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routine undeliverable email

My mother has Charter ISP service in College Place, WA. Approximately 25% of her email sent to the same valid addresses (mine, and my wife's) are returned 'undeliverable'; Charter is the only service that has a problem with our addresses... we receive approximately 500 emails per day from other agencies/services without any complaints that they have been returned to the sender. Charter, however, refuses to even acknowledge a problem; when my mother follows the directions on the returned emails: "if you believe you received this notification in error, please respond to [protected]", she gets no action, and the poor service continues. Charter has clearly become too large to respond to customer needs. I will be moving her to another service, and would recommend that those who have other options, do not use Charter for an ISP service.

  • Ge
    Gene Smith May 31, 2008

    I totally agree about dumping Charter! My problem differs some...I pay for high speed internet, but I can only get it early in the morning, or late at night.
    I have talked to numerous "technicians", that tell me the problem is mine. It works fine as long as I don't use it during a heavy use time...How can that be my problem if they are just overloaded?

    I wonder just how many people are really getting ripped off?

    We need to be paying for "High Speed Internet Sometimes"

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stay away from this company!

Time Warner Cable

Road Runner

Time Warner / AOL / Road Runner has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I had my service physically unplugged by a tech in order to plug my neighbor in. Seven missed appointments and numerous called to customer service later and I am still without Internet. This is the second time this month. Customer service says that I can't talk to a supervisor that one will have to call me back, never happened. Dispatch does not call back either. If I had not paid for service in advance I would switch carriers. Stay away from this company, if you ever have problems you will get nothing but lies and empty promises.

  • Ji
    jimmy Jul 28, 2008


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  • Ma
    mary Sep 17, 2008

    i have had R.R. for about 5 mos and i still cant get anyonr to fix my problems.[i have a fewA] one tells you this and the other one something else. they hang up on you and keep putting you to some one else. i wish we had some competition, i" d drop time warneer in a heartbeat.

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  • Ja
    Jack Butler Feb 19, 2009

    Have had Time Warnere Cable in my area since they took over Adephia a few years ago. Not only have they raised my rates this year (I have ISP service only) but I get slower connections and since last October many blackout and down problems in my area. When ever I call the phone number on my Time Warner bill. their is no one to speak too and it forwards me to Road Runner which I get the same response from every time generally some idiot that dose not know what is going on and that they have a blackout somewhere.

    I can honestly say that Road Runner is about the worst service I have ever had and I am desperately looking to dump them and Time Warner Cable.

    MY advise is... Stay away from them if you can.

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  • Je
    jeffreywilson59 Apr 09, 2010

    dear road runner i have a problem like 200 yds down the have road runner but sence i stay at a intersection with no neighbors i gess they dident run it down 200 more yds i need roadrunner for x box live and ive gone like 3 yrs with out it before we moved to this location we were satisfide customers i dont klnow the best way to put in a potiton to get em to l ay the line this is a big problem for me like only 2 houses or 3 dont get it what do i need to do plz reply

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  • Bi
    bill 3 Nov 11, 2011

    tw is like all big companys; they worry more about the people they don't have than taking care of the long time people they still have! they have no remorst for people on fixed incume! i hate paying for 90% of juck channels and 5 minute commercials every 10 minutes! they are all time offering 89.95 service and now it is 140.00! just waiting for a better way to enjoy retirement!

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  • Ma
    Mark Gaeta Jan 26, 2012

    I had Time Warner service installed two days ago because Verizon's new software had smaller print on the television menu making it almost impossible for me to see. On Tuesday, I spoke to a very nice TW technician who helped me program the remote for my bedroom television and get closed captioning.(for a slight hearing deficit). On the following day, I called to get the living room television remote programmed and was on the phone for 45 minutes with someone who sounded as if he was reading from a script and not understanding or answering any of my questions. I could not access closed captioning and he told me it was the fault of my television. I told him I had Verizon up until the installation of Time Warner and everything worked perfectly including closed captioning. He told that Verizon had closed captioning on more stations that TW and that with TW I would only be able to get CC on channels 100 and above. I informed him that I had I had another TV on which the CC was working perfectly. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was informed that the supv would only tell me the same thing that he told me. I insisted on speaking to a supv and was put on hold for half an hour. Every once in awhile the music stopped for a second making me wonder if he was checking to see if I was still holding on. Subsequently, I called and asked for customer service and told the young woman how frustrated I was and if I could not get closed captioning I would have to cancel. Her response was I will set up the cancellation right now. Is this customer service, would Time Warner rather have me cancel service than try to correct a problem.

    Subsequently, I discovered that the installer who came in truck with Midtown Collision printed on it had disconnected my printer and my DVD player.

    My experience with Time Warner has caused two of my relatives to cancel their orders to switch to Time Warner service. I certainly wish that I had read these complaints before I switched.

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  • Ja
    Jaren Oct 28, 2012

    Brighthouse and RoadRunner need to start improving their services quickly or they will soon be shut out of the ballgame. New devices will allow fast internet connections via other services.

    Our RoadRunner/Brighthouse Bradenton FL internet service has been slow, intermittent and unreliable. We have paid for premium service ( Lightning ) and get mediocre results. I cannot reach a service technician today. Have been put on hold for several minutes.

    I will be actively looking for alternative services and happily broadcast the find to everyone.

    Our Carlton Arms assigned service man installed our services a few years ago and we haven't seen him since. Prior to this time the only alternative for us was Verizon who are a terrible service.

    Jaren Vitale

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  • La
    laurac1 Oct 30, 2012

    twc and rr are very bias. They support the traitor obama and control comments that are against obama. I'm going back to dish to get away from these socialist ###s.

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  • Fe
    fedupwithroadrunner Jun 13, 2014

    Is this what we have to look forward to when large companies try to merge. Roadrunner email is costing me money. I have had to work on alternate ways to communicate with customers and vendors. If you need reliable service to run your business I suggest you find another provider.

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poor service!

Our cable has been on and off for about 2 weeks now. Can't watch the TV. I have tried to call almost everyday - usually the phone cuts out before I ever get to talk to anyone. Today may be my lucky day - I have been on hold for about a 1/2 hour and not cut off yet. Are there this many customers having issues? Their bill boasts of 24 hour customer service ! But no one ever answers the phone!!!

I have also emailed them multiple times - no response. Maybe their company doesn't know how to use email - oh, wait - I remember I used to have their Road Runner Internet service - well that never worked either. That's probably why they don't email back - it's not working. Get a DSL connection - it never goes out!!! Not like Road Runner - which always went out, you couldn't get through to support and then they couldn't fix it after you made an appt and missed work 3 weeks later.

It is starting to look like I am going to be driving into the cable office in the morning since no one is answering the phone. What I don't understand is how they are allowed to get away with this kind of service to their customers!

