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Let me tell u that this bank is a cheater and people working here are well trained how to make fool of people and rob them from their account. I would advice people not to deal with them rather to deal with a local bank in UAE. I have personally very much suffered and being tortured to get my money out of them which they taken out from my account by mistake. How much pain I had gone through to get the justice and back my money.

I have heard a lot of bad behaviour from this bank before but I never thought until I faced, I don't understand why Govt. is not taking any action against them who is degrading the country's banking reputation.

I must reward them with one line - People working here are a collection of fools commanded by idiots.

Update by Manoj K.
Mar 02, 2010 1:56 am

My dear Customer Care Manager,
I have dealt enough with you guys and now I have no interest in my wasting time dealing or contacting again. First of all you must train your people including your branch managers how to deal with customers, they sincerely need some professional training in customer service. At this point of deep financial crisis and competitive world around you, your people should be very cautious in dealing with customer issues as they are your backbone.
I have no regret in losing my money to your bank but for sure I will neither transact nor advise wise people to deal with your bank. Your people couldn't break the ice at the right time, now it is too late for me.

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May 13, 2018 8:32 am

Dear Standard Chartered Banking,

Just need a clearance letter from Standard Chartered Bank and has been contacting the collection center tell me to contact this service center again tell me to contact phone banking and tell me cannot provide to you sorry wrong department and ask me to call this number [protected] to provide the clearance letter but finally, nothing happened.

No resolution...No call back...

THIS SCB UAE lacks a lot. Thank god i didn't open salary ac with them.

Will make sure no more co-branding with them.

Mar 06, 2018 4:32 am

I totally agree with all the complaints about this stupid bank. I live in uk its a british bank operating outside uk. if they were operating here they would absolutely never get away with the games they play with customers in dubai. I have accounts in dubai since 2000 and every three months I get stupid letters telling me to update my information. every three months I tell them its all up to date. then two weeks later I get someone emailing me in uk telling me I am ignoring them despite calls. what [censor] calls? even if someone calls, its difficult to understand their accent. these staff are like dummies, cant understand them cant communicate with them they are not sympathetic and they simply dont update records when you call as each and every time the next person tells you nothing was ever updated and no records of previous calls can be found.

The funny things is tthat the customer complaints number that someone typed in the above email thread does not work. I just called it for my own issues. first it rang.. then message says number is being diverted then it just gave a dead tone. what a [censor] up bank!

I am simply fed up and im complaining to both dubai and uk bank regulator about these [censor] ups and regular threats to cease my account or to close down my account.

What a bunck of [censor] amateurs.

Shahzad mazhar khan (uk)
[email protected]

Nov 07, 2017 1:59 am

Worst bank I have dealt with ever. Very uncoordinated and unprofessional. I will not recommend this bank to anyone.

Sep 25, 2015 5:41 am
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very bad service my complaint #[protected] is still not resolve even after 07 days i am in very bad situation you can see the check bounce against my account due to your system error i cant pay my liberties to other banks as you blocked my amount they are going to put police case against me what i will say to police that this is due to standard charted system error i am not able to pay is this is your service when i issued a complaint got a sms that my complaint will be solve with in 02 working days why its still not resolve I have proved i issued a complaint i visited branch i sent email i call helpline but still i am on same place i will write all the story to central bank if no action has been taken from your side

Sep 10, 2015 2:56 pm

Worst very ugly bank. they blocked my account. Now I cant pay my PL. Now they are calling me why i did not pay my PL. So stupid, how can I pay my PL because they blocked my account even my account has sufficient balance. Now they imposing overdue charges because i dud not pay my llPL. They take me a hostage. This is how SC earnef money? not allowing custumer to pay then charge them with overdue fees. Crazy.

Aug 22, 2014 12:02 am

They cheated with me with $40000 illegal deduction against an international transaction by levying undesired and unwarranted charges. Manu Anand the head for SME banking doesn't respond chintan Desai is very arrogant and since they have the money and I couldn't do anything they closed the account and stopped.

Jul 28, 2014 9:22 am

Worst attitude, pathetic customer service, super corrupt bank in uae. I paid 2500 out of statement balance of 2540 before due date. they applied finance charges of 61 on remaining 40 aed. I questioned, why I am getting charged 150% as finance charges? 1st call, held for 25 minutes and then abruptly disconnected, 2nd call, disconnected in middle, 3rd call, explanation came... I was charged for last month's purchases for which payment already made before due date. totally rubbish, absurd, illogical explanation, bingo on that... they will not reverse these charges as they are correct and charges are as per bank rules.

