New York Community Bancorp [NYCB] Complaints & Reviews

New York Community Bancorp [NYCB] / financial advisor dba psychopath scott andrew valentine

Jul 27, 2018

It's been brought to my attention that Scott Valentine is at it again, This herion addict is out stealing money and taking advantage of money woman.He's a deadbeat dad and can't even pay his own rent.He is under a doctor's care for trying to commit suicide, is this a person who should have...

[Resolved] Nycb scott a valentine financial advisor caught stealing hartford insurance company check.Attempts to cash on mobile app. / uneducated financial advisor

May 13, 2017

Scott valentine invited me to stay at his apartment in march.Little did i know of his plans to try and steal my money.He stole my meds, drivers lic, social security number.And now i got a call from my insurance company, that this bum tried to cash my check.So i'll be coming back to new...

[Resolved] New York Community Bancorp [NYCB] / Scott Andrew Valentine 631 879 3130 trying to steal money from me on a fake annuity

May 09, 2017

In February of 2017 scott Andrew valentine of new York community bank was trying to sell me everything under the sun. He came up with a annuity from MET life.he told me that if I were to give him $100, 000 THIS annuity would pay me $2000 a month.he had no INFO on how it worked, or the...

[Resolved] New York Community Bancorp / scott valentine the jew hater dba financial advisor

May 04, 2017

Scotty valentine is very well known for making nasty remarks against the jewish community. According to his fellow advisor's. This is no surprise to anyone who knows this two faced #. He makes a living selling products to the jews, then talks behind there backs. Not a surprise from a...

[Resolved] New York Community Bancorp / Scott valentine crooked financial advisor

Apr 28, 2017

Scott valentine needs to look into the mirror and accept that he is the one who started this crazy behavior. I myself have never been to a psychiatrist. Scott valentine goes to one every two weeks. Maybe he needs to go every week. Instead of getting advice from a old drug dealer. I gave...

[Resolved] New York Community Bancorp / scott valentine nazi financial advisor

Apr 23, 2017

I met with scott valentine at his filthy apartment on long island.This appointment was set up by a branch manager. First of all scott valentine didn't get off the couch to ansewer the door.He just said come in and handed me a card from roslyn savings bank.This bum had no shirt on and wa...

NYCB Mortgage Company / slapped with late fees, their fault though

Dec 03, 2012

When it comes to home mortgages, customer service is the worst. Setting up automatic payments took more than 30 days for them to process. The information needed to set up automatic payment had to be mailed in and couldn't be taken over the phone. They hit me with a late fee which they...

amtrust bank / referral ripoff

May 03, 2012

as a new york community bank customer and being that it owns amtrust bank i went into the glades road office to inquire about refinancing my condo to get a lower interest rate . i have an 801 credit score . they had a salesman from wcs lending call me, i was thinking i was dealing with...

New York Community Bancorp Inc. / This bank has been without any doubt the worst ever in a mortgage

Oct 13, 2011

I had a mortgage with Penn Federal savings bank. New york community bank brought penn federal and within months my fixed mortgage went up close to $1k a month. I called and asked why and after many months of calling and writting their response was that taxes increased. This is true but...

NYCB / Bank charged fees and created overdraft in my account


I have an account at NYCB in Bayonne, New Jersey, I have online access to my account, so before I make a purchase I make sure and check my balances at all times... I made two credit purchases on 1/17/10. I had a balance of 309.68, my first purchase was for 53.62 which should then leave me...