  • Jo
    Joe Moran Sep 05, 2007

    Here is the text of my online chat with Time Warner

    Mark: Hello my name is Mark I will be assisting you today. What may I help you with?
    Joe Moran: I am an existing customer just trying to transfer service. Install has missed 2 appointments. the first one was scheduled on the 31st from 4-6. I planned my day around it, as i am in the middle of a move. by the time i finally talked to someone, it was rescheduled for the 1st between 2-4. Again, no one showed up. I even gave my cell number (twice) and never heard from anyone. Needless to say, i had no cable service for 4 days. I am thoroughly disappointed in the lack of customer service at Time Warner. My transfer of service has been re-scheduled for today between 10-12. I am thinking about not being there and switching to DirectTV. I would like this issue addressed! The $20 off my bill that was offered is not enough! Thanks
    Mark: Do you have your account number handy? If not may I have the phone number on your account please?
    Joe Moran: 330-896-0157
    Mark: Just a moment please while I open your account
    Joe Moran: No problem
    Joe Moran: The new address is 54 Prescott, Hudson, OH 44236
    Mark: Thanks I found it.
    Mark: I do apologize for the two missed appointments. I am showing the technician is active in your area. I would like to extend you an additional $40 credit for the troubles this has caused
    Joe Moran: Thank you for the offer, i know that it was not personally your fault. The credit is fine and i appreciate the apology. I will continue with Time Warner, but i hope things will get better. If the appointment is missed, I will cancel. Thank you for your help
    Mark: You are very welcome! Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Joe Moran: No, this is much easier than calling.
    Mark: Great we are glad to bring you new ways of communication with Time Warner hope you have a great day!
    Joe Moran: You to.
    Mark: Analyst has closed chat and left the room

    Guess what, they made the appt., but did not have the right boxes and never returned. This company is the worst

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  • Ne
    neema Jul 07, 2008

    This is the worst cable company ever they can not conect service no matter what. This is really a shame. Worst of it all they do not have supervisors and they claim they do. I am not sure I can call this a company if they can put me through soo much. Today I requested my 4th supervisor call after waiting a week. I think I need to give up. I will never have cable that I originally scheduled to get greater than 2 wees ago. This cable company does not exist at all.

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  • Am
    Amr ElMahdy Feb 10, 2009

    Time Warner Cable Customer Service Representatives claim not being aware of Internet deals offered by the company!!!. I got a a HD, TV channels and 3 receivers, PLUS RR Internet services for one year for:$84.90;
    on:01/09/09. This deal remains on line to this date, Despite that fact, TWC Representative claims not knowing of such an offer!!!. Hence I received this month statement for:$196.17!!!. So my bill went up instead of
    going significantly down. Prior to this offer my bill averaged:$150.00; It is truly a sham when the company representatives are unaware of the companies offers particularly such offers had been on line for a minimum of
    a month; I also had to purchase the Motorola Modem thru them from a third party dealer"Fee Modem after rebate", The Technician came a day later than the appointment, was not able to install the modem, claiming that it was malfunctioning!!!; Asked us personally to change it from TWC office and self install it!!!.
    Which I did and despite all those unfortunate mishapps the "NEW MODEM" is not properly functioning, since it does not cover the entire house all the time, when the Internet signal is lost many times during the day.What is ridiculous as well is despite sending the company several facsimiles documenting and explaining all of the above and more I have not received any reply or explanations from TWC Company, nor an adjustment to my billing !!!. This company will eventually lot of business soon because the competition is on my door almost everyday.Amr ElMahdy, Account #:059100001.

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  • Do
    dotsandloops1 May 20, 2011

    That is because online promotions are for online purchases, and not purchases made by calling telesales and arguing about some price you saw somewhere else. If you see a good deal online, buy it online. It's not brain surgery. Do you see a good deal in one store, waste a sales rep's time at that store and then not purchase it, then go to Wal-Mart later and waste someone else's time demanding the other rep's rate? I'm sure you do.

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unable to retrieve my credit refund

I had service with Time Warner From Jan. 07 to May 07. On May 27th I requested Time Warner to terminate our service. In June of 07 I received a statement showing a credit of 82.58, after which I called Time Warner customer service to close my account and requested a refund of my posted credit to be mailed to my current address. Now it's been four months later and after countless attempts in speaking with a number of account reps and supervisors I have yet to receive any refund of my credit. In addition, each time I called I was placed on hold for an average of 30 minutes and sometimes longer to where I just hung up and tried again later. When I did speak to a supervisor, they informed me that a check will be issued to me in a couple of weeks to my current address, but instead all I ever got was another copy of my statement with my current credit status of $82.58. It has been my opinion that Time Warner has either deliberately ignored my request or just chose to pacify me with no intentions of taking any action to follow through with my request.

  • Er
    Erika Reynolds Aug 26, 2007

    I just had a 1/2 hr conversation with a Time Warner "Customer Service" rep asking why they did not show for our scheduled installation appt. After being talked to like I was 5 years old, and being told that there was no record of my appt., I asked 18 times to speak to a supervisor, which the rep refused to transfer me. He told me that "I deal with him or nobody." He told me that I was unreasonable for being upset and how could I treat people that way, that that was no way to go through life......Meanwhile telling me that my Aug. 21 appt would be rescheduled to October 19. I am NEVER paying TWC another dime.

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complete and total screw-up!

I have tried and tried and tried to get this straightened out, but no one seems to be able to do a thing so I am asking anyone for help. I will try to make this to the point as possible, but it is a long and drawn story; at the end of the day all I want is my old phone number as promised.

Phone Number: [protected]
Service provider: Time Warner is the old service provider
Issue: I want the phone number ported as promised

In March I started truing to have my phone number of [protected] ported over to a cell phone. I would have had the number transferred, but Time Warner told me it was not possible, but they said I could have the number ported to a cell phone and they would not disconnect the service until the port was complete because the port would cause an automatic disconnect. I called Verizon and put in a port order, now keep in mind I already have 3 phones with Verizon. A week later when I had heard nothing I called back and the person told me the port had not gone through, but they did not know where to contact me; HELLO! They had 3 valid in service phone numbers with Verizon in which to contact me. The person at Verizon said that the reason my port had not worked is because there verification did not go through; asking what was verified in the port I then went back to Time Warner to see what was wrong. At this point in the saga I find out that Time Warner has had my social wrong for 7 years! They have upgraded my service and taken my money for 7 years with me verifying the last wrong numbers on file and now that I am leaving and they need written proof brought in person to their office to change my social. Let me mention that t this point I have already spent at least 10 hours on the phone just trying to accomplish this, at least 9 hours of on hold; of the 9 hours on hold 8.5 were with Time Warner. I bust my gut to get the new social to them and I am again assured the number will not be disconnected until the port is complete because Time Warner knows they have caused me serious inconvenience. Well, needless to say Time Warner does not disconnect my Cable and Internet service when order, but for darn sure manages to disconnect the phone line when they told me they absolutely would not before the port was completed. I find out about two weeks later after racking up another 20 hours on the phone between companies, again 90% of it on hold with Time Warner that a very simple solution would have been to install a second phone line at my old residence to allow the port to go through, but now that the number is disconnected nothing can be done.

This starts the adventure of trying to figure who owns the number, which at this point an another 25 or so hours on the phone no one can tell me, but Sprint was happy to charge me a $125 deposit for the privilege looking to see if the number is owned by them and yes I do have the bill for you too see. If they can actually get me my number back I would happily pay double, but darn if I trust anyone to give me money back when they want it to just check to see if they might be able to help me. I am at my wits end; I would have even settled for a message directing callers to my new number, but Time Warner does not even offer that service

Secondary to the above Time Warner at least owes me for the week they charged me for my cable and internet and really should compensate me for all of my lost time due to their complete and total screw-up.

