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Merry Maids Complaints & Reviews

Merry Maids / unauthorized credit card charges

Teresa Hartnett on Aug 22, 2017
This complaint regards over $4 thousand in unauthorized charges to my credit card by Merry Maids of Alexandria (Virginia). I have reported this without getting any reimbursement to date. I would like full reimbursement, the legal 17% interest according to VA law. After almost two months with...

Merry Maids / unauthorized charges and unethical bahaviour.

John Harry on Jun 6, 2017
I recently had merry maids come clean a home we just bought. First they had someone go through the house and create a detailed quote. They it would cost between $350 and $480. I first had to give them a $150 deposit. They were to clean the home the next monday. That did not happen as they...

Merry Maids / Merry Maids

Hi ( My Name) ---< was here let's call me Nancy Thanks for your interest in the Professional House Cleaner position at Merry Maids of the Triad. We have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, you are not the right fit for the position at this time. I am sorry for the disappointing...

Merry Maids / Unethical behaviour

jaydoug12 on Feb 1, 2017
1/31/2016 This is absolutely disgusting and unprofessional! This woman works for merry maids Bel air MD office, how she has a job is beyond me really. And to think of worse incidents that have/could have happened to others. She drops the toothbrush in a bucket of cleaning solution and...

Merry Maids / Totally disgusted!!

BruoonGhat on Dec 9, 2016
Do not use this terrible service!! I had the worst experience in my life and these scammers Merry Maids refused to do anything about that. Their nasty support said that I was too emotional. First of all the person who came to clean my house was 1 hour late and there was no way the find...

www.merrymaids.com / They didn't warn me about their arrival

Reviewer49480 on Oct 1, 2015
OMG. I filled the form on the website www.merrymaids.com. I really thought that they would call me before they would come to my house. I was shocked to see them in the early morning and it was strange that no one warned me about them. Also, when I emailed them, the staff avoided me and hasn’t...

Merry Maids / theft of money

Lynn Krebs on Oct 28, 2012
On 8/29/12 Merry Maids in Goodrich, MI came to my home for an initial cleaning. A theft of $600.00 was soon realized and a police report filed. After 2 months investigation, during which one of the 3 crew members was uncooperative with the police, the theft could not be PROVEN. The...

Merry Maids / The truth from an employee/bad service

nevada92 on Aug 15, 2012
I previously worked for the merry maids in East ridge and would like to tell the truth about what really happens behind the doors... First off the boss Bill Bowers is very rude and has been described by other companies to be unprofessional and "crazy". Bill has no concern as to if your...

Merry Maids / Rude Billing Department

christopher2011 on Nov 30, 2011
My complaint is with the billing department. They threatened to file criminal charges against me for an outstanding balance. They claim that they tried to contact me to settle the outstanding balance. I checked my voice mails and emails, they had not contacted me regarding this debt, after...

Merry Maids / Sent me surprisingly big bill

Noumak on Nov 18, 2011
I live in a small apartment and called this service to clean four rooms.I was told that it would be between 160-260 for the first visit. I told them to forget it at first but then called them back and said that that sounded okay. She said it would probably be less. Four people came to...

Merry Maids / Terrible service

HatesMerryMaids on Nov 15, 2011
The maids were lazy, and tried to scam us out of more money even though they were too lazy to do their work. When they clean, then don't put stuff back where they found it. Unorganized and cheap service. My son was so angry when he found that his organized room became a wreck after...

Merry Maids / Do Not Apply

SS2011 on Oct 18, 2011
The manager at the Iowa City, IA location is horrible. Do not apply or consider wasting your time working for this person. The manager plays dirty, does not follow the rules, lies like the width of the ocean, and then uses the lies to wrongfully write people up or terminate them. Corporate in...

Merry Maids / Don't waste your money

Margaret1919 on Oct 16, 2011
After $250 dollars, the bed terribly made, the full size mirror in the master bathroom dirty, upholstery not vacuumed (they came back to do it);the kitchen floor, which was supposed to be "the same as the bathrooms" according to what they told me on the phone, was simply mopped on top of...

Merry Maids / Don't Use !

janislmw on Oct 16, 2011
We've had issues with Merry Maids customer service and their cleaning. I've contacted management at the Lawndale, CA location and they have done absolutely NOTHING to address my issues. We've had them show up late, and I request a call before they show up in order to put my...

Merry Maids / Bad job

SparkyParky2003 on Oct 7, 2011
I contracted for 2 hours of cleaning - almost $200.00. I was expecting out of town guests and was counting on them to make the house ready. They arrived 45 minutes later than the time I was told. We left to do errands and less than an hour later were called to say "they needed more...

Merry Maids / Fraud

reviewer01 on Aug 9, 2011
I would like to recommend that no one get service from the office located on 6101 Idlewild Road #135 in Charlotte, NC The Franchise office managers there are cruel. They have previously discriminated employees due to their accent even though they are US Citizens, from other countries but...

Merry Maids / This company cheats its customers

doglover2010 on Jul 5, 2011
I was charged a $88 lock-out fee by the Merry Maid at 20331 Lake Forest Drive, Suite C14, Lake Forest, CA even though they showed up at my house 3 hours early. I had an 11am-3pm appointment and they showed up at 8am, while I was getting dressed for a morning appointment. I told them to...

Merrymaids / Poor quality

SELBeth on Apr 6, 2011
I recently had to move my father from his own house to an assisted living facility. I had to clean out his rented house and get it cleaned. I called MerryMaids and got a quote of $456.00 to clean "from the top down" as the rep told me. They were supposed to wipe down all the window blind...

Merry Maids / Ripped Me Off

This company cheats its customers. DO NOT USE THEM! I was charged a lock-out fee by the Merry Maid at 20331 Lake Forest Drive, Suite C14, Lake Forest, CA even though they showed up at my house 3 hours early. I had an 11am-3pm appointment and they showed up at 8am, while I was getting...

Merry Maids / Stay far away from them

I should have know at the initial "assessment" meeting where the woman asked about each task over and over - I saw her recording my answers on a form, but when the cleaners showed up they were not aware of what they were supposed to do. I found them chewing up the clock in their car in my...

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