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I cannot freaking believe this

We moved to the Pacific NW about 30 days ago from Oklahoma. Having used Cox Communications I thought we should go with a cable internet connection here in Oregon. We subscribed to Charter Communications. Every night between 8PM and 9PM our internet connection dies. At first I thought it was our wireless router. Figured it got bumped in the move and was just acting stupid. Solution was to leave one laptop plugged directly into the modem and see what happens. I figured taking the router completely out of the equation would solve the problem. Result was every night between 8 and 9 I still have to call Charter to have them reset the connection on their end. Simply unplugging the power and removing the coax connection doesn't do it. They have to reload on their end every night. Best part is each night I ask for a ticket or reference number so I develop a history. Every night I am told the account is being noted and the next person will know about it. God I wish that was the case, cause it hasn't happened yet. So... to recap. Been a Charter Communcations customer for less than 30 days and have had to call them over 17 times. What an utter joke. I'm not wild about Verizon, used them when living in Arlington, VA, but at least I didn't have to call them every day. And...on top of that...when I did call them at least they were polite, which is much more than I can say for the Charter people. Yeah... to top the whole experience off. The folks at the Indian call center for Charter treat you as if you are a developmentally disabled 4 year old. GOOD TIMES.

sexual harrasment

Time Warner cable can be harrassing. I used to work with someone at a home furnishing company that love to use his job as some sort of meeting place for women. His name is John C Hernandez and he works for the Dallas branch of Time Warner cable and he is a big time player. Beware ladies he is a dirty player so be careful and stay away from him! He doesn't have a clue he's beeing watched. My wife quit working for Time Warner cable because she complained that he was making passes at her. And last I did an investigation on him and found out that he's done this at some other pervious jobs that has had. BE CAREFUL LADIES FROM THE TIME WARNER DALLAS BRANCH!

  • Ar
    ART FORD Aug 08, 2008



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Lack of customer support

A representative will be with you shortly.
You are currently number 1 in the queue.
You have been connected to TTD Crisanto .
TTD Crisanto : Thank you for contacting Charter High Speed Internet Chat support. My name is Crisanto. How may I assist you today?

Fred Underwood: What is going on with the internet in Duluth? It keeps going up and down...
Fred Underwood: Or is it just my connection?

TTD Crisanto : I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your internet service. I can certainly help you check if there is an outage in your area. After that, I will take a few more moments to look at the services that you have to ensure that these services are meeting your needs. May I please have your full name, phone number, the service address and the account number (if any) for me to pull up your account?

Fred Underwood: Fred Underwood
Fred Underwood: xxx xxxxxx xxxx
Fred Underwood: Duluth, Mn
Fred Underwood: 218-xxx-xxxx

TTD Crisanto : Thank you. One moment please while I pull up your account.
I will need two to three minutes while I locate this information for you.

Fred Underwood: OK

TTD Crisanto : I'm sorry but I can't pull up your account using the phone number that you gave. May I please have the correct phone number listed on the account?

Fred Underwood: 218-xxx-xxxx Cell
Fred Underwood: 218-xxx-xxxx other cell

TTD Crisanto : Am I chatting with the account holder?

Fred Underwood: Yes...

TTD Crisanto : Let me check. One moment please.
TTD Crisanto : I can't see any outage in your area.

Fred Underwood: Well can you see anything wrong with my modem???

TTD Crisanto : Have you tried to power cycle your modem?

Fred Underwood: Repeatedly, it will go to an ip of Then after cycling the power several times it will start working again. After a short while it goes out again...

TTD Crisanto : Okay. Are you using a router?
TTD Crisanto : Please let me know if you are still connected to the chat session at this time.

Fred Underwood: I removed the router to see if that is the problem and the symptoms are the same...

TTD Crisanto : Okay. I suggest you not to use a router anymore.

Fred Underwood: anymore when? While we test something or forever?

TTD Crisanto : Have you already tried to conduct a speedtest at
TTD Crisanto : Yes. Router is not necessary to connect to the internet. It will just cause slowspeed in your connection.