I can be reached at [protected] anytime; the e-mail is mth105 AT


  • Gr
    greg A Thompson Jul 25, 2008


    Don't worry I just bought 2 web-site

    I will have it up and running within the next couple days. My launch date for the whole site will be on Sept 25, 2008. I'm going to have a complete web-site for forums for members to make complaints and we will see if time warner cares at all, but I really think the don't care nothing about only making money. Its time to stop the monoply.

    Take Care,

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fraud and cheating!

I received a bill about this before maybe 2yrs.ago.I don't even know anything about this bill. I wasn't even old enough to get cable t.v. right now i am 18 yrs.old. I mean their must be some kind of mistake,because you can't get cable unless you're 18 or older. A couple yrs. ago I did lose my wallet with my i.d. and social security card in it. I am not aware of this and I am tired of getting billed for it.

  • Gr
    Greg Hill Apr 04, 2008

    Switched to Charter Cable 2 years ago from Direct TV okay cable but terrible customer service! From the beginning it started poorly with the onsight hook up first day appointment No one came at all-no one called. two days later we had service. Fast forward to April 4th when I decided to have all the services bundled. Have had the appointment for a week took off friday (today for a scheduled 1-3:00 appointment. Unbelievably no one came over or called. I called several times passed around by customer service (oxymoron term). at 6:30 pm found out the technician said no one was Home! It was such a lie as I had been in the front yard power washing my front driveway and sidewalk. If I had not already cancelled my phone service I would not go with them. If you have Direct TV stick with it it is cheaper and I still may go back toit if this is not resolved. Awful company and I am sorry I have to deal with them at all if you dont have to read all these comments DON'T!!

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  • Ge
    George Bush Mar 12, 2009

    Charter Cable is the biggest corrupt corporate fraud that ever existed. Even those stinking republican halliburton doesn't compare to this ###. On every single bill they manage to increase the charges for no reason.
    Stealing is just, a company policy. No matter how many times you call them, they just continue stealing. Here is the number to the corporate office in Missouri 314 965 o555. Call them to address your concerns, as if they give f**ck.

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  • Cy
    CyborgKeith May 20, 2010

    Just a few weeks ago - April 20th, 2010 - agreed to a contract with Charter Communications to lower my internet bill to $30 per month from $45 dollars per month for 10 mps service.

    #1 = checking my connection speed I never achieved even 3 mps.
    #2 = That same week my internet (but not TV) was GONE completely from 2-3pm until 10-11pm EVERY DAY
    #3 = Customer service - sorry Mr Norton we cannot come out unless your neighbors have the same issue... We can come out in 5 days. I rely on my internet for more than YouTube it is the only way I can work! My Neighbor on the left of me has TVC - You guessed it no loss of service!! The Neighbor to the right has Michigan Online - again theirs was completely unaffected. Mysteriously and VERY predictably the internet was fine right around 11:00pm!!!
    #4 = No way to get a hold of an English speaking person unless you get lucky and have called 3 or 4 times. India people God bless them should be on the phone last - seriously frustrating since they seem to understand me as well as I understand them - no offense but maybe a speaking job should not go to people who sound like broken 1960's sci-fi robots!
    #5 = I went to TVC in Michigan here and set up a date to go with them. Called Charter and asked where do I send their modem - which by the way for the first three years was $3 per month and is now $6 per month! Shouldn't I own this thing now!!! Shame on me! TVC sold me a brand new Motorola modem for $60! How nice man no going to best buy wondering which one will work best with their service and they did not try to make money off me! Like them already. Over the last 8 years I paid Charter almost $500 to use their modem - Shame on me :(

    Funny after calling to cancel - I now have internet ! LOLOLOLOLHAHAHAHAHA it is 6:00pm - this is definitely a joke, right???!!! Seriously 30 minutes later, now I am writing this.

    Was Charter shorting me after having me sign a contract on purpose?? The lady I spoke with very MEAN lady WOOO! DOGGY! (LOL MORANS!!) said did you ask for a tech to come out blah blah blah! Yes Mam. Well you have a $75 termination fee - I never had internet! So they get their money for nothing one way or another. I am going to fight this and put a call into BBB and ask them if this kind of garbage is common or not. If it is common I will be hiring a lawyer. I have so much BUSINESS messed up over this now. Vonage and Skype have been down unable to connect with clients and order parts I need and so on. From the same junction box in my neighbors yard out of the whole block I am the last sucker to be putting up with Charter and NOT having internet AMAZING!!! I thought everyone was dealing with this!!. Dumping Charter cable too - Thank God Charter Commercials are beyond incoherent and I am sick of seeing these dummies act so messed up. Bundle me? $109.99 per month!!! Get cable from TVC they stand behind 5 mps for $40 per month, get Direct TV got $25 and Skype for $3! That's less than $70 - That's nearly $500 per year! Anyway I am so gleeful I am annoying! Thank You neighbors for letting me know of TVC. I was told Charter was the only one that serviced this area! Will have internet for "REALLY" this time!!! After 8 years of this!!! Later Charter losers!!!

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  • Cy
    CyborgKeith May 20, 2010

    One correction ~ "That's nearly $500 per year!" $40 per month for 12 months = $480 SAVINGS just to clear that up.

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  • No
    noone important to charter May 17, 2011

    well i just got a late bill when i am all paid up to date...
    Charter is going to lose a customer...
    i now have to send them proof that i paid by sending them a copy of my statments, , yeah...
    what a bunch of bull my back hurts, and so does my arm..
    i am so upset, the lady from india, told me that my bill was up to date when my service went down... i thought they cut me off, but it was just them..
    when i got my service back up, , they were going to give me a free mounth, , and they forgot all about that, , anyway, , i paid, double, now they say im late again, , which i am not i have proof, , it turns out if you pay a head of time or in the same mounth they cant figure it out (when its not from the same card) they are really makeing me mad.. i wonder if someing from Fios works their, , or if the people from india have it out for them.?? wish i could be happy ...

    this all started when they stoped excpting my amx, and changed billing # for charter payees, i hope they fix the probem... im tired of this...

    I have enough pob lems, takeing care of my family, pops has cancer.. and i work all the time.. man... what a joke Thankx Charter...

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  • Ch
    char_tech Jun 04, 2011

    I used to work for Charter as a third party cable repair tech in a call center. When you sign up for service, you need a social, most agents didn't check to see the rating and there's no way to check to see if the owner of the social is 18 years or older. I have come accross a few accounts like this. You will need to fill out a fraud report, call Charter and speak to the retention department. They should be able to give you some info on the account. I would also contact whoever you need to fill out a fraud report with.

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language barrier / billing problems

On 7/2/07 I called charters billing department to make a 62.12 payment. From the beginning of the conversation it was a language barrier which caused me to repeat my checking account info a total of 15 times because she could not understand me. Then finally when the transaction went through I aske for my remaining balance was and was told an alarming 175.62 figure which was alarming to me so I asked for a break down. To make a long story short the agent asked me to repeat my banking info once again and I thought it was her double checking her self for accuracy and come to find out she put through another payment for 175.62 when I simply asked for a breakdown. I asked to speak with a supervisor and when she came on the phone it went from bad to worst. When I asked her to reverse the payment because her agent was incorrect in processing the payment in so many words she told me to deal with it. When I reminded her that this conversation was being recorded she suddenly got a case of the niceness and offered a 20.00 credit for what my bank was going to charge me for the stop payment of the illegal transaction. Charter communications has been around for years and I would hate to think just becuase they would like to save a few dollars by moving their call centers to countries that will work for cheaper wages would sacrifice their reputation and professionalism. I was very disappointed with the ignorance, lack of communication skills and ability for these agents that live in a different countries ability to serve the customers of the united states. I know first hand about language barriers due to the fact I am a naturalized citizen myself, but I took the time and responsibility as a contributing citizen of this country to learn the primary tongue in order to function effectivley and efficiently.

