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This is with regard to the late payment charges being laid upon me even after I made the payment.

The sequence went like this:

1. In April 2007, I asked the Standard Chartered people to change my billing address.

2. After that I went on site and came back in November, and to my surprise, the address was not changed.

3. I again called them up and asked to change the address and asked them to provide me Statement. I mentioned very clearly that since they didnt change the address previously, so whatever late charges they had laid had to be reverted because it was their mistake. They agreed to that. I also mentioned that unless i receive the Statement, I am not going to pay.

4. But I got the statement only on dec 25 and to my surprise, one more month late payment charges were added to it.

And the customer care people say that I would HAVE to pay, even though it was their mistake.

This bank really "sucks" in terms of customer service. They dont realize their mistake and keep on pestering the customers. My credit history with all other banks is extremely good and I am FED UP with SCB.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 04, 2014 3:33 pm

I have to agree with the views of the gentlemen above. The customer service of singapore standard chartered bank is appalling from my own experience. Frontline officers from the various internal departments would often advise the customer on differing timelines for case resolution and closure. The ownership of customer enquiries are non existential and the customer is almost left confused by conflicting information from the staff or worse unanswered enquiries. Even after the deadline for response has lapsed for days or weeks. When confronted, staff will make phone calls to the customer and intentionally hang up after a ringtone or two. Afterwards they will send an SMS to the customer indicating that the customer was uncontactable and unabashedly inform the befuddled customer that the said enquiry is still under review. Guess you call this indefinite extension of deadline for enquiry or case resolution. Very unprofessional indeed.

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Mar 10, 2010 3:33 pm

SCB is the crappiest bank ever.

Let me tell u mine!

My credit card expired last year November, and they sent us new ones. We moved houses so they blamed the missing cards due to wrong address, so we changed the address at the bank. Done.

The Cards were sent again. It reached us this time but the supplementary card is not there, so they cancelled my husband's card without informing us.

So they say they are sending for the THIRD time. and those cards never reached us. Now it's March 2010.. amazing right. We call again no one knows whether our cards are being sent by normal mail or by registered mail. and the operator asked us, "do you wish us to cancel again and re-send?"

WHat... for a fifth time.. then what sixth time? Where on earth do you sent our cards? to the MARS?

Anyway we requested for a cancellation of card.

I do not think they give a damn. They should not even be a bank.

This incident is from Singapore btw.

It's a crappy bank internationally.

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Oct 19, 2008 3:33 pm

I am from USA and came back to HK for work. When I asked for a ELI for AUD to HKD transaction, the officer mistakenly entered 2 transactions due to poor computer. This seemed simple, so I asked them to cancel the duplicated one but they finally cancelled all transactions. I did not realize this until after 1 month when the deposit was due but I received no interests! This is a worst bank I have ever seen as they internal communication is horrible. I am filing a law suite against SCB as a result since I have all the facts and evident, even the transaction confirmation! But they insisted not to pay my interest.

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Aug 25, 2008 3:33 pm

25th August, 2008
Mr. Shoaib Jamil Iqbal,
Sh. Chartered Bank,


Dear Mr.Shoaib, I Tauseef Hasan Usmani having a serious complain against your
incompetent staff at Tanseem Branch DHA. Details are as bellow.

1. On 7th August I went to bank (Tanzeem Branch, I am already having there a account) to know about the procedure to open a company’s account (sole proprietorship).

Mr. Saad told me about the requirement that bank need NTN copy and ID card copy (Only two things) and it wild be done.

2. On 11th I went again along with all required things and two cheques (Rs.140, 625) in the name of my company “FEMCO”. Mr. Saad then got my signature and stamped all on an opening form. I enquire when my cheque will be credit in my account he said next evening. I said OK.

3. After 8 days I got a call from Mr. Saad that you also need to sign a stamp paper and one request on your letterhead. It was SHOCKING for me that after such time you are asking me. On enquire about cheques he said that they are still lying with me. I was very disturb that they made a mistake and I am the one who will bear the cost.

Immediately I went to bank along with letter and One more cheque in the name of my company (Rs.46, 875). I said to Mr. Saad that you should have known about the procedure that bank needs. I requested to see the bank manager. He than arranged it. I told manager about the incident, he apologies for the event and promised it will be done today and you will have no problem. I accepted his excuse and left the bank.

4. On 23rd August I went to bank again to draw the money, when I asked to Mr. Saad about the cheque book he said that your cheques are still lying here because your account hasn't open yet because your mother name does not match in Nadra list. I said what the hell you are saying (I was very rood). If it was the case Why you did not called me? Sir your phone was not connecting, the lame excuse he made. in 7 or 8 days my phone was not able to get your call it is impossible. I can challenge, I can have list from Mobilink that how many calls I received in this period. The allegation that I gave my mother name wrong in my previous (where they got the all required information) account. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I CAN FORGET MY MOTHER NAME? I said if it is wrong in my previous account, how it is running? I requested to see the manager. Manager came with smiling face (it was horrible for me that it was all happening under his supervision and he is smiling) I did not shake hand with him he said “ Yah badtamizi hoo ti hay” I said this is customer feedback. I shouted on him he then threatened me don’t do this I will throw you out (a angry customer is receive this behaviour from Executive officer from the bank?) I then got all the cheques from him and request any executive no. or Email to whom I can complain. Manager said OK take this and
DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO DO. I luckily got your number.

5. Same day I went to another bank and they made it all possible what I was looking for. I am also switching my all other accounts from your bank due to this insulting event.

6. One positive note to bring in your notice, before Mr. Saad there was another gentleman Mr. Junaid. He was really a man of talent and really a true banker.
I miss him a lot.

7. Only your quick action towards these gentlemen can reduce my anger and I can be a loyal customer as usual, OTHERWISE I WILL HAVE THE SAME FEELING FOR THE BANK AS I HAVE FOR ABOVE MENTIONED GENTLEMEN

8. I will share all my experience (with your bank) with all my community after your decision.

Thanking you in anticipation

Tauseef Hasan Usmani

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Jun 19, 2008 3:33 pm

extermely poor service

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