Fred Underwood: yes it works fine while it is working? I would like some clarification on your last suggestion

TTD Crisanto : May I please have the result of your speedtest?

Fred Underwood: Well as a network engineer for 20 plus years a firewall and router are needed and I would like to talk to a higher level of tech support.

TTD Crisanto : You only need a router if you want to connect multiple computer on the internet.
TTD Crisanto : To connect a sigle computer to the internet, you just need a modem.

Fred Underwood: Since most consumer level router are also firewalls I reference my previous statement
Fred Underwood: 495.20Kb/s out
Fred Underwood: 4.83Mb/s in

TTD Crisanto : What is that?

Fred Underwood: You asked for the results from

TTD Crisanto : Is 4.83Mb/s for the download speed and 495.20Kb/s for the upload speed?

Fred Underwood: Yes! Don’t you know what the speedtest looks like?

TTD Crisanto : Okay. Based on the result. I can say that you are not having slow speed.

Fred Underwood: I know that I am not having speed issues, the modem just drop its connection...

TTD Crisanto : Maybe you just have loose connection. Please try to check on the cables of the modem. Be sure that they are fastened securely.

Fred Underwood: Been there done that I also replaced the patch cords...

TTD Crisanto : May I please have the MAC ID of your cable modem so I can check your modem signals?
TTD Crisanto : MAC ID is composed of 12 alphanumeric character, usually sticked and located at the back or at the bottom of the cable modem.

Fred Underwood: HFC MAC Address 00:19:5e:cf:56:c4
CPE USB MAC Address 00:17:ee:8c:f3:61

TTD Crisanto : Thank you. I'll be checking on your modem signals in here. Please give me a few minutes.

Fred Underwood: OK
Fred Underwood: [protected]:04:47 3-Critical R002.0 No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out
[protected]:04:27 3-Critical R007.0 Unicast Ranging Received Abort Response - Re- initializing MAC
[protected]:04:09 3-Critical R002.0 No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out
Fred Underwood: This is the error in the log when the ip drops...

TTD Crisanto : Fred, I have performed a check-up on your modem using our diagnostic software. It appears that your modem is transmitting weak signals. You can have your modem swapped at your local Charter office on your area.
TTD Crisanto : There is a problem with your Modem's Tx Power that cause it to drpdown your connection.
TTD Crisanto : *dropdown.

Fred Underwood: OK I will do that tomorrow, however this is the third modem in three months... The first being mine no two rentals I am beginning to suspect something else...

TTD Crisanto : Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Fred Underwood: Yes find out why three modems in three months have supposedly failed the same way...

TTD Crisanto : I'm sorry but I can't answer that.
TTD Crisanto : You can contact our second level of support thorugh this number [protected] for further assistance.

Fred Underwood: can you at least log the fact that this is a reoccurring problem? Or would it be better for me to have a tech come to my residence each time it fails?

TTD Crisanto : This is not a reoccurring problem.

Fred Underwood: OK how do you figure that?

TTD Crisanto : I'm sorry but I don't have time to argue with you. If you need further assistance, you may contact our second level of support through this number [protected].

Fred Underwood: I guess that I just imagined it failing before and being told the same thing replace the modem...
Fred Underwood: One more thing could I please have the name of your supervisor...

TTD Crisanto : I'm sorry but that is confidential. I can't give you that information.
TTD Crisanto : If you have additional concerns or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to initiate a new chat session.

Fred Underwood: Your supervisors name is confidential???

TTD Crisanto : Thank you for choosing Charter Communications. Answers to frequently asked questions and self-help options can be found by looking in the "Customer Help" menu at If you have further questions, please chat with us again. Our chat support is available from 7:00 AM through 1:30 AM central time, 365 days a year. Have yourself a great day!

  • Ma
    Manuel Oct 26, 2008

    hey i have the same problem and it started around the same time you posted this around late june it started small and got completely out of hand around mid july disconnecting around the same times everyday and now im only connected about 8 hours a day and less on weekends and is still happening even now its disconnecting and reconnecting as i type but i was wondering if they fixed it for you or not can you please email me at:
    [email protected]

    i tried calling there sustomer support line but it says its disconnected or not in my local area or something.

