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Complaints & Reviews

incompetent clueless lying call center staff

Kgomotso at lost card stated that Andrea (ref [protected]) at customer service mislead me that I could temporarily stop my debit card (dc), as I have misplaced my pin for same, and could then go into a branch with the dc and id to uplift without any charges.Komotso advised I would have to cancel my dc and pay for new one (R80.00), and would have to do all this at a branch. All this despite there being a facility at call centre where you can have your pin number read to you, an option I tried but my information was incorrect, The incorrect info I may have inputted was a cvc number I could not find on the back of my debit card. You are not told that the option does not apply to dc but I was told by one employee (andrea) that its only for internet banking, and by kgomotso that its only credit card. Because of the conflicting stories, lies and general incompetence, I demanded to speak to Komotso's supervisor. After initially lying that all supervisors were in a meeting, she put me through to Rachel Mabizela ([protected]). She basically told me to go to a branch. What is the point of a call centre if you need to go into a branch to get anything done?

travel wallet is a disgrace

Late September 2009 I travelled from South Africa to UK with my 15 year old daughter on holiday. My daughter...

thanks for nothing standard bank

Last week I arranged for a bank check from a ABSA investment to be made out in my name. No problem. They issued it immediatly. I needed it for a very important transation over the weekend. I needed to deposit it in my Standard cheque account. Saterday morning I went to the Standard Bank Branch in Northcliff Cresta. I wanted to deposit the cheque but was told by the cassier it would take 5 business days to clear. Very long story short. Another option was to cash a Standard Bank investment. I landed up with Mr Loonat. Who simply just said that I can't get any money immediatly no matter what I do. I asked him why I had to wait 5 days for a bank cheque from me to me to clear. His answer was it all depends on your relationship with the bank! Well Mr Loonat, with an attitue like that I want no relationship with Standard Bank. Thank you very much. I landed up cashing the ABSA at ASBA cheque and with thousands of Rand in cash had to walk on Beyers Naude between ABSA and Standard to get the money into my account. I want to move the last sent I have atleast away from the Northcliff branch and Mr Loonat and accually from Standard bank.

credit card delivered at wrong post office

How does it happen that a credit card gets send to a post office in a suburb kilometers away from the one I live in? When I phoned Standard bank, I was told the two post offices, one in Rivonia and one in Orange Grove, share the same postal code - which of course is wrong, except that the so-called Secure Mail system has the same code for both! The best Std.Bank could come up with, was to suggest they reroute my credit card back to the bank where they would destroy it and send me a new card! To be sent to the same post office again? In my opinion their service is one of the worst I've come across - why they have to send credit cards to post offices to be collected, is beyond comprehension - I would be more than willing to collect it from the bank. Even if Standard Bank doesn't respnod, perhaps this will alert people to the fact that even their so-called security systems aren't flawless.

bad inter department communication

I'm writing this report on behalf of my parents who fell victim to a house robbery on Sunday afternoon (4 October). I spoke to Simon from Home Assist on Sunday who advised me that my parents could use up to R2000 to secure the household. He also advised that he would log a call on the system so that the claims dept would call my parents first thing in the morning. My Mom received an SMS this morning confirming this as well which she confirmed via phone as well. By 10 no call from claims dept. Mom called and shocked to hear the response from the claims dept that they know nothing and that the ref number we had with the home assist counts for nothing. A claim was registered only then and my mom was assured that someone would be sent out to the property to ensure that the damage is repaired and the house properly secured. By 16:00 no news. Calling claims again resulted in the response that my parents logged the call too late and that is the reason no contractor can come out today. Standard Bank made them feel like victims for the second time. Thanks to you they have to spend another night feeling very insecure in their own homes due to poor inter dept communication.

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I have never been so appalled by the lack of respect and level of arrogance by the collections consultant that contacted my wife

I have never been so appalled by the lack of respect and level of arrogance by the collections consultant that contacted my wife, who is the principal account holder, today. We have been struggling for some time now since we did not have an income for more than five months towards th end of last year. As a result, account arrears have snowballed. I have made efforts to get back on a stable footing and have paid them for several months. Recently, it had become increasingly hard to do. We informed the Standard Bank of our plight and were informed that we will be paying from the end of October 2009. We were then told, in no uncertain manner, that we will be handed over and they are not responsible if the Sherriff of the court comes and takes our things. We were at one stage selling our things to put food in our house and I don't appreciate this attitude. I have since emailed a letter to them outlining my complaints and have instructed them to forward all further queries on the account to me as I will not tolerate people disrespecting my wife. We are people not just account numbers.

how can a closed account be in arrears

I closed my credit card on the 29th of April 2009 (and not long after my standard bank current account as well due to bad service). I still have a copy of the e-mail send to [Hidden Email] requesting to close my account together with proof that the card was destroyed.

