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gas pump and service

I have been driving for over 30 years and never picked up a gas pump to have gas spill out all over me, the ground and my car, but that is what happened today. I couldn't get the pump to work so I went inside to report the incident. The woman came out and started telling me the pump timed out and I would have to get a refund and start over. It didn't phase her that I had gas splashed all over me and then she walked away! Now I am mad so I told her take out the 1.70 and give me the balance of my refund. She said I was going to apply it to the pump and come out and pump your gas. I'm not unreasonable, but that was GAS that splashed all over me. At least she could acknowledge, but instead was very condescending. It's not the first time this person has spoken to me in this way, and I've heard her talk about customers when they walked away many times; however this is the final straw. This woman needs to be coached on customer service, whether she likes the customer base that comes in or not. I am one fed up customer that has a lot of choices in my area to fill up my tank.