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  • Bi
    Bill Looney Oct 28, 2008

    I have been paying for 10 Meg speed and do not even have 3 meg speed. My contact was Jonna or something like that. All I asked was if he could check and see how fast my computer was. Finally after about 45 minutes of questions that had nothing to do with speed I asked to be sent to the Billing Dept. and it was at this time I got three messages that said they were having network problems and then I was cut off. The guy I talked with would ask me a question and then read, read, read, I guess because it took him a long time to answer my question, I should say attempt to answer my question. then ask me another question that made no sense, like what my IP was. It's that long number that starts with 168.00 etc.You know Charter has my IP number, why was he asking me? To kill time, to make me give up? Well, he is the one who gave up. What will we do for tech support if we piss India off?

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customer service problems

Time Warner Cable of Texas clearly has little respect for it's customers beyond setting up their products. Service for them is completely unacceptable. They do not answer their phones in a timely manner and when they do, you can expect to have a several weeks long delay in getting a service person to your home to address a problem - if they show up at all. (In my case, they phoned, said the problem "should be fixed" and we now have to wait an ADDITIONAL three weeks for a repairman with the THIRD call to report the problem. They're the only player in the system - how I wish there was a competitor here!

Good luck if you choose TWC in Wichita Falls, Texas.

  • Ca
    carmelitac Dec 24, 2008

    On November 28 net spend process a payment for my NY account made in Inglewood/Hawthorne California. This transaction is in the amount of $201.35, upon clearing on November 30th, the charge was taken from my account was in fact debit charges that took place. using a netspend vendor see confirmation . However, the payment was never posted to my new York city account. Since then I have been trying to decipher what procedures are in place to locate this payment and reapplied to the correct city and location.

    Please I am beat, please email me with this information as my account activity from the November is overdue! Please have someone call me regarding this account. The funds need to be transferred to my new York number 5189 1961 5630 8411. fax number is 212-222-8165

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digital telephone

We were solicited by Warner Cable to transfer our telephone service from SBC. We have a Brinks Alarm System which communicates through the telephone. The Brinks Alarm signs are conspicuously posted in the front yard and in the windows. We were assured by Warner Cable installers that will connect the alarm system to work with Warner Cable digital telephone.

Yesterday, we found out that the connection is not working properly. I telephoned their consumer service dept [protected]) and spoke with Ike (code # -06), and he stated that Warner Cable is not responsible for the alarm system hook up. Additionally, he refused to provide me with the name of and address of any one that I could send my complaint to.

  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    Before I upgraded to FIOS from RoadRunner, getting 50% more bandwith and 100% less problems all for about 45% less money, I canceled the phone portion of my account.

    I recommend you shop around for a VoIP (voice over IP) phone provider that has the features- and price you want.

    Some top rated providers, some of which I have personally tested include:


    TWC is offering the same phone "feature" set as available from the Bells in the late 1970s. That's yet another way they gouge you.

    If you are a little adventurous research the feasibility of setting up an asterisk server in your home to save serious cash on your phone costs. A user friendlier option is PBX in a flash. Once you swallow the cost of a server, as little as $300, you can get flat rate incoming calls for as little as $3 per month and outgoing calls billed as little as $0.011/min.

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this is unacceptable

We are customers of Charter Communications in Apple Valley, MN. Charter is the only cable company available to Apple Valley residents. After installing additional cable outlets in November of 2007, we have had literally enough black cable to go around our house two times lying laying in our front and back. We were told that our region (Minnesota?) falls under "winter rules" and they would be back "in the spring" to bury the cable. Don't know why they thought they couldn't bury it in November. Our ground was not frozen or covered with snow.

On May 2, 2008 we made an appt for a technician to come out to our house and bury the cable.

On June 13, 2008 the technician called, came and attached a box on the side of our house and left without burying the cable.

On June 26, 2008 my husband tried using the help "chat" forum. We were told that there was someone scheduled for the 13th of June to bury the cable. "Yes, but they did not bury the cable." After another 30 minutes online with "Shiloni" she asked if we would like to be rescheduled. We were rescheduled for an appt on June 28, 2008. The technician was supposed to have called first, but we never received a call. We stayed home the entire Saturday and did not receive a call on the now "must do" order.