Today, more than 5 months later, I receive a sms (of all things - no phone call, no statement for 5 months BUT an sms) stating that my account is in arrears, and requesting payment as soon as possible. If I have questions I must phone them.

Can Standard Bank please explain to me how an account be in arrears that has been closed since April this year.

pathetic service from standard bank & their staff

I deposited R 6000 via EFT into the wrong account few weeks back.

Immediatley I asked Standard Bank to reverse as it was a mistake. They refused & were unwilling unless the ac holder whom the money went to agreed & signed some documents Luckily the a.c holder agreed & drove to his branch, 40minutes away & signed the documents.

Since then nothing has changed.

After calling numerous times & finally getting through, now they tell me their staff forgot to submit the documents & everything has to be resigned!!

Standard Bank have the most useless staff & service from all the banks, .

Their managers are just as useless, incompetent & behave like ***! They always in meetings & out of reach. Never calll back. Maybe Standard Bank managers are suffering from the recesssion with bad pay thus not willing to assist a customer in retrieving their money back.

Pathetic service, the worst bank in SA.

I will be sueing Standard Bank for all the trouble caused.

Standard Bank are a disgrace to our beautiful country. This company should be closed down together with all their useless managers & staff.

the sms card updates is useless

I have been banking with Standard bank for five years now, and their service is still the same it doesnt improve. and now to make the matters worse their sms updates when using your card doesnt report to you immediatelly, every time i withdraw the money or swipe my card i will receive the sms notifications after two days. where is the safety there? I spoke to other people asking them when are they getting notifications and they told me that they are nolonger using standard bank for their main accounts because of they are not reliable with the updates. i am considering to switch my salary to other bank if this problem continue. they advised me to get a cheaque account and i did that but nothing has changed.

changing of acc without consent of account holder

Reduction order placed on my accounts overdraft facility without my consent. Amount excessive and not affordable and not discussed with me. First contact with Randburg branch last week ([protected]) to resolve issue, no feedback. Continuously calling branch for feedback (+- 4 times), nobody contacting me to resolve. This has caused huge inconvenience. Can someone from Standardbank contact me urgently; thus far service from Randburg branch has been pathetic. Definitely not “Moving Forward”.

confirmation letter of closed credit card account

I closed my credit card account two weeks ago and asked for some sort of confirmation that this had been done. I was told that they could not do this. I was told to get the letter as proof or my building loan at another bankcould not be approved. I went back to Standard bank on Friday last week and Taryn the consultant told me that she would mail the letter to me on Monday.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and another 3 days waisted waiting around because of bad service.

Why is it so diffucult to write a letter confirming that an account has been closed.

incompetent home loans call center agents

Just when I thought that standard bank was one of the best bank after FNB they just prove me wrong they have the worst service like eskom and their power cuts. I skipped my home loan monthly payment and I have been paying + - R1300 to bring it up to date and when I called in on the 260609 @ 09:37:22 I spoke to Nazir who told me that there was an outstanding amount I made a payment for June 09 & I called in again on the 240709 @ 11:35:59 I spoke to Vusi I asked him how much was still in arrears and he told me that my account was up to date insisted dat he should double check and he confirmed again that my account was up to date coz I have been paying R1300 more every month, I was so surprised and irritated when I was called on the 250809 by Lerato who told me that my account is in arrears I asked her to check again & she confirmed I’m not in arrears later that day I was called by Bingo who said dat my account is still in arrears & today Vincent called. I even took out insurance with standardbank hole loan coz I waz under the impression dat my account is up 2 date. I still have a call recording when Vusi told me that my account is not in arrears pls give me de email address.

to get through to their number seems to be impossible

Standard Bank is advertising that there is a surplus pension fund payout and staff that worked for the company during a certain period of time are urged to contact a certain number.