  • Ap
    A. P. Dec 10, 2007

    What you're saying it's not completely true. It is true that tey try to reduce cost by using the outsoursing services...but, not all the agents are not educated or not willing to help.

    Usually the issue is that us (yes, i do work for charter, I'm overseas on Panamá) the agents, have to handle aprox. 60 customers per day, and... a 95% of these customers are angry... imagine a work where your boss, the bossess of your boss, all the customers and some other pseudo bosses will be pushing you... it's not that easy as the customer thinks.

    Most of the time, we, the agents are explaining things in a comprehensive way for the customer...then, what happens? Mr./Ms. Customer doesn't want to understand what you're saying...Why?...because Mr./Ms. Customer wants to have the all tier package + 10 megs of high speed internet + phone service and just pay like 10.00$...and simply will not take as a valid explanation that the regular price of a package like that will be like 155.00$

    Another funny fact here...sometimes (yes not always...but it happens) customers doesn't even know how to speak whith their own language... and we as people with english as a foreign language, have to correct them.

    Now, don't take it in the wrong way, i'm perfectly aware that we, agents overseas, usually won't have the most crystal clear accent, most of the people on United States hate us...but at least, some of us try to help. Honestly, if you generalize lot of people that just want to do their job will be included in there... and I don't think it's fair.

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  • Ki
    kimberly munn Jan 18, 2008

    i recieved a automated call trying to sell me a DISH NETWORK in my area. i proceded to press the key connecting me with a live it goes BRIAN kfrom colorado answers, i asked him to take me off the calling list.................being i am a single mother of 3 and putting 2 through college at A&M in college station texas. no problem for BRYON in COLORADO laughs and need a reason why. it is none of your conern i say, lol oh but i need to know why he says. intruding on my privacy i come to the conclusion I WILL NEVER GET SATILITE DISH and will inform my parents and all the friend i know to DICONECT. learn a little class and respect you as an emplyer hire these disrespecful ###s. get a clue we are from a small town in texas from a very large rancing family, this smart ### brian has made my mind up and now will others. DO NOT USE THIS NETWORK. hope you get your act together. kim

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worst customer service ever!

Speaking as an it professional with close to 13 years of extensive experience in a wide spectrum of the...

Intermittent connection

We have experienced ongoing intermittent cable connection with Charter Cable. The connection would be fine for a few hours and then go out for just a few minutes to several hours.

Our first experience with this issue was in January. Charter gave us the standard reply to recycle our modem to "fix" the problem which did not fix the problem. The second suggestion was that the issue was not with Charter but with our router. We disconnected the router and had the same intermittent connection with one pc directly connected to the modem. Then Charter replaced our modem rather than sending anyone to troubleshoot the real problem. The new modem did not fix the problem. Charter finally sent a tech. The connection was good when the tech arrived so he replaced the modem. The connection failed that same evening. Charter sent another tech who configured the cable wires outside the house.

We experienced issues from January until mid-April before Charter sent anyone to help us. There is no other cable internet provider in my area.

A secondary complaint is that each time I called to resolve this issue, the tech would pitch the upgrade to my high speed internet. These techs did not hesitate when questioned on why I would seek an upgrade because they can not fix the problem with my cable connection. The techs always stated that I could try it out and if that resolved my issues I could keep the service at the higher speed price of course.

The last is speculation. I think Charter is aware of the intermittent connection issues their customers experience with the 3M high speed on busy nodes. Either they can not make the 3M work correctly on a busy node or it is too expensive to make it work. Rather than admit to offering a broken service to customers they manipulate the customer into voluntarily upgrading to the functioning service at the higher price. An ethical company would bump the customers up for the price they currently pay and stop offering a broken service. People do not need to pay %50 a month for a service that works only a few hours out of each day.

  • Ug
    Ugur Ozdemir May 10, 2007

    I have been experiencing the same problems and I totally agree with this complaint. Fortunately I have another provider in my area and I am planning to switch to it.

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  • Ch
    Charter sucks Apr 10, 2008

    Charter's connection keeps failing over here. Strangely enough, after calling them, the problem mysteriously goes away. They'll send a tech over to replace my modem.

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  • Ju
    Julep May 26, 2008

    We have same issue as well, though we have the 5m service from the start. We have had ongoing intermittent problem since we moved into this home in Oct, still going on now in May. Unfortunately, we have no other provider and we need the internet to work from home. They have sent a ton of techs over, we've had one good one lately, they've replaced lines under the driveway from the pole to the house, lines under the house, etc. but feel we are hitting a dead end now, supposedly a lineman is going to look at the problem, but we never get any feedback and it just keeps going down. Just have to keep calling every time it is down, but not sure what else to do at this point. We are stuck with having to have a high speed internet provider and they are the only ones.

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phone number blocked from charter system

It took Charter more than 2 weeks of home service calls about poor picture quality to determine that the problem was a line feeding into the neighborhood. Their estimates for resolving the problem varied from 2 days to 2 weeks. When I spoke with a supervisor he said he was not sure that a work order for the problem had even been submitted. When I told him this was unacceptable service, he hung up on me and blocked my phone number out of Charter's customer repair division. The company subsequently has informed me that Charter is unable to block out individual phone numbers. Cingular wireless however ran a diagnostic on my line and verified that Charter was indeed blocking my number. All of the above clearly indicates that within the Charter organization, the left hand does not know what the right is doing.

  • Fa
    Faye Sutton Aug 12, 2008

    I am totally disgusted with Charter Communications. My father has been a Charter customer for a number of years, mainly because there was not another cable company in that area so we had no choice. In the past couple of years, his cable service has been interrupted at least once, sometimes twice a month for a period of no less than 1-2 days. When we call to complain, we are told that it may take sometimes up to a week to get this service restored!! Yet, we still get billed for the entire month unless you go through the hassle of arguing with a representative. Just today, I spoke with an agent and supervisor at Charter that it may take up to 10 days to get my dad's cable restored after it got disrupted again yesterday because they have to have a bucket truck come out and work on the line pole near the house. I can hardly believe with the technology that is out here today that Charter is still operating using antiquated methods when dealing with consumers. I am getting ready to have this service disconnected and go with another company.

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billing extortion

I am having a problem with Charter Communications here in Fallon, and I think they are doing something of dubious legality. Since I only subscribe to their Internet service, not their TV service (I have DirecTV) they have chosen to penalize me to the tune of $10 per month for what they are calling "HSD without video." I should note that I have had their “HSD without video” service since the day Charter moved here to Fallon, but I have never been charged for it, nor even heard the term before this month’s bill.