On July 3, 2008 we reached a rep in Florida who again told us our region fell under the "winter rules guidelines." Hello? It's 80 and sunny here. She assured us that she again had placed a "must do" order and that a technician would call us within 24 hours (not including the July 4th holiday). She gave us a confirmation number and a tech number. We again, received no call. We gave our home number and our cell number so that there would be no way we could miss the call.

The cable in has been lying in our yard for over 7 months. It is a dangerous hazard. Our 8-year-old daughter had tripped over it and it's a hazard for mowing.

This is unacceptable. Don't use Charter. Don't call their customer service. Many of their reps are overseas and unfortunately, the have no control over what's going on locally. They just work for an unresponsive monopoly. Go directly to your local Charter Communications office and stay until they fix the problem. You have to go to the office because it is impossible to find a local number for the building 4 miles down the road. That is our next step, along with complaints to our city, the BBB and whoever we can tell.

We scheduled another appointment

  • Wa
    Wanda Oct 27, 2009

    Working with Charter is ridiculous. I was going to change my phone and internet but after talking to them on the phone a few times I won't do it. I am just lucky my TV works.
    So I am keeping that FOR NOW. I have written letters but no one responds.
    Places with terrible customer service usually don't.
    Here is one situation (I am in MN too). My HBo on demand stopped working. I called and was transferred and put on hold etc and the first call took an hour and someone assured me it would be back on "soon". This went on with me calling every day for ten days before it worked. None of the other people knew how to fix it.
    I was thinking of ordering Direct TV so I called and they talked me into staying by reducing my bill but the last bill was wrong. I called asking about internet and said i would try it and install the box myself. Waited a week no box. Called and was told it would be here the nect day. Called a few more times. Got 3 messages that they sent a technician there to install it and I wasnt even home and I never asked them to install it but they sent a guy 3 days in a row.
    After I called twice to tell them I want one in the mail to install myself they sent a guy a third time. Never did get their internet. Dont want that nightmare.
    DOnt think any of their reps are in the US either and they read off cards

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difficulty getting digital cable

SUMMARY OF PROBLEM From 6/14 to this writing (7/3) I have no digital cable. I have spent the last 3 Saturday...

fixing their broken equipment

We have been a customer of Charter for at least 10 years, and have had a few bad experiences with billing...

Terrible customer service

On June 16th Charter was doing upgrades. They were using contracted men from outside of alabama--they were very helpful. I cannot say the same about charter customer service. Once the upgrade was done--I lost cable and internet at 1100am. I work at home--no pay the remainder of the day or the next. I told the contractor I had no service when he came down from the pole. He attempted to reach someone who was to do the rest of the work and said it should be back within 1 hour. you know the rest---was not on. called and called, went through the automated screaming at a computer to give me an agent. I then talked to various people and supervisors in many countries other than the US. Received personal and automated calls telling me the outage in my area was cleared----nottt. This went on till the following day and was told it would be Wednesday 1-3 before they could send someone out since everything was booked--they can break it but not fix it. I guess no one could come that was already in area--that would make too much sense. I had not been checking messages and found that the contractor had called me to follow up on my service--I paged him and when he called me back got someone out there to fix my problem--another contractor. There was a bad part in the box on pole that was causing several homes to be out of service--hard to make service work when they try to recycle old parts. I never canceled the appointment I am assuming was really set up--i did not feel I owed then any courtesy --but I never saw or heard from anyone either on appointment day.

I need the internet, I have gotten spoiled with tv programming, but when you start paying monthly for services that cost more than some people make in a week--it may be time to rethink and make a change.

  • HJON Feb 17, 2015

    I know exactly what you mean. Thank god there's a new company entering the market with stellar customer service. we need a change in this highly monopolized industry. They done whatever they wanted for the past three decades or so. I believe the alternative is finally here, live not streaming, HDTV programming delivered over your existing Internet Connection. I don't know about you but I'm sure glad there's a new player in the game to make these guys accountable. In fact, I believe this company will do to the big boys of pay TV what Netflix did blockbuster. Lol we all know that one turned out!