Jun 09, 2014 6:03 am
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I applied for a personal loan, executive said 3 working days, it's been over 10 days. same issue, 50% dbr miscalculated by sc. after over a 100 calls visits to the branch, promises to revert the call, no action has been taken. the executive refuses to reply to the messages and return the calls. I had payments to do and needed the money urgently, eventually had to borrow from friends, which I still have to return. I thought hsbc was bad, but sc takes the cake. no one is willing to communicate, they just believe in passing the buck. call centre agents have no communication. no help extended to at least understand and empathize with the customer. 2 words for sc uae - disappointing and unprofessional. I am moving as soon as I can, and would advise anyone who is willing to listen, stick with the local banks.

Jun 02, 2014 8:19 am

2 Complaints.. 30 days...5 supervisor call requests...30 calls with executives promising of resolution being a genuine case.

No resolution...No call back...

THIS SCB UAE lacks a lot. Thank god i didn't open salary ac with them.

Will make sure no more co-branding with them.

May 26, 2014 6:18 am

I have called more than 15 times to request a call back from management as my card and credit card was incorrectly cancelled preventing me from accessing the cashback option. They take 4 months to issue a new card, then on the first statement thereafter cancel all my cashback points. Its only 1800 aed but thats a lot of money to me. I have now made 5 complaints and received only 1 call back on an unrelated matter. Every time I call they say i will receive a call back from management and from the complaints team and yet noone will call me. Does anyone know which financial body regulates their activities?

May 26, 2014 1:59 am

Well, I agree with you all. I haven't lost my job, however can say that there is major issue with this bank. I have been a regular payer for my credit card and have an auto loan with the bank as well. august 2013 my card got expired and bank decided not to renew the card,. seems ok till this point. but after contacting me, I was told that I have an outstanding of aed400, which I deposited in my current account and got deducted towards my credit card and at the same time card disappeared from my internet banking account.
From this point I stopped thinking about my card, believing that same has been closed down. feb 2014 I noticed a continuous deduction from my current account towards this card, after contacting the back I was flat on the floor with a shock, knowing that my outstanding is aed1100 and my case is with recovery in bucket 4 (strange yeah? crazy guys) upon calling the bank for more than 5 times and sending a complaint email to sc bank, I still don't see any response on the matter and have never received any call from the recovery team. I have also come to know that my status with recovery is (customer not in contact) lol guys, do you know, I have a current account with the bank and an auto loan which I am still paying regularly and the same mobile number and email address which bank has, in their records and I am reachable on these two contacts. I received lot of calls from bank related to new products and service feed backs, I wonder how come recovery team has failed to contact me for last 6 months to inform me that I have an outstanding on my card.? really pathetic and disgusting. I am going to raise this with central bank soon as I don't see any reliable and fruit full response from the bank staff

Feb 13, 2014 9:32 am

I have been with them for over a year now and getting things done is quite tedious with stanchart.For one the customer reps tell you different things then unless you follow up and push for the services you need, you can end up wasting so much time with these guys.
Just applied for a loan which on their service guarantee says it takes 3working days to process within which time funds should be disbursed in your account.5days after submitting my documents no word from them on the progress had to call and ask where i stand.
Got a vague response this mark you after being convinced by their bank rep to stay with them they will provide me with the services i need, after deciding to apply for a liability letter.No follow ups whatsoever you are the one to chase them.
One get's the feeling that this people don't care, have no sense of urgency and respect for peoples time they can really mess you up.
I am regretting having decided to stay, looking at my options now.
Long story short wouldn't recommend them to someone, rubbish customer service.

Nov 06, 2013 12:23 am

Just stay away from this bank. Their service is awful! Seven working days for processing a checkbook?! And phone banking is useless at all. They also care nothing about the customers' security. They simply sit on your case and wait for you to pay for their mistake unless you are with your lawyer. I've got enough of this bank!