Now, if any other company tried to extort me into selecting more of their services, I would go to a competitor in a heartbeat, but since Charter has the cable monopoly for this area, my only recourse is to pay up and shut up, or buy other services from them.

online payment is a rip-off!

I have been using Time Warner Cable's PayExpress service to pay my cable bill online. I thought it wa...

this company is completely and utterly pathetic!

Time Warner is a perfect example of how pathetic and atrocious big business gets when any company has a total...

systems not functioning properly

I thought that maybe with the takeover of Adelphia's system by Time Warner, that they would take care of the maintenance that was badly needed on the system.

I subscribe to Broadcast Basic, which is the minimal amount of channels on regular (non-digital) cable. In the past, I had asked the Adelphia technician about poor reception problems with certain channels on the system. His reply made it clear he knew of the problems - he knew before I mentioned that we were having problems with channels 6 and 10, the ABC and CBS affiliates out of Columbus, OH. He made the claim that the problem was due to the distance my town is from Columbus. I knew he was just trying to appease me, as with cable that shouldn't be an issue. Besides, stations from Charleston, WV were coming in just fine, and they are just as far away.

So, I was relieved to find out that Time Warner took over and called customer service to request that someone come out and experience the problem in order to figure out where the fix should be applied. I made a service appointment for the next morning. Stuck around the house and by the phone, but no one called or showed up. When I called, they claimed the service call was canceled because it was an "area-wide problem" they were aware of. They claimed to have fixed the problem, so I just waited.

It wasn't soon after that the reception problem occurred again. This was not a constant problem, but quite erratic. It was not time-dependent, neither did temperature or weather have any affect. However, it did seem to occur more during programs that were very popular.

This canceled service call scenario occurred two or three more times, so I began to talk to supervisors. That didn't help much, though. They appeared to be sympathetic, and even promised that a technician would show up - to pick up a DVD I recorded of the problem.
However, their promises were empty.

One day, while viewing channel 10, WBNS (CBS - Columbus, OH), reception became so poor that another channel appeared. I could clearly see the WILX logo, and the NBC peacock symbol. I recorded this on my DVR and burned it to DVD. I called the customer service desk, asked for a supervisor and described in detail what I saw. She said that it sounded like a "head-end" problem, and that she would put in a work order. Well, it's a good thing I didn't hold my breath. That was a month ago, and I still am having the same problems today. The odd thing about the other station bleeding through - WILX is in Lansing, MI, more than three times farther away than Columbus, OH. I have to ask, why would a customer in southeast Ohio be getting a bleed through of one network onto another from a station that is hundreds of miles away?

That's a good question, but I'll bet Time Warner has no idea.

I really hope they come through and fix this problem. This is a service my family pays for. We have been very patient and very understanding in regards to waiting for them to fix the problem. I understand they took over a great number of systems that were badly in need of repair, but they need to get on the ball and start repairing the systems that are not functioning properly. We only get 13 channels on our plan, but 2 of them are usually unwatchable. That's not a good percentage considering the cost of service. I hate to moan publicly about this, but what am I to do when customer service reps keep making empty promises?

no services were rendered and they want a termination fee!

In October I ordered cable service including the road runner internet and e-mail service. The technicians never showed up when they were supposed to. When they finally did show up they did not have the right cable and I wasted a whole day that I took off from work. The following week time warner sent a technician with the right cable and he did hook up the cable. It did not work for sometime and they eventually got it somewhat working. In the mean time the internet service had several problems. The modems did network and a second tech was sent; they said the service was working, however it kept cycling on and off continuously. Nothing worked and we called several times and they did perform trouble shooting over the phone. They told us that the problem was our PC and television sets. The tech over the phone said we should get a new TV and then call for service. We got a TV brand new and it still did not work. The Time Warner techs who were very rude then informed us that they could not do anything until we bought new TVs and PCs. They were very rude and not willing to listen to our concerns. When we insisted on them sending someone they were very resistant and when they finally agreed to send someone and this person never showed up. This week I got a bill for $255.00 early termination fee for a service that was never provided or rendered. I called from my cell to ask why I received this bill and again they were rude and unhelpful. I finally spoke to a supervisor by the name of Marcus who would only give his extension at [protected] at extension 8669 tonight (01/05/07) and nothing has changed. He was rude and informed me that there was nothing that he could do and he asked me to produce proof that they did not fix the problem. We had the service for three days and it never worked. No services were rendered and they want a termination fee. An artificial person (corporation should not have that much free reign as to exploit a real person; me). This is unfair. They still want me to pay. Help if you have an antidote.

  • Di
    Diane Lawrence Feb 26, 2007

    I agree with you 100% about Time Warner.. I was with them for a year without a problem...Then I received a bill for $189.00 without a reason...I called and they said my subscription ran out...I said I never had one when I signed up and told them I fax the order showing them it never was on my receipt for any commitment of a 15 month at that price...They said it was but would not give me the fax number to send my receipt in and finally they realize it was a new man that signed me up and had lied to me and that is why it never shows on receipt ...They said it makes no different you have to pay this every month... I was only paying the $99.95 plus tax each month that is still being offer on the internet... Finally they told me they will bring it down to $127 a month with a 15 month agreement...I said I want what is offer on the internet with the free showtime and movie channel for a year...They said we do not have that anymore...Well, I notice the offer is still there after 3 months and they did not take it off when I inform them that the need to take it off if it is not correct on their webpage... Short version... I being taken for $30 more a month and no free movies...Consumers be aware you will not get a warning when this so call 15 month contact is over and expect a high bill....and you will not get to sign back up for the $99.95....unless you are a lucky one....I thought since they would suppose to take the miss leading ad off website that I go another 15 months but if I know now that it was only $99.95 and that it was a good ad then they should never lied to me...Will I sign up when my 15 months is over...Over my dead body....

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  • Ca
    Casinda May 16, 2008

    Also very disapointed with Time Warner, Have been a customer with them for over 20 years, which is fine until you have a problem. There customer service is very poor the attitude I recieved was that the fact that I had been a long time loyal customer meant absolutly nothing to them, the did not care that I have decided to discontinue my service and change my phone service back to Southwestern Bell, or that I cancelled my cable and internet service with them. The problem I had with them was that I also paid a installation charge to have Road runner connected which I was originally told the problem was with my computor, I too upgraded my computor and still have problems, now technicians are saying lines that I paid them (so called subcontractors for time warner) to install were never done right to begin with. they split off the line with splitter which then caused, reception problem with television, now they want to recharge me another installation charge to re-run lines that they previously ran that in My opinion and there technician's opinion were never done correctly to begin with. Just a note to any future reader having problems with road runner, they tell me now that road runner has to be supported by its own seperate outside line. They say I need 4 seperate lines ran, my previous reciept even shows 4 active outlets last time they performed work. Now there charges are an addition 59.90 plus 62.90 rework charge. They say this is custom work. But they didn't have problem even with the fact that last technician out ran line thru my kitchen floor (hardwood) about 10-12 inches from wall, guess that floor repair will be on me too ($$$), in meantime I have to place a piece of furniture over hole, cause now the floor looks terrible. The only response that I can get is we are sorry that you are dissapointed with us...BUT THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO..., This is after at least 10 or more calls and speaking to 3 supervisors. Sure wish I could reach the person in charge of there supervisors...Oh well there response would probably be they don't care either after all, its just a job...not a career..and there just there for the paycheck at the end of the week and could not care less about the loyal customers who pay there checks each week. Not that it matters, they are just to big...but this is one previously very loyal customer who will no longer be contributing to there pay each week.

