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Speedway Gas Stationcashier unsure of name

This dark skinned female with long hair and fake eyelashes tried to tell me what to do with my snap benefits. She told me that I need to be home cooking or shopping instead of being there buying snacks with my snap benefits. She said if she could charge me more that she would. I don't know what her problem was but she really embarrassed me and now I don't want to go back after going there for almost two years. I don't think it's her job or business to tell me what to purchase with my food stamps. She's suppose to serve customers and keep them not push them away like she did me. I am hoping someone does something about her because this is just wrong. Her job is to be a cashier to serve her customers buy no she wants to scare them off. She's been rude to me more than once and something needs done. She wouldn't have been hired acting like this would she?