Speedwaymean, racist employee

Y Jul 23, 2019

For 7 yrs i have made my morning tea at the local speedway, "they actually brew it" so after getting a cup and getting ready to fill it, an African American woman "employee" approaches me & begins to tell me that if i use any if "her" BAGS to strengthen my tea that she is charging me $1.00 per bag,
Before i could even respond she says to me that she aint gone hear nothin from me & if i got a problem i can leave her store, I live here in this community, I have never seen this woman before & i know she does not live around here,
So at checkout she rang my tea up for almost $6.00 . Of course i was not happy and was not going to pay it, she singled me out, harassed me, yelled at me & then allowed another employee to join in and also yell at me, so i called customer service and told this same story & got no response!

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