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  • Bu
    Bumbledor Nov 23, 2008

    I just got time warner internet. I was told I had to prepay the first months internet plus installation charge for a total of 79.00 dollars. They installed on thrusday, and I just found out that they charged my card twice. Im calling them tomarrow and I expect a run around and told that my refund will take 30 days, based on what I have seen on the internet here in the last hour.

    Bull crap. If they can take it that fast, they can refund it that fast, or they are going to be sued for the overdraft fees they caused me to incur!

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  • Co
    Codie Whittico Jul 26, 2011

    I hve been trying to transfer our service since 7/8, today is the 26th!!! I got charged 1500.00 because they couldnt transfer my service cuz someone else had it in their name at my new house but get this...someone moved into my old house and they canceled our service to hook them up?!?!? Make sense, NOPE! Customer service sucks and I finall got an install date 7/22 with a no show and no one even called me. I called them and they said they have no idea what happened and theres nothing they can do. They scheduled it AGAIN for today and guess what... no show AGAIN! I called and got this horrible lady in the "fraud dept" because now we just learned we owe them 170.00?!?! Didnt know that til today. I was furious that she would not answer any of my questions and she told me if I didnt act right she would cancel our install again, WHAT?!?!?! I hate time Warner and something should be done about them! FIRE them all!!! I thought we had no other choice but time warner but we just found out we get ATT and Im so glad to say EFF YOU time warner!!! I also filed a complaint w/ the BBB and Ithink yall should too!

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hard core porn shows on tv

I recently purchased a HDTV, and hooked up to my existing analog cable. I was surprised to find that my TV...

don't switch to time warner internet unless you're looking to commit suicide!

For years I functioned on the Verizon land line/DSL combo. Suddenly it dawned on me that the receiver on my home phone didn't even work, so it was time to say goodbye.

I called Verizon to see about keeping the Internet and ridding of the land line. "You'll be without the Internet for 21 days," the Verizon customer service rep admonished. "Well then I guess I gotta switch to Time Warner," I threatened. "Okay," responded the Verizon rep. I hung up in a huff, and immediately called Time Warner. To my surprise, I got through to a customer service representative in a matter of seconds. Things were gonna change. Life was good. But little did I know that by signing up with Time Warner Internet, I was about to be in for the MOST frustrating, anger and sadness-filled time of my life. And I went to Catholic school.

It all started on December 10th. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Time Warner Internet technician between the hours of one and three. One and three? And on a Sunday? This is the best company ever, I thought.

At 2:45pm Jose knocked on my door. He was a nice gentleman who did go out of his way to make sure everything was up and running. He even told me I was being charged too much each month, that I wasn't getting email, and that the download speed was considerably lower than I was promised. Jose was confused by the misinformation I had been given and left me with a customer service number to call so I could clear things up. All in all, a good experience. Poor Jose. Such a nice chap. But now it was up to me to brave the waters of the Time Warner customer service line.

My first post-Internet call was to Monica, who then informed me that even after the monthly charge was "corrected," I was still being overcharged by $120. Glad they caught that, I thought.

But it is now December 20th, and since the 10th, this is the first day that I have had the Internet work consistently for more than 2 hours. It has gone out numerous times each day since the 10th.

I made many calls to customer service so I could pinpoint the problem, but when warned that the wait would be greater than 30 minutes, I hung up the phone because of other commitments. Finally, on the 14th, I gave in and decided to wait the "greater than 30 minutes." But alas, I couldn't make it past 55 minutes, as my dinner guests had arrived. This was getting out of control.

So today I call Time Warner to get the scoop on a missing remote and the Internet problem. I get through to the cable side immediately, and the remote issue was resolved. Dale explains that he has to transfer me to an Internet technician, so I say that's no big deal and I wait to be connected. For 15 minutes I listen to the same damn hold music, when suddenly I am disconnected. Are you serious? I think. Oh well. I call back.

This time I get through to the Internet tech fairly easily. Her name is Trina. I very calmly tell Trina that something weird has been going on lately, that I just assume it's a fluke, and that I'm sure she has some Adelphia-related explanation for the mishap. I remind Trina a dozen times that my Internet seems to be working okay at the moment, and that I'm guessing there must be some note in the computer about the random outages. Trina then puts me on hold 3 or 4 times and comes back to the line. "Unplug your modem. Hold it for 5 seconds. Then plug it back in," she says. I comply. "Is your Internet working now?" she asks. "It's been working today," I remind her, "Remember? It's just that it's gone out every day before today and I really can't afford to have this happen. I mean, I work from home and I need the Internet for my job." "Oh no. That's baaaadddd," Trina says. "Ah, yeah it is. Is there anything in your computer about the Adelphia change or anything?" I ask. "Yeah, I know there have been some problems with the change," Trina says to me. At this point I'm beginning to think she's high.

"Trina," I ask, "Is this something that's going to happen every day? Because if it is, I think I'm going to have to change companies. I'm really sorry, but I just can't afford to be without the Internet all the time." "No. That's bad. But is your Internet working today?" Trina asks. "Wow. This is getting weird," I say, "What in the world is going on? I mean I think I'm going to have to cancel the service. Can you just tell me what I need to do to cancel the service?" "Ohhhhh," Trina whispers, "You gotta call the local office to find that out." Defeated, I then ask for the number for the local office, to which Trina responds, "Um, I gotta put you on hold to get that." "That's no problem," I say. Trina then comes back with the "local" number of which she had spoken, and begins delivering it to me in the softest voice, as if she is about to crack up. "One-Eight-Eight," she says, and before she can go on I interrupt her. "Wait. That's a local number?" I ask. "Yep," Trina says. "Okay," I say, "Go on. Sorry about that." "1-8-8-8 (long pause) 8 (pause) 9 (pause) 2 (pause)," she begins, and I can't believe what I'm hearing. I'm thinking, there's no way she's actually doing this, so I let her continue. "2 (pause) 2 (pause) 5 (pause) 3," she says, and then takes a deep breath. "888-TW-CABLE?" I ask, "That's the local number for California? 'Cause that's the number I dialed to get to you, Trina. Where are you?" "I'm in British Columbia," she says, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" "No, no, Trina. You certainly can't help me with anything," I say. And then I hang up.

In conclusion, DON'T switch to Time Warner Internet unless you're looking to commit suicide. Their Internet is the WORST, and the customer service hold music sounds like it was composed by a rat.

  • Am
    Amanda Currie Feb 26, 2007

    We've had Time Warner for about a year and I agree with most statements here. The first few months were hell. They kept charging us for things and we did not know why. We had to have someone breakdown each item on the bill and explain, in plain English, what each item was. A lot of it turned out to be useless, so we trimmed off a few options (most of which we were told were included as bonuses for joining - a lie) and knocked our stuff down to digital cable, phone, internet, and DVR.

    Well, for the first month or so, we had problems with our phone and internet. The internet or phone would go out for no reason and we would call Time Warner, only to go through hold hell, useless operators, and promises of service technicians who showed up 2 hours late (or not at all - which we were charged for once and later had to have removed from our bill). We exchanged the modem twice, finally buying our own router rather than renting theirs.