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dropping channels

We just heard that our cable company is dropping our local news channel from its lineup as of July 1, 2008 because of a disagreement with LIN TV over paying for the service. For the price of a penny per day, we are losing our connection with local news and weather. We are not going to see a reduction in the price we pay for service; and we will lose two channels! This is not right and certainly not fair! Someone needs to oversee what the cable networks can do to us. How is it right that they can drop channels and still continue to charge the same price for their services. Unless we are willing to go to DISH TV or a satellite service we have no real choice in who we receive our TV service from.

customer service and service

1. Company Deceptive Practices and Misconduct – I sign up for Charter on Demand and am told that I can...

unending &emergency alert message&

For several weeks, the bottom 1/4 of the TV screen on most channels (but not ABC nor CBS) has been cluttered...

theft by credit card for false advertisement

This complaint needs to be posted on all web sites that has anything to do with Time Warner cable. It should be noted that Time Warner has a active bad faith policy to ripe of its consumers. I had been contacted by Time Warner to get their service. The first time back in Feburary they were to come out to my apartment to hook-up service but went to wrong apartment and never bothered to call to confirm. The most recent request to have Time Warner service was set up to have installed next day if pre-paid for service. I paid a large payment ($271) due to I was told had to pay for DVR box and first months service. I was promised that they had the right address and even recieved a call the night before to confirm still wanted them to come and hook-up new service. I took day off work as appointment was set for between 8 and 12 am on that Friday. At around 10:30 I seen a truck go by but did not turn into my apartment parking lot. I got on the phone ASAP to make sure that someone was coming and was told that was cancelled as no one was home. They had went to wrong appartment again. Oh my gosh this can not be happening again. I got upset and told the dispatcher that they need to get someone to hook-up today. i was lied to again as was told that would get someone back out between 2 and 5. At exactly 2 I called back as felt that something still was not right. The bold out lies just continued as customer service rep told me that request has been cancelled again due to no one home. Again no one has ever showed up at my address and it was just 2 o'clock. At this point I just want to get my money back and will go with a different company. This is where the nightmare really went to the limit. I was told that they could not give me my money back until up to 4 to 6 weeks as it will take 5 to 7 days to confirm that appoint was not meet and then a paper check would be mailed. I let them know that was not going to work as they did not take 4 to 6 weeks to take my money and I just want them to put it back on my card. This is when I was told that the service was not even available in my area anyway. After calling and even going to office on that Saturday to get my money I was still told that would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks. I have called at least 3 times a day and each time was told the lie that they could still hook-up service. Finally on that Monday after calling again and requesting to show up and report theft by credit card and call police if need that I want my money back and do not want to wait 4 to 6 weeks. I explained that I do not feel that I will ever see my refund if mailed due to that if they could not get the address right when they were to come hook-up service that they most likely would sent the paper check to the wrong address also. I was finally told that they will reverse the funds to my card and I should see it in about 3 business days. I let them know that if not there I will be calling back and will go to local office and demand that my money that was taken in bad faith be returned. Oh and by the way I was promised call backs on 5 different calls and to this day am still waiting on call. Please make every one aware of the false promises and scam that Time Warner is promoting. Also, I got ahold of another company that came out and hooked up service the very next day and they did not require me to pay for $150 for the DVR box just the first months cable bill.

  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing.
    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    You might want to try using more than one paragraph next time, too :)

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poor customer service!

Time Warner strikes again... yesterday, May 19th, Time Warner came to install my new phone/cable/internet...


Words cannot express the disdain I have for this company, their incompetent staff and their lack of ethics.

They should be dismantled and anyone with any sense should avoid them like the bubonic plague.

I had Verizon for 8 years without a problem, one day some sales (snake oil) merchant from Charter convinced me to switch to what seemed like a better plan to save money "BOY WAS I WRONG"

That was the day I opened the ultimate "time sponge machine"

Its true you get what you pay for in life ----

if its too good to be true - it usually is...

