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+27 860 101 341 (Branch Customer Service)
+27 112 994 701 (International)
+27 860 123 108 (Telephone Banking)
+27 860 001 321 (Prestige Banking, South Africa)
+27 112 994 607 (Prestige Banking, International)
+27 860 109 075 (Business Customers, South Africa)
+27 112 994 633 (Business Customers, International)
+27 800 222 050 (Report On-line Fraud, South Africa)
+27 102 490 070 (Report On-line Fraud, International)
+27 860 238 837 (Cellphone Banking)
+27 860 001 237 (Cellular Prepaid Services)
+27 860 123 001 (Home Loans)
+27 861 201 000 (Card Division)
+27 861 114 494 (Travel Insurance)
+27 800 020 600 (Lost & Stolen)
+27 860 123 002 (Asset Finance)
+27 860 123 222 (Vehicle Insurance)
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South Africa - 2000
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Standard Bank South AfricaComplaint not reply to

I transferred R3000.00 to a S W Magoro account no [protected] Capitec Bank on 03.03.2020. I found out it's a scam and contacted the STADARD BANK Hotline. I spoke to a gentleman and he took all the information. He said he will contact the Capitec Bank and phone me back which he never did. He did not give me a reference no. I think it is very poor service and could have got my money back if he reacted immediately.
My ID [protected].
Account no [protected]
Cell no [protected].
Landline [protected].
Email [protected]@gmail .com.
Address : 51Broom road.
Casseldale .

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    Standard Bank South Africacredit card applications

    I have done a Standard bank Credit card aplication on line. They told me I was approved with in minutes.

    As I thought I would be they asked for supported documentation which I did scaned and mailed tru after a week they phoned me and asked when I would send the documents I said I did send them and that I would do it again this is 1 week later.

    I have now decided to come into your bank and close my current Standard bank acc.

    No wonder your clients are leaving your bank
    [censored] service.

    D Kruger

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      Jan 03, 2020

      Standard Bank South Africa — personal loan

      On the 02/01/2020 I called the standard bank line on [protected] at around 12:30 to 13:00 to enquire about the...

      Nov 12, 2019

      Standard Bank South Africa — access to internet banking account blocked

      With reference to "Locked out Account" 11 Feb 2018 -...

      Standard Bank South Africachange my email address on my account

      I have been trying to change an old email address on my account for 4 weeks. Being pushed around from one person to another, from one office to another, to no avail. I am already in arrears with my payments, and all they do is ask for elaborate security questions and then say oh we can do nothing. I can't even get a supervisor to do anything, not even my bank. I am outside of the country. No common sense system too many gaps in their processes.

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        Sep 23, 2019

        Standard Bank South Africa — instant cash

        I sent myself money today an hour ago via instant cash using my phone app. When I get to the ATM to withdraw...

        Sep 23, 2019

        Standard Bank South Africa — outstanding card authorisation not resolved

        I paid a Merchant with my Cheque Card on 16 Sept 2019, but the Card Machine was off line and declined the...

        Standard Bank South Africainstant money

        Good day

        I've send send instant money to my self and then forward to my brother in Pinetown.

        When he wanted to withdraw the money it first gave I'm an error and the the second time it told him money already withdrawal. Which I can confirm is not in my bank anymore. This result in me sending money again which I can not afford. Your help will be highly appreciated. This happened at Sandy Centre in Pinetown KZN

        GM Coetzee

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          Standard Bank South Africaimmediate payment error not reported

          On 14 September 2019 I have transferred he amount of R5000 with immediate payment to my wife's account. After calling Nedbank why the money is not in her bank account after a couple of hours, Nedbank explained the money do not come through Standard bank. So calling Standard bank, the lady explain they experience system problems with immediate payment and the money will reflect bank into my account after two hours. But the issue is that Standard bank do not inform me as a prestige banker and I had to call around. I will check if the deposit the R50 bank cost for immediate payment back into my account. The service is super crap and will Standard bank cover my cellphone cost? Really disappointed with Standard bank customer service.

          Feel free to contact me for more detail:

          Jannie Brewis

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            Standard Bank South AfricaGiven the runaround, regard my own money

            Good Day

            I have just got off the phone with a consult. I contacted to reverse a 2 debit orders which took place on the 31st August 2019 which I don't know who these people are that debit me as I don't have any business with them. Afterwards the consultant tells me that the money will only reflect after 24 to 48hrs which totally confusing because other banks does it and its immediately and standard bank which is one of the major banks says it will take 24 to 48hrs. That is my money that was taken and money that needs to paid towards something. This guy is not going to wait another day or two for his money. This for me is totally unfair, last month it also happened where ther came a debit off my standard bank account and I got charged services and penalties which is another long story from standard bank. I feel like I want to move to a other bank as this is not prompt service. If you guys want me to take further steps I will gladly do it. I want my money, its not my fault that companies get account details and start debiting like they want, this is my hard earned money that the bank is wanting to play boss over. You people are quick to deduct but is laxie daisy when it comes to paying or refunding monies back to clients. Remember without us clients, your bank will not exist

            So I am wanting my money paid back into my account and I refuse to wait 2days for it, its another thing if I knew the company and did business with them but I DON'T KNOW THE COMPANY, I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THEM AND I HAVE NEVER DID BUSINESS WITH THEM

            I expect and immediate response as this will not be taken lightly

            My details is [protected], I can be contacted on [protected]

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              Jul 19, 2019

              Standard Bank South Africa — revolving loan

              To whom it may concern I had a loan with standard bank sometime ago and after the last installment I called...