    The phone did not work properly at first. We got static and popping on the "crystal-clear" digital phone. Plus, it would go out at night and stay off for hours. What if the house caught fire or we needed 911? Guess we're screwed.

    The DVR would go off at midnight and reset itself, sometimes taking hours to do so (meaning we could not watch TV at all - even though we're paying for 24 hours of TV). This also ceased after a while. Now we get occasional glitches, especially with some of the on-demand stations.

    Frankly, I have no idea why most of these events stopped happening after about six or seven months of service. We haven't had to call anyone in months. Were they just trying to shake us off?

    The only problem we have now is with the DVR, but we've got stuff saved on it and we can't replace it right now. I just wish I knew why most of the problems seemingly disappeared about six months ago.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Labare Mar 31, 2007

    Iv been with these money hungry creeps for over 2 years now, and all i ever have with them is problem after problem. I call them to come out and try to fix the problem 5 times..

    The first time they came out, they hooked me up to my neighbors twc phone line.

    The second time they came out, was because they gave us the wrong box, and switched it. Then the ### said and i quote "Sir, we dont have hdtv boxes" so then he left and i drove down their and with my very eyes, i see hundreds of hd boxes behind all the ### that work there... So i exchanged it..

    The third time they came out here, cause my internet connection was dying cause they hooked me up with my nieghbers internet connection... So they installed a box..

    The fourth time they came out here, cause my internet connection still was disconnecting...

    The fifth and final time they came out here, i told them my phone dies when im downloading something, and they came out here and guess what the clueless ### said? "I wasn't trained on internet connection and phone services, i only help with cable tv issues...

    Ever since iv been unhooking and rehooking my router at least 5 times a day to reset the connection.. Because no one will help me...

    And another reason i dont like time warner cable is because, they are homophobic ###s.. I was visiting my parents, and my boyfriend was at home and they called and asked for me, and my boyfriend said he is at his parents house can i help you. And some woman said i can only talk to matthew labare. Then my boyfriend asked is it about his bill cause i can pay it right now, and then she said, SORRY SIR BUT WE DONT BELIEVE IN THAT ###..... Meaning since were not a straight couple my boyfriend couldn't the bill...

    I hate Time Warner Cable, and i hope they go out of business and they all go to prison for stealing everyones money and making their customers go through hell... Also for false advertisment, but again this is America, the land of ###!

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  • Ia
    Ianthe Dorsett Apr 04, 2007

    I totally agree with the complaints that have been posted. I'm a customer of Time Warner Cable in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and can attest to the poor quality and false advertisements. I have had Time Warner for about two years now and I wish that I could just tell them a piece of my mind. What I dont understand is why they charge you a month in advance for service that you haven't used as yet, it just seems ridiculous to me. For starters to even call and pay a bill by phone is torture because of the hassle of waiting on the phone for customer help. Needless to say each month I get a shock when the bill comes in the mail and they seem to beat around the bush when you ask for an explanation or better yet they don't know themselves whats happening. Time Warner needs to improve their service to their customers, because without us there would be no Time Warner!!!

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  • Ma
    Mark Nov 19, 2007

    This is the same hell I went through. I had no internet at the time in the place I'm currently living in and so I called TWC to set up an appointment after talking to the service rep. guy for what I needed I got a scheduled appointment time for a few days later. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. So the Cable Guy was supposed to come between 1-3 PM. Well he never showed, so after 3 I called TWC's 800 number to find out what was going on. The TWC cable guy was running late so they sent out a third-party contractor to pull up the slack. This other guy comes along, installs the cable box, but wait, he never was told that I signed up for Internet too! Oh ###, lucky me he had an extra crappy cable modem in his car. So cables up, internet is running, and that was it, or so I hoped.

    Few days later I installed an Online Game that I played back in the day, and this is where my troubles began. After installation, I couldn't connect to the games servers, always was disconnected. So I did my check of firewalls, etc. Still wouldn't work. Called the Games Service Department and found out some of the ports that were needed to be open to connect to the servers were being BLOCKED by TWC's RoadRunner. So just to make sure it wasn't on my end, I took my PC to my friend’s house and used his DSL and the game connected just fine.

    To make this short and sweet, I called TWC 10 times, had them out 3 times, and bought myself MY own cable box, and it wasn't until that last phone call when I threaten and continually told them how displeased I was. I asked them for a customer service mailing address and was going to send out mass mail to the chain of commanded at TWC. After that, my game was able to connect to the servers and I've never had a problem since.

    Just like the Original Poster, when you power cycled your modem, it would flash check to make sure everything was working, well when I did that I would have to wait 2 hours to get reconnected. My last phone call did something to get their ### in gear to fix the port issue.

    SO I got lucky, but after being pissed off and not-so-happy to see my cable bill keep getting bigger and bigger, I don't know if dealing with these guys is worth it anymore. Can't wait till Google comes out as an ISP.

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  • Ya
    yackle Aug 17, 2008

    I have TWC in the Raleigh/Durham area only because I can't get a satellite signal in the apartment that I moved into 2 years ago. There are two freakin' apartments in this whole complex that can't get a satellite signal and mine has to be one of them. Murphy's law at work again. Prior to that I had DirectTV and LOVED IT!!! TWC is more expensive for less channels. Plus, the Raleigh/Durham affiliate of TWC does not carry the Bravo channel. I've called countless times and complained and asked them when they're going to carry it and they tell me the same thing each time - Bravo is their most requested channel and pleasing their customers is TWC's main concern. Then why don't they just carry the channel? It doesn't matter why you call them, they give you the same "Stepford", preprogrammed answers. Nothing ever changes; I've only seen things get worse.

    Tonight I'm trying to watch the Olympics and my DVR has rebooted itself suddenly and for no apparent reason at least 8x tonight. The whole reboot thing takes 3-5 minutes to process each time. Anything I'm recording stops and when it finishes rebooting it doesn't automatically start up again, I have to do it manually. This reboot-for-no-reason thing has been going on since last week.

    I'm moving to a smaller apartment next month because my oldest child has moved off to college. I can't wait to go back to DirectTV. If I never had to deal with TWC ever again in my lifetime I'd be a very happy person.

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  • Sc
    ScottWalkerCockSmoker Jun 23, 2011

    Isn't it weird how TWC makes a lot of mistakes by overcharging folks? Shouldn't mistakes work two ways i.e.: either over charged, or undercharged. By some crazy fluke of nature their mistakes always only go one way in which I don't even need to tell you. They are ###ing parasites of the lowest nature !!! They charge different prices for the same thing to different people in my city, how that is legal I will never know. Their karma is going to be an ugly hot mess!!! Rot in hell skum bags!!! & that's doing a disservice to skum bags!

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invalid charges for issues on their end

Hi, I subscribed to Charter High Speed Internet on 10/20/06 and I had charter technician at my house to fix issues 2 times. First time signal was fluctuating so no good connection, and 2nd time it was not connecting (something wrong with line). For 2nd visit they want to say it was modem which was not working right. I called them and spoke with their customer service and asked what or how was it not working right? they have no answer for it! I told them over and over that if modem was not working how come it started working after that? I told them there was line connection issue over and over since I was not getting solid connection. But they keep repeating modem was not working but no other explanation when I asked details of problem! 2nd thing I don't agree is that, when I was doing troubleshooting over phone night before, tech on phone NEVER even mentioned there will be charge for that or anything? Never in past even they mentioned there is charge for service calls or such. And clearly in this case, issue was on their end, for which they have to fix it. What I don't agree is that they charging me $35 for trip charge on which they did nothing. I even told technician that what was I experiecing, details that connection was coming and losing due to FOR SURE line problem, not modem!!! I need $35 removed from my invoice please. Please call me or let me know if additional details needed.