Oct 29, 2013 4:29 am

I am the new customer of this bank, applied the mortgage of this bank, and personal loan. their service *worst * if not enough to describe to this bank. it seems they don't care about their reputation. my personal load applied more than one month, still not come. today, I called them, they told me rejected, because of my loans exceed 50% of my salary, this is impossable. I contacted them again, they told me, because their mistake, they reject my case, they will fix this end of this month. as a customer I apply the loan because I need this urgent, but they won't help me but put me in a mess life. I am wondering, how they get the progress. as above guys said, this bank is a cheater, they should use *standard cheater bank*, no service and wast our time, and kidnap customer. now have to use their bank because I signed the stl when I applied my mortgage, if I don't transfer my salary, they will fund me big percent of money, this bank is no future.

Feb 06, 2013 8:41 pm
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my name is Ali having a salary account in SC dubai and still im behind of my last salary 5500 USD which around 20000 AED to be in my account and i could not get any way to make them deposit the salary to my account yet .every day calling, visiting the branch no way so far . i did send them the copy of swift massage from my company provide to me but still nothing.very day one story and near 1 month my salary not find yet.

Mar 14, 2012 11:00 am
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My name is biju thomas having a credit card. credit card number is [protected] and my credit limit is dhs.19, 500. I paid as per one bank or legal person accepted to pay dhs.11, 000. and I paid this amount to standard chartered bank and from bank given release paper also you (bank) given case to rafa police station and dubai court. for this 4 months I am in out jail and got release paper from dubai court also.
Now my point is from al was legal, dubai still calling to my parents in india and saying I didn't pay this amount to bank, why this legal people is calling to parents. please check in your computer and please inform to alwasl legal.
I got court release paper and sending to you for just check

Awaiting your kind reply
Biju thomas.

Mar 07, 2011 7:17 am
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Since the day my employer made my account opened in SCB, I started hating my ring tone, I think their every single outbound call agent have experienced offering me, I even remember some of the names though I am not very good at learning name. Their Hospital Income plan is major Pain in A**. Once you opened your account their, they reveal all your data to their outbound call agents so who prey you one by one. To me their calls are kind of blackmailing technique that until you will not accept their offer, they will keep waisting your time. Our company has all salary accounts in SCB, so now we have started a campaign to convince our management to move our accounts in some other bank. Hope soon we will be out of the mess.

Dec 29, 2010 6:24 am

I am not sure if this is a recent post but what is written by manoj just seems too true. I was one of those who had lost my job due to the recession last year. and it took me quite some time before I found another one. with all my loans & financial obligations I have been working for more than a year now to save money to close my overdue cards & loans. and guess what, I had 6 overdue cards and every other bank helped me clear their cards without any mess except for "standard chartered". surprisingly I called these guys collection centre regularly & requested them to give me a settlement amount and paid it immediately. the guys were talking to me till they knew I was ready to do the payment. the day I made the payment everybody stopped responding. nobody is picking up the calls. nobody has acknowledged my payment. I don't whether they have received my money or not. out of panic I have started calling them everybody but to no avail. their customer service has a standard dialogue - "I am sorry, I understand but you have to contact blah blah". and after 20 days one customer service agent finally tells me that I have not yet settled my card and I have to pay 12000 dhs more. when I screamed at them for cheating me, they stopped responding again. it is like screaming at a huge big wall with people on the other side sleeping. I guess that's what they do. hats off to standard chartered.

Classic example of professionalism & customer service. I am not surprised that people tend to commit suicide because of the credit and bank loans. they are so well trained in torturing people and pushing them into depression while swindling money.

Mar 28, 2010 2:17 am

Dear sir,

My name is sreejith padmanabhan nair having an account (number - [protected]) with your bank since 2005 and having credit card, personal loan and saddiq loan. unfortunately due to the financial crisis, I was not getting the salary for the lst 5months and presently recieved letter from my boss saying that he is not in a position to pay the dues as well as the further employement salary., indirectly he is asking me to find another job where he will be giving noc for it. now due to this present condition, I am unable to continue paying my installment amounts for some time till the time I get an opportunity again. I have been offered from few companies the job which will be taking little time to finish the formalities.

So I here by request you to give some time to clear the dues and continue paying the monhly installements till I get the new employment visa and started getting the salary.

I hope you understand the situation and do the needful so as to help from black listing me in uae.

Nb - kindly forward to this attachment to the collection department for all department.


Feb 16, 2010 4:17 am

This post is on behalf of the Standard Chartered Customer Care team. Whilst we wouldn’t comment on specific customer accounts in a public forum, Mr. Manoj would be welcome to contact us on our email, [email protected] or on our phone banking no. [protected], if you are calling from outside the UAE, please call on +[protected] to ensure the complaint has been resolved. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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