Yes folks if you want the following service then Charter is the company for you.

1. Live human robots with limited vocabulary skills

(I used the word "minuscule" and the supervisor (yes this tear 2 level robot) tells me "now sir, there's no need to use language like that with me" true story!:)

2. Promise of a plan that will turn out to be supposedly a figment of your imagination (even after they record the process for your protection)

3. Fraudulent over billing

4. Being randomly cut off for non payment of bill even though they hold 700 dollars of your money on account

5. 3rd world quality phone lines

6. Wait 30 seconds for a call to connect - hey make some other calls on your cell in the meantime

7. Downright RUDE unhelpful staff... trained ###ters in the art of "passing the buck"

8. When there is any problems with the weather you can guarantee you'll be the first to be cut off

(I sat through the Malibu fires - no phone - no cable - no internet)

meanwhile my neighbours with verizon are watching the news updates on the fire while they call and email - we had to go out and sit and listen to the radio (in the car) like my grandparents did in the 2nd world war.

9. Clueless tech support technicians.

And it goes on and on...

If you have a bunch of time to waste and money to burn and need to get stressed, upset and just generally feel like you've been violated then sign up for charters 3rd world miscommunications package and sit without a phone for 10 days while they attempt to port your number over.

After my experience with Charter I may be better off buying some jungle drums and carrier pigeons to communicate with.

  • He
    heather Aug 12, 2008

    as we all know, nobody is perfect! charter is far from perfect, so are we(customers)

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intermittent activity

I have taken my computer in 4 times and nothing is wrong with it. I have had Charter cable come out three times and it still is having intermittent connection activity problems. It is a nightmare dealing with the phone tree to get an appointment, then when they do come, it seems fixed for the time, but it still freezes up, the connection fails, causing "not responding"...and it takes forever sometimes for it to return to be able to use it!

false billing

Acct. #[protected]-02
This collection agency is trying to collect a bill incured by my exwife in 2001. Our divorce was final in Dec. of 1999 What the heck is going on? Don't these people check into anything? She died in in 2004. If she used my name and SS# to get this cable service then that is fraud on her part...not mine.

Bill DeFord

  • Ca
    Carole007 Mar 11, 2010

    People wake up! These people and others like them buy accounts where the statue of limitations to collect on them has run out and hope that someone will be foolish enough to pay. They offer these settlements to give you the idea that you are saving money. They can't sue because the statue of limitation has already run out. I'm in NY and our limit is 6 years. If you pay even agree to an installment then the statue starts up again. Mine was a fraud case. It should have been taken care of in 1998.

    Get a copy of your credit report to make sure that they are not on it. If they are contact the credit reporting agency and demand it be taken off because of the statue of limitations. I am an ex collector, I know that game. I just will not fall for it. Contact your attorney general and the FTC they need to be aware of these agencies.

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  • Ca
    Carole007 Mar 11, 2010

    0 mins ago by Carole007 0 Votes

    People wake up! These people and others like them buy accounts where the statue of limitations to collect on them has run out and hope that someone will be foolish enough to pay. They offer these settlements to give you the idea that you are saving money. They can't sue because the statue of limitation has already run out. I'm in NY and our limit is 6 years. If you pay even agree to an installment then the statue starts up again. Mine was a fraud case. It should have been taken care of in 1998.

    Get a copy of your credit report to make sure that they are not on it. If they are contact the credit reporting agency and demand it be taken off because of the statue of limitations. I am an ex collector, I know that game. I just will not fall for it. Contact your attorney general and the FTC they need to be aware of these agencies.

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  • El
    ellis covan Jul 19, 2010

    This is a letter I wrote to the collection agency at 4200parkway drive Carrollton, TX.