Thank you,

Nirav Patel

  • Ca
    casey patterson Jan 29, 2007

    Yes, i have been billed for $189 and i have never had cable in the states I'm in the military i am 20 and my b-day is 02/20/87 and the cable was opened in my name by my mother in 1997 and she said she was my spouse is there any way i can get that off my credit cause it is messing up my credit.

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they really need to improve their service

The problem started last week. I have high speed internet and a dedicated ip address. I called them twice last week and was on the phone for what seemed like hours. After the first call, in which they made me go through all sorts of troubleshooting on my end, they finally sent a tech out. He said the problem was in the outside line and he would be back to fix it. He never showed. When I called back they made me go through the entire thing again which involved unplugging my modem etc etc etc. They said they would send someone out again. They showed up, and it worked for half a day. I called again yesterday and was on the phone again for close to an hour. So far no one has shown up or called. I am supposed to be on a four hour service plan. They really need to improve their service.

  • Valerie Dec 27, 2006

    I had charter for telephone service and cable service for 5 months. During those five months my phone would drop calls constantly.

    At first it was just a few calls then it got worse. I would call Charter service and make an appointment and wait all day for them to get there. They were good about getting there at least the day they said they would. The service tech’s were nice enough and citreous. The first one checked what he could, scratched his head and said everything was fine and if I had any more problems to call. The phone problem got worse and I called again. The second guy was really nice and at least tried to do something. He turned up the power on the modem they installed and of course said if you have any more problems, call.

    The phone and the Internet got really BAD everyday at 4:30 PM the Internet was so slow you could not send an e-mail with out the Internet dropping out. If you made a phone call or someone would call me same thing would happen, the call would be dropped. This would go on till 8 to 8:30 PM then it was an "if'e" thing at best. The Internet would work long enough to check emails and maybe send one or two.

    I finally got the service manager to come out an check it him self. He did nothing except say, “Please give me 5 day’s to get it fixed, we grew to fast around here and our system can’t handle everything”.

    After 3 weeks of the same thing I finally got tired of the situation and called Bell South. They came when they said they would and changed the phone over. It was about 4:45 PM when they did it so it was a great time for the test. First thing I tried was Internet; it was like having FAST Internet service, wonderful! I have not had a problem since then with the phone or the Internet and will be talking to Bell South about fast Internet.

    I am in the hills of NC around Asheville so this is just in my area. Charter may work where you are. Good Luck!

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  • Al
    Albert Mar 30, 2009

    Charter is the worst ISP company I have ever come across. Their customer service is pathetic.

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charter failed to show up at the agreed upon date to pick up the equipment

Below is an e-mail I sent to Charter.

Now I am a little upset! I received a call today regarding the equipment charge that is past due and if it wasn't paid immediately my service would be disconnected.

If you read the following e-mail conversation you will find that Charter failed to show up at the agreed upon date to pick up the equipment. I was home the entire day of 7/27/06. The time I was given was between 1pm and 5pm. Today when I asked where I could ship the modem back I was asked if I had a FedEx label. When I responded NO I was told it would be 7 days until I would get the label (How ridiculous!). My question is why wasn't I asked if I needed a FedEx label on 7/26/06 when I called to have the Internet service disconnected? Instead I was told either I could drive 60 miles to return the modem or stay home from work and wait for someone (never to show up) to come and pick the modem up.

Maybe Charter should get their act together before telling people that they will have their service disconnected if the bill isn't paid immediately! Maybe Charter should pay me for the day I stayed home from work waiting for someone to show who never did!

All I can say is that I better be credited the $33.00 I paid today the day Charter receives the returned modem from me. If it isn't I will be canceling all my Charter services. I think Direct TV or Dish Network would be happy to have my business.

*** E-mail to Charter***

--Original Message--

Date: 7/28/2006 9:54:21 PM
Subject: Bill / Other

Subject: Bill / Other


I had an appoinment yesterday to have my leased modem picked up between 1pm and 5pm. No one ever showed up to pick up the modem. I noticed today that there is a $33.00 unreturned modem charge on my bill. I don't understand why I am getting charged for a modem that Charter failed to pick-up on the agreed upon date. I was home all day yesterday and I didn't even receive a call from anyone at Charter.

I need to get this modem returned and I would like the $33.00 charge removed from my statement. Is it possible to ship the modem back instead of setting up an appointment or driving 60 miles to return it?

  • Br
    brate higs Nov 21, 2006

    I would like to formally complain about Charter Communications. I wonder if their CEO Paul Allenhas a clue as to their POOR customer service. I was a longtime customer of Charter until a few years ago when I was really treated poorly by their customer servicewhen I called with questions about my bill. I switched to Direct TV where they actually listen and don't put you on hold forever, or have "online help" that is essentially no help at all because you can't find the silly e-mail address to contact. I hadthought about perhaps going back to Charter but had the opportunity to witness a woman at a hair salon today who had tried SEVEN times to schedule a repair appointment. She had arranged for people to be at her home so the "cable guy" could get in. And for the SEVENTH time they didn't show. When she called to complain, Charter put her on "hold" for at least 30 minutes and even at that never came back to the phone. After witnessing that interaction I will stick with Direct TV. I wonder how long Charter can stay in business with service like that. Fortunately for us consumers, other businesses are coming into areas whereCharter was once all alone, and we now have options to get away from the poor service they provide.

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  • Br
    Bryan White Dec 09, 2006

    Dec 9, 2006

    First let me express in words by how very disappointed I am with Charter Communications. I have been deprive of internet service for over a week.

    I started having trouble with my high speed internet on Nov 30, 2006, I called technical support and worked with them on the problem, they analyze that the problem was with the line and they would send out a technician for Dec. the 4th.
    The technician made the appointment and tested the line okay. The problem seem to be worst, so I took my computer to a repair shop which cost me $75.00, they stated the computer was in great working condition... I then went to Comp USA and purchase a new wireless router, at $ 139.00. That didn’t fix the problem either.

    At that point I called Charter Communication and they talked me into Digital TV service and to increase my service from 3 Mag to 5 Mag internet service. The appointment was set up for the serviceman to install the digital equipment on Dec 8; I stayed home all day and never did receive a call from the installation department. I also called technical support about my high speed internet once again, and again they analyze a bad line, and said they would dispatch a repairman for Dec 9. Which I am now waiting on.

    I once again called Charter Communications and talked to a lady named Casey - ID # 32321, she pulled up the work order, the work order stated the no technician needed to trip the resident because the customer has the equipment, just how in the hell did I get the equipment, what really is angering is I stayed home all day long and still not a thing is fixed.

    What should I do about the installer and my digital equipment for my TV service?
    What in the hell would you do? I’ll really contemplating changing over to AT&T.

    Bryan White
    616 Temple Hall hwy
    Granbury, Texas 76049

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