              Standard Bank South Africastandard bank home loans

              im trying for three mounths just to get a letter WITH a logo of standard bank to submit to my Human Resource department to do the changes on my homeloan instalment, the letters that i have recieved are been rejected by my HR department because it does not look legal and i agree with them, its very unprofesional of standard bank three mounths just to get a letter, i have spoke to a lot of your consultants of the home loan department but it seems no one understand me, I spoke to Nomsa Phumza and Katu and they where cluless of what i was looking for, Phumza promise me that one of the managers will phone me back, im still waiting.

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                Standard Bank South Africahome loan

                Good day

                My name is Travers, I bought into an residential development where my family and I live, it's been just over 18 months and they still haven't completed our snags, Please see the letter we even sent them from the attorneys. They just don't care and there is lots of other residents with the same problem in Phase 1. The companies name is Innovia, complex is called Tanglewood estate, Langeberg heights, Kraaifontein, Cape town. We don't know what to do anymore. Please may you help and assist us. Please see attached. My bond is with Standard bank and my insurance. Travers [protected] or [protected] . I also have a letter but can't attach here. Please email me .Thanks

                Regards Travers Brehm

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                  Standard Bank South Africaclosure of an account and reversal of funds

                  I have closed an account with std bank on the 12 of June 2019. However this account has still not been closed. A debit order went out for this account on the 14 June 2019 and again I went back to std bank to reverse this amount. I was told I will be refunded in a weeks time. I was still not refunded. I called the call centre and told there was a system problem. It's now 3 weeks gone and I am still told there is a system problem. I am highly upset with the manner that people at std bank are handling my account.

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                    Standard Bank South Africahomeloans

                    What is wrong with standard bank's service???

                    Why has no one gotten back to me in three days???

                    I need the last withdrawal money before the 30th of april!!!

                    Standard bank has already wasted three days with this!!!

                    I am now going to put this on facebook so that people can see what s.. T service they can expect from standard bank
                    This is standard bank automated reply... Thank you for your email.

                    Kindly allow 4 hours for acknowledgement and a committed course of action.

                    Should you not receive a response within 4 hours, you may escalate your query to level 2 as per the escalation process communicated to all channels.

                    Service recovery support team
                    Pbb operations shared services (oss)

                    Seriously??? This is my third day waiting for them to reply or advise etc... Been sending fb mesgs was advised someone will contact me... To no avail... Phoned twice... Holding on too long

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                      Standard Bank South Africaunauthorized debit by Standard Bank

                      Sonja Hough
                      7:45 PM (2 minutes ago)
                      to info

                      Good day

                      I am Sonja Hough
                      ID: [protected]

                      I have been and is receiving my statements online per e-mail.

                      I see on my statement Standard Bank debited an unauthorized R 25 from my account. I am not supposed to have any statement costs on this account. It is a bundle cheque account, not a pay as you use account. Refund immediately.

                      Thank you
                      Ms. Sonja Hough
                      Cell: [protected]

                      Copy of unauthorized debit:

                      STATEMENT COSTS ##
                      statement costs
                      - 25.00

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                        Standard Bank South Africa — house insurance claim rejected/ hlc18-003956

                        Good day I put in a claim for my Lapa thats looks like it is now falling to one side, the contractor came...

                        Standard Bank South Africa — unknown debit orders

                        I am Phumelephi Gumede ID [protected] have a cheque account from 1993, i have numerous unknown debit order...

                        Standard Bank South Africa — fraud case

                        I'm using standard bank for a long time but fewer weeks ago, my bank card missing and no one know my pin, but...


                        Standard Bank South Africano response from previous correspondence

                        Good morning,

                        My support worker Wayne Connors, emailed you on 8th March 2018 regarding my account with you. The email follows below, so is written from him:

                        " I am the support worker for the above gentleman and he advised in approx. October 2014 he had an issue where his bank account with you, was a victim of fraud.

                        He has a pension with Old Mutual South Africa. They advised that their payments are still being paid to the account with you.

                        He can no longer access this account and he is in need of this monthly income. Can you please advise as to how he can proceed to get access to this account?

                        He advised that due to the fraud, he was 10000 rand in debt with you. We are assuming that the Old Mutual money that is going in, is paying off this debt?

                        Please can you make contact as Mr. MacLeod is on a low income and the pension money is rightfully his.

                        To confirm his details:

                        Mr. K. MacLeod

                        A/C Number [protected]

                        Identity Number [protected]."

                        I received a reply back, please see below:

                        From: [protected]
                        Sent: 09 March 2018 04:29
                        To: Wayne.[protected]
                        Cc: [protected]; Wayne.[protected]
                        Subject: RE: Mr. Kenneth MacLeod

                        Good day Wayne

                        We thank you for your email.

                        Kindly be advised that we have forwarded Mr. McLeod's request to the branch in which his account is held as this is only a branch process and cannot be resolved via email.

                        One of the consultants from the branch will be in contact with Mr. Mcleod during the course of the day.

                        We apologise for any inconvenience caused in this regard.

                        Kind Regards

                        Lorenzo Rufus
                        24/7 Banking Team
                        Tel: [protected] | Instant Messaging: WeChat & Facebook Messenger

                        I am very dissatisfied at the lack of response, I have no idea where my money is going, and I receive no statements or letters from you, as you have advised me in the past, that you cannot send me statements as I live in London.
                        I would very much like to know what is going on with my account. I feel you are not serving me as one of your customers or treating me fairly.

                        Please respond as if not, my next stage will be to contact the Office of Ombudsman.


                        Mr. Kenneth McLeod
                        Flat 71 Monica Shaw Court
                        31 Purchase Street
                        London borough of Camden
                        NW1 1EY

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