    From Ellis Covan
    Swannanoa, NC

    This is in respond to the phone call concerning a bill that Charter "Cable" SAYS that I owe.
    Confirmation number is 042189020.
    I DON'T OWE this bill.
    Here is what happened, I signed up with Charter for internet service ONLY.
    All was ok for, I think about three months, Than a bill came for much more than it was suppose to be.
    At that time I call their office and spoke with some lady, which did not know anything, But She did
    tell me how much I was suppose to owe.
    I asked her why the increase and I was told that they had changed my plan.
    After I told her that they could not make any changes without me knowing and giving an OK.
    She then switch me to another office then to another office.
    I talked to three different ladies and each one told me different amounts and why the increased.
    At that time I told them to come and disconnect the service
    A few days later I came home and found the cable wire ripped up from where it was buried across my driveway, The wire ran down a pole on the far side of my house where the man that installed
    the wire and left about 150 feet (50 feet would have been plenty) of wire on the ground.
    I guess they get paid for the extra wire, I shorten the wire and buried it across my driveway and ran it to the house.
    That day when I came home and found the wire ripped up and just running across the driveway,
    Not cut at either end but left about two feet hanging above ground across the driveway.
    I did owe $36 dollars and some change and I told the gentleman That I spoke with That I would Pay that amount If I could get a final bill stating that the $36+change was the final amount.
    However, Thinking back to that day when I Had to stop my car and find a tool so that I could
    cut the wire in order to get into my driveway, , I have decided That I would charge Charter Cable
    That amount for the in convince they caused me.
    I also think I will send a copy of this letter to the Better Business bureau and also contact
    The utility commission and send them a copy also.
    Is this any way to run a business? I think not.
    Charter Cable can let the matter drop now or I will take further action.
    Ellis Coven

    This letter was mailed 7/ 8/10
    Collection Agency
    4200 international parkway
    Carrollton, TX
    1-800-377-7789 Client service

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  • An
    angelasadler01 Nov 18, 2010

    I want to say thank you for all of this insightful information!! I just got a letter in the mail from this collection agency stating that I owed money to my neurosurgeon which I do owe but just found out a month ago that I was covered by worker's compensation thus they are paying all of my bills!! They did not include a phone number so I called information for it & all it says is thank you for calling please leave your name account number & a agent will call you back. But the mailbox is too full to do so it keeps repeating the message. I have also contacted my neurosurgeon's office to find out what the deal is since I know for a fact my workers comp agent has called them over the last 3 weeks in regards to this bill and to get me another appointment!!

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  • Js
    jsanford Feb 11, 2011

    My husband has been getting a bill from afni for over a year and he could never remember having a bill from California for that amount. The full bill was $349.86 and we recieved a letter last week to settle for $100.00! The original bill was through Charter Communications, whom I have dealt with in the past. We are senior citizens and live on SS and can't keep paying these frauds. Acct.#0103264-02

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cancelled service, returned equipment now charging me for lost equipment

had service in 2001 and turned off for lack of payment. When they came to pick up the equipment about 6month...

they're spreading cockroaches

On Tuesday, April 15, 2008 a Time Warner representative came to our home to install the digital telephone modem which would also provide our internet service.

My husband observed an insect walking on the modem box and asked what it was and the employee seemed dazed and confused.

After the installer left, my husband and I saw cockroach after cockroach emerge from the modem. We killed them as quickly as we could.

We have never seen roaches in our house before. Our house is free-standing and many yards away from neighbour homes.

I called Time Warner insisting that they come to remove the modem. The woman I spoke with insisted that I had to be wrong and that it was impossible for cockroaches to be in the modem. She refused my request that Time Warner come on the following day to remove and replace the offending modem, which housed a swarm of roaches.

We wrapped the modem up in plastic and duct tape.

On Saturday, April 19, 2008 when the representative came to replace the modem, we had arranged for a witness to be with us.

We took the modem to the front porch, removed the plastic bag, and a number of cockroach bodies fell out. The Time Warner worker agreed that modems sometimes came from other people’s homes and were reused. He suggested that the modem may have first been used in a contaminated home or that it was possible that the first installer may have had cockroaches in his truck.

In the meantime, cockroaches of all sizes and ages are in our home study. We try to kill them as we can. We would not have had this infestation were it not for the Time Warner modem.

  • Ma
    matt Aug 01, 2008

    This is so freaking funnny as hell.