Let me tell you, to get through to this number seems to be impossible. You hold on for 2-3 minutes and then a voice tells you that YOU have exceeded the Alexander Forbes service level and will now be forced to leave a message. No matter how many times you try, YOU WILL BE FORCED TO LEAVE A MESSAGE.

And then, to supposedly make things easier, you can leave your fax number (not sure if they have heard of scanning facilities and e-mail), and they will send you an application form. HAHA, what a joke. You can also leave your fax number 1, 000, 000 times, you probably won't get the fax.

Now it makes me wonder. Does Standard Bank really want to payout the surplus funds to the ex-staff who contributed to this fund, or do they want time to run out for you to submit an application so that the funds can be paid to the select few????

std banks' ignorance on credit card fraud

Standard Bank's attitude on credit card fraud is laid back and a don't care mentality. After speaking to Ellias, Patrick, leaving messages for Cheryl Hogg and Jean Scholtz, I am still awaiting a call back for SOMEONE to assist me with a fraudulent transaction that took place on my credit card which Standard Bank are holding me liable for. Standard Bank, my question to you is who is clearing fraudulent amounts deposited and then charging the unsuspecting clients, another way you are inspiring people, I don't think so, get your house in order Jacko Maree, your service is substandard to say the least.

  • Ka
    Karen Bopp Apr 27, 2019

    You must try and phone one of Standard Banks Call centers and see how long they take to answer it is ridiculous.
    I have tried to submit a claim against my bond insurance took me 3 days to speak to someone and after two weeks I have still not got a response.
    I feel all these professional people take our monies but do not provide a service at all.

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  • So
    Sonjastander Aug 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How is it possible for me to loose my house while still paying .some strang5came and closed my acc by paying the hmln residualamount.who is this no they can tell me .speaking of confidential .now im roofless and my fam still recovering.

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  • Hi
    hilton poovan Aug 19, 2019

    delay on repairs of my geyser
    log a call yesterday for the repairs for 9am today.
    no feed back no contact from service provider.
    water is leaking in bucket loads.
    very disappointing to say the least.
    claim number 19/065766.

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Stuart Sep 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The ATM's at Sunward Park Pick n Pay hardly ever have paper in them the deposit option doesn't work and you can be sure that that they will be off over the month end. There are six ATM's at K90 Boksburg branch and only one accepts cash deposits.

    Mrs J Stuart.
    Boksburg branch account holder.

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  • Li
    liezel smith Nov 09, 2019

    hi, I just want to no what I must do, my roof is leaking and because of that my ceeling got a whole in it and its needs to be fixex urgently

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  • De
    Desi123 Dec 08, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While withdrawing money the atm was off for an hour and no one could help us. This is the most pathetic excuse for a bank. Kak service and no ome telling us why the damn atm is not working. They can really close this branch cause they are useless


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order against my bank overdraft

I have been using the overdraft facility almost five years but now all of a sudden the service was taken away without proper consultation.I feel this is extremely harsh beyod explanation because this is partialy my way of life and I would never rob the bank or have intentions of emmigrating away with the bank balances. I live here, I have been living here paying all that I`m required to pay and no one has ever offered to pay for me neither did at any stage the bank allowed me to skip an unpayed intallment or instalments.
So I am appealling for mercy.
Please remove this order against my overdraft.

  • Ph
    Phumeza Tshaka Aug 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received an sms from ********** 441 saying my wizard247 debit will run 17 June 2018 sold by Royal Mark ********** 149 ref ROYALMARK0ROYALM ********** ********** ********** 0 and I have NOT signed up for ANY such debit order!

    Please URGENTLY assist as I do not take lightly to be defrauded

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  • Di
    Divine Fomunyam Sep 05, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Standard bank inside mafia. Collusion between standard employee and standard lawyers results in the auction of my home of which the buyer is the same employee from standard bank. He made attempt to gain access to property in 2016 without following due process.

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  • Mn
    mnotho Sep 05, 2018

    I have been calling have my home loan rate fixed but no assistance up to date my life has come to a standstill because this account is not fixed.

    after the floods I have been calling no one has returned my calls and emails to process my claims yet I am

    I have a debit of R99.00 that I have to reverse every month and sick and tired of it!!!

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