Operations Manager, Steve, came out the day of the scheduled cleaning and looked at the areas of concern. He offered a small discount on a future cleaning, which I accepted. But when the same workers arrived, things went downhill very quickly. They cleaned the tile around the toilet by hand. But when they brought their equipment in to clean the carpeting, the holes was muddy and spread mud on our hardwood floor and soiled the carpet on the stairs and hall wall. When I brought it to their attention, they said that clean the stairway and hall. That was okay until I saw how rough they were being when they were cleaning the edges of the carpeting. They sprayed a spot remover from waist height, with the intention of spot cleaning the edges. How they expected that most to hit the edge, I have no idea. Then they sprayed the edge of the carpeting as they also sprayed the wallpaper and baseboard with the cleaner. And then they scratched the baseboard with the head of the vac wand, as they roughly push and pulled the metal vac head along the baseboard. I also found that they pulled the house around several corners, marking wallpaper and chipping the woodwork as they did so. Their website states that they use corner guards and brush the nap. They did neither. I even called their office while the workers were here, and was brushed off. I did a full refund, but I have to paint the baseboard. And the "filtration" shadowing is still there. They said it won't come out. But I have been able to clean it with "Capture" from Lowes.

I would never use Stanley Steemer again. And especially after the Operations Manager told the BBB that I always had the intention of getting the cleaning done free. An insult on top of the damage done to my home!

Don't use them if you want the job done right.


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      Mar 26, 2015

    I am in Lexington, KY and made arrangements with Stanley Steamer to clean my carpets and floors, My home is on the market and It is imperative that we present a pristine space, of course. As usual, they ran the price up from the agreed upon amount, and then pushed a "new" wood floor sealant, which was supposed to make my wood floor shiny, easy to clean and more beautiful.
    I didn't want to do it, but I did, which was my first mistake.
    They didn't tell us to stay off the floor for 3 to 4 hours, so we came back home 90 minutes later and walked on it, which lead shoe marks. This was AFTER I fell and landed on my back, lol.
    So, furious, I called them and threatened to sue them if they didn't fix their work.
    They came back and supposedly took off the initial coat of sealant, and put a new coat on, which we stayed off for 3 hours.
    There are still 2 foot prints clearly visible on my living room floor.
    Cleaning this floor is a nightmare now.
    I have no idea what to do.
    They did the rework for free, and believe me, I got what i paid for, horrific work.
    I will never use Stanley Steamer again.
    If this hurts the sale of my home, I will see them in court.

    Kay Foley
    Lexington KY

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      Mar 28, 2015

    I had Stanley Steemer come out to steam clean the tiles and put color seal on them. After they were finished, they told me I had to scrub down the residue grout in the shower the next day and wait 30 minutes to rinse it. Boy, was that a job. We have tiles on our shower ceiling and some of the Tile and Grout cleaner went into my eyes. It burned my throat too. I felt sick all day long and I'm not sure what this manager is planning to do about it. Poison control told me to stand in a cool shower and let the water run into my eyes. They still burned. I almost had to meet up with the eye doctor tonight. I'm so tired, though. I don't know why they couldn't finish the job they started. Why do they leave it up to the customer to do the rest of the job? I paid $165 for the job and they made me do the cleanup! Wow, that's quite an outfit there. I think I will cancel any future cleaning of my carpet with them. They cleaned one bathroom and I had the adjacent bedroom door shut. It stunk like heck when I went in there later on. Never again!!!

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