    Yeah TWC gets the bad wrap but what folks fail to realize is it is not easy to serve a city like say the size of San Antonio Texas with a million and a half people. I realize this is their job but anyone has to admit it wouldnt be an easy task to please all one million plus customers.

    I have had time warner, direct tv and Att Uverse and I can honestly tell anyone the best was Direct Tv except they do not offer a good internet that is affordable. ATT is pretty good but their internet is more rliable but not as fast as TWC at all.

    TWC without a doubt has the fastest internet at least in San Antonio Texas. They do have service issues but so does ATT especial ISP services the fact is the internet goes down sometimes and I know it makes all us so darn mad but it happens.

    The one true complaint that I would have with TWC is the channel line up is so scattered out. I really miss Direct TV and Uverse for the ease in finding channels because they group like channels togehter so nicely especially Direct TV or Dish

    As for the roaches, lol, oh well hey it happens when you have that many customers you have to reuse equipment to stay in business and make a profit. And in all fairness TWC and all companies do hire contractors there is no way to monitor where a modem has been. And OF COURSE it could have roaches in it, just as something you purchase from a garage sale or even store could have. That is why they have a service called exterminating pest control.

    TWC is a very large company so yes they get lots of complaints of course. I like to compare to the old Linux verses Windows freaks.
    What these Linux freaks fail to realize: OF course Linux doesnt get hacked or as many viruses as windows what Hacker in his right mind would want to hack an operating system that has 100 people using it compared to millions using Windows

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Do not use Charter

I started my undesirable experience with this company after relocating to a new town and finding out they have no competitors, and if I wanted cable internet, they were my only choice. I had my ticket to be hooked up with internet & regular extended basic cable, and they somehow didn't know to hook up the internet, instead thinking I asked for digital cable. I had to call them back & wait on a different day to get internet finally hooked up, after finding out they didn't even put my ticket in right.

After moving to a new address again after 6 months, I had the now "old" account and the "new account". They were supposed to close my old account from the other place because for some reason they couldn't just transfer my service & not charge me a new hook-up fee. Further down the road about 3 months, I had been paying my bill online with the SAME login & password from my old account with no problems, and nothing went wrong until for some reason they decided all of a sudden to start my latest payment to my old account and not my new one. In the mean time they issued me a check from my old account, didn't inform me of anything, and I ended up with an overdue balance plus late fees on my new account. I have tried to get the late fee taken off for the principle of the whole argument, and yes, they said it was taken off, so I got my bill this month and the late fee wasn't taken off. I would call, but I never get anyone who speaks understandable English or knows what to actually do, like issue credit on my account for the late fee.

While on the phone with the customer service department to try to fix my bill, getting transferred to different people and getting cut off constantly and having to call back and explain everything over and over again, they kept trying to get me to switch to one of their new bundle offers that was 10$ a month less than what I was currently paying. I finally said I'd switch to their digital cable package. Now that I have the new digital service, my channels keep cutting out constantly, my on demand movies are all skippy & pixellated when I do order them to the point they are unwatchable. I would call customer service, but I suppose that's how they treat their customers is to have such terrible service you just give up trying to get anything done with them and they can have the time to think of new ways to add insult to injury to their remaining unfortunate customers.

I am a terribly dissatisfied customer and have been telling everyone I can NOT to use Charter if they can avoid them.

  • Mi
    Mike Feb 19, 2009

    We have been having troubles with our email so we contacted charter who stated the accounts e mail was blocked do to sending to much mail, .we explained what happened and why ect. Then we were told be "Mike" Badge # 16927" that he will see the we dont send another email from this account, because we to make a new business account, The business dept said we will be able to send mail we just needed to send in copies of email we sent, we did so many many times, and after jumping through several hoops we still had not been able to send email... come to find out Mike had them put a permanent block on our mail... well Mike you just lost a customer and a vocal one that will let others know CHARTER FAILS at customer service. You may have heard 1 un-happy customer tells 10 who tell more who also tells more... I will tell many more than 10... i will post on blogs and talk about the poor customer service from charter on a daily bases... for a long time to come... Good Luck Charter you need it with that kind of customer service...

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